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Bitbns Review – A Must Read

Excited to know about Bitbns review in detail? Keep reading to find more about the Bitbns review, its safety, and what it has to offer.

Bitbns Review

Bitbns is a cryptocurrency exchange based in India. Bitbns stands for Bitcoin buy and sell and was launched in the middle of the Bitcoin mania, launching on December 14, 2017. Here, it is possible to trade over 70 cryptocurrency variants. Bitbns, out of all the Indian exchanges, offers the most cryptocurrency trading options.

Bitbns Review

Buyhatke Internet Pvt. Ltd. is Bitbns’s parent company. Since its launch, this platform has provided Indian consumers with the greatest bitcoin trading experience. This cryptocurrency exchange is exclusively available in India, and customers must have a phone number that has an Indian code to enter. Non-resident Indians are not permitted to use this exchange.

The exchange trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, BonusCoin, Tron, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. To store funds, you can use a regular e-wallet or buy a hardware wallet. The investment portfolio is changed every 30 days and comprises many programs.

Bitbns is an easy-to-use trading platform for the most widely used cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency exchange’s biggest feature is renewable investment portfolios that allow you to make money on blockchain projects of the platform’s partners. The availability of organized training resources aimed at newcomers to bitcoin trading is a significant benefit.

For new traders, the exchange offers a one-level referral scheme as well as a training period. A complete investment calculator and much more financial instruments are available on the website. Mobile trading is not available when it comes to this exchange. In terms of trading levels, commissions vary, but they are always lower than the market average.

Bitbns now has over 100 cryptocurrencies listed on its platform, allowing consumers to trade, purchase, and sell cryptocurrencies. This comes at the best prices through a simple and easy-to-use user experience and user interface. This exchange has a high ranking for its customer assistance, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Image Credits – Bitbns


  • All popular cryptocurrencies and tokens are available here a
  • A simple and functional trading terminal on browsers 
  • Regularly updated investment portfolio
  • Ability to order a cryptocurrency hardware wallet
  • Integrated automated trading service
  • Training system available for new traders
  • Referral program with mutual encouragement.


  • There is no option for mobile trading. 
  • The selection of fiat currencies exclusively includes Indian rupees.

What Should You Know?

Bitbns does have a native token of its own over the 100+ listed cryptocurrency asset coins. The exchange offers 120+ trading pairs and supports INR Fiat currency. It is available only in India and requires a minimum deposit of 100 INR to begin. There are no deposit fees, but there are transaction fees. 

For payment with BNS off – 0.25% and for Paying with BNS on – 0.2500% to 0.0300%. Depending on the cryptocurrency, the withdrawal fees also vary. As discussed above, customer support is available all around the clock via mail and through social media. Users can also raise a ticket and benefit from the FAQ.

Executive Summary of the Functioning

  • Bitbns creates a marketplace that mimics the main platform’s features and capabilities.
  • You can borrow nearly three times your existing net worth here. As a result, trading with 4X leverage can help you improve your profits.
  • It has a total of 28 electronic assets available for margin trading. Margin trading allows you to profit by lending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency funds for a certain length of time at a defined interest rate.
  • A stop-limit order along with a stop-limit trail duration is provided for increased downside protection.
  • With the used 3-in-1 bracket order, you can significantly reduce the risk. 
  • Margin trading costs are only paid by lenders. Borrowers are not charged anything.
  • Bitbns lets you invest a set amount of BTC or USDT in its FIP plans for a set return rate and a set time period. When the time is up, you will get the principal amount as well as any interest earned in your Bitbns wallet.
  • Bitdroplet, like a Systematic Investment Plan, allows investors to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through a Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP) (SIP).
  • With Bitbns’ trading mobile app, you may improve your trading experience.
  • Getting the Arbitrager app, which Bitbns power, lets you experience the smoothest arbitrage experience possible.
  • Bitbns includes a cutting-edge technical architecture as well as a top-notch security feature.

How To Get Started?

Creating an Account on Bitbns

The obvious first step to joining the platform may be done by going to Bitbns’ website and clicking the signup option. The trader must provide basic information such as his or her name, email credentials, bank account information, mobile number with Indian code, and set a password. They will get an OTP to the registered number, which they must enter to access the dashboard.

Now they can begin trading! Quick, simple, and easy!

Verifying KYC Procedure

If an investor wants to deposit or withdraw Fiat currency, they should double-check their KYC requirements. To withdraw cryptocurrency, they must present their national proof documents, including evidence of address and date of birth. After you submit your AADHAR card and PAN data, your account’s KYC verification is done. To trade cryptocurrencies on Bitbns, you must first create an account and provide the necessary KYC papers for verification.

Then the account profile is ready to trade, deposit, and withdraw!

Depositing and Trading

Wire transfers are accepted as a payment method on this exchange. You cannot make a deposit using a credit card. It’s worth noting that Bitbns accepts fiat currency deposits.

After completing the KYC procedure, customers are sent to the platform’s dashboard, where they may begin trading. They can purchase or sell orders by specifying the cryptocurrency’s quantity and the corresponding price. The order is placed by clicking the submit.

Easy for beginners too?

What are the Orders on Bitbns?

Stop-limit orders are executed when specific criteria are satisfied on Bitbns. The limit order is put on the order book as soon as the trigger price of the stock quoted is achieved. When traders are certain about a given price momentum, they can quit or enter the crypto market.

Bitbns supports trailing stop-limit orders as well as a stop-limit interval for further safety for its consumers. With a 3-in-1 bracket order, consumers may reduce their risk. This order is a combination of an exit, an enter, and a trailing stop-loss order.

How Do I Withdraw INR from Bitbns?

It is a simple and hassle-free process to withdraw money or have it deposited into your account from Bitbns. To do so, go to the dashboard and click the ‘Wallet’ option. You will then be brought to your account page. There is a ‘Withdrawal’ button below the deposit options. Select ‘Withdrawal’ from the drop-down menu. After that, you must input the amount you wish to withdraw.

Your money will be deposited into the bank account that you specified during registration.

What Does Bitbns Support?

Payment Methods

  • NEFT 
  • UPI
  • IMPS
  • RTGS

Currency and Countries

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Neo

Bitbns supports 100+ currencies in India only. 

Trading Pairs


Even though these are the most popular pairs, there are 120+ possible trading pairs.

Mobile App and Arbitrager

Customers of Bitbns can download a mobile app for both Android and iPhone. It is simple to use; the program is speedy, and it processes all of the functions that are available on desktop browsers. The trader may deposit fiat money into their account via the mobile app, and the money is credited to their account almost instantaneously. The app’s user interface is clean and straightforward, allowing users to find their way around the app effortlessly. On mobile screens, this program clearly shows order books and other trading information.

For a flawless experience, customers can download the Arbitrager app powered by Bitbns. You may also look for arbitrage chances on Bitbns and Binance, Huobi and Kucoin, etc.

Bitbns Safety and Security

Bitbns includes a cutting-edge technical architecture as well as a top-notch security feature. This function protects your information, Currency volumes, digital assets, and e-wallets. Bitbns also supports two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator.

As a result, the user’s data, cryptocurrency assets, and e-wallets are well-protected. It also allows two-factor authorization to keep the user’s account secure. Unauthorized users will not be able to view this discussion.

Notable Features and Innovations

  • Fixed Income Plan (FIP)
  • Bitdroplet and SPP
  • Bitbns Arbitrager App
  • Bitbns test net for beginners
  • Bitbns referral program

Final Thoughts

Bitbns is a famous cryptocurrency exchange in India that provides the quickest way to trade cryptocurrency coins. It also has tabs for margin trading, markets, trading tools, and so on. If a trader wants to withdraw money from this crypto exchange, they must first complete the KYC process. One of the exchange’s most significant flaws is that it does not provide margin leverage.

Bitbns may have a competitive advantage over other trading platforms because of features like the Systematic Purchase Plan and Fixed Income Plan.

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