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Do You Know How Kitchen Chimney Works?

I am sure we are all aware of what a chimney is but do you know how kitchen chimney works? Let us explain it to you. 

How Kitchen Chimney Works

Imagine this, you are frying your favorite food in your kitchen, and there is a lot of smoke surrounding you. It totally spoils our mood to want to cook, and it is very difficult to continue cooking as well. Now, what do you think is the solution to this? It is very simple, just install a chimney. It is a simple kitchen appliance that is very useful for you, especially in Indian households. 

First, let us answer the basic question.

What Is A Chimney?

It is a simple kitchen appliance that sucks out all the smoke and other larger particles through a duct system. It helps clear out the smoke, moisture, grease from your kitchen. This will also help you in other safety aspects and also prevents smoke from spreading all over your house. 

What Are The Types Of Chimneys?

There are two common types of chimneys. One is the ducted chimney, and the other is a ductless chimney. 

Ducted chimney: This type of chimney is similar to a central air-conditioner system, and it has a motor, a hood, hose pipes, a filter, and other systems. It can be placed in any part of the room to remove the impure indoor air and send it outside, allowing the indoor air quality to be better and cleaner. This is often used to control the air quality and improve the air that we breathe. 

However, to get the maximum benefit out of these, you need to ensure that you have a proper plumbing system.

Ductless chimney: As the name suggests, these chimneys do not have ducts. The benefits are fairly similar to the ducted ones but might have slight variations when it comes to the benefits. This will have the “chimney effect,” and when there is smoke in your kitchen, the air will freely flow through the chimney, which will be equipped with a filter that will filter out all the tokens from the smoke and remove other oil particles and improve the air quality. 

It is a very safe appliance to use and will make your chimney experience a good one. 

Everyone’s needs change, and we can not generally point our finger at a chimney and use it for all the kitchens. Apart from the duct and ductless chimneys, there are also other types such as wall-mounted chimneys, island chimneys, corner chimneys, and built-in chimneys. These indicate the place and the method in which your chimney gets installed.

However, this is purely dependent on your kitchen, your usage, and the design that you are looking for. If you wish, you can check out our Best 90cm Chimney In India.

How Kitchen Chimney Works?

Now, to answer the main question, how does the chimney work? It is quite an easy concept to understand. 

To break it down in simple terms, Best Kitchen Chimney In India contains two parts. One is the hood and the air column. 

The hood sits right above your cooking station or your stove so that it can efficiently suck out the smoke from your kitchen and release it outside. Inside this hood, you can find mesh and filters that will trap all kinds of toxins and other large particles such as oils and spices from the air that get sucked into the chimney. 

This mesh filter will take out all the smoke, remove the particles from it, and push out the rest of the air that does not contain any harmful substance outside, with the help of the air column. The rotating fan at the start of the air column will keep pushing the polluted air out and improving ventilation. 

What Are The Advantages Of A Chimney And Why Do People Like It?

  • Keeps your kitchen and its surroundings clean: No food can be cooked with some sort of oil or butter, and when we use such greasy items, they tend to deposit on the walls and the workstation of your kitchen. This not only spoils the look of your kitchen but also makes it very uncomfortable to work in. We are sure that none of your want to cook in a place that is greasy and seems unhygienic. 

Even if you try to clean the walls, it will fully not get off your wall. So, the best way to overcome this is to install a chimney. 

  • Adds a style factor to your kitchen: Chimneys are a mandatory part of a modern kitchen. It gives your kitchen a modern look and also adds some elegance. If you are still building your kitchen, then you can also design and plan according to your interiors and other factors. 
  • Removes smoke: This is the most obvious advantage of owning a chimney, especially if you have an open kitchen. The smoke from the kitchen might travel all over the house and cause unnecessary discomfort. It gets worse if someone in your house has breathing problems. So, just install a chimney, and you can cook without any worries. 
  • Keeps the kitchen cool: Not only does the chimney keep away smoke, but it will also remove excess heat from the kitchen and keep it cool. One of the biggest problems in the kitchen is enduring heat and cooking. The chimney will be the perfect addition if you live in an already hot place and have to cook for a lot of time. 
How Kitchen Chimney Works
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In today’s cooking, the chimney is an essential part, and for the most part, it comes along with the kitchen interior design. The designers specifically design space chimneys while they plan for your house. Although chimneys can be quite expensive, they are truly worth the money. They benefit you in many ways, and if you want to have a good and hassle-free cooking experience, it is the one for you. 

Consider all the factors before you choose a chimney that will suit you the best, and we hope this article about how kitchen chimney works and much other information helped you make your decision. 

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