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How To Cancel Order On Meesho – A Simple Guide

Is it possible to cancel an order on Meesho? If, how to Cancel Order on Meesho?! 

Even though we are cautious about picking a product; Often, there is a need to cancel an order after placing it or after two to three days. In case if you are on track, have a read at this How To Cancel Order On Meesho guide. 

How To Cancel Order On Meesho

How To Cancel Order On Meesho?

You can cancel an order on meesho following the below steps.

  • Head to the ‘Orders’ section of the meesho account/app
  • Select the order that you wanted to abort
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ option
  • Choose your reason for canceling the order
  • Add in the comments if you wish for (optional)
  • Choose the ‘Cancel Product’
  • Now your order is canceled successfully


In meesho, Your order cannot be canceled once it is dispatched but can be canceled at the time of delivery.

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