7 Best Stand Mixers in India 2021

Are you looking to make bread or dough in your home in India? Maybe you are trying to beat eggs for a recipe. Whatever the case may be, you can utilizing for helping your getting the foods you want ready.

There are multiple Best stand mixers in India to utilize, but each is different based on functionality and how well you can use these products. A proper comparison of different models is necessary for helping you to figure out what might work in your home.




Panasonic MK200 W 
Bosch MFQ3555GB350 W 
KitchenAid Artisan300 W 
Wonderchef Regalia400 W 
Morphy Richards800 W 
Russell400 W 
Hamilton BeachNA 

Best Stand Mixers In India 2021

1. Panasonic MK-GB1 3-Litre 200-Watt Stand Mixer

  • The bowl does not vibrate as it is on the stand base
  • Easy to clean off and switch between the attachments
  • The multiple speed settings provide a convenient amount of power for your control needs
  • The dough hook struggles to work if the base is a little too thin

You can start looking for a Best Stand Mixers India with helpful for your home by looking at what Panasonic has to offer here. The three-litre rotating bowl will stay in its place while the 200-watt motor will rotate the attachments quickly to ensure you mix your foods well. Meanwhile, the front switch provides an easy to control setup that works with five speed options.

The company also launched some Best Electric Cookers and OTG grills to expand in branded market value since they are one of the renowned companies selling items more than a decades in India.

The button on the top also works when you are looking to remove the bowl. You can also work with three different attachments. These are an egg beater, a blender, and a hook for planning instant mixes.

2. Bosch MFQ3555GB 350-Watt Hand Mixer

  • The turbo whisks are suitable for kneading, mixing, and whisking
  • The two kneading hooks included work well for stirring
  • You can rotate the bowl as needed while using the mixer
  • The eject button can still be deployed even when the mixer is in motion

The helpful design of this Bosch hand is appealing, but what makes this product even more attractive is that it works with a dedicated base and bowls to help simplify the process of getting your foods prepared well. Two turbo beaters are included here for helping you to whisk foods in moments.

The stainless steel kneading hooks will also help you with keeping your foods sturdy and protected in all situations like in their Best Dishwashers and you can work with five speed settings for your convenience as well, which include the turbo setting. The easy eject button helps you to switch out the attachments on the products.

3. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5KSM150PSDWH 300 – Watt Tilt Head Stand Mixer

  • The direct drive system for powering up the unit will run at the best speed
  • The tilting head makes it easy for you to add and remove attachments
  • Only one attachment hub needed
  • The anti-stick nylon coating on the individual parts can wear out after a while

The variety of attachments you will come across when using this KitchenAid blender makes it a winner. You can use this with a dough hook, flat beater, whisk, and many other attachments that KitchenAid makes. The company even offers a pasta roller and a separate pasta cutter that you can use with the Artisans.

The ten-speed motor works for multiple recipes. The 50 Touch Points feature also includes a setup where the target many rotation points around the bowls to ensure that the ingredients being prepared are handled well enough.

4. Wonderchef Regalia 400-Watt Stand Mixer

  • Another Best Stand Mixers India

  • The 400-watt motor ensures the mixer can continue to work quickly without problems
  • The bowls comes with a convenient lid for storage purposes
  • The hands-free operation ensures the bowl will not shake or fly off of its base
  • Not much of a difference between some of the speed settings

You can also use this Wonderchef for you’re aiming to handle different foods, although this product is designed mainly for cakes and pastries as well as for dough. The 3.2-litre stand provides enough room for most recipes. You can also use the five-speed motor with a turbo option to help you plan your foods based on the consistency or rate of preparation that you need help with.

The five-speed motor also provides enough energy for getting many foods ready without problems. A splatterless first speed setup also ensures you will get a smooth start all the way through, thus ensuring your foods are pareped well without there being a hug mess in the process.

Find one of the selling in best stand mixers India with online priced products, which indicates that the companies are targeting with the right now.

5. Morphy Richards Total Control 800-Watt Stand Mixer

  • The dough hook features a firm stainless steel body
  • Each attachment is dishwasher safe
  • The stand mixers uses different work speeds based on the amount of materials inside the bowl
  • The motor makes too much noise

The next of the stand mixers in India for people to review is this particular 800-watt model that comes with six unique program settings. You can use this to work with egg whites, whipping crema, and bread dough. The unit does well with both white and whole grain breads.

The knob on the base comes with six speed settings and is suitable for preparing foods in a few minutes. The best part of the stand mixers is that it features a lightweight body that makes this portable while also helping you to handle the mixer while preparing foods without a struggle.

With their winning Best Food Processor across the globe, the stand mixers too widely used among most people thanks to the ease of use placements of buttons for better usage.

6. Russell Hobbs England Rhm400 400-Watts 3 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl 5-Speed Swivel Movement, Turntable Stand Mixer

  • The three-litre stainless steel bowl gives you enough room for many cooking needs
  • The turntable moves well and does not delay when getting your foods prepared well
  • The two-year warranty provides peace of mind
  • The bowl is tough to wash off

The five-speed design of this Best Stand Mixers in India 2021 from Russell Hobbs England provides a good amount of room for helping you to mix many foods of value. With this, you can effectively mix many things with the swivel motions on your unit moving well and with ease.

The design does well with producing different items and with using stainless steel materials for helping you to get your mixing efforts handled quickly. The bowl is also supported by an automatic rotation feature to help allow the body to move evenly to where the turn and make it easier for you to get the foods you are aiming to mix prepared well.

7. Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer

  • Affordable Stand Mixers India 2021

  • The six speeds are easy to switch through
  • The quick burst button provides a faster amount of speed without struggle
  • The stabilizer on the bottom part of the stand mixers keeps the bowl in its place
  • The inside surface of the bowl is hard to clean out

The convenience of this Hamilton Beach mixers can be noticed the most when you’re working on getting sticky dough mixed well. You can remove the hand mixers from the base for smaller items, or keep it on the base when looking to take care of larger projects.

This includes cases where you need to work with a faster speed for whatever you are planning out. The four-quart stainless steel bowl that comes with the stand mixers is also large enough for most of the food preparation needs that you might have.

Find the Best Of Best Stand Mixers India?

You’ll enjoy working with any one of these Best Stand Mixers India in your kitchen. These are all helpful stand mixer models that will help you with preparing foods without effort. You should review how each of these options can work for you when aiming to make more out of the cooking process you want to utilize. Be aware of how each option works and that you have an idea of what may work when you need something of value for your mixing needs.

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