10 Best Yoga Mats In India 2021

Searching for the best yoga mats in India? 

In this post, we have curated the best yoga mats in India based on real-time reviews and testing! 

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Best Yoga Mats In India 2021

1. Fitness Mantra Eva Yoga Mat

In our personal view, the Fitness Mantra Eva is the best yoga mat in India 2021. Yoga or working out mats must be of premium quality which will last longer and provide the best comfort while doing any exercise. The yoga mat from Fitness Mantra Eva is eco-friendly and does not cause any kinds of rashes while doing the exercise. The mat also comes with an anti-slip system to not slip or move when exercise is done on it. 

The mat is made from silicone materials that are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. The mat prevents itself from absorbing sweat or dirt, which makes the mat dirty and disturbs the quality. It also comes with moisture-resistant technology. This means that the mat can be washed with simple water and soap. The mat is 180cm long and 60cm wide, which enables you to work out freely. 

2. OJS Eva Yoga Mat 

The OJS Eva is a premium yoga mat you can get in India. As we all know, yoga originated in India, and it helps in harmonizing our bodies while keeping any kind of stress out. The OJS Eva Yoga Mat helps you do the exact thing. The mats that this brand manufactures are lightweight and can be carried to the gym. They can be stored very easily anywhere in your home. This mat is made from natural materials which are not harmful and are good for your skin.  

The yoga mat from OJS is easy to maintain. Due to all the sweat, the mat tends to get dirty, but it can be washed with plain water using a cloth, and it gets cleaned in no time. This yoga mat can be used to do all kinds of workouts like Pilates, meditation, HIIT, and other exercises as it has an anti-slip system. 

3. Roseate 4MM Yoga Mat 

Roseate 4MM is one of the affordable yoga mats in India 2021. The Roseate Yoga Mat offers grip and comfort to your daily workouts. The mat is 172cm long and 60cm wide, which is more than enough for all kinds of exercises. This product comes in five different colors to choose from according to your preference. The thickness of the mat is 4mm, which ensures that you do not feel the ground pain while exercising. 

This yoga mat comes with excellent slip resistance so that you do not face any injury while working out. It is also moisture-resistant, so all the sweat excreted while working out does not get soaked into the mat. The weight is perfect for you to take the mat wherever you wish to. In addition to the mat, you can also get a skipping rope and a bag to store the mat. 

4. BoldFit Yoga Mat 

The BoldFit yoga mat in India is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide (183cm and 61cm) which is pretty large as compared to other products on the list. It gives you more surface area. The high-density foam material, with the help of which the mat is made, cushions your back, joints, knee, and elbows on hard floors. It can be used by both men and women where it provides equal comfort to all. 

The mat comes with double-sided non-slip surfaces, which restraints the mat from moving or slipping in the middle of the workout. The resilience of the mat is very high. This resilience will make sure that you don’t suffer any kind of injury during the workout. The Yoga mat also comes with water and sweat resistance, which ensures that you can easily wash the mat with soap and water. 

5. Boster Yoga Mat 

The Boster Yoga is the latest addition to our best yoga mats in India list. The mat from Boster is made from premium EVA which is extra thick and has a high density. The foam used in the mat provides comfort while working out and does not cause any kind of pain due to the floor. Other than just a workout mat, this mat can be used as a camping and trekking mat. The transportation of the mat is very easy as it comes with a carrying strap which is quite durable. 

The material that is used in the making of the mat is quite eco-friendly. It does not cause any rashes or injuries. The mat comes with an advanced grip that is given on both sides of the mat. This is to ensure that the mat will not slip or move while you are exercising on it. The cushioning of the mat is very reliable, which provides the utmost comfort to your entire body. 

6. Amazon Basics Yoga Mat  

The next Yoga mat in India is from the very popular brand Amazon. This mat is ½ inch extra thick which provides utmost comfort. The thicker the met, the easier your workout is. Thick mats ensure that you don’t feel the ground when you are exercising. The quality of the mat is that of premium quality and does not compromise on the quality. This mat can be used for Pilates, home workouts, or any other kinds of exercises. 

This mat is quite lightweight, which makes it easier to carry everywhere. The mat comes with a carrying strap. After your workout, just fold the mat, attach the strap, and carry it like a gym bag after your workout. The strap will ensure that the mat will not get crumpled when stored. The foam is durable and does not get dirty pretty easily. 

7. Brand Villa Yoga Mat

The Brand Villa mat is one of the best yoga mats in India 2021. It offers a premium quality mat that comes with extra thickness for all your intense workouts. This product comes in ten different colors to choose from. The mat has imbibed non-slip surfaces on both sides so that you will not slip from either side. The mat measures around 6 feet in length and 2 feet in width, giving you an appropriate dimension of the mat to work on. 

High-density foam is a material that ensures that you get extreme comfort and zero pain while you are exercising on the mat. The resilience of the mat is also top-notch as it allows you to keep your balance while performing any kind of posture. The mat also comes with moisture-resistant technology. 

8. FEGSY Yoga Mat 

The Fegsy is yet another example of premium yoga mats in India that provides all the benefits that should be there in any kind of yoga mat. The material used in the making of the mat is highly durable and does not give any rashes or injuries while working out. Men and women can use this mat as it will provide similar benefits to both. 

Both the sides of the mat come with non-slip technology, which ensures that you do not fall or slip or your mat does not move from its place. You can easily wash the mat as it is water-resistant and will not soak water in its pores. The durability of the mat is also very high. 

9. Porchex Yoga Mat 

The next yoga mat in India we have on our list is from Porchex. The brand is known to deliver high-class products which are extremely beneficial to the consumers. The mat from this brand is extremely durable and lightweight. It can be carried everywhere with the help of provided bag that comes with the mat. The additional cushioning provides comfort while exercising. 

The non-stick surface of the mat helps in offering excellent traction. This traction helps in giving extreme friction so that you don’t slip from the mat while exercising. The design of the mat is also pretty stylish. This mat comes with superior water resistance so that you can easily clean the mat with soap and water. It can be carried everywhere. 

10. Zofey Yoga Mat 

The last product that we have included is the Zofey Yoga Mat. This mat is designed to provide comfort and resilience. The slip-advantage that is offered by the mat is also of premium quality. It ensures that you won’t slip while exercising. The mat is made from recyclable materials, which are 100% eco-friendly. The other materials are also non-toxic. 

The moisture-resistant technology ensures that you get a clean mat after every use as it does not let sweat or water stay on the surface for a long time. This technology also enables you to wash the mat with just soap and water. The thickness of the mat is also up to the mark as it does not let you feel the floor.

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Which Is The Best Yoga Mat In India 2021 For You?  

The above-mentioned list includes the best Yoga mats that are available in India. These yoga mats provide comfort and satisfaction while working out. They ensure that you do not get any injury or rashes after the usage of the mat. But if you ask us, we would like to suggest one single yoga mat that we think deserves a special recommendation. 

The Boster Yoga Mat might be that one mat that you were looking for. This mat provides excellent comfort. It is also water and sweat-resistant, ensuring that you get a clean mat after every workout without any dirt or sweat. What are you waiting for then? Purchase this mat now and enjoy the process of working out! 

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