9 Best Table Fan in India 2021

The cool air right on your face on a summer day is reason enough to purchase the best table fan in India for your home in India. This list is a compilation of the best table fans in India available in 2021. 

Best Table Fan in India

1. AmazonBasics High Speed Table Fan

AmazonBasics High Speed Table Fan
  • Power : 55 Watts
  • Speed : 1456 RPM
  • Warranty : 1 Year

In my personal opinion, AmazonBasics High Speed is the best table fan in India 2021. AmazonBasics has managed to design the best Table fan you can get in India today. The high-speed table fan is the perfect solution for your instant cooling needs. 

Before getting into details, the AmazonBasics table fan is of lesser weight and can be easily carried across different rooms, making it a wise choice. The Fan also has aerodynamically designed blades that are guaranteed to provide good airflow. 

The blades have a sweep size of 400 mm and are capable of offering air delivery of 65 to 73 cubic meters per minute. This ensures a good flow of breeze from the moment the fan is switched on. The AmazonBasics table fan has three tilt angles for maximum comfort. 

You can tilt to a convenient position and enjoy the cool breeze. The tilting is also made easy and straightforward and can be single-handedly achieved. The Fan also has a high speed of 1456 rotations per minute, guaranteeing instant cooling.  

The motor is made of a hundred percent copper and is durable and efficient while offering a long lifetime. 

2. Usha Mist Air Icy Table Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY Table Fan
  • Power : 55 Watts
  • Speed : 1280 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years

The Usha Mist Air ICY is the most pleasing table fan in India 2021. Usha is a name synonymous with fans. This fan has an attractive dual-color design and five different colors to choose from, including standard white. 

The Mist Air table fan has three aerodynamically designed and balanced blades, which provide better performance and high air delivery. The table fan has a low-noise operation which gives you a comfortable experience. The fan also has easy maintenance. It is super easy to clean; all it takes is a single swipe.  

The Usha ICY table fan has a hundred percent copper motor that offers a power-packed performance but only consumes 55 watts of power even at peak speed. This makes the Usha Mist Air a cost-effective solution. 

The table fan has speed control and on/off buttons at the bottom. There are three different speed variations to select from based on your preference. The fan also has a rust-free body and is resistant to corrosion as well. 

3. Havells Swing Lx High Speed Table Fan 

Havells Swing LX High Speed Table Fan
  • Power : 50 Watts
  • Speed : 2000 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years

The Havells Swing LX High-speed is the affordable table fan available in India. The trendy yet functional fan makes for a great accessory in your home. 

The Havells Swing has a three-blade design and a stable base that supports the fan well. The blades have a sweep size of 400 mm, ensured to give the best air delivery in your room. The base is designed to be flat and can be easily balanced on all kinds of surfaces. So no matter where you want to carry your table fan, you can effortlessly do so.

 It has a press-type button to switch on or off the fan, and three-speed variation buttons. According to the season and the weather, you can simply press the button and control the speed as needed. 

The Havells Swing LX fan also has carefully designed a grill that is minutely spaced so as to avoid any injuries. The protective grill encloses the blades for a safe experience, and the grills are designed in such a way that you cannot put your finger inside. 

4. Bajaj Midea Bt 07 Table Fan

Bajaj Midea BT 07 Table Fan
  • Power : 55 Watts
  • Speed : 1300 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years

The Bajaj Midea Bt 07 from the popular fan industry Bajaj is a recent addition to the best table fan list in India. The Midea range from Bajaj has introduced a wide variety of beautiful devices, including a high-speed table fan. 

The blades in the table fan are made of acrylic material, and that makes them more efficient and provides consistent air delivery. The acrylic blades also give zero wraps from air pressure, even when it is used over time. 

The Midea BT O7 fan has a fully copper motor that increases endurance and performance. The 25 mm stack motor helps improve efficiency and reduces the fan’s noise level while operating. 

True to its name, the Bajaj Midea has a high speed of 1300 rotations per minute and works beautifully to give you the best experience. The Overload thermal protector in the Midea BT 07 table fan acts as a fuse and protects the motor from damage. 

5. Bajaj Ultima Pt01 Table Fan

Bajaj Ultima Pt01 Table Fan
  • Power : 36 Watts
  • Speed : 2300 RPM
  • Warranty : 1 Year

The Bajaj Ultima PT01 is yet another excellent table fan from the renowned brand. This is easily one of the most comfortable and portable table fans you will come across. 

The Ultima PT01 is a compact, small portable fan that you can carry anywhere across the house. The lesser weight of this fan enables even kids and elders to handle it easily. The fan has a high speed of 2300 rotations per minute which consequently means that the fan is capable of producing a good flow of breeze.

The Bajaj Ultima PT01 is made of a durable and robust material that increases its longevity and reduces the risk of damage to its body. The Ultima also consumes a meager power of 36 watts and can be a great cost-effective option.

The table fan also comes with a thermal overload protector already equipped. This protector maintains and regulates the heat instability in the motor and makes it safe from electrical damages.

The portability and compact size of the Ultima table fan have made it a crowd favorite. You can carry the fan around with ease, and also choose whether to place it on a table or the floor and also wall-mount it. 

6. Rico Rechargeable Table Fan

Rico Rechargeable table fan
  • Power : 13 Watts
  • Speed : 1350 RPM
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Rico Rechargeable is the latest table fan from Rico that one can buy in India. Rico is a homegrown brand that has spread its wings to many different home appliances, including fans of all kinds. The Rico rechargeable table fan will definitely not disappoint you in any way.

The Rico rechargeable table fan offers you everything a normal table fan does but does not stop there. It goes that one extra mile to provide some exclusive features like a rechargeable backup when your power is out, a charging indicator to monitor the battery level, and an effective oscillation mode to keep you cool.

The Rico table fan has a 6V, 4500 mAh lead-acid battery in it. The battery is maintenance-free and rechargeable. In case of a power cut or while using it outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the working. Once charged, the battery lasts up to 4 hours on low speed and 2 hours on high speed. 

This fan has a brushless DC motor that increases efficiency and makes the appliance last long. This type of motor also consumes lesser power and saves electricity costs. 

7. Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk 60 Table Fan

Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 Table Fan
  • Power : 85 Watts
  • Speed : 1300 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years

The Wind pro Desk 60 is the most popular table fan from Orient Electric in 2021 for many reasons. The most prevalent of them is the 5-blade design. The Wind Pro is a 5-leaf SAN blade fan, which ensures a wider area of air delivery that reaches every corner of the room. 

The CTX technology in the Wind Pro Desk-60 is a revolutionary concentric winding technology that makes your fan quiet, reliable, and a lot more efficient. It also eliminates all noises, including vibrations, electrical flux, and sounds in the motor. 

The five blades in the Desk-60 are aerodynamically designed and ensure higher thrust in your room or house. The blades have a high air delivery which stands at 5700 CMM while consuming less power of 85 watts. 

The Wind pro Desk-60 has a high-performance motor that offers efficiency and higher thrust. The motor is also durable and designed to last long. The thermal overload protection keeps the appliance safe from all kinds of electrical damage and keeps the efficacy high. 

With multiple angles, oscillation mode, and a 3-speed variation, the Wind Pro Desk-60 is the perfect accessory for your house. 

8. Wozit Kennede Gold Table Fan

WOZIT Kennede Gold Rechargeable Table Fan
  • Power : 12 Watts
  • Speed : 1700 RPM
  • Warranty : 6 Months

The Wozit Kennede table fan has exemplary performance and long-lasting life. This table fan has a rechargeable battery, and this feature can come in handy when you are outdoors or there is a power cut. 

The WOZIT gold table fan is a compact, handy fan that you can carry around throughout the house. It is slightly bigger than an iPhone and can be handled by even kids and elders. 

The table fan has a tilting body feature and can be angled according to your convenience. There are four different airspeed settings, and you can choose the best one according to your requirement. Switching on and off the table fan can be done with the simple push of a button. 

The 3000 mAh Lithium-ion battery can be recharged and used as a backup battery. It requires no maintenance and is also very convenient at the same time. Once charged, the battery can last three to eight hours with just the fan working. 

Along with these features, the Wozit Gold table fan also has a LED lamp that you can use to study or also as a night lamp. 

9. Lifelong Lltf03 Table Fan

Lifelong LLTF03 High Speed Table Fan
  • Power : 55 Watts
  • Speed : 2300 RPM
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Lifelong Appliances are known for the premium quality and durability they provide. Their table fan is no different. The lifelong table fan is a compact, efficient, and cost-effective table fan on the whole.

The Lifelong table fan has an aerodynamically designed body and has three blades. Since the fan has been designed with Indian conditions in mind, the fan ensures superior air delivery and has an airflow of 2600 CFM. The fan has a high speed and provides up to 2300 rotations per minute at the peak speed.

This fan also has a very low power consumption of 36 watts, even at the highest speed setting. In addition, the dual color tone of the fan adds a stylish and elegant factor to your space. 

The Lifelong table fan has a powerful motor that ensures efficient performance. With a sturdy and durable body, the fan blades are also made of a high-quality material that provides excellent air delivery.

How To Choose The Best Table Fan In India For You?

With a whole list of premium table fans, it is very easy to be confused with which is the best choice for you. Fret not; we are here to help. Here are a few top picks from us based on the most common user concerns. 

The Budget pick of the list has definitely got to be the AmazonBasics high-speed table fan. This fan is a great choice for budget-conscious users but, at the same time, has excellent performance and great efficiency. With a good sweep area, a wide coverage, and a neat design, the AmazonBasics does not compromise on anything except the price. 

The performance pick, on the other hand, is undoubtedly the Havells Swing LX table fan. This product has a beautiful design and a performance that exceeds expectations. With a copper motor that promises durability and efficiency, the Swing table fan is also resistant to corrosion. Even with all these features, the fan still consumes only 50 watts of power, becoming a cost-cutting option. 

The best overall pick is the Usha Mist air ICY table fan, for it brings together the best of both worlds. Although offered at an affordable price, the Mist air ICY doesn’t lack any performance factors. With a 400 mm sweep size, a durable copper motor, and a pivot arrangement for easy tilting, this table fan is a great choice, no doubt. 

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