Honor Magic Watch 2 (46 mm) Smartwatch Price in India

The Honor Magic Watch 2 Price In India is Rs. 11,999. However, the Honor Magic Watch 2 Price In India varies on different eCommerce websites. But it is affordable on Amazon.

HONOR Magic Watch 2


  • Lasts for up to 14 Days on a Single full Charge
  • Tracks Oxygen Saturation Levels in Your Bloodstream
  • Sleep Monitoring


When looking for a digital watch, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can easily connect or disconnect calls, a long battery life so that you don’t have to constantly charge it, and a health tracker so that you know how many steps you’ve taken in a day.

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Is there any such thing as an all-in-one watch? When compared to other watches, the Honor Magic Watch 2 offers all of these features at a very low price.

Honor Magic Watch 2 Price In India

The Honor Magic Watch 2 Price in India starts from ₹14,999. Compare and buy Honor Magic Watch 2 online at the lowest price in India.


It’s incredible to have a watch that can conduct a mini work on your smartphone and provide you with immediate benefits. With the help of its Bluetooth capability, this Honor Magic Watch 2 makes it easier to answer or decline calls. It also makes it simple to review your contact list and call history. It also offers a power life of up to 14 days on a single charge, thanks to a 455 mAh battery.

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Isn’t the fact that it has 100 workout modes and 13 various running courses with real-time voice-over assistance enough to make it an excellent buddy for your workout sessions?

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the features:

  • 316L Stainless Steel: You’ll want a smartwatch that’s light enough to wear every day and resistant to scratches so it stays looking new for longer. If that’s the case, this Honor Magic Watch 2 has the bonus of being extremely durable, allowing you to show off your watch’s stainless steel appearance. 
  • Bluetooth Calling: The built-in Bluetooth calling feature, which includes speakers and a microphone, allows you to have a quick talk with coworkers, friends, and family members straight from your wrist, making it easier to manage your time and work. 
  • Personalized Watch Faces: You may give your Honor Magic smartwatch a personal touch by putting photographs of your favorite people on the watch face and storing a few if you want to scroll over them later, just like you can with your phone’s wallpaper. 
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  • SpO2 Blood Oxygen Monitor: The SpO2 monitor tracks the oxygen saturation levels in your bloodstream, keeping you informed about your health even while you’re working out or traveling to a high-altitude area, ensuring that you have a better understanding of your body. 
  • Battery Performance: When it comes to smartwatches, ensuring long battery life is critical. Thanks to a 455 mAh battery, this Honor Magic Watch 2 can last up to 14 days on a single charge.
  • 100 Workout Modes: Make a new buddy that helps you track and achieve the body goal that you’ve wished for with a watch that offers 100 workout modes, 3 different running courses, and real-time voice-over guidance. Thus, making this Honor Magic Watch 2 your ideal fitness partner. As a result, this Honor Magic smartwatch is an excellent exercise companion.
  • TruRelax: The TruRelax feature on the Honor Magic Watch 2 monitors and analyses your sleep cycle, providing you with personalized data on your sleep and tips on how to sleep better. With TruRelax, you may also take a stress test to de-stress, quiet your mind, and ensure your mental health is in good shape.
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  • Dual Satellite Positioning: Keep track of your activities by noting all of the routes you’ve cycled or run on, as well as the pace at which you did so. It also includes an altitude meter that keeps track of your elevation as you climb. 

Why Choose Honor Magic Watch 2?

Honor Magic Watch 2 is a stylish smartwatch with a leather strap for a more premium appearance. It comes with an extra rubber strap that may be used for water sports as well. Despite having a metal body, it is light in weight. You can go for up to 14 days on a full charge, thanks to the long battery life. 

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Honor Magic Watch 2 includes an integrated microphone and speaker, so you won’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket to answer calls. Another advantage is the ability to add contacts and make phone calls. The ability to create a notification for texts and emails makes it much easier for you to use. 

When combined with data from health applications, it provides continuous heart rate and stress level monitoring that is accurate and useful. You can choose from a variety of watch faces, and you also have the option of adding photographs to customize the Honor Magic watch face to your liking.

If you want a smartwatch that acts as a little phone for all of your work and health data, this Honor Magic Watch 2 is the one for you. 

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