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How To Check CPU Speed In Laptop – 2 Ways!

The CPU speed decides how fast a laptop can perform tasks. So it is essential to know how to check CPU speed in laptop

Right, without wasting much time, let us know how to check CPU speed in laptop here!

How To Check CPU Speed In Laptop?

Generally, the speed of a CPU doesn’t matter that much because of the multiple core processors the present generation laptop obtains. Still, CPU speed states the overclocking of processors. 

1. Check CPU Speed In Windows 

For Windows

  • Right-click on the “My Computer” and choose “properties” from the “General” tab 
  • You can also do that by pressing combinations of Windows and Pause key
  • On the system section, you can see the processor tab 
  • You can view your processor model and especially the speed stated in GHz.

2. Check CPU Speed In Mac

For a Mac device

  • Open the Apple menu and select the “ About this Mac” option.
  • Where you can spot the “Processor” option in the “Overview” tab
  • The overview tab doesn’t display the exact speed of your CPU sometimes since it may slow itself down when the laptop is harnessed to high-performing tasks to increase its lifespan.

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