6 Best Portable ACs in India 2021

Are you interested in knowing about the best portable ACs in India? If yes, then this post is for you. Do not forget to check out the reviews of all the best portable Acs listed here.

Best Portable AC in India

Below are some of the best picks of the best portable AC in India. They are listed and described with their specifications and configurations as below.

1. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

Blue Star 1 Ton AC
  • Tempting design with top class standard
  • Hydrophilic gold fin evaporator with non-sticking water droplets
  • Rotary compressor reduces energy consumption

The Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC is made up of one of the top-class materials to ensure the tempting design to make it attractive and leave you impressed. They used multiple features that include ensuring the air present in your room is free of dust and bacteria with its dust filter and also coated with anti-bacterial silver.

It is loaded with an ISEER value of 2.56 that assures you the pleasure of not digging deep into your pocket as the energy consumption is always kept minimum and the cooling is kept at a level of maximum.

This mighty 1 ton AC is capable of cooling a large room within a few amounts of time and their cooling isn’t restricted for a specified place since they were highly portable and of course, their outstanding cooling technology will never fail to amaze you! 

This AC uses a powerful refrigerant of R-410A to offer you terrible cooling within a few amounts of time. The hydrophilic gold fin evaporator present in them ensures the non-sticking of water droplets and falls without any resistance as a result they reduce the corrosion. Also, the use of a rotary compressor reduces energy consumption and increases the full functionality.

Overall, this 230V portable BlueStar AC breaks the barrier of some mountable AC with lightning cooling efficiency. With this, you can enjoy comfortable cooling with just a touch at your fingertips.

2. Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC

Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC
  • Powerful refrigerant of R-410A to offer you terrible cooling 
  • Highly portable with outstanding cooling technology 
  • Suitable to cool medium-sized rooms


The Lloyd 1 ton portable AC is one of the best air conditioners to cool medium-sized rooms in no time with its advanced cooling features leaving you no worry of scorching summer. This 1-ton air conditioner is definitely crafted with some cool features to make it much more worth than its price.

They are equipped with a highly efficient cooling tube that cleans the air with an air filter in them. Also, to ensure the air conditioner is free of rust they use a bluefin coil, a hydrophilic aluminum fins ensuring the life of the condenser. The 1-ton AC also has an auto-restart option added with copper condenser tubes and a rotary compressor directing an airflow of 595 m3/hour.

They also offer a two-way swing option directing the airflow in a counterclockwise direction with R-410 A refrigerant. Overall, this 36 Kg one-ton AC is good for a medium-sized room especially if it is a refreshment in summer.

3. Midea 1 Ton Portable AC (MPA12PDR49C0)

Midea 1 Ton Portable AC
  • Anti-freeze Thermostat, Hydrophilic Gold Evaporator Fins, and Auto-drain features
  • Auto-adjusting the temperature 
  • Infinicool compressor jacket ensures silent operation

The Midea 1 Ton Portable AC is one of the best options to go for to sleep peacefully even during the warm months by cooling your room effortlessly. With its elegant design, you can quickly install as well as move this appliance to any room without breaking a sweat.

They are mostly preferred for usage in rented houses or rooms that don’t have a window or a split AC. Thanks to the auto-restart option present in them that doesn’t require any manual reset settings. Also, the Anti-freeze Thermostat, Hydrophilic Gold Evaporator Fins, and Auto-drain feature protect the appliance and ensure optimum cooling of your room.

With features like energy-efficient and easy maintenance, the Midea 1-Ton air conditioner also comes with a sleep mode that auto-adjusts the temperature ensuring comfort during your sleep. 

The Infinicool compressor jacket ensures silent operation so you don’t get disturbed during its operation. Overall, the Midea 1 Ton portable air conditioner would be the best option for rent houses. 

4. Koryo Emerald 1.2 Ton Portable AC

The Koryo Emerald 1.2 ton portable AC is one of the best options for you to stay cool all the time and anywhere you go. The anti-corrosion coating in them is responsible for them to stand still in all the climatic conditions and its portability means you can take it almost anywhere you go. For such a compact AC this AC is loaded with a lot of advanced features. 

The anti-bacteria filter filters the dust out of the air providing you with fresh and cool healthy air. Also, with a direct filter, it’s easy to clean the filter ensuring that you’ll always inhale healthy air.

And in summer when the humidity levels increase you’ll be at ease because the portable AC has a built-in dehumidifier. The quad way air circulation and the four-way air swing takes assurance that any room you put the AC in, will be cool.

Some other fantastic specifications to be noticed are auto air swing, selectable swing, an on/off timer, auto restart, and a cool mode. Also, they can be used as an AC, fan, and dehumidifier which is a smatter and a better feature.

Overall, this 230V air conditioner weighs 11 Kg which is way much portable and it might be a good option for customers who travel a lot.

5. Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC

The Croma 1.5 Ton portable air conditioner is one of the best options to fill every corner of your room with cool air. With this air conditioner, one could enjoy the all-efficient features of an air conditioner and an unlimited supply of breeze air throughout the day. 

They come with several modes like dry mode, auto mode, sleep mode, and cool mode for you to have a delightful experience.  The copper condenser with blue evaporator and condenser fins of this portable AC leads to faster heat transfer and effective cooling. 

A special feature of this portable AC is that it comes with an integrated self-water evaporation feature. Also, the R-410A environment-friendly refrigerant present in this air conditioner contributes to the cooling system without depleting the ozone layer proving itself as an eco-friendly tech. And the self-diagnosis feature reduces power consumption and maintenance expenses.

Overall, the Croma 1.5 ton portable is easy to install and move and also uses some advanced features and added drip technology for the convenience of the user. This AC would be a great fit for the people who wish to fill every elbow of their room.

6. Eurgeen four-in-one model A5 portable AC

The Eurgeen Four-in-one model A5 portable AC is one of the models that suit all four seasons blanketing upto 150 square feet of area. One of the best features of this Air conditioner is that it is just 1320 W so it can perform in 5 A also with an inbuilt stabilizer.

Their four-in-one functions include cooling, heating, dehumidification, and fan. This can suit your room and can perform throughout the year especially all seasons tempting no issues. With the portability, they can be easily moved within the rooms and can be installed /mounted easily thus, making the user comfortable to carry around anywhere.

They possess a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU and a heating capacity of 10000 BTU with added modes like night modes, intelligent mode, auto power on /off, and Water circulation system.

Overall, the Eurgeen Four-in-one model A5 portable AC would be a great option for homes using air conditioners around the year. 

How to Find the Best Portable AC in India?

Below are some of the guidelines and key points that you should remember or memorize before buying a portable Air conditioner that suits your daily comfort and your beautiful home.

How to choose a perfect portable AC?

Basically, the right air conditioner should cool your room efficiently but the problem is not all air conditioners would do that need. Every air conditioner has its own features, configurations, and specialties. So, generally, an air conditioner is determined by its British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. This rating is used to indicate the amount of heat removed from your home. 

Thus, the higher BTU rating means more cooling power, the same as the lower BTU rating means lesser cooling efficiency. Also, there is another feature you should never forget that is EER, which means energy efficiency ratio. Coming to BTU, so, to choose a perfect AC you should measure the room size where the AC is going to be fit. The measurements are given below:

  • 450 Square feet equal to 13,000 BTU
  • 400 Square feet equal to 12,000 BTU
  • 300 Square feet equal to 10,000 BTU
  • 200 Square feet equal to 8,000 BTU 

So never forget that with an increase in BTU rating there will be an increase in the size and weight of the air conditioner as well!

Why Portable Air Conditioners?

The best portable air conditioner has loads of advanced and essential features that make the piece more efficient and convenient. You can find many air conditioners with multiple functions in addition to the essential cooling. A dehumidifier mode means it removes moisture from the air without cooling. A fan function simply circulates air in the room. Some portable air conditioners have a heating capability, allowing you to keep up the pace temperature year-round. So, with the portable air conditioner, you can chill anywhere you wish just with a tap of a finger or just by remote function.

Do you need regular maintenance?

Most electronic devices need regular attention and maintenance but with a portable air conditioner, it just requires some simple maintenance. Do the below basic steps to avoid major maintenance.

Note: Disconnect the device before getting done

  • Drain the water from the unit as needed. Depending on conditions, even self-evaporating units may need draining.
  • Clean the air filter every week or as directed by the device box.
  • Regularly wipe the air conditioner down with a damp cloth to remove dust. Wipe up excess moisture with a dry cloth.


These are some of the basic headings that you should remember before buying a portable Air conditioner for your home.

Now, the list of best portable ACs in India has come to an end. From the brands listed here, you can avail yourself of the best out of the rest and know more about the purchase. Other than the portable ACs, you can look at our AC Category for different AC purchases.

Best Portable ACs in India With Price (2021)

Best Portable ACs in IndiaPrice
Blue Star 1 Ton AC (PC 12 DB)₹ 32,499
Lloyd 1 Ton Portable ACPrice not available
Midea 1 Ton Portable AC (MPA12PDR49C0)Price not available
Koryo Emerald 1.2 Ton Portable ACPrice not available
Croma 1.5 Ton Portable ACPrice not available
Eurgeen four-in-one model A5 portable ACPrice not available

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