10 Best Oven Toaster Grills OTG India 2021

Are you on the search of best Oven Toaster Grills OTG in India? Well you are on the right path as we have compiled the best oven toaster grills OTG in India 2021.

Best OTG In India 2021

1. Philips 25 Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Philips HD6975/00 Digital Oven Toaster Grill
  • Capacity : 25 Liters
  • Power : 1500 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

In our personal opinion, the Philips 25 L is the best OTG in India in 2021. The multi-purpose Philips OTG( Oven, Toaster, Grill) allows you to enjoy three-in-one features. Show your love for cooking or baking quickly with a capacity of 25 Litre. For someone like me who is a beginner at baking and loves baking cakes, cookies, pizza, etc., this product is often highly recommended. OTG has easy-to-use features that help you cook with no difficulty at all. It also allows you 10% higher nutrients retention and healthy cooking. 

If you think you will not have a microwave to use after replacing it with an OTG, then you might be wrong. OTG not only provides you with features like an oven, toaster, grill, or roasting but also with microwave functions. OTG may look challenging to handle initially, and you may be clueless, but it comes with a manual with all the details to guide you. 

You will find a recipe book while unboxing the device; this book contains a handful of recipes. So start with experimenting with new dishes, and enjoy delicious and healthy food with your family. This Philips OTG provides you with the capacity of cooking for 4 to 5 people at a time. 

This metallic black body comes with a multi-cooking pan with oven, grill, and toasting. This perfect product for different types of cooking comes with a non-stick pan and a rod for circularly roasting meat. The thick and heavy body of the product makes sure that it retains heat and food if cooked easily and fast. You would now be able to make the most of your craving for boundless cooking and heating. 

Not only this, the glass door, which has a downward opening, allows you to watch the food as it is prepared with an LED display. Moreover, it comes with customized touch preset technology and Opti Temp Technology for organized cooking. 

2. Agaro Premium Grand Oven Toaster Grill 

Agaro Premium Grand 21 Liter Oven Toaster Grill
  • Capacity : 21 Liters
  • Power : 2000 Watts
  • Warranty : 1 Year on Product

The Agaro Grand is the premium OTG available in India. The 21 Litre OTG allows you to do a lot more than just overly features. With this, you can roast, grill, toast, oven, and much more. It will enable cooking freely with the timer set up for 60 minutes. This technology comes with five heating modes: top heating, bottom heating, top, and bottom heating, top convection, and top and bottom convection.  

With this amazing heating function, you can now enjoy limitless cooking and fulfill your desire of baking new items and experimenting. We have often seen in movies oven bells and overcooking lead to the burning of the dish. With this OTG and convection, there is an automatic shut-off and ready bell to inform you. It auto shut off when the food is prepared to be served. It has a glass door that allows you to monitor the food inside. This heat-resistant tempered glass window has an illuminated chamber.

This technology has made cooking easy and efficient for users. It avoids any kind of overcooking by turning itself off when the time is up. This OTG allows you to cook various dishes in just 60 minutes. The unit has three knobs on the front right for an easy and customizable experience while cooking. 

You can adjust the temperature from 90 degrees to 230 degrees also, according to the type of dish being prepared. With a capacity of 21 Litre and a one-year warranty card, the unit consists of a crumb tray, little fork, grill rack, and food tray. You would now be able to make the most of your craving for boundless cooking and heating in a few, minutes.

3. Morphy Richards 40 RCSS OTG 

Morphy Richards 40L Oven Toaster Griller
  • Capacity : 40 Liters
  • Power : 2000 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Morphy Richards 40 RCSS 40-Litre is the economical OTG which you can buy in India as of 2021. It has a stainless steel body. With this advanced technology, you can cook delicious food with almost no effort and quicker. Morphy Richard OTG has a capacity of up to 40 liters, and this means that you can cook for a large group of people at once. You would now be able to make the most of your craving for boundless cooking and heating.  

Whether it is a function, get-together, party, or any celebration, with this OTG unit, you can now cook for anyone and limitless. Chefs and bakers or amateurs can also use this OTG for your professional purpose or bakery.  

It has a greater capacity of 40 liters and enough space for a good quantity of food. The sleek silver door finishing and control system gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen. When you unbox the unit, you get a warranty card and a user manual for your guidance. Inside the microwave, oven, OTG unit, you get a baking tray, crumb tray, grill, baking tongs, and rotisserie. 

These different add-ons allow you to try various foods and in different styles. Besides the stainless steel door, it has round knobs to customize according to the requirement. The round knob regulators on the front surface allow you to set a timer from 0 to 90 minutes. 

Baking pizza, roasting meat, or even grilling is fun until the food has to wait before being served and ends up getting cool. And who are we kidding? No one likes that. This OTG helps by maintaining the temperature for a while and prevents the food from getting colder. It keeps it warm and fresh until served.

4. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj 1603TSS 16L Oven Toaster Grill
  • Capacity : 16 Liters
  • Power : 1200 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-Watt is the latest addition to our best OTG in India list. The Oven, Toaster, Grill holds a capacity of 16 liters, with a fantastic outlook and structure, giving your kitchen an elegant corner. Not only does it enhance your kitchen, but it is also easy to handle. It has an auto-off function which can prevent the food from overcooking. 

You can now do other chores without worrying about the food. It will definitely come out mouth-watering. This auto-off function is a fantastic feature any appliance could have and might prevent other things from burning or catching fire. This OTG having an auto-off function prevents food from overcooking and keeps it warm at a required temperature. 

The heating element is a unique feature that maintains the right temperature, and it regulates from 0 to 250 degrees, so the food is served crispy and tasty. With a 16 liter capacity, it allows you to grill and toast for a large number of people easily and effortlessly. 

The unit named microwave/oven/OTG comes with a baking tray, crumb tray, grill and bake tongs, skewers, and wire racks. The soothing black color of this stainless steel body has a cool touch door handle to prevent your hand from burning out while closing and opening the door. Also, the quality of metal prevents it from rust and maintains durability for a much longer time.  You can now make the most of your craving for limitless cooking and baking.

5. Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK OTG 

Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK OTG
  • Capacity : 10 Liters
  • Power : 800 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK is the latest launch in the best OTG category in India in 2021 from Inalsa. This oven, toaster, grill allows you to monitor your food with the help of a see-through glass door. It is large enough to give a clear look at your mouth-watering delicious food. With this OTG, you can cook any item you wish for yourself and some guests too. 

With the rotating knobs, you can adjust for any food and change the temperature up to 250 degrees. This oven has a unique name given to it, MasterChef oven, for providing perfectly cooked, healthy and delicious food.

 With an adjustable temperature feature, it helps you in cooking faster, as it heats very fast. Although it is pretty small in size, you can easily prepare for a family of 3 or 4 people in one go. Small size does not always have its negative side, and this small Masterchef OTG can fit anywhere in your kitchen.

It has double heating elements with high efficiency at the top and on the bottom to evenly distribute the heat for various items like toast, pizza, bread, cake, etc. it even reheats the food with perfection. Another amazing feature of this OTG is the even toast technology, particularly made for toast up to 4 slices of bread at once. These features with an amazingly sleek body can slide into any corner of the kitchen. You would now be able to make the most of your craving for boundless cooking and heating.

Additionally, there is fast heating technology and electricity saving at the same time. It gets heated faster than other OTGs and is also energy efficient. Therefore it will help in saving money and time as well.

6. Borosil Prima 10L Oven Toaster Griller

Borosil BOTG10LBS21 10L Oven Toaster Grill
  • Capacity : 10 Liters
  • Power : 1000 Watts
  • Warranty : 1 Year on Product

Borosil Prima Stainless Steel 10L is the stylish OTG that one can get in India. The 1000W Convection Oven, Toaster, Griller has a shiny silver body with aesthetic designs to match your kitchen design and vivid colors. The sleek silver handle gives a sophisticated look to the entire unit. 

After unboxing the OTG unit, you will find a user manual to guide you “how you use it?” the microwave oven, and a warranty card inside it. If you have not ever used a grilling or baking system, do not worry. The instruction manual is easy to follow. And in no time, you will get handy with this Borosil OTG unit and cook like a master chef. Not only does this provide you with an oven, toaster, and grill, but it also functions as convection. This convection function comes in 3 modes of cooking options: top heating, bottom heating, and sides. 

Other products you will find are the trays for the grill and baking items and accessories like grill racks, handles, and removable crumb trays and handles.  Borosil seems to be a new and trending brand, already produced stunning Sandwich makers and Best Juicers is really a major brand these days.

This also has a timer function up to 30 minutes to control the heating time period. Also, you can adjust the temperature as you prefer to cook your food; it ranges from 90 degrees to 240 degrees. It has a capacity of 10 liters and has a heat-proof cool-touch handle so as to avoid any damage. Moreover, if you have limited material or recipes for dishes, you also get one of the finest recipe books inside the packaging. 

7. Pigeon Baker’s Collection 16 Liters OTG

Pigeon Baker's Collection Oven Toaster Grill
  • Capacity : 16 Liters
  • Power : 1280 Watts
  • Warranty : 1 Year on Product

Pigeon Baker’s 16 Liters is the excellent OTG from the popular brand Pigeon in India. The OTG Oven Toaster Grill has an elegant and designer body for your modular kitchen. With the glass door facility through which you can monitor conveniently. Unlike the traditional ones, these are more reliable and durable. They can be ported from one place to another and are not fitted inside the counter of your kitchen.  

Without these, one can not even imagine preparing food items. Pigeon baker’s OTG brings ease for you while preparing your favorite item or your family’s. This is the perfect choice for you if you are fond of grilling and baking.

This unit of OTG consists of a barbeque rack, crumb tray, skewer rods, and panhandles. It comes with a warranty period. Even though it does not have the features of a rotisserie, the other features are so perfectly built for easy and convenient usage. Moreover, it has high-quality knobs on the front right for your adjustment.  

One feature to notice in the Pigeon Baker’s OTG is a mild stainless steel body with powdered black color, which comes with a tempered glass door for easy handling. Additionally, it has a cool-touch handle to prevent you from getting any skin burn. 

Sometimes we run out of dishes or are confused about what to make. OTG provides you with auto cook menus printed on the body or comes with recipe books. It fastens the procedure of cooking and makes sure you do not have to wait during that time. With the quality of having an auto shut-off and ready bell, it makes it easy for you to know. Not only this saves you time, but also it does not let the food get cold by maintaining the temperature.

8. Wonderchef 63152143 19 Litre OTG 

Wonderchef 63152143 19 L Oven Toaster Griller
  • Capacity : 19 Liters
  • Power : 1280 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Wonderchef 19-Litre OTG offers you a chance to cook like a chef. With a capacity of 19 liters, this black OTG unit adds beauty to your kitchen. You can easily make any food items and in large quantities. And end your long-waited desire by buying this Wonderchef OTG. 

The Wonderchef OTG brings your way a variety of new dishes, whether it is baked cakes, cheesy and vegetable-loaded pizzas, roasting meat or grilling vegetables, or any other item. Try on all the food recipes you have always wanted to eat with this new OTG, which can stand even 250 degrees of temperature.

Even if you forget about the food, it has an amazing feature of auto shut with a ready bell which informs you when the food is perfectly cooked. With the addition of equipment like rotisserie and convection, you can also cook literally any kind of dish. This can save your electricity and your food from burning as well.

The tempered glass door has a heat-resistant feature that retains the heat without letting it out. It can handle up to 250 degrees and still prevent you from any burns from the sleek handle with heat-proof technology. You also get to see an indicator that turns on and off automatically when the OTG is on, and as soon as the timer turns off, the light also turns off. So, now you can easily check even from a far distance and do not have to worry.

Along with OTG, you get a grilling tray, baking tray, tray handle, and a wire rack. Now you do not need a microwave or oven anymore. It also has a warranty card and a guide inside it, which helps you to get better at controlling different features. The knobs at the front allow you to customize the temperature, control heat and its direction and set the timer as per the requirement of your dish. 

9. Prestige POTG 9 PC Oven Toaster Grill 

Prestige POTG 9 PC 800-Watt Oven Toaster Grill
  • Capacity : 9 Liters
  • Power : 800 Watts
  • Warranty : 1 Year on Product

Prestige POTG 9 PC Oven, Toaster, Grill has 800 watts which ensure you with energy efficiency. With a capacity of 9 liters, you can now grill, toast, and bake anything you desire for 4 to 5 people. 

Its full tempered glass door gives you a complete view to keep an eye on the food. Along with this, it has a heat-proof cool-touch handle for safety purposes. It also offers you the convenience of adjusting the temperature and control timer according to the food item. It has a temperature of up to 250 degrees. 

With this prestige OTG, you can make delicious food items like pieces of bread, cakes, pizzas and surprise your friends and family with your cooking skills and baking as well. It can help you during parties and functions, and you can prepare all the snacks in no time.

The OTG unit comes with some other handy tools for you to cook a variety of items. When you unbox the product, you will find a baking tray, steel grill racks, and a grill handle the main items you would need. You get a user manual inside the box, which helps you know the OTG and use it efficiently.

Furthermore, it has high-efficiency quartz heaters, which help in faster healing, and the food cooks comparatively faster and also makes sure of its durability. Prestige brand is known for its innovation and being the fastest growing brand among kitchen appliances and cutlery. 

10. Usha 3716 16L Oven Toaster Grill 

USHA 3716 16L Oven Toaster Grill
  • Capacity : 16 Liters
  • Power : 1200 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

USHA 16L Oven Toaster Grill is beautifully designed with 1200 watt power for easy heating. It has a door with unbreakable tempered glass and a rust-proof body.  You can cook unlimited food items and variety, as you wish, with the three modes options for baking, grilling, toasting, and roasting. The USHA 16L Oven Toaster Grill unit comes with accessories like a skewer, grill rack, bake tray, crumb tray, grill, and bake tong. 

Controls and features to know more about the OTG; it has rotatory wheels and preset cooking modes for your convenience. The user manual also guides you throughout the process of know-how. Precise temperature control feature with the keep warm mode keeps your food warm, fresh and crispy. It maintains the temperature inside the OTG unit for a prolonged period until it is served. Moreover, the heating elements maintain uniformity in cooking the dish.

The OTG unit also has another important feature of the illuminated chamber and heat control, as well. This multifunctional OTG offers six modes of cooking for baking, toasting, roasting, and grilling, which eases the process of cooking complicated dishes. Now you can cook exciting brunches and for dinner parties. Preparing various cuisines for a party can be a five-finger play for you or anyone.  

How To Find The Best OTG In India 2021 For You?

The most important part is to know the capacity or the size of the OTG as per your usage, whether it is to be used for professional purposes or at home. The capacity of an OTG can vary up to 60 liters, the smallest one you can find above is 9 liters, and with the maximum capacity of 60 liters, you can prepare for a large group of people.

The perfect OTG for you depends on the number of people you will cook for. It could be a small family of 2 people or for more than 15 members.  If you want to cook or bake small-sized items, then going for a size up to 20 liters is fine. But when it comes to professional purposes where you have to cook a lot, the size goes from 19-20 to 60 liters.

Family sizeOTG size
2-5 members15 to 16  liters
More than 5-6 members20 to 60  liters

UsageOTG size
Home use15 to 26  liters
Professional use30 to 60  liters

The above table will further help you to know the perfect size for your home or profession. 

Protip: For faster cooking, buy OTG of higher wattage, but it will need more energy and, therefore, more electricity.

If you have used a microwave for your whole life or are new to buying OTG, the information provided above will help you select the best according to your preference. OTGs work not only for oven toasting, grilling, or baking purposes but provide you microwave function as well. Depending on the usage and purpose may help you find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Also, remember to measure the dimension as per the area. 

In case, if you are looking for more options, you can consider the best microwave ovens India list by our team.

Which Is The Best Oven Toaster Grills OTG In India 2021 For You?

So to simplify your buying process further, here are our few recommendations for you from the list. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising the features and quality you can go for Agaro Premium Grand OTG, which is affordable for everyone.

If the budget does not matter to you, you can go for the best in class; yes, as per your guess, the Philips 25 L Digital Oven serves you a lot! Even if you are not satisfied, you can go for the trending and latest brand Morphy Richards 40 RCSS, which is more comfortable even for a large family and makes your baking process so easy than ever. 

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