5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting India 2021

Best Managed WordPress Hosting India
Best Managed WordPress Hosting India

So, you are looking for the Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India! Managed WordPress hosting undoubtedly is a lot better than regular WordPress Hosting and has many benefits. We will explain all these benefits in a bit. 

Most importantly, we will present you with as many as 5 best-managed WordPress hosting services in India to choose from. We will look at the important features of all these services, and by the end of the post, you should be able to choose the best-managed WordPress hosting for your project with ease.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting India

1. Kinsta India 

Kinsta WordPress

Kinsta India runs on the Google Cloud Platform, and the fully managed WordPress hosting platform with cutting-edge technology is ideal for bloggers, enterprises, developers, and stores. 

Kinsta has the best features to help your site load at a lightning-fast speed, including Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 8.0, MariaDB, resource isolation, and automatic scalability. Besides, Kinsta has tied up with KeyCDN to give you the benefit of a premium HTTP/2 CDN to deliver your content at blazing fast speeds to your audience across the globe. You can choose from ists 34 POPs, including North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. You can choose the POP in Bangalore if your audience is in India.

Kinsta does an excellent job of ensuring the best web security, and over the years, Kinsta has maintained a good track record in terms of security. The provider has many advanced security features to provide your site with the best protection against malware, brute force, DDoS attacks, and more. The features include security protocols, firewalls, IP limiting, and GeoIP blocking. 

We all know how important it is to backup your site regularly, and if you fail to do so, you may lose your website data. However, Kinsta takes automatic daily backups of your site, using encrypted and highly secure ZFS-based snapshots. Further, you can choose between backup every 1 hour and backup every 6 hours. 

Kinsta offers great choice and flexibility when it comes to pricing. The provider has 10 different plans, starting from $30 per month. However, if you feel you need more resources than what is offered by the highest tier plan, you can contact the Kinsta sales team to have a customized plan created for your project. Let’s look at some of the Kinsta plans:

  • Starter: 1 WordPress install, 10GB disk space, $30 per month
  • Pro: 2 WordPress installs, 20GB disk space, $60 per month
  • Business 1: 5 WordPress installs, 30GB disk space, $100 per month
  • Business 2: 10 WordPress installs, 40GB disk space, $200 per month

All the plans come with free migrations and a hack fix guarantee. 

Kinsta undoubtedly has one of the best support teams, especially because the support executives are WordPress developers and Linux Engineers. Whenever you run into any technical difficulties, you can expect fast and experienced support from Kinsta 24×7 through live chat and tickets.

2. Cloudways India

Cloudways WordPress

Cloudways India is a feature-rich, flexible and simple managed WordPress platform for demanding workloads. Setting up a site on Cloudways is pretty simple. Cloudways allows you to choose your favorite application and choose from five different cloud providers. The cloud providers include DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr, Google Cloud Platform, and Linode.

As far as performance goes, you can expect excellent load times with Cloudways. The provider uses advanced speed optimization technologies such as SSD Hosting, Latest PHP Versions, Optimized Stack, Built-on Cache, CDN, and Breeze Plugin. 

Besides, you can also make the most out of the multiple server global locations. All five cloud providers come with multiple global locations. For example, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Linode come with a server location in Mumbai for users with their target audience in India.

Cloudways offers you managed security for your website, and this comprises firewalls, IP block whitelisting, and TFA. Besides, the provider provides you with managed backups with on-demand and Scheduled application and server data backups. Restoring backups in Cloudways is a pretty simple process. 

Cloudways offers Staging Areas wherein you can test plugins and make other changes without affecting your live website. After you are sure of the changes, you can push them over to your live site. 

Cloudways follows a pay-as-you-go model, and this offers great flexibility. That way, customers would only have to pay for what they use. The provider has eleven plans for the customers to choose from. Here are some of the plans:

  • DO1GB: 1GB RAM, 25GB Storage, $10 per month
  • DO2GB: 2GB RAM, 50GB Storage, $22 per month
  • DO4GB: 4GB RAM, 80GB Storage, $42 per month
  • DO8GB: 8GB RAM, 160GB Storage, $135 per month

Cloudways offers excellent assistance through 24×7 tickets and live chat. Besides, the provider offers the Advanced and the Premium support with the senior-most support engineers at your service for an additional cost. 

3. Templ India  

Templ Hosting

The managed WordPress hosting runs on the Google Cloud Platform and has excellent features. 

Templ offers blazing fast load times backed by innovative caching technologies such as Redis and Brotli in conjunction with MariaDB, Nginx, CDN, and the latest PHP. 

Further, you have the advantage of choosing from the multiple Google server locations, and now, you can also choose the Mumbai location in case you have your audience in India. Using a server location close to your target audience, you can deliver your content to your audience faster.

Besides, Templ ensures high availability by its uptime checks every 3 minutes.

The hosting provider also takes good care of your website’s security by regular monitoring and malware checks. Besides, it has the benefit of Google’s security. 

Moving over to pricing, Templ managed WordPress hosting is available in five different plans. The best part is, the provider provides you with a 10 days trial on all plans, and that way, you can try the service before buying a plan. The plans are:

  • Micro: 1 WordPress install, 5GB SSD Storage, $15 per month
  • Small: 1 WordPress install, 10GB SSD Storage, $29 per month
  • Small Plus: 1 WordPress install, 18GB SSD Storage, $54 per month
  • Medium: 1 WordPress install, 25GB SSD Storage, $79 per month
  • Large: 1 WordPress install, 50GB SSD Storage, $149 per month

All the plans have free migration and safety optimization in common.

Templ has a pretty reliable support team proficient in debugging, WordPress, migration, and malware-check. Templ support helps you 24×7 with your issues and queries via live chat and tickets.

4. FastComet

FastComet India

FastComet managed WordPress hosting allows you to focus on your core business and helps your business benefit from a fully managed WordPress hosting environment. 

With FastComet managed WordPress, you can rest assured of excellent load times and availability. To understand how the provider goes about ensuring this, it uses advanced technologies such as SSD-only Cloud, Cloudflare CDN, and RocketBooster.

FastComet is also one of the cPanel based Best WordPress Hosting in India that comes with affordable pricing.

Further, the provider allows you to choose from its eleven data center locations. If you have your audience in India, you can select the Mumbai data center location to serve your audience with better speeds. 

Moving over to security, the provider does a brilliant job of ensuring enhanced security with Complete Account isolation, Bruteforce protection, WordPress Web Application Firewall, DDoS detection, and mitigation. Besides, the FastComet experts constantly monitor the server and network. 

It’s time to look at the FastComet managed WordPress hosting plans, and you have three plans to choose from. The plans are:

  • FastCloud: Single Website, 15GB SSD Space, $3.95 per month
  • FastCloud Plus: Multiple Websites, 25GB SSD Space, $5.45 per month
  • FastCloud EXtra: Multiple Websites, 35GB SSD Space, $7.95 per month

Some of the common features in all the plans are free website transfer, free domain transfer, daily backups, and multiple PHP versions. RocketBooster is only available in FastCloud Extra, and the feature can help your website with more speed.

FastComet has redefined customer support service in every sense and is ranked as the industry’s best customer support service. FastComet support does an excellent job of assisting the customers through 24×7 live chat, tickets, and phone. 

I have to admit that I have never seen a support service so proactive, knowledgeable, and helpful as the FastComet support service. Most importantly, with the FastComet support, there is no long waiting time, and event tickets are resolved pretty fast in about 15 minutes. 

5. ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud WordPress

ChemiCloud is another brilliant managed WordPress hosting company with optimized hosting solutions for blogs, web stores, and company websites. The provider ensures top speed and reliability backed by advanced performance-oriented technologies such as LiteSpeed, Enterprise-grade SSD Storage, PHP 7, HTTP/2, and a free CDN.

ChemiCloud has seven server locations, and you can select whichever is close to your audience to ensure a better delivery speed. In case you have your audience in India, you can make use of its Bangalore server location. 

As far as ChemiCloud’s security goes, the provider has robust security in place with custom web application firewall rules, 24×7 server monitoring, and HTTPS encryption. Besides, it offers you automated backups to protect your website data. After the host automatically takes a backup of your site, it stores the files for up to 30 days, and if ever you have to restore a backup, you can do it in just a few clicks right from your control panel.

ChemiCloud also comes with the staging feature, and this means you can try out various tests such as testing plugins, themes, and more without hampering your live website. With staging, you can conduct all our tests on a test site, and after you are fully sure of the changes, you can push them to the publishing site. 

ChemiCloud has plans for all types of users, and the host provides customers with 3 good plans to select from. Here are the plan details:

The hosting provider has three different plans, and you can select any of them, depending on your requirement. Here the plans are:

  • WordPress Starter: 1 Website, 15GB SSD Disk Space, $3.95 per month
  • WordPress Pro: Unlimited Websites, 25GB SSD Disk Space, $6.95 per month
  • WordPress Turbo: Unlimited Websites, 35GB SSD Disk Space, $10.95 per month

All the 3 plans have some common features, including unlimited bandwidth, free domain for life, unlimited email accounts, free migrations, and free daily backups. The best part is, you get a free domain for a lifetime with every plan, and that should certainly reduce your operational cost a bit.

For advanced features such as Priority 24/7 WordPress Support, Imunify360 Malware Protection, and 1-Click WordPress Staging, you should consider choosing the higher plans. 

ChemiCloud has a reliable support service in place with the most competent executives. It does a great job of assisting the customers with their technical issues and queries through 24×7 live chat, tickets, and phone.

How to Choose the Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India?

Managed WordPress Hosting is an ideal option for small to medium-sized businesses or a blog with high traffic. It’s not hard to visualize such users’ concerns, and all they would be looking for is optimized performance or performance even better than some of the Best Web Hosting in India companies, VPS, or regular WordPress hosting. This is where Managed WordPress Hosting can be very effective.

There is another way to look at it. While in a shared or regular WordPress hosting, you have to spend time optimizing their websites, you don’t need to put so much time and effort in a Managed WordPress Hosting since most of it would be done by the hosting provider itself. Besides, Managed WordPress comes with premium support, and that is always a big relief to have reliable technical support next by your side 24×7.

However, it is important to understand that Managed WordPress is not the cheapest option for sure, and Managed WordPress plans typically start from $25 per month. Let us look at the various important features of Managed WordPress Hosting:

Better Support

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you can expect the best support, and every support executive is completely proficient in WordPress. Assistance is pretty fast and accurate. Most importantly, you can rest assured the support team can help you get out of all technical issues, which is surely a great relief for any website owner.  

High Performance

A Managed WordPress Hosting has the most optimized WordPress environment, which is characterized by server-level caching, full-page caching, latest PHP versions, and other optimizations. Most importantly, all the important speed optimizations would be done solely by the hosting provider to keep your site at the peak of its performance.

Better Global Reach

Besides speed optimizations, managed WordPress hosting providers also focused on having larger and advanced infrastructure for a better global reach. Further, Managed WordPress uses CDN to give you the advantage of choosing from multiple global server locations across the USA, Europe, and Asia for serving your content to your audience at improved speeds by decreasing network latency and TTFB.  

Automatic Backups

After putting so much effort and time into building your website and developing excellent content, you don’t want to lose your hard work all of a sudden one day. This is the reason that you need to backup your site regularly. However, backing up your site manually every day can be pretty tiresome, and sometimes, you may even forget to backup your site. 

You don’t have to back up your site on your own anymore or worry a bit about it as long as you choose Managed WordPress since the hosting provider will take well care of it. Besides, some providers also provide you with the option to choose between 1-hour backup and 6 hours backup.  


Managed WordPress comes with easy staging, and it means you can test changes on a development site other than your publishing site. You may like to test different plugins or switch between various PHP versions without impacting your publishing site. 

This is where the one-click staging feature comes in handy. After you have made the changes and are happy with the changes, you can push it to your publishing site. Staging is straightforward with Managed WordPress.

Improved Security 

With Managed WordPress, you can certainly expect rock-solid security. You don’t have to ever worry about your website’s security anymore since it is characterized by the most advanced security technologies such as malware removal, brute force, DDoS attacks, Hardware firewalls, two-factor authentication, and more. 

On top of that, the hosting provider would have its experts always monitoring the server and network to ensure the best protection against malware and other online attacks. 

Which Managed WordPress in India is Good?

Reading this post so far, you should understand the power of a managed WordPress hosting by now. In simple words, you can focus better on what you are trying to achieve by choosing a managed WordPress hosting. A managed WordPress can largely relieve you from worries relating to the performance and security of your site. 

I have shared five great managed WordPress hosting companies in this post, and with so many great options, it is not difficult to find an affordable yet good managed WordPress service for your project. 

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