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7 Best Side by Side Refrigerators In India 2022

Indeed, the best side by side refrigerator comes with advanced and modern features now. Therefore, it is essential to identify your needs and then understand where to invest. This guide navigates through the best side by side refrigerators in India and ultimately discusses important factors to be looked at while buying one.  

Best Side by Side Refrigerators in India

Best Side By Side Refrigerator in India

1. Samsung 700L Side by Side Refrigerator

In my personal view, the Samsung 700L is the best side-by-side refrigerator in India 2022. One of the smartest refrigerators in the market, this product is loaded with extraordinary features that will make you fall in love with it. 

Compact and sleek in terms of looks, this refrigerator occupies a very tiny space and adds elegance to your kitchen. It is specially designed to fit the dimensions of your kitchen and complement your existing appliances to create harmony. Coming with 700 liters, this refrigerator is a perfect choice for large families consisting of 7-8 people. 

It comes with digital inverter technology designed to adjust the compressor’s speed, depending upon your desired cooling demand across seven levels. Additionally, it lasts long, reduces wear and tear, and has an extremely low noise emittance. 

One notable feature about this refrigerator is its unique Space Max technology. This feature enables the refrigerator walls to be much thinner than they are. This happens because this device uses a minuscule amount of high-efficiency insulation. This, in turn, provides you with extra internal capacity to store food. 

Another unique point to note is the refrigerator’s ability to perform all-around cooling. With the help of cold air blown from multiple vents, this refrigerator maintains a constant temperature enabling food to stay fresh. Additional features include a cool power compressor and deodorizing feature. 

This product comes with a warranty of 1 year on the body and ten years on the compressor. If the refrigerator runs into any problem while functioning, it can be replaced by contacting customer care. 

2. LG 679 L Side by Side Refrigerator

LG 679 is the premium side-by-side refrigerator available in India 2022. Going by the real message behind LG: Life’s Good, the arrival of this refrigerator in your kitchen will make your life good. 

Based on authentic reports conducted by Indian organizations, it has been found out that this refrigerator has a linear compressor, which cuts down on noise emittance by 25% and saves energy by 51%. In addition, this refrigerator has inbuilt coolers on every vent and staff, which ensure a proper flow of cold air throughout. This keeps your fridge at the right and optimal temperature based on your needs. 

The best feature about this refrigerator is its smart diagnosing quality. It was built in a very smart way because it automatically diagnoses its problems and fixes them on its own, provided some manual instructions by the user. 

This refrigerator has a multi-sensor inbuilt mechanism that automatically detects new warm foods, thereby decreasing the overall temperature. This brings down the refrigerator to an optimal level that would best adjust with the new food and the previously existing ones.

This All-in-One refrigerator comes with a warranty of one year on the body and ten years on the compressor. Make sure to maintain it properly so that it leaves no scope for repair. 

3. Haier 565 L Side by Side Door Refrigerator

Haier 565 L is the economic side-by-side refrigerator you can buy in 2022. Bring some smartness and innovation to your home with the help of the Haier 565L Inverter Side by Side Door Refrigerator. It is truly a great choice for professional chefs and cooks. 

It comes with the twin inverter quality, ensuring both the fan motor and the compressor work at the same DC. This helps in preserving energy for reducing noise and causing fewer fluctuations. 

This refrigerator is known for its best freezer to fridge ratio. The perfect ratio between the two shafts makes it the ideal combination of conveniently storing your food at varying degrees of temperature. Another smart feature of this refrigerator is its holiday mode. Using this feature, you can maintain optimal, neutral, and desired levels of temperatures even when you are not at home.

Additionally, it comes with a Super Cool mechanism which helps you completely drop down the levels of temperature in just one finger touch. Moreover, the defrost technology helps you get rid of the excess amount of frost and ice accumulated. 

The doors of the refrigerator temperature side-by-side economic levels are opened at an angle of 90°. This makes it convenient to store and take out items from the refrigerator. Last but not least, it works very silently, producing little to no noise. 

Like other refrigerators, this device also comes with a warranty of one year on the body and ten years on the compressor. 

4. Bosch 655 L Side by Side Refrigerator

Bosch 655 L is the stylish side-by-side refrigerator you can get in India. This is one of the best refrigerators in the market, and if you buy this, your life would be filled with happiness and joy. 

Designed in Germany, it has one of the best features incorporated into a single device. It has a 10% extra ability to save energy compared to other refrigerators that offer the same capacity. 

It has an inbuilt mechanism that eliminates odor inside and filters the bacteria. As a result, it not only provides clean and hygienic air but also maintains freshness in your fruits. This helps retain the absolute best texture, flavor, and taste in your vegetables.

It also comes with a 0° degree temperature feature which is beneficial for keeping meat like chicken and fish fresh two times as compared to the temperature offered by other refrigerators. 

The safety glass is built with one of the best materials, which makes it strong and durable. Because of this, it can take as much weight as 180 kg. 

One must be mindful of hygiene when it comes to food and appliances affiliated with it. For example, the refrigerator is extremely easy to maintain and clean. All parts can be easily removed and wiped with the help of a single cloth swab. This helps you maintain cleanliness and hygiene all around. 

5. Panasonic 592 L Side by Side Refrigerator  

Panasonic 592 L is the recent addition to our best side-by-side refrigerator in India 2022. Going by the motto of Panasonic, the company aims to provide convenience as the new cool to all its consumers. What sets it apart from other refrigerators is its Artificial Intelligence Miraie app.   

Loaded with extremely intelligent features, the refrigerator can perform temperature control, thereby enhancing flexibility in allowing users to set the temperature according to the desired levels. In addition, the refrigerator can be connected to a mobile application with the help of Wi-Fi which further allows you to track all the updates about the refrigerator and stay connected with the company. 

The refrigerator is built with an auto diagnosis mechanism that helps to identify and diagnose its problem by itself. Subsequently, it fixes and repairs such problems automatically, with the guidance of an external user. 

One specialty about this refrigerator is its ability to eliminate and deactivate 99.9% of mold and bacteria that might grow on food items and harm them. The Silver AG filters work by circulating clean air throughout and reduces unwanted smells. Additionally, this product offers a fast ice technology to set the temperature as low as 18° within minutes. This helps you prepare your ice very quickly. 

6. Hisense 566 L Side by Side Refrigerator

Hisense 566L refrigerator comes with an elegant and stylish design, keeping up with the latest modern aesthetic. With A capacity of 566 liters, it provides enough space to store food for a family of about 5 to 6 people. 

This refrigerator has air outlets that keep on circulating cold air throughout the refrigerator, reducing the chances of Frost building. So now, you won’t have to worry about manually defrosting; the job will be done by itself. 

With the help of the moisture fresh crisper drawer, the refrigerator controls humidity levels and adjusts with the environment outside 2 to come down to an optimal level of performance. This increases the lifespan of fruits and vegetables and keeps them fresh and healthy. 

A unique feature of the Hisense refrigerator is its water chiller tank. The tank is located in the refrigerator door, just fill it with water, and it will automatically cool down for quick and easy access. Moreover, the shelves of this refrigerator are spacious enough and can easily accommodate 2-liter bottles because they have an optimal height to store big products. 

The product comes with a warranty of one year on the body and ten years on the compressor. If the refrigerator runs into any problem within the warranty period, it can be repaired or fixed by contacting the customer care or company.  

7. AmazonBasics 468 L Side by Side Refrigerator

Powered by Amazon, this AmazonBasics 468L refrigerator is good enough to give competition to others by big companies like Panasonic and Samsung. 

Smartly and aesthetically designed, this refrigerator comes with an A-grade energy-saving system that gives higher performance and saves energy, and comes at a very minimal cost. 

It comes with a high-rated freezer and superior quality, saves glass side-by-side economic shelves that are spacious, But of capacitors enough to fulfill all your storage needs. It also comes with an alarm function that starts beeping a notification if the fridge door is left open or unattended for more than 5 minutes. 

One of its notable features is the multi-floor which ensures proper cooling technology. The airflow not only maintains the optimal amount of cooling that should be given to every corner but also keeps your food and beverage fresh and healthy for longer durations of time. The product comes with a warranty of one year on the body and five years on the compressor. To claim your warranty, you need to make an account on the company’s official website and file a complaint in the problem section. 

How To Find The Best Side By Side Refrigerator In India 2022?  

The scorching heat in India and some ice cream is the best combination you could ever find. Not to forget how refreshing every sip of cold juice feels when it gulps down your throat. Refrigerators have always been an integral part of kitchens, and life without them just cannot be imagined. They provide storage for fruits and vegetables and keep your food fresh by keeping it cold and slowing down the action of bacteria. 

This article covers the best refrigerators in the market. However, the one that would be the best for you would be based on your needs and requirements. Below are some of the factors and considerations you need to keep in mind while buying a refrigerator. 

Temperature- You need to be mindful of the minimum and maximum temperature extremes a refrigerator can go up to. Most of the refrigerators are dealt with extremely low-temperature capacities, making them ideal for freezing and spelling in very small amounts of time. 

At the same time, it is also essential for a refrigerator to maintain optimal levels of temperature because fruits and vegetables would get spoiled if they are exposed to ice and frost all the time.

Cooling mechanism- most refrigerators are equipped with air outlets on every event and shaft, ensuring a continuous and clean air supply throughout. It is very important to find a refrigerator that provides a good cooling mechanism because food can be vulnerable to developing bacteria and molds, thereby creating a risk for your health. 

A good cooling mechanism is necessary because it maintains hygiene and cleanliness and eliminates odor and bacteria, thereby keeping your fruits healthy. 

Defrosting technology- it is highly essential to find a refrigerator that provides good defrosting technology. Frosting can be harmful to fruits and vegetables because it leads to the accumulation of ice on their surface, thereby spoiling them. Defrosting helps get rid of excess frost and ice. Lock for refrigerators that provide a good defrosting system. 

Capacity- it is essential to look for refrigerators that provide good capacity and space ice accumulation and are sleek and compact at the same time. The capacity that would best suit you depends upon your family size. 

If you are a large family with 7 to 8 people, then a refrigerator of 700L would be the ideal match for you. However, if you belong to a small family of 3 to 4 people, anything near 400 to 500 L would do. 

Energy- It is always good to look for refrigerators that do not consume loads of energy because they can disrupt the electrical balance and load at your place. Refrigerators that function at 2000W can be ideal, whereas those that operate at less/ more power can cause a problem in the future. 

Additionally, reverting to eco-friendly refrigerators could be a good option because they consume very little energy and do not emit harmful or toxic substances into the atmosphere. 

Material- it is very important to do a background check and research about the material of the refrigerator. Then, only refrigerators built with good and durable quality materials are long-lasting and provide superior quality performance. Materials important from cheap or local markets should be rejected because they are unauthentic and fake. They can break and cause a loss of money. 

While looking for internal shafts and vents, look for glass material because of its ability to handle heavy products. Moreover, glass is transparent, easy to see through, and easy to clean. When it comes to the external body, the refrigerator should be made of stainless steel, coated with high-quality paint. The poor quality coating can lead to wearing off, and further might lead to corrosion and rust. 

Storage- It is advisable to find a refrigerator that fulfills your storage needs. Bigger shafts and vents are usually preferable because they easily accommodate products like 2-liter water bottles. 

Apart from that, it is important to make sure that you can easily accommodate and store all your fruits, vegetables, and dishes in a single machine. Good examples for the same can be big shelves and pull-out drawers. These occupy less space and easily store good amounts of food. 

Design and Size- These are extremely subjective criteria, and they purely depend upon the consumer’s taste and preferences. Generally, it is advisable to opt for compact and small refrigerators so that they occupy a tiny space in your kitchen. 

In case, if you have changed your mind about some other designs, you can check our posts containing french door refrigerator, multi door, double door, and single door refrigerator in India 2022.

However, if your kitchen environment would go well with a designer/ aesthetic/ floral refrigerator, that’s completely up to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the ideal capacity of a refrigerator? 

Ans. Capacity is a subjective concept and depends upon the family size. For a small family, 400L would work well. For a big family, a refrigerator with 600-700L would function well. 

Q. What to do if frost starts accumulating on fruits? 

Ans. This phenomenon is known as defrosting. In such cases, it is recommended to use the defrosting button. It eliminates and gets rid of extra ice and frost from fruits and keeps them healthy and safe. 

Q. Is it normal for refrigerators to smell? 

Ans. No, it is not normal and healthy. Most refrigerators are built with proper ventilation technology that ensures a continuous in and out a supply of clean air. If that mechanism fails to work, you can contact customer care services for further repair. 

Q. How to avail warranty on my product? 

Ans. If bought offline, you can ask for written documents or cards stating the product’s warranty, along with the date, time, and signature of the retailer. 

If purchased online, you’ll need to make an account on the company’s official website and file a complaint in the grievances section. 

However, there are certain factors the consumers must look up on their own. Factors like the product’s warranty, durability, checking all parts, availability of additional accessories, and conducting a test trial should be done by the consumer. 

Which Is The Best Side By Side Refrigerator In India For You? 

Here to make your buying process much easier, there are few suggestions. Above all, we would suggest Samsung 700 L as it is more trending with ultimate benefits. If budget is your concern, you can pick LG 679 L Inverter side-by-side refrigerator. And if you look for a stylish model and a lover of the Haier brand, you can pick the Haier 565 L Inverter model. 

This guide covers almost all the factors one must look at while buying a refrigerator. Of course, the product that would be the best for you would be based on your needs and requirements. 

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