Binance Referral Code 2021 – 12185837 – Get Cashback

If you want to earn from Crypto, you have come to the right place. Binance is offering 40% off on trading fees, and you can grab this offer by using our Binance referral code, 12185837, or signing up using our Binance referral link:

You can simply enter our Binance Referral Code 2021, 12185837 at the signup and get 40% off on your trading fees. Besides, you can share your Binance referral code with your friends and get 40% for every referral. Isn’t that super exciting?

Binance Referral Code

Binance Referral Code 2021 Details

  • Sign up bonus: 40% off on fees
  • Binance Referral Code: 12185837
  • Valid for: New users

Binance was started back in 2017 and is the world’s largest crypto exchange with a wide range of cryptocurrencies listed. Binance allows you to buy and sell crypto in minutes and is available on all Web, App Store, Android APK, and Google Play device platforms.

Signing up with our Binance Referral Code, 12185837, you can get 40% off on the Binance trading fee. And once you sign up, you have unlimited possibilities to earn 40% off on fee by referring the platform to your friends using your referral code.

Step To Step Guide To The Binance Sign Up Process.

I am sure you must be wondering how to sign up with Binance, and it’s not difficult at all. You can sign up with Binance by following my simple step to step guide.

  • You can start by downloading the app from your device’s app store.
  • After you install the app, open it and register using your mobile number
  • You also have to create a password, and I suggest you create a strong password
  • Next, you must enter my Binance referral code in the Referral ID field to get the Signup bonus
  • Next, you can verify your account by entering the OTP
  • After that, you will see a few questions, and you are free to skip them by clicking on skip.
  • That’s pretty much it for the registration. Next is the KYC verification.
Binance Referral Code
Image Credits – Binance

How To Complete Binance Kyc Verification In India?

  • Just as you complete your registration, you should see a banner that says “Verify Account,” You can click on it to get to the KYC verification section.
  • Next, click on Start to start the KYC process.
  • After that, you will need to enter your PAN card number, full name, and address.
  • You will also have to upload the required documents for proof of address and proof of identity along with your selfie.
  • Next, you can submit it and wait for about 60 mins for the verification process to complete.

That’s pretty much it, and it isn’t difficult, right?

How To Get Your Binance Referral Code For Sharing With Your Friends?

You can get an unlimited discount on Binance trading fees by sharing your Binance Referral Code with your friends. I am sure you must be wondering where to find the Binance Referral Code in your Binance account, and don’t worry. I will help you find it.

To get your Binance Referral Code, you will have to open your app dashboard and see the Menu icon at the top. You need to click on it, and you will see an option, My Referral ID. You can click on it to get your Binance Referral ID. Next, you can copy it, share it on different social media platforms, and share it with your friends through direct messaging.

If you are interested you can also refer to our site SmartFinder to know more about trading choices, referral codes, and cashback.

Binance Referral Code Summary

Using the Binance Referral Code is an excellent way to get started with Binance. There is nothing more encouraging for a user than getting a signup bonus. Just to remind you once again, our Binance Referral Code is 12185837, which you can enter during the signup, or you may click on our Binance Referral link to sign up, which is

Most importantly, you will continue to get such a discount even after signing up every time you share your referral code with your friends. Above all, Binance is a very reliable cryptocurrency platform and has been around since 2017. I have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how you can sign up with Binance, and I am pretty sure you are ready to get started with Binance.

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