10 Best Peanut Butter In India 2021

Below are some of the best peanut butter in India you can purchase in 2021. For more detailed discussions about the best peanut butter in India and its brands, read below.

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Best Peanut Butter in India 2021

1. Pintola All Natural Peanut Butter

In our personal opinion, the Pintola all-natural is the best peanut butter in India. It is unsweetened and is highly free of cholesterol. The quantity of their package differs with one Kg, 2.5 Kg, and 350 grams. 

With the added roasted peanuts, the Pintola peanut butter is packed gluten-free and is assumed to be purely vegan. Also, this healthy butter is free of hydrogenated oil and can be shelved for a maximum of nine months.

This Pintola all-natural peanut is ideal for gym-goers, dieters, and joggers, acting as an excellent source of protein and fiber. Also, they can be used in sandwiches, cookies, ice creams, and even smoothies.

They are highly advised to stay away from sunlight to keep it dry and are included with unique features like Gluten-free, Non-GMO, natural, and Vegan. Overall, the Pintola all-natural peanut is a non-GMO protein product.

2. My Fitness Chocolate Peanut Butter

The My Fitness chocolate is crunchy peanut butter in India as of 2021. It is a high protein and low carb vegan product that can serve 4500 Quartz. This product is included with ingredients like Roasted peanuts, sugar, salt, and stabilizing agent. 

This healthy snack can satisfy your thirst for chocolates in a healthy manner. The addition assures this product of unsweetened Belgian dark chocolates with brown sugar and high-quality pink Himalayan salt.

This peanut brand is included with roasted peanuts exported to offer a delectable taste and more delicate quality. Other than that, the pink Himalayan salt addition is balanced and satisfyingly tasted.

Overall, this My Fitness peanut butter weighs around 1.39 Kg with the package and is boasted to have energy booster, high in protein, low in carbs, rich in fiber, and healthy fats. 

3. DiSano All-natural Peanut Butter

The DiSano All-natural is a budget-friendly Peanut Butter in India. It is a crunchy, gluten-free, and unsweetened product. This vegan product can weigh about 1.08 Kg, including the package.

They are composed of 100% high-quality roasted ground nuts acting as an ideal fit for dieters and fitness enthusiasts. They are boasted to be rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

With one serving, the product is included with 30% of the protein-rich fiber and is a good source of vitamin E, B3, and B6. Also, zero cholesterol and trans fats are an added advantage. 

Overall, the DiSano All-natural Peanut Butter is boasted to be heart-friendly, hydrogenated free oil, no preservatives, high protein, and fiber. 

4. MuscleBlaze Peanut Butter

The MuscleBlaze Peanut Butter in India is a premium quality whey peanuts rich and creamy, offering a pleasant experience of nutrition and concentrated protein, assuring maximum benefits. 

With each serving of 100g, the MuscleBlaze Peanut Butter serves 8.13 grams of dietary fibers and can enhance digestive health and satiation. Also, the Muscle Blazer has ensured that the peanut butter is free of added preservatives and salts.

The MuscleBlaze Peanut Butter is available in exotic dark chocolate, which is nutritious and creamy, offering a heavenly experience in snacking. Also, with a serving size of 32 grams, it is assured of 26.66 grams of protein. 

This creamy peanut butter is added with whey protein elevating the muscle-building process with each spoon of servings. The 27 grams of proteins of every 100 g servings boosts the recovery and muscle building and keeps satiated for longer durations. 

Also, the MuscleBlaze Peanut Butter is said to be free of added sugar and salts to fulfill the protein needs and lead a nutritious and active lifestyle. Other than these, the dark chocolate taste, rich aroma, and healthy minerals are an added advantage.

Overall, the MuscleBlaze Peanut Butter weighs around 390g, is loaded with 27% protein, and is highly enriched with protein.

5. Alpino Natural Peanut Butter

The Alpino Natural Peanut Butter is purely a vegan peanut butter in India. It comprises 100% unsweetened roasted peanuts with no sugar, salt, gluten, and hydrogenated salts. It is packed with abundant benefits of goodness and taste at the best of health.

It is highly recommended to fitness enthusiasts and people who are allergic to preservatives and oils present in the product. Also, there is no need to refrigerate the product; it would greatly increase the shelf life.

Overall, this Alpino Natural Peanut Butter weighs 1000 grams and is certified with FSSAI. Also, act as a good source of vitamins E, B3, and B6 with minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium with no added trans fat and cholesterol.  

6. Tribute Natural Peanut Butter

The Tribute Natural Peanut Butter in India 2021 is a vegetarian product packed in a jar composed of roasted peanuts. Also, the product is unsweetened and unsalted with added no preservatives.

With notable features like preservative-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO the Tribute Natural Peanut Butter weighs 1000 grams. Also, it is boasted that this peanut butter is loaded with 48 grams of health and can significantly reduce bad cholesterol. 

One serving of the Tribute Natural Peanut Butter is composed of 30 grams of protein and 100% natural ingredients and can also help build muscles and repair damaged tissues. 

Overall, the Tribute Natural Peanut Butter is available in one Kg, 2.5 Kg, and 350 grams to reduce your body’s triglyceride levels. 

7. Sundrop Peanut Butter

The Sundrop Peanut Butter is the latest addition to our best peanut butter in India list. This vegan product weighs 1000 grams. This product is a good source of dietary fiber, with 25% of the protein in each serving. This peanut butter is available in both creamy and crunchy variants. 

There is no need for refrigeration with this peanut butter as it can be stored at average room temperature. It is highly recommended for gym-goers, hikers, cyclists, and joggers. The maximum shelf life of this product is one year with an excellent source of proteins and fibers. 

Also, the composition of this peanut butter is free of cholesterol and trans fats that can be ideal for a whole family. Overall, the Sundrop Peanut Butter weighs about one Kg, with 90% of it being roasted peanuts in terms of weight.

8. Kissan Crunchy Peanut Butter

The Kissan Crunchy Peanut Butter in India is rich in protein blended with the composition of roasted peanuts, 90% of sugar, and emulsifiers. With the design of natural ingredients, the Kissan Crunchy Peanut Butter can offer delicious crunchy satisfaction. 

With no added artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors, the Kissan Crunchy Peanut Butter is assumed to equal one glass of cow’s milk (200 ml) to (30 g). With a 25% protein composition in the Kissan Crunchy Peanut Butter, they offer incredible growth in maintaining bones, recovery of body, and repair.

Overall, the Kissan Crunchy Peanut Butter comes with a package of 920 grams with high protein and is natural and free of gluten.

9. Butternut Peanut Butter

The Butternut Peanut butter is a vegan product composed of 100% of peanuts and is highly nutritious. With the dry roasted peanuts, the bottle is weighed at one Kg. This is ideal for keto diets.

The Butternut Peanut butter can support cardiovascular, and brain health issues with the essential vitamins and minerals in the composition added with the protein, fiber, and Vitamin E.

Also, there is no requirement to refrigerate the bottle to preserve the freshness of the product. This product is available in a composition of 1 Kg and 200 grams. Overall, the Butternut Peanut butter is assured to be crunchy, unsweetened, and free of sugar.

10. Dr. Oetker Peanut Butter 

The Dr. Oetker Peanut Butter is available with 2.5 Kgs and 925 g in Jars. With 91% of roasted peanuts in the total composition, the Dr. Oetker Peanut Butter is enriched with vitamins like vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and B6.

This peanut butter is good with ingredients and is crunchy with high-quality peanuts offering you instant relief from the mid-day fits of hunger. With the texture, the Dr. Oetker Peanut Butter is thick and can stick greasily and deliciously. 

Overall, the Dr. Oetker Peanut Butter is assured with a crunchy texture and highly sweetened with no artificial added sugars and salts.

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Which Is The Best Peanut Butter In India 2021 For You? 

These are the best peanut butter brands and their products. Also, if you still ever felt confused about opting for the best peanut butter, then here is our suggestion. The Pintola All Natural Peanut Butter is the best among the ten since they are cholesterol-free and vegan that can be shelved for upto a duration of nine months.   

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