7 Best TV Under 10000 In India 2023

Are you searching for the best TV under 10000? 

Right, it is a complicated task as there are several best TV under 10000 in the market. 

Best TV Under 10000 In India 2023

1. eAirtec 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV

In our personal view, the eAirtec 32 inch is the best TV under 10000 in India 2023. eAirtec is an Indian company that produces affordable products for the Indian market. The design looks simple, but the smaller bezels offer an immersive experience. This 32-inch TV is an excellent choice for a low price. 

In addition, it is easy to set up as the TV is lightweight. eAirtec is an Indian company that produces affordable products for the Indian market. This 32-inch TV is an excellent choice for a low price. The design looks simple, and the smaller bezels offer an immersive experience. 

The 32DJ TV has a stunning 32-inch display at a resolution of 1366×728 or 720p. It has an IPS display with wider viewing angles and high color accuracy. You get incredible detail in pictures and videos due to the 720p resolution. 

IPS displays are well-known for their low reflections. In addition, you get a great watching experience with a 60 Hz refresh rate display. At 60hz, you can enjoy playing games at high frame rates on this 32DJ TV. 

The speaker setup is excellent with a 15W box speaker setup. These speakers produce excellent sound and low noise, even at high volumes. It also features a fantastic UI that is easy to use and has a simple design. 

It also has 300 nits peak brightness which looks good under different lighting conditions. The TV also features other connectivity options. You can choose from VGA or HDMI, or USB for external devices. 

Overall, eAirtec delivers an excellent product with its low price and many features. The display looks great, and its speaker produces rich sound. It also features an easy-to-use UI and a simple design. 

2. Skywall 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV

Skywall 24 inch is the premium TV one can buy for under 10000 in India. Skywall is a new brand in the television market but has quality products in its lineup. This 24-inch LED TV is an excellent choice for a small or medium-sized room. The TV looks great with a glossy black finish and small bezels. 

Although 24-inches is a bit small, at 1080p, the display looks superb. There is greater detail, and you can watch the content or play games in the highest settings. It also has an A+ Grade panel, meaning better clarity and vivid colors. The TV also comes with an LED panel, meaning wider viewing angles and better color accuracy. 

The 24SWN TV has a good box speaker that produces a rich, deep sound. The sound quality of this TV is decent, and the audio has clarity. This TV also has an ambient sensor for adjusting brightness according to lighting conditions.

The Skywall 24-inch 24SWN TV is an excellent choice for people on a tight budget. It has a great-looking display with a decent speaker setup. In addition, the TV has extra features like a Full HD resolution and A+ grade panel. All this contributes to a superior watching experience.

3. FoxSky 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV

FoxSky 24 Inch is an affordable TV one can buy for under 10000 in 2012. It is also an Indian brand making quality products like televisions. This 24-inch HD Ready TV is an excellent product featuring some fantastic features. The design looks good with smaller bezels for an immersive experience. The 24-inch size factor makes it an ideal choice for small-sized rooms. 

The FoxSky 24FSN TV has an A+ grade panel which means better color accuracy as these panels have the least imperfections. This TV uses an LED display which offers better contrast and higher brightness. 

LED panels also have less power usage compared to other display technologies. This 24FSN TV has a wide viewing angle of 178°, so you won’t have an issue with bad color at different angles. 

The speaker setup on this TV is excellent and produces a rich and clear sound. The 20W wattage for the speaker is more than enough for a small display of 24-inch. You will enjoy watching your favorite content with the rich sound and clear vocals. It also has an ambient sensor which means the brightness adjusts according to lighting conditions. 

This TV is an excellent choice for people who want affordability and functionality. The display looks great and produces great detail in pictures. The speaker setup is also decent and offers rich, clear sound. You also get multiple connectivity options to use many devices at once. 

4. Adsun 32 Inch HD Ready IPS LED TV

Adsun 32 Inch is the latest addition to our best TV under the 10000 list as of 2023. Adsun brand is a famous company for pretty affordable home appliances. This 32-inch TV is bigger than most of its competition and offers many features. At 32 inches, it is great for a small or medium-sized room. 

You will enjoy watching content on this 3200N TV with its HD display. At 720p, the picture quality is incredible, with great detail. It has an IPS display, wide viewing angles, and high color accuracy. Since it also has an LED display, there is better brightness and power efficiency. 

The speakers of this 3200N TV produce rich and clear sound, great for watching movies. It has 20W speakers, and the audio has a punch to it. In addition, there are different connectivity options so you can enjoy multiple connected devices. 

This is an excellent TV offering outstanding picture quality and sound. The TV has a firm stand, and you get a wall mount. You also get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for this product.

5. Huidi 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV

The Huidi 24-inch HD Ready LED TV is an excellent product for a small room under 10000. It has a stunning design, but the bezels are a bit larger for today’s time. This TV does have both a modern-looking stand and a wall mount. The TV also feels sturdy and has excellent build quality. 

This HD24D1M19 TV has an excellent-looking display that has decent contrast. It has a resolution of 720p, which on a 24-inch TV provides great detail in pictures and videos. Since it is a LED display, it has great color accuracy and high power efficiency. LED displays are also brighter and produce more natural colors than other displays. 

Speakers on this HD24D1M19 TV are lackluster at best. The display looks good, but the features feel a bit underwhelming overall. 10W speakers on a 24-inch TV don’t offer a rich sound. This TV is a good choice for people who only want to use cable or watch specific HD content.

6. Mitashi 23.96 Inch HD Ready LED TV

The Mitashi 23.96-inch TV is a good alternative to any 24-inch model included on this list under 10000. The TV looks pretty good, but the bezels are larger than normal. This acts as an obstruction to content on the screen and lacks an immersive experience. However, you get a firm stand and a wall mount in the box. 

This MiDE024v16 display looks excellent at a 720p resolution with great detail in movies and shows. Moreover, it offers high color accuracy and sharpness in a 1366×768 solution. It has an LED display with high contrast and brightness while retaining power efficiency. Mitashi has also included its MStarACE-PROUC Engine, enhancing content quality. 

Mitashi is a brand known for the quality shown in this product. The speakers on this MiDE024v16 TV are also excellent and produce a rich and clear sound. You will enjoy watching your favorite content on this TV without having to buy a home theatre. 

Since this is an LED TV, the power consumption is also low. The TV has free installation, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs. 

This Mitashi TV is an excellent product with a ton of features. You get to enjoy a great-looking display and tremendous speakers. It also has an easy-to-use UI and a simple design. Users also get a one-year warranty for better protection against any harm.

7. Adsun 24 Inch HD Ready IPS LED TV

The Adsun 24-inch TV is an excellent product under 10000 from this famous home appliances brand. This TV features a great-looking design with its slim bezels that offer an immersive experience. You also get excellent build quality and feel sturdy. 

This Adsun TV has an excellent-looking display with an IPS panel. IPS panels have better color accuracy and wider viewing angles. You can enjoy better contrast on IPS displays too. Since it uses LED, the TV is quite power-efficient. The display produces vivid colors and has great detail due to the 720p resolution. 

We cannot say the speakers are excellent, but they do their job. These speakers produce clear and rich sound but lack bass or surround sound. The 2400N TV has a refresh rate of 60hz, so you will enjoy playing console games at high frame rates.

This Adsun 2400N TV is a great product and perfect for a small room. It also has great user feedback with a lot of positive reviews. Many connectivity options like HDMI, VGA, or USB for different devices exist. There are other features like a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and the excellent return policy of this brand. 

However, if you are not satisfied with these models, you can also have a look at our other models in the below posts;

Buying Guide

Display Type

The right display technology is significant for the perfect watching experience for you. There are different display technology like LED, LCD, OLED, and even QLED. Now, these technologies can be classified into transmissive or omissive displays. 

At the same time, you should choose omissive displays for overall video quality. However, transmissive displays come at a low price. 

If you have the budget, OLED or QLED TVs are hands down the best choice. In 2023, it will be easy to find an OLED TV for an affordable price. You can also choose LED TVs that come at a lower price and enjoy better power efficiency.

Display Size

The correct display size depends on your usage or the room you have for the TV. Large-size TVs often take up a lot of space. On the other hand, if you want an immersive experience, a large screen size is a significant advantage, especially in a curved TV. 

TVs come in various sizes, starting from 21 inches and going as high as 80 or 100 inches. If you have a small room, a 32 or 43-inch TV will be more than enough. Having a good stereo system with a large screen creates a theatre-like experience.

Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution is the number of pixels on display. Higher resolutions produce better quality images. In addition, higher-resolution displays offer a more immersive watching experience. In 2023, you should not buy any TV below 1080p resolution as most of the content has shifted to full HD now. 

You can also go for 4K resolution for a more life-like experience. However, 4K TVs come at a higher price and have many more features.


Connectivity is an essential factor if you want to have an entertainment center. Even buying a normal TV, try to have at least two or three HDMI ports with USB. This way, you can connect the basic devices like a console or Chromecast. Smart TVs even come with Wifi and Bluetooth for better connectivity. 

Refresh Rate

This can be important if you want to play games on your TV. While most TVs have a 60hz refresh rate. You can even get TVs with refresh rates as high as 144hz. However, a 60 Hz refresh rate is more than enough if you are a console gamer. 

If you want a bigger display than your monitor, buying a higher refresh rate TV is not a bad choice. If you choose a higher refresh rate TV, look for one with AMD FreeSync or Nvidia GSync. These help in eliminating stutters and tearing.

Buying a TV should be looked at as a long-term investment. Hence, you should do some amount of research before choosing a TV. There are many points to keep in mind while purchasing a TV which we have mentioned in the buying guide. This list includes the best TVs according to many users in this price range and us.

Which Is The Best TV Under 10000 In India 2023 For You? 

To ease your buying process, we have come up with three top model TV under 10000. First, you can choose eAirtec 32 inch TV, which is the most trending in India. If budget is your concern, you can settle for  FoxSky TV, which also contains an A-grade panel that increases your viewing experience. If you wish to try a new brand with advanced features, you can go for Skywall 24-inch TV, which is currently rocking the 10k list. 

I hope you can find the perfect TV for your room and enjoy the content as it’s meant to be.

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