Facebook Users In India 2021

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has hit millions of users. The number of Facebook users in India has gone beyond our imagination. The Facebook users in India have been multiplying countlessly due to the increased spread of Facebook.

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Being the most popular social network with millions of active users, there are many unknown facts about Facebook.

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Facebook Users In India

When you indulge in pinning down the stats, you will be astonished to see the numbers. Though you assume that the numbers are big, when you rely on the exact numbers, you will surely be in shock. The exact stats help you to understand how important Facebook is and how it helps businesses to grow at a fast pace. 

Here are few Facebook Users Statistics from Statista.com

  • Facebook’s active users count about 2.85 billion. It is the most popular social media with a vast majority of audiences. 
  • Major revenue for Facebook has been generated through advertising.
  • India is the first country to have the highest number of Facebook Users Worldwide. 
  • Compared to 2015, the number of Facebook users in India has been increasing. In 2015, there were 135.6 million users on Facebook. Whereas, in 2021, it has increased to 378.9 million users
  • It is expected that Facebook users in India will reach 444.2 in the year 2023.
  • Even Facebook reported that it encountered a tremendous increase in its active users. It got an increase of more than 1.73 billion active users in March. 

Indian Facebook Market

  • According to June 2021 analytics, there are 416 600 000 active Facebook users in India. It has accounted for about 29.6 percent of its total population. – Napoleoncat.com
  • Active Users in India have been raised to 27 percent in the last six months when compared to a 12 percent increase in the U.S – TheNextWeb.com
  • According to eMarketer, it is forecasting 182.9 million people to access on a regular basis. It amounts to 69.9 percent of social network users. It is expected to increase at a rate of 70.1 percent by 2021. India can hit the 3 billion mark on Facebook in the future. – eMarketer
  • The majority of people using Facebook in India are men accounting for about 74.2 percent. – Napoleancat.com
  • People aged from 25 to 34 have the largest user group on Facebook commencing about 149 000 000. Therefore, the difference between men and women users in Facebook aged between 25 to 34 is lead by men with 71 000 000 – Napoleoncat.com
  • Almost 50 percent of Indians were exposed to many fake news posts on Facebook during the 2019 general election – Economic Times
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Image Credits: Pexels

India – The first country to get the highest number of active users in Facebook

India outranked many other countries including the US, Russia, China, Brazil, and the Philippines in terms of increased engagement and active users in Facebook. Even in the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics, India has gained the highest engagement rate on Facebook. (source)

According to Facebook’s trends released covering July 23 to Aug 8th,2021, Facebook reported that among the loudest countries creating fuzz and increased engagement in Facebook, India tops this time.

In the separate statement, Facebook has partnered with UNICEF India to create awareness and stop violence against children. It is a one-year joint initiative program with a special focus on online safety. It creates a safe environment for the children both online and offline. The partnership will include a nationwide social media awareness campaign. It combines around 100,000 school children’s online safety, digital literacy, and psychological support.

Facebook India Revenue Stats

As known earlier, Facebook India has been encountering a major increase in its revenue since the pandemic. The number of active users went to its peak. 

It is estimated that the total Facebook Revenue goes beyond 9000 crore INR in the year 2020-2021 which is 6,613 Crore in the previous fiscal year. 

In the recent Hindustan Times interview, Facebook India’s Manish Chopra has announced that they are in a plan to invest 1 billion dollars for Creators in Facebook India. According to his statement, more than 80 percent of data in India is in the form of video. So, they have planned to create a new update in audio and video forms on the Facebook platform. 

Live feature in Facebook has become the audience favorite with social distancing norms for this pandemic. Since their live video launch on Facebook, people have made around 8.5 billion broadcasts. It also offers a wide variety of video features and tools. It would really be a treat for the artists, creators, and of course for all the Facebook users. 

Facebook India User Data and User Security

Recently, the personal details of around 6.1 million users have been leaked in India. According to Hudson Rock, a cybersecurity firm, personal data of 533 million Facebook users were leaked and posted for free in many hacking forums. Facebook that had 2.80 billion active users has faced challenges in securing the user data in the year 2020.

India is one of the biggest Facebook markets. It has around 53 crore WhatsApp users, 41 crore Facebook users, and 21 crore Instagram users. To protect the data, the Indian government has tightened the rules requiring social media to take down contentious content quicker and appoint grievance redressal officers to assist in investigations. Added, Facebook India has also planned to bring end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls.

According to Medium.com, in India, around 81.9 percent of the content on Facebook is spam. Out of 30.5 million content pieces of Indian Facebook users, 81.9 percent were spam. It was actioned between May 15 to June 15. Even Instagram records 32.9 percent of posts that were actioned for showing violence and graphic content. Facebook’s report confirms that the data was less reliable and thus the number may exceed when it comes to reaction upon actionable content. 

Final Words

Facebook Users in India will be increasing daily nevertheless of age. Facebook, which started as an entertainment platform, has now been a budding business developing a platform for many small, medium, and large scale companies. Understand the algorithm and go with the flow. Hope these stats and data help you reach heights! Cheers!

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