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10 Best Wet Grinder In India 2022

Are you looking for the best wet grinder in India 2022? 

Right, the following article navigates you through the best wet grinder available in India so that you get clarity and a better understanding of your needs.

Best Wet Grinder In India 2022

1. Elgi Ultra Table Top Wet Grinder

In our personal view, the Elgi Ultra is the best wet grinder in India as of 2022. This compact and sleek wet grinder will not only occupy a tiny space in your kitchen but a huge one in your heart as well. 

Built with the latest technology, this grinder has conical stones which rotate rapidly to produce a fluffy batter, helping you make crisp and lip-smacking dishes. Keeping your health as a priority, this AISI stainless steel wet grinder has an entirely rust-resistant body that promises the preparation of only the best quality food. 

Powered by 150W, this wet grinder offers a 2L volume drum, which is perfect for serving a family of four. Many people opt for this grinder because it produces little or no noise while working. In terms of functionality, this wet grinder has the edge over the others. It comes with easy-to-use buttons and a timer that starts beeping as soon as the batter gets ready. 

With elgi, you won’t have to worry about checking the device now and then because it automatically switches off when time runs out. In case of a power failure, the grinder stops on its own, further reducing the chances of a short circuit. Its body not only makes it durable and lightweight but also adds some elegance and style to your kitchen.   

Additionally, wet grinder comes with a 10-year warranty, which applies to all parts of the product, excluding the timer.  Accessories like coconut scraper and dough kneader aren’t included along and will have to be purchased separately by the user. 

2. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

Butterfly Smart is the premium wet grinder you can get in India 2022. As the name suggests, the butterfly smart wet grinder is incorporated with only the smartest technology. Coated with ABS plastic, it is shockproof, heat resistant, and helps protect the motor inside. 

The tough and durable cover provides strong support to keep the entire device intact, thus speeding up the rotation process. It is built with cylindrical granite stones, which ensure a fine and smooth paste. One notable feature of this grinder is its ventilator, which regulates the temperature and prevents the body from heating up. It operates at 150W and comes with an electric cord as long as 62 inches. 

The 2L drum is designed with clear markings and indications which help you measure the right amount of grains you wish to put inside. Along with the grinder, you get a spatula and coconut scraper as additional accessories. The coconut scraper is extremely easy to use, saves time, and even protects your hands from cuts. 

Being an ISO-certified wet grinder, this device offers a warranty of 2 years. The wet grinder is very easy to maintain and clean; however, the initial setup process can be tricky. Besides, the drum lid is not very secure because it might open during the grinding process. 

3. Elgi Ultra Perfect Wet Grinder

Elgi ultra perfect wet grinder is the ideal wet grinder in India especially curated for chefs and food lovers. The patented conical stones in the device function swiftly, leading to a high fermentation rise in the batter.

Powered by a 150W motor, the machine runs at an even and steady pace throughout the grinding process, designed for giving you the perfect consistency in texture. The 2L dish is not only lightweight but also spacious, providing enough room for smooth working. The multi-utility drum is rust-resistant, allowing you to store the battery for longer durations of time. 

Keeping your cleanliness and hygiene in mind, the wet grinder comes with a lock and batter cleaner. The lock secures the lid tightly and prevents any excess batter from overflowing out. In contrast, the batter cleaner helps you wipe the conical stones ideally, leaving behind a spick and span kitchen.  

This deal brings you a complimentary coconut scraper and dough kneader. This wet grinder offers a warranty of 10 years on all parts, excluding the timer. 

4. Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder

The Butterfly Rhino plus is a stylish wet grinder designed with utmost perfection and loaded with extraordinary features. Only created using superior quality materials, the wet grinder offers you durability and long service life. 

It incorporates two cylindrical stones with a 4-way grinding mechanism, giving you a fine and even paste. The sturdy plastic coating on the device makes it shockproof and resistant to overheating. The stainless steel drum is easily detachable and spacious enough to store 2L of batter. 

The motor functions at a speed of 900RPM (rotations per minute), helping you get the batter ready as quickly as 30 minutes. This wet grinder is environment-friendly and corrosion-free.

It is portable, which means you can easily carry it to picnics and vacations. It comes in colorful and bright shades such as red, yellow, and purple, which means you can choose the best color in contrast to your kitchen environment. 

The wet grinder offers a warranty of 5 years and additionally comes with a vegetable chopper. 

Using the chopper, you can cut fruits, vegetables, and different types of nuts according to your desired shapes and preferences. This device might produce a burning smell in the initial trials of being used; however, it fades away with time. 

5. Prestige PWG 08, 200 W Wet Grinder 

Prestige PWG 08 is a specially designed Wet Grinder for carrying out your grinding jobs effortlessly, making it a truly versatile companion for you in the kitchen. It is incorporated with a heavy-duty copper motor of 200W, which ensures the smart and speedy functioning of the device. 

The grinding stones cover a larger contact area than usual, hence leaving no refined grains behind. The capacity of the stainless steel drum is 2L, and the tabletop mechanism is specially designed to give you thick batter. 

This device is known for its power indicator and overload switch features, which alert you as soon as the load increases beyond the machine’s capacity. Another feature is the inbuilt air vent inside, which regulates the temperature and prevents the device from heating up. 

The device comes with a plastic lid and interlocking mechanism that ensures the batter doesn’t overflow while grinding. The attractive designer body of this device would add a neat and refined look to your kitchen. 

The grinder comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and can be replaced if any part runs into a problem. This deal additionally offers you a coconut scraper and dough kneader along with the grinder. However, cleaning and maintaining the device can be tough because the drum isn’t detachable and has to be tilted to shift the batter from one container to the other. 

6. Pigeon Lavio Table Top Wet Grinder

Pigeon Lavio is the latest addition to our best wet grinder list in India 2022. One of the oldest and most reliable companies, this wet grinder from pigeon is a fantastic fit for your kitchen if your cooking needs can be met with a 2L grinder. 

It comes with two robust roller stones which rotate rapidly at 1400 RPM (revolutions per minute), preparing your batter in as little as 20 minutes. The stainless steel drum is easily detachable, which helps you transfer the batter from one container to the other and makes it easy to maintain and clean.

The device is fitted with a high torque single phase motor of 150W, which promises the perfect grinding for your needs. The anti-shock ABS body provides the device’s strength, durability, and longer service life. 

Pigeon Lavio wet grinder is the best choice to meet the daily requirements of a medium-sized family. Additionally, you get a spatula, coconut scraper, dough kneader, and wet grinder, saving you a lot of time and effort. This appliance comes with a warranty of 2 years. However, it is advisable to stop and let it cool down in cases of overheating. 

7. Vidiem WG ST 330 A Wet Grinder

Vidiem WG ST is a friendly wet grinder which one can get easily in India 2022. With a vidiem wet grinder, you bring innovation and revolution to your kitchen. What sets it apart from other wet grinders are its rollers. Unlike others, this device is incorporated with extra-wide stainless steel rollers, which consume less energy and complete the entire grinding process in just 15-20 minutes. 

The bottom of the wet grinder is stone-based, which ensures the perfect seating of the rollers. The 2L drum is built with a heavy gauge food-grade material which makes it easy to handle and rust-resistant at the same time. 

The wet grinder is affixed with a 150W motor which speeds up the functioning and grinding process. The entire body is coated with high-quality engineering plastic that provides stability and durability. 

Additional features include an anti-slip belt made up of polycarbonate, which helps you see through the drum and requires little or no maintenance at all. Added, you get a wide face wiper, which saves your time by making the cleaning process ten times easier. 

Like other wet grinders, you get a complimentary coconut scraper too, which saves your hands from getting wounded. This wet grinder offers a warranty of 2 years in cases of breakage, overloading, and overheating. 

8. USHA CO0150WW2 150W Wet Grinder

Usha 150 W wet grinder provides you the ultimate grinding experience. It is equipped with two grinding stones that maintain a dual flow, giving you fluffier and crispier dishes. 

The device comes with an inbuilt cooler operation that is specially built to prevent the appliance from overheating. Powered by 150W, the motor is entirely covered by copper, giving you steady and superior performance. 

This grinder incorporates a 2x faster grinding mechanism, thereby speeding up your work and saving your time. Using the Usha WG, you can grind 2-3 items simultaneously because it is built to handle heavy-duty grindings without being overloaded easily. 

The device comes in various bright shades ranging from purple to magenta, giving your kitchen a colorful, simultaneous, and lively look. In terms of looks, the grinders are polished thoroughly to give them a sparkling finish. Additional items along with this package include a spatula, coconut scraper, and dough kneader. 

The warranty period for this wet grinder lasts 48 months, and the company additionally provides a 10-day replacement offer if the model runs into any problem while working. 

9. Bajaj 230W Wet Grinder

The Bajaj 230 wet grinder is a blend of design and one of the best features in the market. Powered by a 230W, the motor is sturdy and comes with very high torque. The device has two roller stones attached to it which ensure even and perfect grinding. 

The stainless steel drum has a capacity of 2L which provides it enough room for effective grinding. The entire wet grinder comprises food-grade plastic, which makes it healthy and safe to use. The use of Ss202 stainless steel allows versatile operations in the kitchen and helps you use it for multiple purposes. 

One unique feature of this Bajaj brand grinder is its LED indicator. The indicator glows up and informs you about the electricity supply just by one look. Additionally, there is an inbuilt vacuum feet operation at the product base, which prevents overheating. 

Bajaj provides a warranty of 5 years on this wet grinder. During this period, if the device breaks down, it can be easily replaced by reaching out to customer care services. An important thing to keep in mind is that the device might emit noise while grinding. Under normal circumstances, the noise fades away with time. However, if it doesn’t, the motor can be replaced by the company. 

10. DGMR ENGG Works Wet Grinder

This DGMR ENGG wet grinder comes with a 2 Liter stainless drum, which provides ample space for grinding at least 500gms of grains. Attached with efficient and durable grinding stones, the device offers a smooth and fluffy batter. 

It offers a lid made up of polycarbonate, which covers the drum during grinding and maintains hygiene throughout. The wet grinder is built with a high-performance induction motor which functions at a power of 150W. Moreover, the device incorporates a motor overload mechanism that alerts you as soon as the weight increases beyond the machine’s toleration capacity. 

You get a spatula as an additional accessory which you can use to mix and check the status of the batter whenever you wish to. Overall, the product looks elegant and comes with a super clean finish. The wet grinder comes at a warranty of 1 year; however, you can extend the warranty duration by paying extra 100 rs. 

How To Find The Best Wet Grinder In India?

The way to anyone’s heart is undoubtedly delicious and lip-smacking food. The appliances you choose for preparing your dishes significantly impact how good the final product tastes. Wet grinders are often referred to as the backbone of the kitchen industry because they help you fulfill the first and foremost task of cooking- preparing the dough and batter. Hence, it is essential to be mindful of the wet grinder that you invest in. 

There are many wet grinders in the market that perform the grinding process for you. However, some have certain features and specifications which make them more suitable and favorable than the others.

  1. Wattage- When it comes to wet grinders, higher wattage is essential for grinding tougher ingredients faster. High the power, tougher the grains you can grind. Appliances offering the power of 150-250 Watts would be ideal for a wet grinder. Anything less than 150W has chances of leaving behind ungrounded residue in the form of grains. Appliances above 250W heat up very quickly and are not a good option for electricity and voltage. 
  1. Body- Almost all wet grinders are built with an ABS plastic body, making them strong, tough, and durable. Better quality materials support the structure and keep all parts of the grinder intact. Coating with food-grade engineering plastic also makes the appliances shockproof and heat resistant. Always go for grinders with an ABS plastic body because they provide a longer service life. 
  1. Dish Type- While looking for drums, one needs to ensure that they are made up of stainless steel. This not only makes them corrosion-free but also easier to use and clean. Dishes as light as 5kg do a perfect job because they are easy to handle. Overall, dishes are of 2 kinds- tabletop and tilted ones. It is entirely on the consumer which one they want to opt for. For those who prefer a thicker batter, table top grinders are the best choice. However, those who want a clearer or thinner batter should opt for a tilted one. The tabletop dishes are detachable, whereas the latter ones are not. 
  1. Grinding Stones- It is essential to look for granite-based grinding stones because they make them strong and unbreakable. Another vital factor to be cautious about is the quality of stones. It is advisable to always do a test trial before buying an appliance and making sure the stone doesn’t wear off as a fine powder. Rolling stones come in 2 shapes- conical and cylindrical. Both of them perform and function almost the same way, so it is entirely your choice which shape you prefer more. 
  1. Speed- Speed in wet grinders is measured in RPM (rotations per minute/ revolutions per minute). It refers to the number of cycles the grinding stones can make in 60 seconds. Higher the RPM, the faster the device, which means less time to grind the batter. For Indian households, grinders with 1400RPM work well and produce the desired results in around half an hour. 
  1. Ventilation- Another critical factor to consider, which many people perhaps overlook, is ventilation. Ventilation refers to any outlet or mechanism in a grinder that constantly regulates the temperature and prevents overheating of the appliance. Some grinders have an inbuilt cooler system, whereas others don’t. It is always advisable to go for grinders that offer this specification. 
  1. Size- It is always a better option to look for wet grinders that are compact and sleek. The smaller the size, the less space they occupy. Bigger wet grinders take up considerable space and pose a problem when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them.  

In case if you have an idea to look for a small and compact device, you can look at our posts like juicer mixer grinder in 2021 and mixer grinder in India which contains the latest models.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Wet Grinder

As it is, buying a wet grinder can be a daunting task. However, here are some of the few cautions and considerations one should consider before buying a wet grinder. 

Choosing the ideal company for your wet grinder becomes the first and foremost task for wet grinders. These products are expensive. Hence it is important to be mindful of the companies where you are investing. This requires a background check of the company, reading their customer reviews on the internet, and checking their rating. 

Next, it is crucial to check the places where companies resource their materials from. If they are fetched from markets like China or shopped from online platforms, the process gets a little risky because, in such cases, the manufacturer’s contact information is absent.

The ideal materials for a wet grinder are granite stones and an ABS plastic-based shock-resistant body. Sturdy stone bases give extra points because they keep the device still even during heavy-duty grindings. Hence, it is advisable to go for only reliable and authentic companies that provide superior quality materials.

It is highly important to run a trial test of the grinder if you are buying it from the store itself. Checking for all parts, including the stones, drum, lock, lid, coconut scraper, dough kneader, and so on, is crucial. 

Last but not least, it is advisable to always stay in contact with the wet grinder manufacturer and have a confirmation about the warranty of the product, to save yourself from future problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many kilograms of rice is a 2L drum able to grind? 

Ans. 2 kilograms of rice. 

Q. Is it possible to avail only coconut scraper and dough kneader instead of the wet grinder?

Ans. No, it is not possible. All additional accessories can be availed only along with the purchase of the wet grinder. 

Q. Is it required to hold on to the press button to keep the motor working continuously? 

Ans. No, just switch the button on, and the motor will keep on working unless it is stopped. 

Q. What is the meaning of RPM? 

Ans. RPM refers to rotations per minute. It means the number of times the grinding stones rotate in 60 seconds. 

Q. What material is the copper winding made up of? 

Ans. The copper winding is entirely based on copper, making it a good carrier of electricity. 

Q. Are there any speed variations in a wet grinder? 

Ans. No, there are no speed settings in a wet grinder. All grinders work at a uniform speed with their specified RPMs. 

Q. Is the lid made out of plastic or glass? 

Ans. The lid is entirely based on polycarbonate, which makes it unbreakable and safe to use. 

Q. Can the wet grinder churn spices like turmeric or clove? 

Ans. Yes, but only if they’re wet. 

Q. Can the additional accessories be replaced if they get broken? 

Ans. Yes, coconut scraper and dough kneader can be replaced if they break during the warranty period. 

Q. Do wet grinders work with a belt or a gear? 

Ans. Wet Grinders work with a belt. 

Q. Is there a timer in wet grinders? 

Ans. In most of them, no. However, wet Grinders from Elgi offer that feature. 

Q. What should be done if the motor heats up during grinding? 

Ans. Under normal conditions, the motor shouldn’t heat up. But if it does, it is advisable to switch the product off, wait for some time, allow it to cool down, and then resume the grinding process. If it recurs again, you can contact customer care and avail your replacement. 

Q. What to do if the product produces a burning smell while working? 

Ans. Nothing to worry about. A burning smell is normal when any wet grinder is used for the first time. This happens because the motor gets used for the first time. Usually, this smell fades after the first trial of being used. If it comes again, it is advisable to contact the customer care services. 

Q. Can wet grinders be cleaned with water? 

Ans. Yes, wet grinders can easily be cleaned with water, cloth, or both. 

Q. What material are the grinding stones made up of? 

Ans. Most of the grinding stones are made up of granite, which makes them strong and durable. However, Vidiem is an exception that provides wet grinders with stainless steel rollers. 

Q. What is the ideal shape when it comes to choosing grinding stones? 

Ans. There is no ideal shape as such; all grinding stones perform the same task with equal perfection. Mostly, grinding stones are cylindrical. However, Elgi provides conical-shaped grinding stones. 

Which Is The Best Wet Grinder In India 2022 For You?

This guide covers almost all factors one must look at while buying a wet grinder. However, there are certain factors the consumers must look up on their own. Factors like the product’s warranty, durability, checking all parts, availability of additional accessories like coconut scraper and dough kneader, and conducting a test trial should be done by the consumer. 

I recommend a few wet grinders in India from the above list, which eases your buying process. First of all, Butterfly Smart is the right choice according to me as it has the latest features and benefits. Also, it comes with a solid two-year warranty. 

Then, you can choose Prestige PWG 08 wet grinder, which comes with stainless steel drums, which help produce thick batter and avoid overflow so that you don’t want to worry about wastage and other manual works. 

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