10 Best Smartwatch In India 2023

If you want to buy the best smartwatch in India, you are in the right place.

Coming up next is the hand-picked list of the best-in-class smartwatches from top brands to buy as of 2023.

Best Smartwatch In India 2023

1. Apple Watch Series 6 SmartWatch

New Apple Watch Series 6 Sport Band
  • Screen: 1.57" OLED Display
  • Battery backup: 1 day

From our honest review, we found that the Apple brand tops the best smartwatch list in India. Apple Watch Series 6 has a 1.73-inch OLED display and resolution of 368×448 pixels, offering it a perfect view. It is one of the most customer-friendly watches, acing the title of the Best Smartwatch in India. It works simultaneously for both physical fitness and mental fineness.

Its new sensor feature, which is currently on hype, is the personalized algorithm of the watch that is Oxygen Monitoring System (backed by the Sensor app). It detects the level of oxygen saturation of the blood and reflects it through the LEDs (red, green, or infrared), which come along with four photodiodes (both behind the watch). This way, it informs the person about any fluctuations in blood oxygen level (average blood oxygen level between 70-100%).

This watch also measures cardiac rhythm, backed by an ECG app.

When it comes to definite demeanor and the appearance aspect of the watch, Apple Series 6 leaves no stone unturned in excelling the design with its charming black ceramic and crystal outline, various sensors, a digital crown (mainly used for navigation purposes), on retina display and clear and crystal resolution (for example – 40mm watch featuring 324×394 pixel resolution).

Numerous upgraded quality of this watch counts for better screen brightness (up to 500nits), a more exemplary charging mechanism, an advanced processor, and manifold new edges. One of the most exciting features of this watch is that you can even unlock your car with your watch. Apple iPhone and the SmartWatch complement each other, so owning an iPhone could be better if you want to enjoy multiple features and sync your smartwatch with your phone.

Apple keeps enhancing its features in close collaboration with its upcoming products or on a standalone basis. Apple series six is credited with an exceptional feature of an always-on altimeter that equips you with real-time altitude monitoring, which you can freely choose to use while hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing.

The watch seamlessly incorporates a waterproofing system, GPS mechanism allowing you to attend calls or reply to messages, long-lasting battery provision holding full-charge capacity in 1.5 hours, user interface structure, and many other exceptionally end-to-end features that would compel you to have bought this smartwatch! Also, it is durable and suitable enough to fit your needs and commands and will help manage your daily chores easily and keep you on track.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Screen: 1.77" AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 2 days

A lifestyle-oriented smartwatch in India with health and physique features and instant action tracking arrangement, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an android-connected watch with a simple and subtle look, slim frames, sophisticated designs, and many other exciting elements inside out, making it a perfect wearable for you.

The watch delivers several color designs, durability, a strenuous leather strap, and a great outlook suiting every hand and heart. Moreover, you will find it concocting as it is formed by dual finishes, twin sizes, and water resistance. Isn’t that interesting? You are at liberty to attend calls and get notifications by Bluetooth connectivity. The best part of this feature is that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, endowed with LTE technology, can function as your robot such that it can answer messages and make calls when your Bluetooth shall stand out of the range.

It attracts people of all ages because the likeliness of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is its leather strap, which gives a traditional taste and touches and offers a mature and natural look.

It is a highly compatible device for tracking your daily exercises and activities and showing you daily records. Its coherent benefits of FDA-approved ECG reading, slim and subtle design, and rotating bezel shape it into one of the finest watches one would like to flaunt and be fond of. Its two-day battery life leads to its demand-oriented journey, 8GB SSD for saving music playlists, and, most importantly, usage accessibility.

Galaxy smartwatch 3 has rigorous hardware with sharp resolution, a bright display, excellent color combination, and first-class material. It also has quick internal linkage for faster swipe or scroll movements, whether for networking or information-seeking purposes. Its software is yet to surprise the users with its messaging apps, which would click through recent messages and retract and display the past messages with the incoming ones. This unique device is one of the top popular smartwatches among users and has considerable consumer demand.

The most outstanding feature is the gesture controls which allow users to signal with the wrist shake to put calls or alarms on silent. Samsung continues to refine and redefine its foundational function to pitch a better base for its development from every aspect. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in several colors and design options; what’s better than having a watch with multiple apps, including social media? 

3. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch 

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch, the best smartwatch in India, has leaped boundaries in terms of its services and quality. With a well-defined storage system of 8 GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM, endless Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, speaker services, and remote feature facilities, you can quickly meet your download requirements and storage needs and access anytime-anywhere connectivity away from your phone with these classic smartwatch features. 

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch offers several features like chrome steel and leather bands in single or multiple colors. It has developed its platform to provide free one-time refurbishment and no-cost shipping on all types of repairs you seek. Fossil Gen 5 serves the best in terms of credibility, reliability, consumers demand, and trust. 

Apart from essentials like text messages, timer, and Twitter app, this watch provides you with exceptional human services like sleep goal setting and restfulness tracking. It has interchangeable and flexible band sizes and extremely fast charging capacity, which gives you additional support and choice leverage in terms of flexibility and time management.

You will find the watch compatible, comfortable, and convenient for sure. It can customize the themes and analogs according to your mood, simplify size, work at ease with the flexible strap around your hand, attend to calls undisturbed, complement your dress with the same color strap, and look more brilliant than ever.

Are you looking for an ideal resolution, flawless features, and wellness plus body oxygen tracker? Then, of course, the right pick for you is the Apple Series 6, with a bigger and better picture of outlined traits! What’s better than wearing a watch with an unbeatable combination of features like GPS, NFC, and sensors such as a barometer, accelerometer, and many others? It is always better to own a smartwatch with instant apps, including Social media. Here, you go for Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches.

However, if you don’t find the fit Smartwatch for yourself from above and wish to explore varieties and broaden your choice, below are some fantastic watches that would compel you to go with them without giving a simple thought.

4. OnePlus Midnight Blue SmartWatch

OnePlus Midnight Black Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.49" AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 14 days

OnePlus- Never Settle, the tagline of the watch primarily evokes confidence among the buyers as it reflects superior craftsmanship, functional smoothness, conventional mobile connection, and simple blends of tools, making one plus rank among the best smartwatch in India. 

OnePlus has potentially outstanding metrics to detect Heart Rate variability, wellbeing, pulse rates, traveled distance, and various other activities. You can ceaselessly and incessantly switch to places without carrying its charger, as a fully charged watch has as high as 14 days life expectancy thanks to the RTOS (real-time operating system), which is the proprietary software enabling power efficiency and allowing ease and quickness in its operation.

The unique stress tracking function of the OnePlus watch detects pulse variability (HRV) via fluctuations. The optical pulse sensor offers valuable and precisely correct insights and information about your physical and mental well-being, letting you track your health just on your wrist.

It also has a Barometer, altimeter, and compass for navigation and atmosphere pressure measurement. Its ends are sleek, and edges are smooth, customizable widgets, sleep tracking options, and various other functions. An advanced selling proposition of this watch is that you can attend calls and make one. The classy design and minimalist pattern evoke you to wear them on any occasion.

5. FITBIT Versa 2 SE Smartwatch

Fitbit FB507GYGY Versa 2 Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.5" AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 5+ days

The Fitbit Versa 2 covers all on-screen and side-screen features along with the fantastic inner functions providing access to news updates, reminders, and alarms. All of these with built-in connectivity with ALEXA! It drives and detects your sleep quality in terms of fitness features and makes precise measurements of the sleep cycle, heart rate variability, restlessness, breathing, and cardio fitness. It accurately tracks female health and is a swim-proof watch.

So, here you’re, ready to dive in with your watch!

The relentless display and on-screen option provide you a glance at any text or notification and let you answer calls, and even allow you to send voice notes via watch (provided your Android phone is nearby). This newly launched model with an AMOLED screen display has an effective battery system, Bluetooth connectivity, and the finest hardware.

This Fitbit device also offers you a two-year warranty and activates a free trial upon purchase. It is also compatible with many devices, so you need not choose compatibility and connection with the mobile phone before buying it. Yet, a fantastic accessory to own!

6. AmazeFit Bip S Smartwatch

Amazfit Huami T-Rex Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.3" AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 20 days

AmazeFit Bip S smartwatch, 9.4mm thick with 1.65inch and 442×348 pixel resolution, is a much-preferred watch in India regarding price and battery life. Long-lasting battery and low cost with great features like good outdoor visibility, in-built GPS, and affluent app support help this watch gain giant market demand. 

The watch is also advantageous due to its high brand value because of hardware, undefined design and display functions, or software features like data display, calendar invites, and emails. The silicon strap of the watch is made of TPU material and is very skin-friendly. The watch also has a symmetrical bezel on either side, giving it a perfect shape.

As far as physical fitness is concerned, this watch measures heart rate, sleepfulness, restfulness, and even sleep quality; all these functions on a lesser budget. It is inclusive of upto 60 sports modes. Besides these, it also captures the nuance functions like music/ sound control, phone camera, and app alerts. It supports automatic short messages that the user wants to send while rejecting a call.

You can even wear it while sleeping as the watch is light-weighted (only 11.4 mm thick with a resolution of 320×320 pixels) and shall not be a handy hurdle at night! Some of the sensors in this watch are the acceleration sensor, gyroscope sensor, and a geomagnetic sensor detecting your movement, motion, and directions and giving you even the slightest information.

7. Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch 

Mi Revolve Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.39" AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 14 days

Ruling the smartphone segment among almost all the sections, Xiaomi has become a massive giant in the smartwatch field due to its affordable price, countless features, over 100 fitness tracking options, and around two-week-long battery life. Xiaomi has captured both the domestic and global worlds. 

GPS tracking provides you with quick direction details. The watch also evaluates your exertion details and gives you ample information about your daily movements. The texture of the watch strap is also fine enough to be customized, reshaped, or resized for your wrist’s comfortability. The plain face gives it a classy look.

Its display glow is because of AMOLED tech, making it lustrous and super-colorful in appearance. Xiaomi watch’s inherent features include measuring the sleep score, stress and energy level, activity statistics, blood oxygen level, and several other measurement parameters upgrading its performance and helping the users know their physical status. With a 12-14 day-long battery life and accurate fitness tracking, it has an excellent functional base making it easier for less tech-savvy people to access and use.

8. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch

Amazfit GTS2 mini Super-light Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.55" AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 14 days

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has animated features with light designs, an attractive display, a selective strap, and a fashionable outlook fulfilling all your superfluous desires along with enhanced quality and value. The health assessment system monitors your stress, anxiety, menstrual cycle, sleep, and other ongoing activities. The internal algorithm measures and rewards you a score based on sleep quality assessment, lending you mental support.

The best part about Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is that it has mainstay access to iOS and Android devices, making it very flexible and feasible for any party using it. This pocket-friendly watch with round corners and square edges has vibrant display visuals yielding time and content readability even in the darkest or in head sunlight. With numerous color models, a plethora of activities, endless designs, creative patterns, and different sizes, the Amazon GTS 2 mini is one of the most stylish, exclusive, and elegant watch models you should have.

9. Amazfit Bip U Pro Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.43" HD Color Display
  • Battery backup: 9 days
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Amazfit Bip U Pro is yet another best smartwatch with impressive features and high-class attributes, providing a bunch of options to its users along with great choices and services. It has an in-built GPS (compass), 60+ sports models, an LCD color display, 5ATM water resistance, and many more facilities.

Its unique selling prospect is its access to Alexa, which provides consistent voice assistance, forecasts weather and temperature, controls other electronic devices within their limit and range, sets the alarm, and makes it easier to access any information anytime.

This Amazfit watch also tracks your fitness and health by decoding your heart rate, checking your sleep duration, measuring blood oxygen level, and putting a regular eye on your stress level. This helps you stay free from any unwanted mental or physical illness and plan your day accordingly.

An average usage would last your battery for nine days, and this watch also provides ONE year warranty. Its user interface is qualitative, providing notifications for calls and texts and providing you with wireless connectivity access. Such bendable services!

10. Noise NoiseFit Smartwatch 

Noise NoiseFit Smartwatch is a primary touchscreen device with numerous secondary and additional features: warranty, wrist strap, screen, and fitness tracks. This smartwatch has a perfect budget base that increases its affordability. You can continuously use it for 11-12 long days considering its 180mAh battery life. 

The simple AMOLED display also helps you manage all its applications and functions at a single tap without difficulty. Again, its significant features include heart rate monitoring, calorie measurement, health management, sleep tracking, and many more fitness freak features, enabling you to stay updated about your health every time.

The traditional taste in aluminum touched display (1.2-inch display with 390×390 pixels resolution) embellishes its look. The watch also can withstand submersion for around half an hour at 1.5 m depth. You can abate or intensify the brightness per your needs as the watch provides five brightness levels. Its in-built app records and features the time in terms of the day, week, or month you have walked for and your step count.

Buying Guide

Are you looking for a watch that can potentially track your exercise routine, including your heart rate, fitness improvements, sleep cycle, and health, or are you more inclined to technological aspects like display, processor, functionality, longevity, and many others? What if you get a watch with an exemplary combination of the two owing to the advanced quality and brand loyalty?

What should be your take before purchasing a smartwatch? Of course, the decision would not depend on one or two factors but on a blend of multiple factors for which you shall consider or seek information. So, here are a few essential factors like compatibility, price, brand, display and design, personalization, battery life, warranty, fitness tracking, and call & payment methods. You should look for these factors before deciding and rely on your demands while considering these basic factors of the guide.


Compatibility and connection with the electronic device are basic things you would expect from a smartwatch. The watch you purchase should share ease and proper sync with your smartphone to work flawlessly. Of Course, you should not buy an Apple smartwatch if you have an android smartphone. Also, go for the smartwatch, which is relatively lighter in weight, comfortable, stretchable, and resilient enough to suffer any scratch. 


Price is the major constraint that prevents a person from buying the product. Every smartwatch has its range and value with similar features and different USPs. Here, it is recommended to pay the price equivalent to the utility you want to derive so that you take the benefits of the smartwatch’s top-class features and save your pennies!

So here are our posts containing high and low-budget smartwatches in India, which will help you decide your favorite one.


People look for brand loyalty and credibility. BRAND shows how much goodwill the company has gained over the years because when you associate yourself with the brand, you become a part of that pride. For example- Apple Watch Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy 3 are dream watches of millions because of the brand they uphold and continue to claim for decades! Therefore, a brand is another enthralling component influencing your purchase decision.

Do not be fooled only by the brand and later face technical and connectivity issues; instead, Go for the product equally thrilling from its function and feature as it appears.

Display & Design

The first impression is the last. Another purchasing factor you must consider is the “Display” of the watch. The display shows its class and grade. Smartwatches are either available in LCD or AMOLED displays. Choose the watch with a brighter, shinier, and slimmer display as it has to offer everything like application view, content, message, notification, and other specific things. So, make a wise choice with the color, pattern, and size of the suitable display.

When it comes to design, looks also matter, but they are subjective. A round shape or rectangular frame is a choice you can easily go for, like in the Apple series, the Fitbit Versa, and the Amazefit have square shapes, whereas the Samsung galaxy, Ticwatch, Pro LTE, Huawei watch come in round shape. The color and strap design are also remarkable to focus on.


Your smartwatch is a short flaunt piece to an outsider but remains longer with you. Thus, here is a choice regarding customer interface and personalization enters, pursuing you to make your buying decision according to your desire. Choose a piece that shall fit your wrist, shape your hand, personalize its texture, get easily customized whenever needed, has an interchangeable strap facility, and most importantly, effortlessly enters and exits your wrist.

Such a watch is a masterpiece owing to classic style, fashion, and exceptional modesty.

Battery Life 

Yet another factor affecting your purchase choice is the watch’s battery life. We all crave long-lasting battery life regardless of our profession or daily needs. If you are working for the whole day in your office, a student, or anything else, we all hesitate to charge our devices too often. High-price range smartwatches provide longer battery life than the lower ranges ones. 

So, if you want to get out of the trouble of a low battery, buy one with around 15 days of battery life at least. The fast charging option should also be there, as a good smartwatch should be charged in an hour or two. You should also look up how much you travel because a smartwatch with a low battery life will keep dying while traveling as it is hard to charge any device while traveling.


Many smartwatches charge high prices for repairs or refurbishment; the range can shoot as high as $45-$60. The price may exceed the original purchase cost and still not guarantee accurate and seamless functioning. Your buying decision should have a long-term impact over the years or at least a year to rip off the facility for the high price.

Warranty is a significant factor at this place, and you must ensure that the watch you own is accompanied by warranty benefits of at least a year or so. Therefore, you can walk upto the smartwatch shop anytime to claim your repairs within the warranty tenure.

Fitness Tracking

How long can you manage to perform exercises with your phone in hand? Not much! Even taking a moment, reaching the phone, and restarting the stopwatch on the phone takes away the span of moments. Many smartwatches provide intrinsic fitness tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep cycle tracking, exercise timing, breathing, rest management, stress and depression level edging, and many more.

Make a list of your fitness requirements and choose the smartwatch that meets the criteria.

Calling and Payments

It is wondrous to choose between carrying a smartwatch or a smartphone because both have similar features! Technological advancements and cellular connectivity have made it possible for smartwatches to attend to calls and reply to texts via your smartwatch. Some smartwatches have LTE chips, allowing you to make digital payments through your smartwatch. The same smartwatches also have provisions for displaying notifications, attending calls, and watching other miscellaneous content on the app.


A good watch is one of the essential accessories a person can have. It can add to an outfit, not just in appearance but also functionally, for that extra time on the wrist needed to get everything done. In short, a watch is necessary and requires careful consideration before purchase. The choice for “your” best solely depends on your brand taste, design and model selection, ranges, pattern, and other parameters that suit YOU! 

Also, you should prefer a durable, flexible, long-lasting, suitable smartwatch that fulfills your requirements. 

I hope this has helped you bring the best research for the Best Smartwatch in India and made it easy to make your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of a smartwatch is best in India?

In my personal opinion, the Samsung brand delivers the best smartwatch in India. Even though Apple occupies the top rank, it is not affordable for everyone. So I would say it is the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch 3 in India. 

What is the best smartwatch in 2023?

The best smartwatch in India 2023 is the Apple Watch Series 6 with an OLED display. Apart from the regular features, the Apple watch has an altimeter measuring the altitude, which is helpful for you in climbing, trekking, and hiking. The most fruitful benefit is monitoring your oxygen with the new sensor in the Apple smartwatch in India! 

What is the best cheap smartwatch for Android?

Fossil Gen 5 is the best cheap Smartwatch in India. Beyond the essential features like text messages, RAM, and memory, this Fossil watch contains sleep goal setting and tracking your restlessness. This is one of the impressive things about the smartwatch. So overall, you will find this budget-friendly and the best smartwatch. 

Which smartwatch is popular in India?

Fitbit Versa 2 will be the most popular smartwatch in India in 2023. The glowing and amazing display alerts you about every notification, call, message, and so on at any time. Fitbit Versa 2, with the built-in Alexa, lets you control your activity tracker functions, and most importantly, it comes with one year warranty.

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