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Binance Vs Wazirx – Which Is Best?

Are you excited to know about binance vs wazirx?

Well, this post about binance vs wazirx explains to you which is better among the two so that you can pick your favorite. 

Binance Vs Wazirx

Binance Vs Wazirx

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchange apps available in the market. It combines digital technology with finance and is used widely all over the country. Claim cashback using Binance Referral Code.

Wazirx has been India’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency apps since it was launched back in 2018. Binance is a Chinese app, while Wazirx is an Indian app.  Claim cashback using Wazirx Referral Code.

Since both of these apps have a wide user base, it might be confusing to be able to pick the right one among the two. Some of the important factors to look into would be the active running years of the app, transaction fees, security provided, and ease of operating or trading. The below list of comparisons made between the apps will help you choose the most suitable one for yourself. 

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Transaction Fees 

Binance is an international trading app, and hence it has high transaction fees for buying and selling crypto. Binance charges a minimum of around a hundred dollars for withdrawal which equals 700 Indian rupees. This is highly inconvenient for most Indian users, especially when many Indian apps charge less for withdrawal. 

Wazirx charges way less for withdrawal which is rupees 5 to rupees 10. The exact amount depends on the type of withdrawal made and is fairly more convenient. Despite the high Withdrawal fees of Binance, it is recommended for users who are looking to trade heavy amounts of money and have a professional hand at it. At the same time, Wazirx is more suitable for trading small or moderate amounts of money. 

App Design

Binance is a more sophisticated app. It has many advanced features and is best recommended for users who have experience with crypto and are looking to invest in international markets. The app design is clean, and it runs effectively on Android and iPhone. The app is less prone to crashes or bugs. 

Wazirx has a more user-friendly design and UI when compared to that of Binance. With each to understand features and operations, it is more so recommended for people who want to invest in crypto, have a hobby, or are not looking into investing hefty amounts. The Wazirx app interface is appealing and does not require the user to have in-depth knowledge to understand its features and design. 

Customer Reviews

Since Binance has high transaction fees, it happens to be the main cause of concern among Indian users. It is not affordable for most which results in not many Indian users using Binance as compared to some other crypto applications. Some customers have also raised questions about the privacy laws and statements of the app, although there are not many hacking incidents reported. 

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Wazirx has a transaction fee, which is higher than some other Indian apps, which remains a complaint by the users. The users are recommended to use WRX tokens. If the user pays their fees using these tokens, they get a flat fifty percent discount on the fees, which is very convenient.

Some users have reported complaints of crashes and lagging on the website’s request forums. Many updates have to be launched by the Wazirx developers to fix these, and the crashing and lagging have been becoming less common these days. 


Both these apps, Binance and Wazirx, have their advantages and disadvantages. The above list of comparisons between them highlights their similarities and differences and states the potential audience for which the app is suitable.

Comparing the apps on these grounds and picking the one that best meets your requirements and is suitable for your experience with crypto. This way, you will make the best choice possible for yourself while choosing between these apps. 

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