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Do You Know How To Change Password In Amazon?

Searching to know how to change password in Amazon?

Are you among those who really don’t know How To Change Password In Amazon? 

Don’t be stressed! Here are the simple things you need to know and have a look below, 

How To Change Password In Amazon

How To Change Password In Amazon?

Changing an Amazon password isn’t much harder than you forgetting your password. Fortunately, both processes are swift enough to complete, and here’s how you do that!

  • Go to the official Amazon website and log in with your account
  • On the right side of the screen, tap the “Accounts and lists” option from the toolbar
  • Choose “Login and Security” and Sign in with your account 
  • After that, the Amazon website wants you to get verified with your identity
  • Choose “Edit” and tap the “Password” option
  • Type in your old password and twice your new password
  • Tap “Save changes.”
  • Now you’ve changed your password successfully.

Also, if you are looking for how to change your Amazon account password after forgetting your old password, read the instructions below.

image 3
  • Head to the Amazon password assistance page 
  • Enter the email address associated with your Amazon account
  • After completing the CAPTCHA part, you’ll be required to finish the authentication process
  • Now a one time password is sent to your email address/SMS
  • Enter the one-time password on your account and tap “continue.”
  • Your new password is created. 
  • Now sign in with your new password and follow the above steps to change your password

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