9 Best UPI App In India 2021

Here is the list of Best UPI App in India for 2021. Our list is based on features, discount offered, security and fast customer support.

A UPI id is unique to everybody and is a safe and secure way to make payments, whether buying groceries or purchasing flight tickets. I have listed down the best UPI app in India and reviewed them. The question is ‘Which is the best UPI App in India?’. So let’s begin! 

Best UPI App India 

1. Amazon Pay UPI

In our personal view, Amazon Pay is the best UPI app in India as of 2021. Amazon is the most customer-oriented company in the world. It is the largest e-commerce company in the world. Coming to its UPI services, they are undoubtedly above average. It is easier to set up Amazon pay UPI. Most of us use the amazon app to shop, where a UPI can be set up. Setting up your bank account, verifying your mobile number, and adding your debit card number are all you need to do. Amazon pay has many offers and cashback for its users. 

Amazon Pay

You can also sign up using our Amazon Pay UPI Referral Code to get guaranteed cashback after your first transaction.

When you purchase using Amazon pay, amazon gives you discounts on a product or delivery fee, which are not available for non-amazon pay users. Amazon pay has a tie-up with many different companies. For example, if you use swiggy, you will find an amazon pay coupon in the Offers section. This means if you pay for your swiggy order using Amazon pay, you will receive a discount or cashback.

Similarly, Amazon pay has been associated with several such companies. Transferring money to your amazon wallet is the way to pay all your bills. If you have a family account, anybody in your family can make payments from the amazon wallet in just a few taps.  

2. Google Pay UPI

Google Pay is the most popular UPI app in India. Google or Gpay is one of the most used and trusted UPI. G-pay offers its users to transfer money to one another using only a mobile number. You don’t need to share your bank details with others. And if you send money to somebody, your bank details will not be known to other people. Gpay offers frequent cashback and an easy customer user interface. This is especially good while dealing with clients. 

Google Pay UPI

If you are somebody who deals with people for frequent small transactions or maybe owns a small business, gpay will allow you to pay and receive money by adding a mobile number. Setting up a gpay account is simple. When you install the Gpay app, you would have to enter your mobile number, bank account, and debit card. Once all of it is verified by the bank (Virtually), you can pay money or receive it on google pay. The bank usually takes 2 minutes to confirm your details and allows you to make transactions of whatever amount you like. It has a mandatory two-factor authentication to make a payment. One authentication is through fingerprint or gpay pin to login into the app. The second authentication is when you have to enter the UPI pin. 

The UPI pin is created and the Gpay pin (login) by you when installing the app. On any payment portal, if you wish to pay through Pay, it auto directs to the app, and the payment is made only after two-factor authentication.

3. PhonePe UPI

PhonePe is a well-known UPI app in India for years. PhonePe is one of the leading UPI apps with a major market share. It is the most used app by Indians due to it being an early entrant in the market. You can start using PhonePe once installed, and your VPA(Virtual Payment Address) is created. After installing the app, your mobile number, email address, and bank account are verified (in a maximum of 5 minutes). You will be able to activate your PhonePe wallet with a four-digit passcode. 


Once all of this is done and verified by the bank, you will make a transaction. Phonepe allows you to make ten person-to-person transactions per day. An important feature of this UPI app is that it allows you to link your PhonePe account with multiple digital wallets like Freecharge, Airtel wallet, Jio wallet, etc. Linking multiple bank accounts and linking debit and credit cards is also possible with PhonePe. A feature that not money UPI apps allow. Similar to other UPI apps, it shows various services and providers of healthcare, food, and other utilities. QR code payment like any other UPI is available with PhonePe too.  

4. Paytm UPI

Paytm is an easy-to-use UPI app in India 2021. The process for Paytm is similar to other UPI apps. Download the app, and on the screen, you will see. BHIM UPI. Tap on that. Then choose your bank, enter your bank account details and your linked mobile number. A user can create a UPI id only if the mobile number is linked to the bank account. Wait for the bank to verify; this takes anywhere between 2-5 minutes. Once the verification is done, you are free to create a UPI id by clicking on BHIM UPI on the home screen again. It is usually automatically created and is of the format yournumber@paytm. 

Paytm UPI

Once everything is verified, your UPI id and QR code will be created. The usage of QR codes is similar across multiple UPI apps. That is, the payment can be made without sharing any details. Just scanning the QR code will do all the work. Paytm allows an upper limit of INR 1 lakh rupees to be sent, but there is no limit on receiving the money. Paytm offers the option of paying bills automatically on a particular date of every month. When you want to send money to somebody, you simply have to select a number or an upi id and click on Send Money. After entering the UPI pin, the money will be transferred to whosoever UPI id you have entered. Similarly, you have the Request Money option to send a request to a Paytm user to pay you money. 

5. FreeCharge UPI

FreeCharge is the latest addition to our best UPI app in India list. Freecharge is another UPI app that is very popular in the Indian market. It is owned by a private bank called Axis Bank. Customers can use this app to make payments in similar ways to other UPI apps. This app can be used by all bank customers in the country mainly because it does not require the bank details such as IFSC code, bank account number, debit card number, etc. 


The process of creating a UPI ID on freecharge is much easier compared to other apps. Once you download the app, you can verify your mobile number, which is done by confirming with an OTP. After this, you can link your Savings Bank account, leading you to create a respective UPI pin. Once the entire process is completed and your details are fired, you can make transactions with anybody. A UPI ID of freecharge has ‘@freecharge’ written after it. The advantage of this UPI app over others is that there is no need to share any confidential information. 

This UPI app offers the added advantage that you can make payments at a retail outlet without giving away your phone number and confirming the payment through an OTP. A feature that is not available in any other UPI app, the PN feature of freecharge is another offline payment method that allows its users to make a transaction without the mobile being connected to the Internet. Other payment methods include making a transaction by opening a chat window in the app, through UPI, or scanning the QR code.

6. Airtel Money UPI

Airtel Money is an excellent UPI app from the evergreen company Airtel. The Airtel money app was started by the telecom giant Bharti Airtel and is associated with Kotak Mahindra Bank. Airtel money can be called a virtual bank. It gives its users access to all bank facilities and allows them to make transactions offline as well. This can be done because the application works with USSD technology. The only mandatory thing for the user is to make sure that their phone is compatible with USSD technology. Only then can offline payments be done.  

Using Airtel money, we can transfer money to the Airtel east wallet. This method of UPI payment is not very popular because it aims to reach people who still don’t have the resources to make payments online. Another reason why this app is not used by many because the account created in the Airtel money app has restrictions of minimum and maximum balance to be maintained like a real bank account and keeps a limit on the amount of money transferred. 

However, if you do not have to make big payments, this app would suit you. Once you download my Airtel app on your smartphone, you can enter your bank details, mobile number and complete KYC. Once all of the details are verified, you will be able to make transactions using this app. To make a payment, you first have to login into the app with mPin, and after entering the amount, your transaction will be authorized through OTP. Another noteworthy thing about this app is that it gives its users the option of paying their insurance premium and free them of any hassle to make timely payments. 

Adding to that, customers can also avail the benefit of home insurance. The benefit of home insurance with Airtel money is that they choose from 2 plans, which start at a basic premium of INR 200 to INR 500. Although creating an account with Airtel Money is difficult, it has some added benefits that other UPI options do not offer. 

7. Mobikwik UPI

Mobikwik is an independent online payment network and is available on Android, windows, and iOS platforms. The users can make payments not only through the app but also by logging in on the website. It allows its users to shop and pay their bills with one tap. Making online transactions using this app gives great offers and offers cash bags on every transaction made with MobiKwik. 

It is easy to create an account; the first step is to enter the mobile number. After the mobile number is verified through an OTP, you will be required to enter your debit/credit card details. Once completed, your account is ready to make transactions. Compared to other UPI apps, Mobikwik lacks the authentication factor. It makes payments through the OTP method and has no facility for offline payments. 

Mobikwik had also faced issues in the past about leaking their customers’ information on the dark web, yet it is approved by the RBI and is safe for your money. Unlike other UPI apps, it does not offer you anything extraordinary and instead lags in technology up-gradation and customer satisfaction. 

8. Bharatpe UPI

Bharatpe is fighting its competitors on completely different grounds. Merchants mostly use it to make or receive payments. Bharatpe is the perfect payment platform for business merchants. The business must be registered to use bharatpe as a payment platform. Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) can create their account on this app in a few simple steps. Register your mobile number, enter bank account details, and once it is verified, you have your business account ready. 

The main reason why this app is popular among merchants is that it provides facilities forMedium-sized collateral-free loans without processing fees and also makes bill payments easier. Bharatpe has introduced India’s first Zero fee card machine that has no transactional charges or monthly rentals. The bharatpe card machine also receives the transactions made either through a card or QR scan. 

Another benefit for SMBs is that Bharatpe offers them an Xtraincome card at zero application fee, which will give the SMBs a guaranteed cashback on the transaction. Easily one of the best platforms to boom your business.   

9. Cred UPI

If there is anything that I say about Cred is –  that is free money. You earn money for paying your bills on time. Criteria? You must use your credit card for making transactions. It’s that simple.

This app is available on Android and iOS only. You can create your cred account by registering your mobile number linked to your credit card account. Once done, Cred will check your CIBIL score. A CIBIL score is the bank’s score to rate the cardholder’s credibility (on-time payment of dues). Your application will be approved if your CIBIL score is above 750 (Experian/CRIF Score). And then, you can start making payments using your credit card. Cred does not ask for your CVV or credit card password. Even while entering your credit card details, it gives few hints of the number and asks you to fill in the rest. This way, security concerns are warded off. 

Cred coins? When you make a payment of INR 15,000, you are likely to get 15,000 cred coins. Companies like Big basket, Wrogn merchandise, Raymond, Levi’s Voucher offer CRED coins on the cred app. This is one of the ways to redeem your cred coins. Another way is to use the ‘Kill the Bill’ feature that gets you rewards upto INR 1,00,000. TheMobiKwikvaries as per payment amounts. Apart from these Cred bonuses, Cred scratch cards, availability of credit score with report and analysis on the cred app are a plus! 

Buying Guide For The Best UPI App In India

Banking in India has needed a revolution for a long time now, and it is safe to say that we are in the midst of the revolution. In India, we have one of the most sophisticated public payments infrastructures in the world. In the pandemic period, UPI apps experienced a boom.

Offers, Cashbacks, and Discounts

Google pay, Amazon pay, Paytm offer cashback and discounts to the user. Offers related to upcoming movies, restaurant dinners, air tickets, hotel rooms, etc. Airtel Money does not offer any cashback, but it often gives one month of mobile Amazon Prime Video, Wynk Music, and Xstream platform for watching movies and web series using the My Airtel app for recharges. 

Hassle-Free Account Creation

A UPI id is unique to every individual, and it is not available to anybody without proper verification. To create one is easy considering the app’s interface and easy usability. It must not take more than 5-7 minutes to verify your details with the bank and get permission to make UPI payments. Airtel Money and Cred take a little more time than that but ensure the best security among all other apps. 

Availability of Internet Connection

Most UPI apps require an internet connection to make a payment. However, only freecharge, Airtel Money, and Mobikwik provide this facility to the users. Airtel Money payments can be made offline using a USSD technology which must be compatible with your phone. 

Security Check

Google pay requires you to authenticate the payment by creating a UPI pin and ensures security by Google pay pin or fingerprint lock. Double factor authentication. It does not ask for OTP like Mobikwik, freecharge, or Paytm.

Added/Extra Benefits

Bharatpe is not an app mostly used by individuals. It is for small businesses. It provides its users with the added benefits of a zero transaction fee card machine and gives a receipt. Airtel Money offers Home Insurance starting with a minimal premium of INR 200 currently (July 2021). No other UPI app has such features available. 

Which Is The Best UPI App In India 2021 For You? 

All UPI apps have something unique about them and also have some disadvantages over each other. Considering all points, the best apps would be Google pay and PhonePe. They have good authentication, a simple, user-friendly interface, and keep your information confidential. Account creation with them is hassle-free, and they are customer-oriented companies. 

Our personal favorites would be Amazon Pay (which provides you the best offers and discounts on products), Google Pay (which is the simple upi for small transactions using your phone number), and PhonePe UPI (which is easy for linking details). 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best UPI App In India

I am not able to find my bank from the list. How can I create an account in Gpay?

Not all banks accept UPI transactions. If your bank is not listed, you will not be able to create an account with Gpay.

My mobile number is not linked to my bank account. Is it mandatory?

Yes, linking mobile numbers with bank accounts is mandatory.

Does Airtel Money mandate filling the KYC form?

Yes, they have made it mandatory to fill the KYC form if you want to create an account with them.

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