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10 Best Mattress Brands In India 2022

Research shows that we spend almost 26 years of our lives sleeping. That’s a long time spent on a mattress! This makes it imperative to invest in a mattress that provides the utmost comfort for a good night’s sleep. Let’s take a look at the best mattress brands in India to see what all they have to offer. Read on. 

Best Mattress Brands In India 

1. Wakefit 


In our personal view, Wakefit occupies the first and best mattress brand in India 2022. Wakefit has one of the most interesting backstories. It is straight out of a movie! The founder of the brand, Ankit Garg’s family, operated a chemical lab that tested and then certified manufacturers of foams used in mattresses and pillows. He assisted his father in the business, and it didn’t take him long to find out that something wasn’t right. He noticed three identifiable fraudulent practices that foam makers engaged in; filled the majority of the mattress with calcium carbonate instead of foam, fooled people into thinking more number layers means more comfort, and inflated prices as they shouldn’t be. 

This got Ankit, and the co-founder of Wakefit set on a path to deliver quality sleep to people without scamming them. Wakefit has a wide range of orthopedic, foam, latex, and dual comfort mattresses at affordable prices. You also get a 100 nights trial period wherein you can return the mattress if you are not satisfied with your purchase. It offers an attractive ten years of warranty, which is one of the best in the industry. 

2. SleepX 


SleepX is the premium mattress brand in India 2022. It wouldn’t take you long to recognize how good SleepX is when we tell you that it comes from the same company that made Sleepwell. After all, the fruit doesn’t fall from the tree! Sheelafoam has a long legacy of making Polyurethane foam in the industry and has also excelled with its flagship brand Sleepwell. It is no surprise that it controls about 30% market share of the Indian P.U. foam industry. As a brand, SleepX tests on actual people with actual problems to conduct authentic research. 

It also runs a blog that addresses people’s mattress woes and enlightens them with their very honest opinions. They select ortho memory foam mattresses, ortho cool gel memory foam mattresses, and dual comfort mattresses. Like Wakefit, they too offer the 100 nights trial so that you can test the mattress before committing to it. Given that online shopping is ruling everywhere, you can order your mattress from their website without any shipping or returns and can avail cash-on-delivery too. The three years warranty is valid only on purchases made from their website. 

3. Sleepyhead


Sleepyhead is an affordable mattress brand you can see in India. It has brought an innovative way to look at mattress technology in India. It revolutionized the fundamental thought process mattress-makers had and came up with this: instead of designing custom mattresses that would suit every human body type that exists, why not make one intelligently made mattress that would work for 90% of sleepers. And so, Sleepyhead’s core idea was born. They offer everything from king and queen-size mattresses, sofa cum beds to double-size mattresses made with high-quality orthopedic memory foam. 

Sleepyhead has understood the rampant overpricing in the industry, and so their luxury products are priced approximately 60% less than competitors. They don’t levy any delivery charges either. The 100 nights trial policy is the same as the ones we have mentioned previously. One highlight of their mattresses is the easy installation. You can do it all by yourself– just cut, unroll, and you’re done! Apart from mattresses, you can also get sofas, pillows, bedding, and accessories at Sleepyhead. Moreover, sleepyhead stands as the right choice for their best memory foam mattress in India 2022.

4. Duroflex


Duroflex is the most popular mattress brand that one can easily buy in India. Duroflex has a long history of helping India sleep better. Launched in 1963, Duroflex has been at the helm of advancing mattress technology revolutions for over five decades now. They offer research-backed and technology-based sleeping solutions, including mattresses, protectors, pillows, and much more. They were the first mattress manufacturer to have a portfolio of products for customers to choose based on their requirements. This approach is different from Sleepyhead; it focuses on different types of mattresses for different needs. 

Their most popular industry-firsts were the Duropedic orthopedic mattress the Energise mattress series, and the Natural Living range. One of their latest products is the Duroflex Bed in a Box, a vacuum-packed mattress for easy transportation and installation. They may have varying purposes, but they all strive to provide the utmost comfort, durability with the best quality materials. This brand started in God’s own country, Kerala, but has spread its retail stores and experience centers across India. They have a competitive 10-year warranty policy too.

Read the full review here: Duroflex Mattress

5. Emma 


Emma is the latest mattress brand we added to our list in India 2022. The journey of this sleep company began in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2015, serial entrepreneur and former McKinsey consultant Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi with Manuel Müller set out to improve people’s lives by bettering their sleep. The company skyrocketed shortly after its launch. Their “Original” mattress became one of the most widely popular bed-in-a-box mattresses in Europe and a few other countries. By late 2017, they were the “it” brand in the industry. They came to India in 2019 when the bed-in-a-box industry saw a rise in demand due to how handy they were to transport and install. 

This decision paid well as Emma now gives tough competition to industry veterans like Sleepwell, Kurlon, and Duroflex. With operations in more than 27 countries, you cannot do without discussing the Emma Original. This mattress consists of three layers; the breathable Airgocell foam layer, a pressure-releasing visco-elastic memory foam layer, and a supportive HRX foam layer. This is topped with their innovative temperature-regulating cover. You get an 11-year warranty on shopping from Emma. 

6. Sleepwell 


Sleepwell is a stylish mattress brand one can buy in India. A flagship brand of the Sheela Group, Sleepwell is one of India’s leading Polyurethane foam manufacturers. It has over 23% market share in this industry and is led by Sheela and Rahul Gautam. Sleepwell is a trusted name when it comes to mattresses. It has a presence all over India, which has made it a household name. They have pioneered R&D in mattress technology with innovations like the Comfort Cell mattresses and the Neem Fresche range of home furnishings. The former has Integrated Core Technology which helps in significantly reducing partner disturbances. 

The latter is a technology that protects from dust mites, skin problems, and breathing allergies while being completely environment-friendly and biodegradable. Sleepwell also has an attractive product called “My Pillow.” It is a highly customized pillow where you can choose from “High Rise” and “Low Rise” to suit your needs. Another interesting mattress is the Sleepwell Cocoon which has the half and half concept where each side can be either gentle or firm according to each person’s preference. You get a 30 days free trial and five years warranty.  

7. The Sleep Company 

Best Mattress Brand sleep company

The Sleep Company is a new favorite mattress brand in our collection in India. The Sleep Company has a heartwarming story of how it started. When the Founder of The Sleep Company, Priyanka Salot, became a mother, she quickly realized how valuable sleep is. All new parents can relate to this very well! But it wasn’t as much as the little one waking up at odd hours as it was an uncomfortable mattress. But she was very disappointed when she went mattress hunting. She saw that India still lagged behind other countries when it came to mattress technology. 

It was then when Priyanka decided to take matters into her own hands and started doing extensive research. And the revolutionary SmartGRID was born. It is firm where you need more support and soft where you want it to be comfortable. Priyanka proudly calls herself the Chief Sleeping Mommy of the company! Another great feature about these mattresses is the 2500 air channels that keep you cool at night. There are two mattress options to choose from– The SMART Luxe and SMART Ortho, and other accessories, and the Hybrid Pillow. 

8. Springtek 


Springtek firmly believes in an old Chinese proverb that says, “The loss of one night’s sleep is followed by ten days of inconvenience.” Namit Goel started this company in 2010, intending to offer quality sleep to people at affordable prices. They have a wide variety of mattresses, beds, accessories, and even furniture. One interesting aspect that Springtek pins its focus on is sustainability. They believe in eco-conscious manufacturing and consumption and thoughtful design. For instance, they use environment-friendly rubber from FSC-certified rubber plantations.   

Springtek’s most popular product has to be the Tri Folding mattress. It became as popular as it is because of how it revolutionized how travel-friendly a mattress can be. It is compact enough to carry over for night stays, college dorms, or set up as extra beds when you have guests in the house. They even have specialized organic mattresses for babies because they have sensitive skin, and normal mattresses might not be good. You don’t have to worry about shipping and making returns as it is all free of cost. The warranty period is a solid 11 years.

9. Centuary India

centuary mat

Centuary Fibre Plates (P) Ltd. started as rubber manufacturers in Hyderabad in 1988. Now it is a household name when we talk of mattresses and sleep solutions in India. For over 30 years now, they are leaders in mattress technology innovation, leading to their Ulti-Matt technology. This technology combines three very important parts of building sleep solutions– high-quality materials, intelligent design, and precision machinery. They offer an unparalleled range of coir, foam, orthopedic, and memory foam mattresses for all kinds of end-usages. 

They have hybrid mattresses, hospital bed mattresses,coir and the My Power-Matt, Wellness, Comfort, and Smart collections of mattresses. One of their most popular ranges is the Sleepables by Centuary. They are pocket mattresses delivered rolled up in a box. They are very handy to unpack and install without needing any external help. Apart from this, they have another series called Beddy by Centuary, which caters specifically to sleep solutions for babies. Centuary gives up to 10 years warranty on all its mattresses and free shipping. 

10. Kurl-on 

kurl on

Kurlon is a name you are bound to hear each time mattresses are mentioned in the conversation. The idea came about when the Founder, Mr. Ramesh Pai, was touring Germany and found out that rubberized coconut-coirs were used to make the car seats of high-end vehicles. Why? He knew that India was the largest producer of coconut coir globally, and he decided to go after the opportunity. After his return, his initial findings were that the use of coir was limited to cottage industries, and it wasn’t being used to its full potential. And so, Karnataka Consumer Products was born, which we now know as Kurl-on.

It uses Austrian technology to manufacture a range of mattresses, accessories, and pillows. They have a very modern way of packaging their mattresses– it comes in a Zipper bag that looks like a sleeping bag at first! To opt for it, you have to pay extra, but it is very hard to say no. The convenience is beyond amazing. You get ten years of warranty on their products. 

How To Find The Best Mattress Brands For You?

Peaceful sleep is the key to having a productive day ahead. And apart from managing work and chores effectively, choosing the right mattress is an important part of it too. We hope this article helped you know more about the best mattress brands in India. So, do not ignore this crucial part to good sleep anymore; it was used to make high-end vehicles’ car seats.

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  1. Dear Author, Although wakefit is well known brand in recent times, I recommend Centuary Mattress. I have purchased this from amazon. Got it at the very lowest price. And the quality is also good.

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