10 Best Pedestal Fan In India 2021

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Investing in the best pedestal fan in India 2021 can be a confusing choice. So below is a list of the best pedestal fan in India. This list has been put together after much thought and research so that you can easily find the right fan for you.

Best Pedestal Fan In India 2021

1. Bajaj Esteem Pedestal Fan

The Bajaj Esteem pedestal fan is the best pedestal fan in India, in my opinion. This pedestal fan is a product that gives value to the money you spent on it. 

Bajaj Esteem fan has a sturdy, durable build, and the fan has an adjustable height. The fan’s length can be increased or decreased according to the user’s choice and requirement. Its lightweight nature contributes to its portability, and it is extremely easy to operate.  

The Esteem pedestal fan has a motor that is made entirely with copper. Copper motors significantly improve the efficiency of the fan and ensure that the fan has a long life, throughout which it will have efficient performance.

This fan is an ideal choice for your bedrooms since it has high performance but without noise. Sleeping with a pedestal fan by your side just got much easier and more peaceful. 

The three ribbed blades with 400mm sweep size work with high efficacy to provide a cool breeze the instant it is switched on. This pedestal fan manages to cool the room immediately and work noiselessly.

2. Usha Mist Air Icy Pedestal Fan

The Usha Mist air ICY fan is the finest pedestal fan in India 2021. This fan has three color variants you can choose from, including blue, purple, and white. Its elegant design makes it a perfect accessory for your home.

The Mist Air ICY pedestal fan is 1.3 meters in height and has an adjustable body that can stay at different heights. You can choose to have it at the same size or increase the height according to your needs. 

The ICY fan has three different speed settings that you can adjust through the buttons provided. This fan provides you with a cool, comfortable breeze the minute it is switched on. 

The Mist Air ICY pedestal fan has a copper motor that is efficient and long-lasting. The body of the fan, too, is resistant to rust and corrosion. The low-noise operation in this fan makes it a favorable choice for most homes.

3. Atomberg Efficio+ Bldc Motor Pedestal Fan

The Atomberg Efficio is a budget friendly pedestal fan available in India. Atomberg fans are a great choice for your homes, without a doubt. The Efficio plus is a highly efficient fan with some wonderful features that make it a must-buy product for your homes. 

The Efficio plus can be used as both a table or a pedestal fan. Yes, that’s right. You can adjust the height of the Atomberg Efficio to as short as a table fan and place it on tables or use it as a pedestal fan. It is lightweight and easy to carry around, no matter the functionality. 

This Atomberg fan uses BLDC motors, also known as brushless DC motors. These kinds of motors increase the efficiency of the fan but consume far lesser electricity, saving you some big buck in power costs. 

The Atomberg Efficio plus has a smart remote control that can help you adjust the speeds on the fan, control oscillation, and even set timers. This remote can be used from anywhere within 20 feet of the fan with precision.

4. AmazonBasics High Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

The Amazonbasics pedestal fan is a high-speed pedestal fan that you can get from Amazonbasics. The fan can be adjusted from heights of 115 cm to 135 cm according to your requirements. 

The fan has aerodynamically balanced blades that are designed to increase the airflow of the fan. With a 400mm sweep length, the blades have an air delivery anywhere between 65 CMM to 73 CMM. The fan also has a speed of 1456 rotation per minute, which guarantees cooling air. 

The AmazonBasics fan has three-speed options, thanks to the ribbed blades. This fan offers a jerk-free oscillation, meaning no more shaking fans as you keep increasing the speed. The natural oscillation angle of the fan makes it deliver air to a wider area.

The Amazonbasics pedestal fan has been subjected to various rigorous tests to check its performance and durability. It is a great choice for your home, thanks to its easy assembly and maintenance. The preventative grill of the fan is also designed to keep away injuries.

5. Ibell Chrome 10 Pedestal Fan

The iBELL CHROME is a recent stylish pedestal fan that brings many fancy features to the table in 2021. The Chrome10 is an all-black, fancy fan that is elegantly designed. 

This pedestal fan has a uniquely famous blade design. The fan has five blades that allow for a cooling experience every time it is switched on. This 5-leaf blade design helps to give a better air throw and air delivery.

The iBELL chrome has a sturdy base that supports it and gives it a sturdy balance. This functional fan also has timer facilities that allow you to set a timer on the fan for up to two hours and relax.

The iBELL pedestal fan has a high airflow and three-speed settings that you can choose from. The self-lubricating motor in the fan makes for a smooth operation that also makes very less or no noise while functioning. In addition, the wide sweep area also allows for the air delivery to cover more places.

6. Havells Aindrila Premium Pedestal Fan

The Havells Aindrila Premium pedestal fan from the popular brand Havells is a recently launched model in India 2021. The fan has a square base as well that is sturdy and flat so as to be balanced on any surface. 

The Aindrila premium comes in two color combinations of blue and gray or brown and black with a dual-color tone. The fan has three blades that are specially designed to be aerodynamically balanced. These blades have a sweep size of 400 mm and an impressive air delivery of a 65-meter cube per minute. 

The fan also has two modes of function called the breeze mode and sleep mode with varying speeds. You can also set a timer on the fan for up to eight hours and relax away.

The Aindrila premium pedestal fan has a very unique remote control feature, not found in many fans these days. This remote control works with accuracy and from anywhere within the same room. The fan also has a digital panel with soft-touch buttons that you can use to operate the fan. 

7. V-guard Esfera Pedestal Fan

The Esfera from V Guard is a classic addition to the best pedestal fan in India list. V Guard is one of the most popular appliances brands, and they have not failed to impress with their new Esfera pedestal fan. The fan has many stunning properties that would make you want to buy it and take it home.

The Esfera pedestal fan, too, has a remote control operation. A compact and handy remote is provided to switch on or off the fan, choose the modes, control the fan’s speed, set timers, and change oscillation settings. 

The fan can also have the same options on the fan, so you can choose to operate via those buttons as well. The Esfera has a telescopic height-adjustable metal stand for your convenience. There is also the timer option that allows you to set timers for up to 7.5 hours. 

The Esfera has a uniquely designed and aerodynamically balanced tri-blade design that facilitates higher airflow and better performance. With a sweep size of 400 mm, the fan has an impressive speed of 1350 rotations per minute, thereby giving you a cool breeze the instant it is switched on.

8. Crompton High Flo Neo Pedestal Fan

Crompton is a well-known brand, popular for its premium quality and durability in products. The Neo pedestal fan is a high-speed, durable fan with four color variations to choose from, including white, Ink blue, coffee brown, and crimson red.

The Neo fan has a wide and sturdy base design that comfortably carries the fan’s weight, even at the highest speed of operation. This nature of the base also makes it balanced and easy to place.

The high-flow neo pedestal fan has three aerodynamically balanced blades and a 100 percent copper motor. Copper motors make for a better choice than most types of motors, thanks to their efficiency and long-lasting nature. 

The preventative grills are resistant to corrosion and rust, while the high quality of blades allows for a silent operation. The motor also has high efficiency as the fan only consumes only 50 watts even at peak speeds. 

9. American Micronic Ami Pft 55wdx Pedestal Fan

The American Micronic pedestal fan is an affordable and cost-effective appliance that gives value to the money you paid for it. The AMI-PFT-55WDx fan has an all-black color with a matte finish. The elegant design of the fan makes it an ideal choice to add more style to your home.

The fan has three aerodynamically balanced blades with a swept meters area of 400mm. The Micronic fan has a high air delivery of 75 cubic meters per minute, making it a great accessory for all those hot summer days. The fan also has a timer setting for 120 minutes or two hours so you can relax peacefully.

The fan has a height-adjusting mechanism so you can change the height based on personal preference. The oscillation function covers a wide area, thanks to the design of this fan. Despite all this, the fan is highly energy-efficient and consumes only 55 watts even at the peak speed setting. 

In addition to all of this, the fan has a hundred percent copper motor that is energy-efficient and also resistant to corrosion and rust. 

10. Havells Pentaforce Pedestal Fan

Although placed last on this list, the Havells pentaforce is one of the most affordable and functional pedestal fans in the market. The Havells Pentaforce has two pretty color options, wine grey, and white green, that you can choose from. 

The grill guard is round in shape, while the base is square with rounded edges. This fan also has an elegant design, and the sturdy base is capable of comfortably carrying the weight of the fan. 

The Pentaforce has a unique 5-leaf blade design, one among the very few options in the market. The blades have a sweep size of 400mm, which consequently means higher delivery and better performance. The air delivery on this pedestal fan is an admirable 72 cubic meters per minute. A high speed of 1350 revolutions per minute ensures high air delivery and a great high-flow fans speed performance right from when it is switched on.

Which Best Pedestal Fan In India 2021 Is The Right Choice For You?

Pedestal fans are becoming increasingly popular for a lot of reasons. These fans are a lot more convenient to use and can prove to be a boon on a hot summer day when you just want some cool breeze on your face. 

We have put together a list of prominent concerns that users have and which choice will work based on your concern. Let us get right into it without further ado.

If performance, comfort, and functionality are your top priority, and you do not mind spending a little extra money, the Atomberg Efficio plus is the best choice for you. With a remote control operation that personifies comfort, the efficio plus is also equipped with a BLDC motor that is highly efficient and reduces the electricity costs by an extreme level. 

If you are within a budget and do not want to spend more than is necessary, the Usha Mist Air ICY pedestal fan is a great option for you. This fan has a fully copper motor that is both efficient and has good performance. 

If you are looking for efficient and superior performance, the Bajaj Esteem pedestal fan is perfect for you. This fan has a special air delivery of 70 cubic meters per minute and guarantees better airflow. In addition to this, the Bajaj Esteem is a very efficient fan that consumes only 50 watts of power even at peak speeds. 

Best Pedestal Fan in India With Price (2021)

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