8 Best printer under 5000 in India 2021

If you are looking for the best Printer Under 5000, then you are the right place.

I analyzed and use the following data to make this list of the best printer under 5000 in India and it includes Amazon best selling product in the Printer category, global sales data, products with high customer reviews on all e-commerce portal.

Best printer under 5000 in India

Best printer for home use under 5000

Here are some of the best printer Under 5000 in India to use.

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1. HP DeskJet 3636 Printer

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3636 All-in-One Printer (K4U05B)

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If the context is bringing home a versatile printer, the HP DeskJet 3636 is your best bet. Since a long period of time, the HP DeskJet 3636 has been garnering a lot of positive attention. Thanks to its versatile all-in-one features, the HP DeskJet 3636 can easily handle various tasks at once. 

Whether you have to print an important document or copy your kid’s projects, it can be the best option. What’s more, the HP DeskJet 3636 comes with voice-activated features. It works well with Google and Alexa thereby making your life a lot easier. 

The HP DeskJet 3636 can connect via Wi-Fi, HP Smart App and USB which makes it easier to use. You get a free black cartridge when you buy the HP DeskJet 3636. It supports a wide array of pages with a sound printing speed. 


  • Voice-control enabled
  • Free cartridge
  • Good printing speed


  • Available in only 1 colour variant
  • Low scanning speed

2. Canon E477 Inkjet Printer

Canon E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Colour Printer with PG47 & CL57s Ink Cartridge

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The Canon E477 is another best-in-class printer for all your home needs. What’s more, the Canon E477 comes with a color ink combo that simplifies your tasks. Canon E477 comprises great features. 

From supporting Wi-Fi to running on USB, you would be stunned to see its user-friendly features. With Canon Print Service and Google cloud support, the Canon E477 helps you to work seamlessly from home. 

The Canon E477 is quite adept at printing pages at a good speed. So if you are in a hurry to get your printouts, the Canon E477 is your best bet. Our guide on Best Inkjet Printers can help you choose better under this price range. The Canon E477 is compatible with a large number of Windows OS and server-side languages which exudes practicality.  


  • Free color cartridge
  • Supports various page sizes
  • Compatible with server languages


  • No Duplex Print
  • Insufficient warranty

3. HP Deskjet 1115 Printer

HP Deskjet 1115 Single Function Ink Advantage Printer (White)

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The HP Deskjet 1115 is an ink advantage printer which takes care of all your home printing needs. But note that it is not an all-in-one printer. So if you are happy only to get printouts, the HP Deskjet 1115 is your best bet. 

With USB connectivity and a low cost per page feature, the HP Deskjet 1115 would help you accomplish all your targets. What’s more, the HP Deskjet 1115 comes with the phenomenal duplex print capability. 

But the duplex print is set to manual mode and there is no automatic option. It can easily print up to 1000 prints per page with the utmost ease. Even the page yield of the HP Deskjet 1115 is great. It supports a variety of page sizes with the utmost ease.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Economical to use


  • Duplex print is for manual mode only
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity 

4. Canon PIXMA MG2577s Inkjet Printer

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The Canon PIXMA is one of the best All-in-one printers in India which exudes practicality in every sense. With USB connectivity and support from all varieties of Windows OS, the Canon PIXMA is your true work from a home companion. 

Well, you cannot find an LCD display on it. But that doesn’t mean that the Canon PIXMA is not a worthy product. With the auto power on and good printing speed, it can be most useful when you need it to be. The Canon PIXMA supports a wide variety of page sizes which makes home printing tasks simpler. 

The Canon PIXMA doesn’t support duplex printing even in manual mode which is a bit disappointing. It also works well with the Mac OS. If you want a simple printing device to accomplish everything at home, you cannot find a better choice than the Canon PIXMA. 


  • Compact
  • All-in one functionalities
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • No duplex printer
  • No LCD display 

5. HP 2132 DeskJet Printer

HP DeskJet 2132 All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer

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The HP DeskJet 2132 is another great all-in-one printer excellent for home use. Being an inkjet printer, it speedily prints your documents. With USB connectivity, it can print pages at a nice speed. The HP DeskJet 2132 supports a wide variety of pages. 

From A4 and A6 to B5, the HP DeskJet 2132 is your best option to accomplish printing tasks. It supports duplex printers. However, you have to manually set it to get the desired output. The HP DeskJet 2132 can print up to 1000 pages per month which is quite great. 

The page yield is also quite good. The HP DeskJet 2132 would provide you with maximum savings which exudes practicality. It is also compatible with a wide number of HP ink cartridges. 


  • Ideal for home and small office
  • Duplex printing in manual mode
  • Economical to use


  • Lacks wireless connectivity
  • Slow printing speed

6. HP DeskJet 2135 Printer

HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One Ink Advantage Colour Printer

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The HP DeskJet 2135 is an all-in-one printer which can help you execute a wide range of daily tasks. Though it lacks wireless connectivity, the USB connection works fine. It can print pages at a good speed which in turn makes it famous. 

The HP DeskJet 2135 can support a wide variety of pages. So you don’t have to search for a different printer while printing on various page sizes. The HP DeskJet 2135 is an ideal printer for small offices and homes. As it is popular among various households, it facilitates economical printing. 

What’s more, the HP DeskJet 2135 is compatible with a wide number of HP-manufactured cartridges. So there are no issues whatsoever in searching for the compatible cartridge. You also get 1 black and 1 tri-color cartridge with this printer. 


  • Good duty cycle
  • Manual duplex printing
  • Economical


  • Scans slowly
  • Copy settings are a bit complex

7. Canon MG3077S Inkjet Printer

Canon MG3077S All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer with PG745S & CL746S Ink Cartridge

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The Canon MG3077S is a good inkjet printer for domestic and small office purposes. The Canon MG3077S can breathe life into every print with its ease of use and high economic value. If you want a printer which would help you to save big on home prints, the Canon MG3077S is your best bet. 

Whether it’s your kid’s school project or your weekly schedule, the Canon MG3077S can help you print with ease. What’s more, the Canon MG3077S can be used even by first-time users. You don’t have to be a technically advanced individual to use this device. 

You also get a free cartridge while buying the Canon MG3077S. It can run on Wi-Fi which is a big plus if you want to get freedom from tangled wires. It supports a wide variety of pages too. 


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Good print resolution
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • Dismal printing speed
  • Less page yield

8. Canon MG2570S Inkjet Printer

Canon MG2570S Multi-Function Inkjet Colour Printer (Black)

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If you are looking for a great yet affordable printer to accomplish your tasks at home, the Canon MG2570S is your best bet. Apart from being economical, the Canon MG2570S supports a wide number of OS versions from Windows. 

What’s more, it also supports Mac OS. Hence, it is evident that despite its low price, the Canon MG2570S has some versatile features. But, the Canon MG2570S has a certain number of flaws too. 

For instance, it is not an all-in-one printer. This implies that it cannot perform scan and copying tasks. On the other hand, Canon MG2570S also doesn’t have duplex printing. But apart from these minor flaws, the Canon MG2570S is the best printer in India for Home Use. It is economical and just the right device to take care of all your home printing needs.   


  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • Supports all types of Operating Systems


  • No wireless connectivity
  • Low page yield

Things to consider while buying a home printer

Here is the list of things you should consider while buying a home printer. 

Image Quality

Printers that can produce a minimum of 1200dpi print resolution would suit fine art reproduction and photography well. Ink density, as well as color gamut, also matters a lot while buying a home printing device. 

Speed and Size

You wouldn’t want a printer that would take hours to print relevant documents. You should opt for compact printers for your home. Even in small offices, compact printers are your best option. Also, opt for one that can print a minimum of 7 pages in black and white color settings. 

Ease of Use

Having a printing device eases frustration and troubleshooting. If there will be more than one user, production can be seamless.

One should go for new tech Ink Tank Printers in India for maximum savings where there are some best printers under 10000 are made available at Amazon.

Let’s hope that the above-mentioned list would help you to buy the best printer under 5000 in India. 

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