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Foam, Spring, Coir, And Latex. Which Mattress Is Good?

Foam spring coir latex Mattress! Which is the best? There is always a confusion on choosing the best type of mattress. So here we have explained you about the differences, benefits and so on.

Sleep is a problem for many people. Some sleep for 10 hours, and some crave to get a good 4 hours of sleep. Suffering from back pain and overthinking? I totally understand!. It is a real problem, but I assure you, you are not alone. We spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping, but how much do we care about investing in quality sleep?

Investing in the right mattress that is long-lasting, within your budget, and relieves you of your body aches could change the quality of your sleep. Here is a summary of the mattresses available in the market and my recommendation about the same.

Foam, Spring, Coir, Latex Mattress – Which Is The Best For You?

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are the most popular mattresses available in the market. Used by resorts and hotels to give a rich and relaxing experience. It costs relatively higher. You can expect fewer tosses and turns while you sleep. If you have a partner who moves a lot while asleep, this mattress will provide you with motion isolation. Meaning it will not transfer motion and disturb your sleep. It also offers pressure relief and relief from back/ shoulder/hip pain too. If you suffer from minor body aches, then this is a good fit for you.

Foam Mattress
Source – WakeFit

The only drawback of this mattress is that it tends to store your body heat if you use it for long hours. For bed-ridden people or people with long sleeping hours, this mattress would be a relief initially. However, as time passes by, it would create a dip and store body heat. It will warm up due to body heat and cause discomfort.  Also, the foam used in the mattress is flammable in nature, meaning it will easily catch fire.

Recommendation: Typical lifespan of the Best Foam Mattress is 5-7 years. But long hours of use can significantly increase the chances of the mattress wearing out. It’s worth your investment if you want the pressure and pain relief and you are willing to change the mattress after a while. Overall, it is a good investment for your body pain and motion transfer problem. Not a good investment if you are looking for very long periods of use and spine alignment.

Spring Mattress

These are the same mattresses that your parents or grandparents used. They were heavy, huge, and made so much noise. You know the noise, don’t you? It brings back childhood memories of when guests came over to stay, and you had to carry out these huge mattresses for them. Spring mattresses are always the last choice for many people because there are better mattresses available.

Spring Mattress
Source – Kurlon

However, some mattresses have a spring on the inside and a foam mattress on the top to suit present-day customer needs. If you have a smaller budget, then going for a spring mattress will be fine. It does not provide any pressure relief but is long-lasting and durable. Although it might absorb any dirt, body oils, or impurities, it is still a good choice for someone with a low budget. 

Recommendation: I would not recommend this mattress to anybody with back or hip pain. This mattress could increase the pain. If you are looking to use the mattress for some other purpose that does not need high quality, this would be perfect.

Coir Mattress

A coir mattress is easily one of the best choices. One of the main factors is that it is eco-friendly. The material that is used to make a coir mattress is a purely natural fabric. It allows the flow of air into the mattress, which makes it well ventilated and thus, makes the surface cooler. So there is no problem with the mattress absorbing body heat.

Source – DuroFlex

One noticeable factor of this Best Mattress in India is that it is often made from coconut husk, making it very friendly to people with skin problems. No synthetic material is used in these mattresses, and they are completely natural and hygroscopic. Hygroscopic characteristic is the characteristic of absorbing moisture from the air. I am all for saving the environment so I would definitely recommend buying this. 

Recommendation: I would 10/10 recommend you buy this mattress because it checks all the boxes of a good and comfortable mattress. If the user has a heavy body, then this would be most suitable because this mattress is long-lasting and durable and won’t sag due to the weight. A coir mattress would offer you a firm surface, which helps you sleep comfortably, relax your muscles and correct your posture.

A firm surface helps the body to align the spine and prevents your lower back from collapsing. If you have had prolonged back pain or any neck/spine injury, I would suggest you not buy this mattress before consulting a doctor. All in all, it is one of the best mattresses available in the market, and every penny invested will be worth your quality sleep!

Latex Mattress

Like all other mattresses, even a latex mattress has one side of the foam layer. It is bouncy, firm, and long-lasting. It does not absorb body heat and is made out of the sappy extract of rubber trees. It is cent percent organic and environmentally friendly.

Unlike foam mattresses, it does not sink your body. So if you are a person who loves body hug mattresses, then this mattress might not be the option for you. Rather this is an option for someone who likes to have a firm surface to align their spine and/or ease pain through right pressure. A firm surface allows your spine posture to align and helps relax muscles to relieve pain.

Recommendation: If you like body hugs and lesser motion transfer, I would not recommend buying this mattress. The Best Latex mattress does not sink in to give pressure relief but has a firm surface to help you correct your posture. If you are suffering from prolonged periods of back pain and/or back injury, I suggest you buy a latex mattress only after consulting a doctor.

An important point to note is that this mattress is not for somebody with a low budget. Latex mattresses are expensive and tend to sag after a few years of use. However, unlike foam mattresses, it does not take the user’s shape and/or create a dip after long hours of use.

Final Thoughts On The Foam, Spring, Coir, Latex Mattress In India

Amongst all the mattresses available in the market, they can be classified into these four categories – Foam, Spring, Coir, and Latex. They have their advantages and disadvantages. A lot depends on the budget you have for the mattress. 

For quality sleep, at night, it is important for your body to feel relaxed too. Getting off the bed with pains in your back, arm or waist might signify that a mattress calls to be replaced and doesn’t suit you. In these times, you will often find getting the Best Mattress for Backpain which could help you get extra comfort.

For example, there are companies that sell spring mattresses with a top layer of cooling foam mattress that way. You don’t have to worry about the mattress absorbing your body heat. When you go to buy the mattress or are buying it online, make sure to check if it suits your sleeping style and your body.

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