8 Best Phone Under 15000 In India 2021

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Best Phone Under 15000 In India 2021

1. Redmi Note 10S Phone 

In my personal opinion, the Redmi Note 10S is the best phone under 15000 in India as of 2021. Redmi as a brand has gained quite a loyal consumer base across India. The phones are particularly known for their extraordinary features. But you may wonder if the features are exceptional, then the budget may also be exceptional. Lucky for you, their phones are pretty much pocket-friendly and will definitely suit your budget. 

The Note 10S from the brand is one such product that will provide unique features. The phone is designed in the color deep sea blue. It has a RAM size of 6GB and a storage size of 64GB. The phone also inculcates a very intricately designed 64MP Quad camera which is divided into three sections; 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP. 

It also has a 13MP front camera. The display of the phone is made of an AMOLED display that enhances the sleekness of the entire phone. The phone also carries Night mode and Portrait mode so that you can click clear pictures during the night also. Note 10S is also lightweight and easy to understand. 

2. Samsung Galaxy M21 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy M21 is a premium phone available under 15000. Samsung is one such brand in India that is very popular. What makes Samsung phones so popular are the features offered by the brand. These features are always pocket-friendly. But the most important quality is the design and the latest technology imbued in their phones. 

The M21 is just another product that is heavily beneficial for all consumers. The phone carries a RAM size of 6GB and a storage space of 128GB. The color is designed in the color arctic blue, which looks very modern and chic. The display of the phone is executed as an Infinity display where the corners of the phone are not limited, and you can get a larger display. 

The camera of the phone is provided in the size of a 48MP Triple camera, which is the main camera frame. It also has an 8MP Ultra-wide camera and a 5MP camera for depth, apart from the main camera. The front camera of the phone is designed in 20MP for all the perfect selfies. 

Samsung Galaxy M21 is the most popular phone one can buy under 15000 in 2021. Now you will wonder why we have included the same phone along with the same model. The Galaxy M21 is designed in arctic blue that enhances the entire look of the product. There is not much difference between the two phones, but they still stand apart. The phone is called 2021 Edition as it has the latest technology imbibed in it. 

The only major difference between this model and the previous one is the different RAM and storage sizes. The RAM size of the Galaxy M21 is 4GB and 64GB storage size. Though the capacities vary, the budget remains the same. But don’t think that if the RAM and storage size of the phone is less than the previous one. 

The phone has a display of Super AMOLED that gives a modern look to the entire phone a sleek look. The glass of the screen is protected with Gorilla Glass which is known for its premium quality. The refresh rate of the phone is 60Hz. 

3. Samsung Galaxy M31 Phone

Samsung Galaxy M31 is an affordable phone you can get under 15000 in India 2021. Another phone from Samsung is the Galaxy M31. The M31 is designed in the color ocean blue and the frame of the product is modern and chic. The brand has marketed the phone as ‘Mega Monster’ due to the features that the phone offers, which as beneficial to every consumer. 

The camera that is included in the phone has a power of 64MP Quad camera, which is considered as the Mega Camera. It has an ISOCELL Bright GW1 Sensor that detects the smallest detail in every frame. The display of the phone is made in 16.21cm. This display is intricately executed in sAMOLED FHD+ that gives Infinite U Display where one can stream content very smoothly. 

Other than the Mega camera, a 32MP selfie camera will help you capture bright and clear pictures along with slo-mo videos. The security in the phone is commendable as it has a fingerprint scanner as well as a Fast Face Unlock, which will guide you for a quick opening of the phone. 

4. Realme Narzo 30 Phone

The Realme Narzo 30 is the latest favorite of the best phone under the 15000 list in India. RealMe is yet another brand that is topmost on our list. The brand produces models that are beneficial to every consumer that buys the product. The Narzo 30 is made in the color racing blue. The display of the phone is also pretty sleek and modern. This model uses the processor MediaTek Helio G95 which ensures you have a smooth running of the phone.

The phone’s major attraction feature is the design of the entire phone. It is designed in such a way that it looks more expensive than its actual price. The model has a RAM size of 4GB, which is comparatively low than the other products on the list. But the ROM size of the phone includes 64GB, which can be expandable to 256GB. 

The camera of the Best Phone Under 20000 measures 48MP along with two cameras of 2MP each. This gives the phone a major boost through which you can click a detailed picture of anything. It also includes a night mode that helps in clicking pictures in the dark without any source of light. 

You may question us as to why this list has the description for the same phones. Hold on! 

These two phones may look similar on the outer surface but are very different on the inside. This model has a RAM size of 6GB and storage space of 128GB. The phone is designed in the color racing blue. The design of the phone is also very attractive. 

It uses MediaTek G95 as its processor through which you can have a smooth functioning of the phone. It has a 48MP main camera and 2MP cameras along with it. This will enhance the standard of every picture that you take on your smartphone. After owning this camera phone, one does not need to buy any other DSLR camera which is much expensive than the phone. 

5. Samsung Galaxy M32 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy M32 is another model from Samsung under 15000 that showcases exceptional quality in terms of design, as well as features, is the Galaxy M32. This model is designed in the color light blue which looks quite subtle and chic. This model is particularly known for binge-watching your favorite content. 

The reason the phone is called ‘BingeMonster’ is due to the fact of its exclusively created display and screen. The refresh rate of the phone is 90Hz which ensures that all the apps that you wish to run, function smoothly without any glitch. If the refresh rate is not apt, then the product does not add any value to your money. 

When the product has a well-known brand name in front of it then you need not worry about what kind of features you would be getting in your decided budget. The phone has a 64 MP Main Camera, 8MP Ultra-wide camera, 2MP Macro camera, and 2MP depth camera. Other than these cameras, it also has a 20MP front camera that excludes extensive clarity. 

6. Oppo A31 Phone

The Oppo A31 is a recent launch from Oppo focusing under the 15000 category in India 2021. Oppo is yet another brand that has gained widespread recognition due to its extensive models with comprehensive qualities. The models manufactured by the company have features that are beneficial to every consumer. The phone is designed in the color fantasy white which looks sleek and modern on the outer surface. 

The phone has a 3-Card slot that is divided into three sections; Dual Sim and MicroSD. The phone has 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage space which can be extended up to 256GB. When you have this much storage space, it becomes feasible to store all your files and data in just one place. It has a Triple Rear Camera that is divided into three sections; a 12MP main camera, a 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth camera. 

Apart from these cameras, it also has an 8MP front camera for all the bright and clear selfies. This front camera is imbued with AI technology that identifies all the groups and enhances the natural skin tone of every user. 

7. Redmi Note 10 Phone

The Redmi Note 10 is the latest addition to our best phone under 15000 list. This phone is designed in the color aqua green that brings out the elegance of the phone. The aqua green color is also very soothing to the eyes. The display is designed in Super AMOLED with a display size of 16.33cm. The AMOLED display makes sure that you get a clear viewing without any glitches. 

The processor used in the phone is Qualcomm Snapdragon which keeps the phone running for a long time without any trouble. Without a good processor, any phone does not last long for a prolonged time. The phone has a 48MP camera with 8MP Ultra-wide sensor, 2MP macro lens, and 2MP depth sensor. This way one can shoot flawless pictures just by using their phone. 

The phone is pretty lightweight. It also uses Gorilla Glass in order to protect its screen from unwanted scratches. The colors that are portrayed on the screen are also extensive and have bright and clear. 

8. Nokia G20 Phone

Last but not least we have the very famous model from a company that is known for its peculiar sturdiness. Yes, you guessed it right! We are indeed talking about Nokia, a brand that has been in for many generations. All the models from this particular brand are equipped with the latest technology. 

Before Nokia launched the touchscreen models, each person had an image that Nokia could not compete with the other upcoming brands. But to everyone’s surprise, they have delivered the topmost features. The G20 is designed in the color blue which looks elegant and sleek at the same time. 

The phone has a RAM size of up to 4GB and a storage space of 64GB. The camera of the phone is designed in a circular shape that looks unique. The camera capacity is a 48MP Quad camera that is imbued with AI technology that images different modes. The battery of the product can last up to 3 days on a single charge. 

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Which Is The Best Phone Under 15000 In India 2021 For You? 

After careful evaluation, we have curated a list with the top 10 phones which we think to deserve to be under the best phones under 15000. Each phone has its distinctive features and is absolutely worth your money and time. 

Though if you ask us, we would like to suggest the Samsung Galaxy M31. The phone overall offers a high-quality processor along with a Super AMOLED display that will provide the best viewing experience. The camera of the phone is also known as Mega Monster for including such a powerful and effective camera. 

If you are looking for a perfect all-rounder, choose Redmi Note 10S and Galaxy M21. These phones will not only offer you the best picture quality but also will provide distinguish features.

Now don’t ponder too much and set out to buy one of the best phones that are included in the list! 

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