Dell P2722H Professional 27 Inch Full HD Monitor Price in India 

Who hasn’t heard about Dell! It is one of the most flourishing brands in the electronics market of India. With time, the quality of monitors and laptops it has curated for the users is awe-inspiring. Dell monitors are widely available on various websites. 

And you can even buy their devices from their official website, which is Dell professional 27 inches full HD monitor is extremely popular among users because of its chic design and compatibility with various work purposes. 

Dell Professional 27 inch Full HD Monitor Price in India 

The Dell Professional 27 inch Price in India starts from ₹37,922. Compare and buy Dell Professional 27 inch online at the lowest price in India.

The best part about Dell is the combination of affordability and features. As consumers, we all want to buy a monitor that comes with outstanding features but at a pocket-friendly price. Dell is one such brand that has mastered the factor of cost over the period. 

You can even purchase a Dell monitor at EMI that becomes highly convenient for the buyers. A 27 inch professional full HD Dell monitor at this price is a wonderful deal for the purchasers. It is equipped with the latest features and Technology. 

To be sure, you can download a brochure and the list of features from their official website, but for your convenience, we have mentioned everything that you need to know about this monitor below. 

Features and Specifications of Dell P2722H 27 inch monitor

Over the Top Design

You must be aware that design is one of the most important aspects of electronic devices these days. Keeping the same thing in mind, the manufacturers of this Dell monitor have presented an over-the-top design to the buyers. 

Dell monitors are well known for being traditional yet chic in terms of design. Because of the standard silver color of the monitor, it is one of the best choices for officers and professional work. In the design and structure of the Dell 27 inch monitor, you get a stand that allows you to adjust the height and position of your monitor. 

You can conveniently tilt, pivot, swivel your monitor with the help of the stand and get a comfortable working hour on your desktop. It has a sleek design that comes with a three-side ultra-thin bezel that improves the overall quality of its structure. 

IPS Display 

This Dell 27-inch monitor has a Full HD IPS display that allows the users to enjoy a wide viewing angle. The display’s resolution is 1920 x 1080, at which you get outstanding color consistency and vibrant visuals. 

Most of the Dell monitors have IPS Technology built-in, and the best part of this monitor is explicitly the 99% sRGB coverage. With this level of color coverage, you cannot even imagine the precision and accuracy of colors that you will get on this monitor. 

The IPS display of this monitor is undoubtedly great for graphics work, and you can even use it for normal entertainment purposes such as playing games and enjoying movies. The display has a comfort view feature that reduces harmful blue light that can irritate and harm your eyes. 

Miscellaneous Features 

Other outstanding features of this monitor include ports that allow you to have a proper and extensive connection. The Dell 27 inch P2722H monitor has a DisplayPort, HDMI port, and a VGA port. With the availability of so many ports, you can easily connect the monitor with other devices. 

Among the variety of slots and ports, you also get a security lock slot that you don’t get to see on many monitors. The refresh rate you get in this monitor is off 60hz, which might not make this monitor that great for gaming purposes.  

Packaging of Dell 27 inch P2722H monitor

In the manufacturing of laptops and monitors, many harmful things are used, which is not suitable for the environment; however, dell has started to use environment-friendly materials and packaging.

 In this small way, Dell is doing its bit to make a sustainable environment. Every item used for making this monitor is environmentally friendly.

This monitor is TCO certified and also has EnergyStar®. 

To keep the packaging environmentally friendly, Dell hasn’t used any styrofoam, and the entire packaging is made with 75% recycled cardboard. 

For energy conservation purposes, dell has incorporated a special sleep mode that puts your laptop in a power nap situation when it is not in use. In the packaging, you get the monitor, USB cables, brochure, and charger. 

Is it Worth it? 

Dell has an excellent reputation in India and around the world, and to be honest with time, it has maintained its firm stand in the computer world. With time Dell has incorporated outstanding and better innovation and Technology in its monitors and laptops. 

Similarly, the Dell 27 inch P2722H full HD monitor is also one of the best creations by the brand. After knowing the features that this monitor offers to the users at such a great price and the level of environmental consciousness, the brand has added up to the overall value. 

We don’t think spending around 22k for such a great Dell monitor is expensive because nowadays, it is complicated to find an IPS display monitor that comes with so many great features at this price. 

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