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How To Change Time Format In Windows 11?

Windows 11 will show you the date and time at the bottom right of the screen on the Task Bar. By default, the Time format is set to 24 hours. If you wish to change the time format to 12 hours or even change the date format, it is essential to know How To Change Time Format In Windows 11?

How To Change Time Format In Windows 11
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The settings are a bit similar to Windows 10. However, the sleek design of Windows 11 adds to the visual appeal of playing around with different backgrounds. Hence, we will go through how to change the time format in Windows 11 here. 

How To Change Time Format In Windows 11?

You can change the time format and date format in two ways. You can alter the regional structure or manually set forms. 

If you change the regional format, Windows will automatically adjust the time, date, and days of the week formats for its built-in apps and settings, according to the regional form you choose. 

Windows 11 also allows you to change the formats of date, time, calendar, and the first day of the week separately and differently from each other. This is called manual settings of formats. 

Changing Regional Format To Change Time Format In Windows 11

You can use this method to change the formats of date and time together according to your regional norm or preference. This will change the structures in Windows and the apps that support changing time format via regional format settings. You can follow the instructions below to do this. 

  • Open the Settings App. You can do this by clicking o Start and typing the name in Search Bar or locating the App in the Start Menu. 
  • On the left pane of the Settings window, click on Time And Language. 
  • In the List of subtitles, click on Language And Region. 
  • In the Region section, go to the Regional Format option. 
  • The Dropdown menu next to it will show recommended by default. You can click on it and select the format of your liking. 

You will instantly see the time and date format change on the Taskbar. However, some apps might not show this change as quickly. You can start your device and check if the setting has been applied to other built-in Microsoft apps. 

If a particular third-party app does not seem to show any change in the calendar format, you might need to look into the settings of that specific App, since Windows cannot change settings for many third-party apps. However, if a built-in app does not show any change, you should consider updating the App to its latest version and restarting your device. 

Manually Changing Time Format In Windows 11

You cannot choose different formats for date or time with the regional format. All of the settings will follow only one form. However, if you manually change the time format, you can keep it separate from the date or days of the week format. Follow the instructions below to adjust the time format manually. 

  • Open the Settings App. 
  • Navigate to Time and Language and then to Language And Region as done in the previous method. 
  • In the Region section, click on the down-facing arrow. When you do so, the area will show other settings. 
  • Select Change Formats. 
  • You will see a menu that can individually change formats for date, time, days of the week, long time, and short time. 
  • Select the appropriate format in front of the time option. 

You will see a change in time format on Taskbar. The date format will be set to default if you have not changed it. You can reboot your laptop or PC after the form has been changed and then check if the Microsoft apps have shown change or not. 

To Sum It Up

With Windows 11, changing time and date formats and other related settings are relatively more straightforward. This article explains how to change the time format in Windows 11. 

There are two ways to do this. You can change the regional format of all calendar settings at once or change the time format separately. 

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