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10 Best Mattress Under 15000 In India 2022

List of best Mattress under 15000 deals from Amazon 2022:

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It is not easy to decide the best mattress under 15000 because you need to hold a lot of stuff in your mind earlier than selecting the proper mattress for your home. However, this shopping manual must give you a clear idea.

So, now let’s jump into the best mattress under the 15000 list. 

Best Mattress Under 15000 In India 

1. Wakefit Latex 6 Inch Queen Mattress

In our personal view, the Wakefit Latex 6 inch is the best mattress under 15000 in India as of 2022. This dual comfort mattress is available in a relaxing length in the shape of a Queen-sized mattress. It is likewise a soft mattress because it weighs just 12 kg. The excellent factor is that it is simple to unpack and set it up yourself. The distinctiveness of the Wakefit Dual Comfort is that it offers superior comfort through supplying various stages of firmness. As a result, people have divergent choices concerning selecting mattresses. 

Some adore it to be smooth, while a few people choose a piece from firmness. This mattress is an excellent mixture of each of those qualities. This mattress functions with three layers of breathable material on top. This layer permits the free flow of air to enhance the excellence of your sleep. In addition, the soft foam layer under the breathable cloth is designed to offer a smooth cloud-like feeling.

The softness of the foam layer makes it one of the excellent mattresses to sleep on in the summer months. The backside element accommodates high-resilience foam that still doubles up as a medium-firm support base. In addition, the reversible nature of the mattress lets you turn over to the medium-firm surface at some point in the cold climate days.

2. Duroflex Riseup Bonnel Spring Mattress

Duroflex Riseup is the premium mattress you can buy under 15000 in India. Uncomfortable mattresses may cause constant lower backaches. But, if you’re going through it too, buying this may be the right option to go. Duroflex Riseup spring mattress is recommended and authorized custom-length to use the National Health Academy and endorsed by doctors. The orthopedic mattress covers are structured extremely well coir, and the rebonded foam helps the legs, knees, lower back, shoulder, and ankles without causing any pain. 

The coir mattress guarantees the proper airflow and sufficient breathability and ensures the correct alignment of the backbone and posture. The top-class best coir offers medium firmness that keeps the warmth inside the mattress with a comfortable experience. It alleviates frame ache and removes stress build-up, and enhances blood circulation. Besides offering support to the body, it provides durability. 

The unbeatable lower back support meets comfort on this Bonnell spring mattress with an ultra-smooth pillow top floor makes it rise with the aid of using Duroflex, an intelligent investment. The Bonnell spring layer makes the center of the mattress firm, even as additionally preserving the right degree of bounce.

This impact is more potent by a couple of layers of foam, which makes the mattress even more fantastic and relaxing. Read more about Duroflex Mattress Price.

3. Springtek Ortho Pocket Premium Mattress

Springtek Ortho is the affordable mattress one can find in the market nowadays. Springtek is a brand known for its pocket spring generation at cheap pricing and its top comfort. The ortho pocket mattresses encompass four layers to facilitate zero levels of disturbance. The quilted material of this mattress is anti-microbial, and the mattress affords the best medium-firm comfort for mattress sleep during the whole night. The best combination of expensive foam, cooling quilting aid, and responsive pocket springs. 

Their advanced generation promotes airflow via the mattress & responds individually to your main stress areas. They are built of substances which are of excellent pleasant synthetic in house. The high-pleasant, Individual Pocket Springs are crafted with more significant layers of foam for movement isolation and edge support. They additionally offer a low-pricing mattress with the fine function of a Luxury mattress to your splendid sleep with comfort. 

Springtek is the most notably rated mattress brand in India, providing and providing all forms of mattresses for excellent rest. This Comfort Level Mattress is Bouncy however Supportive and offers Hotel mattress feels and luxury.

Springtek additionally affords custom-length mattresses to fit non-popular-size mattresses to ensure that everyone receives the best sleeping experience. Read more about Springtek Mattress Price.

4. Sleepyhead Sense 3 Zoned Mattress

Sleepyhead Sense is the stylish mattress you can look for under 15000 in 2022. If you are trying to find an excellent gel memory foam mattress to make your sleep better, then SleepX through Sleepwell has an excellent generation foam mattress with various features. This gel mattress is made of Cool Gel Memory Foam, which responds consistently with your body weight and temperature to make you experience the customized comfort even as sleeping on it.

These memory foam mattresses provide an inherent gain over spring mattresses because they can hold elasticity for prolonged periods. In addition, this mattress comes with exclusive layers of memory foam to make sure the proper airflow via the strategically organized gaps. The Sleepyhead foam mattress comes with an organized foam base and a soft, breathable layer at the top. 

Furthermore, the reminiscence foam among those layers guarantees an excessive range of comfort to the user. Thus, this mattress is supportive and one of the softest ones available in the marketplace. The supportive foam base guarantees the proper support for nearly all body shapes without leaving comfort and convenience. 

Another benefit of this orthopedic memory foam mattress is that it gives the ideal quantity of bounce. Therefore, it will no longer disturb your partner even if you move and flip across the whole night. Read more about Sleepyhead Mattress Price.

5. Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Mattress

Peps Spring Koil is an excellent mattress under  15k from the popular brand Peps. If you’re seeking out an ultra-top class single-length low-pricing spring mattress, then Peps Spring Koil Bonnell 6-inch mattress will be an excellent preference to make your sleep restful and break-free. This elegant mattress comes with plenty of beneficial features. It is made with Polyurethane foams, and the material offers enough comfort for your complete body, and it has a long-lasting life.

This mattress has five years of warranty on the product. Its bendy core has the proper assistance on your back. Bonnell springs are the maximum technically designed products that can be essentially used to fabricate world-class mattresses.

It is a miles greater long-lasting product than a coir & cotton mattress. The mattress has a border cord internal that holds the spring’s alignment flawlessly and protects the mattress from getting de-form even after years of use. They also can distribute the body pressure that makes you sleep peacefully.

It is reversible and prepared for use on a mattress that it can use on each side with equal comfort. The organization surface can be a medication on your backache associated with troubles in the course of sleep. Peps is the most famed innerspring mattress producer in India for its excellent substances and products.

6. Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress


  • Dimensions:  91.44 x 38.1 x 38.1 cm
  • Item weight: 22 kgs
  • Size: Single

05/22/2022 02:46 am GMT

The Sleep Company smart grid is the latest addition to our best mattress under the 15000 price range. The Sleep Company is the mattress brand in the Indian marketplace with their clutter-breaking Smart GRID generation, development over the Memory Foam, Spring or Latex mattresses. As a result, the hips and the shoulders endure the whole brunt of the body weight as you sleep. 

However, the patented generation hired withinside the production of this mattress eases the strain on these frame elements to supply a cuddling-like smooth feeling. As it extensively relieves the ache factors at the frame, the person enjoys a cushy sleeping revel in every night. The Smart Grid is a hyper-elastic polymer gel fabric that can soak up strain while imparting outstanding consolation to the frame. In addition, it lessens backaches and different body aches.

Smart Grid generation’s essential benefit is that it permits the open-air flow via the open grid structure and maintains the mattress fresh. As a result, the person now no longer senses any sweating, even throughout the summer nights. 

The Motion Isolation Technology is a different characteristic of the Smart Luxe that guarantees to cast off any disturbance resulting from your partner as they turn and tosses over throughout the night.

This mattress presents the very best degree of comfort while memory foam or any other material. Read more about Sleep Company Mattress Price.

7. Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Flo Ergo Gel is an amazingly comfortable mattress one can buy under the 15000 category in India. If you’re trying to find a mattress with ergonomic support to your back, then the Flo Ergo gel memory foam mattress is particularly recommended. This proprietary responsive foam mattress guarantees you that none of your body components will sink into the mattress. In addition, it is synthetic with gel-infused memory foam on the top layer that allows maintaining the natural structure of your spine.

The mattress additionally comes with a zero-companion disturbance facility for its high-density memory foam stuffing. Moreover, its micro-capsules gel can effortlessly take in your body warmth on hot summertime season days, and it could drain the mattress heat away via means of its 3-D airflow material floor area.

The responsive, smooth foam at the bottom is specifically designed to respond appropriately to the floor area’s stress. In addition, it has a fantastic cashmere material outer cover synthetic with Aloe Vera gel that may maintain your pores and skin hydrated all of the time. 

Flo Ergo responsive gel memory foam mattress comes with ten years of manufacturer’s guarantee. It is crafted using polyurethane foam. The mattress may be a pleasant choice for your orthopedic support for sensible responses to stress and weight.

8. SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

SleepX Otho is the most popular mattress you can buy under 15000 in India as of 2022. This mattress is made with top rate and qualitative material that feels comfortable over the skin. It has proven substantial development in neck ache and helps to resolve discomfort and stress points. The product comes with a quilted 180GSM polyester fabric that gives extreme comfort, quite slightly firmness to the sleeper. 

It is engineered to modify your sleeping positions, offering huge comfort and helping your stress points. The mattress additionally adjusts consistent with your spine, giving relief. It has a top 15mm memory foam layer with an 8mm PU filling for additional comfort. It is available in a brilliant purple shade and offers a completely polished look. It is also available in 4 specific sizes. 

This Best Mattress in India might be a fair greater out-of-the-ordinary desire for you if you’re a lower back sleeper. The product offers high-quality support on specific pressure points, consequently offering relief. It has a smooth-to-clean outer cover that complements the durability of the product.

It’s manufactured in high-density foam to provide the mattress with the proper quantity of firmness; however, the mattress is cumbersome, preventing easy movement.

9. SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic Foam Mattress

The SleepyCat Plus orthopedic mattress offers the right blend of firmness and comfort to the user. The two-inch gel memory foam layer at the top of the mattress makes it a unique one. It seems incredible from the bottom portion, the 6-inch high-density foam layer.

This Best Memory Foam Mattress under 15k comes with a stylish zipper cover to make sure that it stays dust-free every time. The highlighting characteristic is the healing gel memory foam. It is designed to make a specific identical distribution of your body weight throughout the mattress.

It adapts to the body’s unique contours to offer the correct stability for your spine. In addition, the mattress’s orthopedic nature guarantees to preserve the frame’s natural alignment and relieve the stress points. 

The presence of the gel beads at the top layer regulates your body temperature and maintains it fresh. In addition, the mattress furthermore, by ultra-top rate competent zipper cover company, protects the layers from accidental spillages of food and a series of dust.

The high-quality element of this cover is that you could take it away without getting rid of the entire sheet. Therefore, it’s far one of the handiest to clean. Read more about Sleepycat Mattress Price.

10. Wakeup Luxuriate Orthopedic Mattress

Wakeup is encouraged through the lofty cause of redefining sleep comfort. The Wakeup Mattress has been at the leading edge of the present generation and leveraged experience and improvements to offer the technology wherein you want it. Furthermore, supplying the proper, centered support, they focus on in-residence manufacturing facilities. 

The desires of actual clients allow Wake Up to respond with luxurious, high-quality, and long-lasting products. No producer has ever placed into mattress such top rate capabilities, which are so competitive. A hybrid mattress collectively incorporates each Premium Foam inclusive of Memory Foam or Latex Foam & Spring, which is like a conventional bouncy level of comfort. 

The Wakeup Hybrid complements individually pocketed spring coils with cool gel memory foam by comforting and deep compression abilities. The top foam layer is designed with a cooled surface infusion to optimized temperatures, and the second layer protects you from hurting with the aid of using coils. 

The 1/3 layer is fabricated from spring coils to allow airflow. It also lessens vibrations traveling, which is making this mattress the maximum desirable and inexpensively priced mattress.

Things to Remember Before Buying

1. Firmer or softer?

Conventionally, a firmer mattress guarantees higher support for the back. However, it relies upon from individual to individual. It additionally depends upon your fashion of sleeping. Hence, it’s far better to have one that is firm and smooth sufficient to modify the contours of the body.

2. Mattress sags and replacement

Once your mattresses begin dropping their elasticity, you need to remember changing them. You need to now no longer look ahead for it to sag thoroughly. A sagging mattress no longer offers essential support. Ideally, it is suggested that it would be best if you change your mattress every seven years.

3. Mattress topper 

Many people agree that a topper resolves all problems and extends its lifespan. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so. However, it might be best to cover with a mattress topper to relieve the stress factors on organized mattresses. It also can assist in featuring comfort stages to the mattress.

4. Capability to Wash Mattress sheets

Remember, there are many dirt particles in your mattress. These mites can cause allergic reactions that could range from coughing and itching to different other breathing problems. Therefore, you need to ensure it is the handiest to wash the sheets on the mattress. 

Editors Note:   

A good night’s sleep is essential for an efficient and satisfying life. Unfortunately, we spend approximately one-1/3 of our lives napping; because of this, it’s vital to pick out a mattress that feels comfortable and gives the best sleep for you and your family. 

Furthermore, we want to be sure that it shouldn’t awaken you with a terrible backache because of your mattress. For this, you can consider our Best Mattress For Backpain In India post. Further, we filtered the best mattress that will give you the most comfortable to remember all the suggestions before buying the right one.  

If you are the one who wishes to sleep in high comfort with a firm mattress, then Wakefit Latex 6 inches is the best mattress under 15000 in India. On the other hand, if budget matters to you more, then you can choose the Springtek Ortho. Duroflex Riseup serves the best without making you feel any body pain and helps you sleep well in correct postures. 

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