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How To Clean Monitor Screen? Everything You Need To Know

I have seen that there are a lot of people asking how to clean monitor screen.

 Have you noticed your vision getting worse as time goes by? How much time you will spend in front of the monitor screen? Are you wondering what kinds of germs and bacteria could be lurking on the screen? 

If these questions are relatable to you, keep reading to know how to clean monitor screen. 

how to clean monitor screen

Let me begin this article by sharing that screens are made out of glass and plastics. As such, they don’t contain any of the properties that make it easy to clean other parts of your computer. They’re very smooth, which means they can easily get scratched if you use a paper towel or tissue. Glass screens are also more sensitive than the plastic ones on the outside of your computer tower, so be gentle when wiping them down with a cloth or soft tissue.

How To Clean Monitor Screen?

Step 1

Using your microfiber cloth, wipe the screen in a circular motion to remove fingerprints and dust particles. Avoid using any cleaning solution for now.

Step 2

Turn your monitor off if you can; this makes it easier to clean the inner parts of the screen. For cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, unplug them from the wall.

Step 3

Now it is time to spray your cleaning solution directly onto the microfiber cloth, but don’t get any on the screen itself! After spraying your microfiber cloth, again wipe down the monitor in straight lines. For 24 Inch Monitors with anti-glare coating, be sure to clean both sides not to damage or smear the coating.

Step 4

After you have wiped the screen with your microfiber cloth and cleaner, turn on your monitor and ensure that everything is working properly. If it isn’t, then plug your computer into a different outlet or try an extra power cord. If it didn’t work, then you probably have a bigger problem with your monitor that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Suppose if you wish to be extra cautious, consider purchasing a special screen-cleaning fluid that has been formulated for use on digital displays. Alcohol-based cleaners are also acceptable for safely cleaning screens without damaging the delicate surface of the glass. 

Always remember to avoid using any harsh chemicals! Most people agree that water is fine to wipe screens with, but you can always buy a screen-cleaning solution if you want to be sure your screens are safe from bacteria and dirt.

Tips To Clean Your Monitor Screen

Though the cleaning process is quite easy if you follow these simple tips:

1) Keep a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth ready in your hand.

2) Do not use a rough cloth or paper towel.

3) Water is the best cleaning solution for any monitor screen. Therefore, you can take an eyeglass-cleaning solution and dilute it with water to make a 50/50 mixture. This would be a good cleaning solution because the alcohol in the eyeglass cleaner will evaporate in a few seconds. But make sure you do not pour any cleaner on your monitor screen directly.

4) If you want to take water only, then dip the cloth in water and squeeze it well so that there is no excess water in it. And if required, you can add some soap flakes to the water for added cleaning. But make sure there are no soap bubbles in the cloth.

5) Do not use a Vacuum Cleaner to suck dust from the monitor screen or any other part of your computer. You can get a lot of static electricity shocks. This may damage your monitor screen and processor unit.

image 36

6) If you have used the eyeglass-cleaning solution, then clean the screen with a circular motion. If you have used water alone or soap flakes, use a back-and-forth motion.

7) Make sure you do not touch your 27 Inch Monitor screen after cleaning it because there are chances that your hands will be dirty again.

8) Always keep the cloth away from the monitor screen as it might leave small fibers behind.

9) You can also opt to clean the monitor screen with a soft cloth after switching off your computer and keeping it idle for some time. This way, you would not be transferring any dirt from your hands to the monitor screen. But if you do so, then make sure there is no dust on your monitor screen.

10) If your monitor screen has a glossy coating, then do not use any pressure while cleaning. And if you are using water or eyeglass cleaner, then dilute the quantity of liquid used to clean it. This will avoid any scratches on the surface.

Final Note

It is very important that we keep our computers tidy and clean so that they function smoothly without giving any problems.

Furthermore, you need to know that there are many ways to clean a monitor screen and what works for me will not work the same way for someone else. So try these and find yours! 

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