5 Best Smartwatch Under 4000 In India 2021

This article flashes light upon the list of the brands that comes under the best smartwatch under 4000 category. Though you have an uneven mindset about the smartwatch brands, the reviews help you to make the right purchase decision.

Let us indulge in the list of best smartwatch under 4000 in India.

Best Smartwatch Under 4000 In India

1. Huami Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.43" HD Color Display
  • Battery backup: 9 days
12/04/2021 02:30 am GMT

From our personal review, Huami Amazfit Bip U, an inexpensive smartwatch under 4000 brought to you by Huami, has started selling its own smartwatches too. The Amazfit Bip U is the successor to the popular Amazfit Bip S.

Amazfit is a surprise package considering its price as it includes all the features associated with high-end smartwatches. The Amazfit U has a 1.43-inch TFT LCD screen. It also has a crown on the side which works more like a button than a dial.  The features an oximeter and an accurate heart rate monitor.

Amazfit Bip U is for anyone in need of a premium watch with extraordinary features at a fraction of the cost. You can choose the always-on display option to make it look more like a genuine watch. Amazfit Bip U has a great sleep tracker. The watch has a plastic body that is lightweight and comfortable. You can even fall asleep while wearing it without feeling uncomfortable.

The Amazfit Bip U comes with the Zepp app, which provides accurate data about your sleep pattern. The smartwatch also has a separate section for showing your sleep data. The smartwatch measures your activities with high accuracy, which you can see in the Zepp app.  

The battery life is impressive as it can last a week with one charge. With heart rate monitoring turned on at all times and using all the features, you will get a battery life of up to nine days.

The Amazfit Bip U is an excellent smartwatch at a price where you can enjoy all the major features. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. Its battery life is excellent for a smartwatch. The Huami Amazfit Bip U is a magnificent choice at this price.

2. Fireboltt Beast Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Beast Full Touch Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.69" HD Display
  • Battery backup: 8 days

Fireboltt Beast, our next smartwatch suggestion under 4000,  is the creation of an Indian company Fireboltt. It provides features that have not been seen in any other smartwatch of this price range. The smartwatch comes with a 1.69-inch display which has a claimed peak brightness of 500 nits. The watch also has an oximeter which is extremely helpful during the pandemic.

The Fireboltt Beast Smartwatch is lightweight and comfortable. You can wear this watch while working out or sleeping without feeling any discomfort. The Fireboltt Beast does a great job in sleep tracking as it provides accurate data on the quality of your sleep. The watch has a full-metal body which is uncommon in smartwatches of this price range. It also has a blood pressure monitor, which is quite rare.

The watch UI resembles the honey-comb tiles found in Apple Watch. It also has support for customised faces that you can choose from the Play Store. The watch has meditative breathing exercises, and you can even track your stress levels.

The watch has support for weather updates and shows notifications from many apps. The smartwatch also has the Find Your Phone feature, which you can use to locate your phone if lost.

Fireboltt Beast is an excellent choice as a fitness tracker as it can record many activities such as running, cycling, and sports such as football, badminton, and many more. This smartwatch has excellent battery life and can last for seven days on a full charge. It has a standby time of 15 days and comes with a magnetic charger in the box.

The Fireboltt Beast has a sleek modern look and versatile functionality, which has not been seen at this price range. It is also more durable due to the IP67 rating given to the watch.

3. Realme Fashion SmartWatch

realme Fashion Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.4" HD Color Display
  • Battery backup: 9 days

The Realme Fashion Watch is another best smartwatch under 4000. The watch has a bright and dynamic display of 1.4-inch that is visible even under direct sunlight. It has 15 different watch faces to choose from, and you can download many more through Play Store.  

Realme Fashion Watch has a silicone strap that provides excellent comfort. It is also exceptionally lightweight at just 30 grams, and you can sleep while wearing the watch without any ache.

The Realme Fashion Watch is also quite practical as a fitness tracker with the ability to record 14 different sports. You can use this watch to control music or click pictures from your phone without reaching out for it.

It has a real-time heart rate monitor that has support for 24-hour monitoring. You can also track your sleep patterns and see all the data related to your physical activities on the Realme Link app. Many users have reported issues with the heart rate monitor and the oximeter. Users have also reported incorrect sleep tracking.

The Realme Fashion Watch is water-resistant with an IP68 rating. The watch has many extra features like alarm, idle alert, handling calls, and much more.

4. Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch

CrossBeats Trak Bluetooth SmartWatch
  • Screen: 1.28" LED Display
  • Battery backup: 15 days

Crossbeats is a popular brand in audio devices and has entered the smartwatch market under 4000 in India in 2021. The Crossbeats Trak is an affordable smartwatch that comes with a 1.28-inch IPS display at a 240×240 resolution.

The watch comes with a heart-rate monitor and a sleep tracker. The sleep tracking on this smartwatch is excellent, and you can see detailed statistics of your sleep. Trak smartwatch also provides you with comprehensive data about your workout. The watch has support for ten sports modes, and you can get detailed performance stats from its YFit app.

The watch comes with a Faux leather strap which can be uncomfortable over long periods of time. A 9H rated glass covers the display, which means your watch is protected against scratches and falls.

The Crossbeats Trak is a connected smartwatch. You can view your notifications and use the smartwatch for controlling your music. It uses your phone’s GPS to track your running progress. The watch does come with customisable watch faces, and you can choose the watch face from the YFit app. You can also change the theme from the app.

The battery life is pretty good too. Crossbeats claims that it can last 15 days of usage from one full charge and 30 days of standby time. The watch does last 13 days of normal use while also wearing it during sleep. The primary issue with this watch is its incorrect pedometer that understates the number of steps.

5. French Connection F1 Smartwatch

French Connection is a major player in the analogue watch industry and has entered the smartwatch race. Its F1 smartwatch shows that it’s made by an experienced watchmaker. This smartwatch is a bit heftier than others in the price range, but the heft comes with better features.

F1 smartwatch comes with a heart-rate sensor and a blood-pressure monitor. It will keep track of your health, and you can get statistics about your daily activities. It comes with an IPS display which means you can view the screen under direct sunlight. It also has an IP68 rating, so you don’t have to worry about spills or dust. 

The IP68 rating also means that your watch can work underwater and survive for an extended period. French Connection claims that the battery can last up to 30 days on standby mode and a full charge in under 2 hours. The watch has support for 11 different sports modes, but users have complained about inaccurate recordings.

The watch does an excellent job of sleep tracking, and due to the silicone strap, it is comfortable to wear. It also gives the users freedom to have custom watch faces and has a sedentary reminder. It has an accompanying app named Time Pro that shows your daily statistics about fitness.

French Connection F1 smartwatch is for a person who likes to have the best of both worlds. It has a great formal look while keeping fitness tracking options intact.

Buying Guide For The Best Smartwatch Under 4000 In India

Though there are myriads of best smartwatch brands available under 4000, you are in need to pick the one that suits your needs. There are smartwatches available under different categories. There are brands of smartwatch under 5000 in India and smartwatch for 10000. It depends upon us to decide which suits us well. Here comes an amazing guide for the best smartwatch purchase under 4000 in India. 

Premium V/s Inexpensive

While buying the best smartwatch in India 2021, the first thing that comes to mind is its price. While inexpensive watches offer many features, they have more in common with a fitness tracker than a premium smartwatch. A plain inexpensive watch will cost you a fraction of the premium one and give you all the basic functionality plus some additional apps depending on which OS is used.

Premium smartwatches offer much more in comparison. You have all the features of a fitness tracker in addition to many unique functions. Today’s premium smartwatches can order Ubers, take calls, untethered GPS tracking and the new Apple Watch even has ECG. Also, they have elegant looks because they use better materials.

You should keep in mind what your usage is before making any decision. Buying an expensive smartwatch for basic functions is a waste of money as you can get those features in an inexpensive watch as well.

Build Quality

It is important to see the build quality of a smartwatch as anyone uses their smartwatch extensively. Most cheap smartwatches are made of cheap materials that make the smartwatch delicate. You should always pick a durable type made of materials like stainless steel and a Gorilla glass cover on the display.  

While many affordable smartwatches offer 9H protection for the glass, it doesn’t keep the watch safe from impacts and deep scratches. While silicone straps are lightweight and comfortable, they often leave marks on the wrist after long periods. Metal straps make your smartwatch hefty but it also gives a premium look.

Battery Life

Smartwatches are the replacement of analogue watches and good battery life is a major aspect. Premium smartwatches have begun offering battery life of 2-3 days but this is miniscule compared to the battery life of cheap smartwatches which often last for more than a week. 

This is due to the high processing power found in premium smartwatches and a large variety of features available. Some smartwatches don’t do many functions on their own and focus on connected features with your phone. Newer smartwatches even have cellular abilities which make them much more useful than other options. 

While purchasing a smartwatch, you should choose a smartwatch with at least two days of battery life with all features turned on, so you don’t have to charge them all the time.

OS Of Your Smartwatch

Different smartwatches use different operating systems and compatibility with phones. If you use an Android phone, it is better to choose a WearOS smartwatch. If you are an iOS user, Apple watches are the best pick as they are part of the Apple ecosystem and provide extra features on iOS devices. 

Some smartwatch makers have their own operating systems like Fitbit or Garmin. These operating systems are optimized for your smartwatch and provide access to all the features. WearOS is outdated now and is in dire need of an update. WearOS is criticized for bottlenecking the specs of premium android smartwatches.

Fitness Features

Buying a fitness tracker would be much better if you need fitness related functions such as pedometer, oximeter, blood pressure monitor, comprehensive data, etc. If you are buying a smartwatch, you should aim to get all the basic fitness features like step counter, oximeter, and sleep tracking. 

Most cheap smartwatches focus on providing a large number of fitness features but this will make your smartwatch more like a fitness tracker than an actual smartwatch. You should consider a smartwatch with the right mix of fitness and casual functions. 

Which Is The Best Smartwatch Under 4000 In India 2021 For You?

The Smartwatch market around the world is becoming competitive and this has given many companies a chance to come up with the best features at affordable prices. Smartwatches with a multitude of features are available at a cheaper rate now. We have prepared a list of the best smartwatches available under 4000 keeping in mind all the needs and we believe that it would have helped you to make your decision.

We recommend the Huami Amazfit Bip U smartwatch which tops every other by its amazing features and the highly responsive sleep tracker. Then secondly, the Realme Fashion smartwatch in India which excels in the bright dynamic screen.

Best Smartwatch Under 4000 In India with price (2021)

Best Smartwatch Under 4000 In IndiaPrice
Huami Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch₹ 3,499
Fireboltt Beast Smartwatch₹ 3,499
Realme Fashion SmartWatch₹ 5,290
Crossbeats Trak SmartwatchPrice not available
French Connection F1 Smartwatch₹ 3,625

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