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7 Best Hob Top Gas Stove In India 2022

If you have a plan to purchase or are on the way to upgrade to the best hob top gas stove in India, be confident as you have reached the right place. Below is a very well-researched list of the best hob top gas stoves in India from our experts. 

Best Hob Top Gas Stove In India 2022

1. Faber Hob Top 3 Burner Gas Stove 


In our personal view, the Faber Hob top is the best hob top gas stove in India today. This hob top stove has three burners and is made of brass. Brass burners are efficient and save on gas wastage. 

These burners have both triple ring and double ring designs. Being made of brass, these burners are rust-proof, but they do not have a spill tray included. 

This stove has two options for fitting that you can choose from. This stove setup can be fitted into the marble tile of the kitchen or be used as a freestanding stove with four support stalks. The pan support is made of cast iron and is sturdy and durable. A glass edge support also protects the edges from damage and makes your stove more durable.

The three burners are spaced out appropriately to ensure that the vessel on one burner does not disturb the other. This stove has automatic ignition, which makes your usage a lot easier. The knobs are heat-resistant and have a smooth finish, making them easy to grip and turn. 

2. Ibell 590gh Hob 4 Burner Gas Stove

The iBELL hob top gas stove is the finest hob top gas stove in India in recent times. This type of stove is already known for its efficiency and performance, but the iBELL takes it one step further. 

This stove has four burners, all of which are made of solid brass. Brass burners increase efficiency, significantly reduce your cooking time, and most importantly, ensure that the flame is distributed evenly and the cooking is done correctly. 

The iBELL hob top stove has auto ignition, and the knobs corresponding to the four burners are placed right in front of the stove. The burners all have individual pan support that is sturdy and durable enough to handle all kinds of heavy vessels.

The stove has a glass top, and the glass is 7mm in thickness and toughened. This glass top is scratch-resistant and also easy to clean. The iBELL stove has four anti-skid rubber feet to prevent it from moving away from its place.

3. Whirlpool Hob Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove
  • Material: Glass
  • Warranty: 10 years on Toughened Glass & 5 Years on Burners and Gas Valves

The Whirlpool Elite Hybrid hob top gas stove is India’s most popular and premium quality hob top gas stove. This stove has four burners that are placed with sufficient gaps so that you can keep vessels on all burners without them disturbing each other.

The four knobs are placed in twos on either side of the stove and correspond to the different burners. The burners are all made of brass and offer high efficiency best suited for Indian cooking. Brass burners save gas wastage, and they also ensure lesser cooking times. 

The stove has an auto-ignition which is convenient and easy to operate by all. The stove can also be fitted in two ways per your kitchen’s requirements. You can use the Whirlpool Elite hob top stove as a free-standing stove or fix it on the kitchen top or marble counter. The multi-control knobs also offer higher control over the flame level to ensure you can cook as you like in the right heat.

4. Elica Flexi Hob Top Italian 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Flexi Hob Top is the affordable hob top gas stove from Elica in India 2022. Elica is a brand known for its range of home and kitchen appliances. The Flexi Hob top Italian 3 burner gas stove has a premium glass-top finish with a sophisticated design. The glass is toughened for maximum durability and has a scratch-resistant surface. Glass tops are also always easy to clean and maintain using just a wet cloth.

The Elica hob top stove has a multi-flame Italian Sabaf type burner. These burners are highly energy-efficient and can significantly boost cooking time. 

The pan support is made of cast iron and is exceptionally sturdy and suited to accommodate different vessels. It does not wobble, and they offer extra cooking convenience. The pan supports can also be cleaned without hassles.

The Elica Flexi can be used as a free-standing hob top stove or fixed into your kitchen top or marble counter. The knobs on this stove have a smooth finish and a good grip for convenience of use. 

5. Glen Auto Ignition 3 Burner Hob Top Gas Stove

The Glen Autoignition is the latest launch focusing on Glen’s best hob top gas stove range in India. The Glen hob top gas stove has three burners, an auto-ignition operation, and a premium glass-top finish. The burners are all made of brass and are highly efficient. Specially designed for Indian cooking, these long-lasting burners are made with forging and make cooking a hassle-free experience. 

The glass top is 8mm thick, and the glass is toughened to give it maximum strength and durability. The single-piece glass is straightforward to clean, resistant to scratches and stains, can bear impacts from vessels, and can handle the heat. The pan support is also coated with extra strong enamel that supports even heavier vessels.

The Glen hob top stove has an auto-ignition operation, and the knobs have a multi-control feature. The furnace has a unique placement of the burners so that vessels on one side of the stove do not disturb the other. The knobs are placed on the right side, and they have a smooth, fine finish with a good grip. 

6. Wonderchef Octavia Glass Hob Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

The Wonderchef Octavia is a recent addition to the best hob top gas stove in India in 2022. The Wonderchef Octavia glass hob top stove perfectly combines elegance and performance. This hob top stove has four burners and a manual ignition system and is perfect for a medium-sized family. 

The Octavia cooktop has a unique feature in the guise of the smart lock panel. The pan-support has a smart lock system wherein the panel can be secured in place. This will prevent the support from moving during unloading and loading vessels.

There are four heat-efficient forged brass burners in the Octavia hob top gas stove. These heavy burners are suitable for Indian cooking, and this ensures equal distribution of heat and reduces the cooking time. 

The glass top is 8mm thick, and the glass is toughened. The glass is resistant to heat, is scratch and stain-resistant, and most importantly, is durable and robust. The stove has anti-skid feet on all four corners of the stove so that cooktop stays in place for the duration of your cooking.

7. Ibell 490gh 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

The iBELL 490GH hob top gas stove is a glass top stove, rectangular in shape, and with a stylish and elegant body. The stove’s body is also made of stainless steel and is durable.

This stove has three burners, and they are all made of high-efficiency brass material. Brass burners are easy to clean, and it is entirely safe and protected from extremely high temperature. 

The glass is 7mm in thickness and is solid and durable. The toughened glass is easy to clean using just a wet cloth. The glass surface is also resistant to scratches and stains. They are sturdy and can handle the impacts of different vessels too.

There are two big and one small burner on the stove. The three knobs have auto-ignition operation and an ergonomic design. They have a smooth finish and a good grip. The knobs let you control the flame in different sizes as needed for your cooking.

Editors Note

Gas hob stoves are becoming an increasingly common sight in many kitchens today. It is not surprising, considering how much elegance and class they add to the kitchen and being efficient and beneficial. 

Though there is a list of multiple hob top stove options in the list, it can still be confusing to choose the best one for you and your kitchen. But we are here to help you. A quick look at the tips mentioned below will help you choose the best stove for your needs.

If a performance-oriented hob top stove is your main concern, the Faber hob top gas stove is the right choice for you. This stove has three burners, all made of brass, an auto-ignition operation, and a sleek body that is also durable.

If you are looking for a budget-conscious option, the iBELL 590 GH hob top stove is a fantastic choice. This stove has a matte black finish, four brass burners, and auto-ignition operation. The knobs are ergonomic in design and easy to handle. 

The Whirlpool elite hob top gas stove is a perfect choice if you do not mind shelling out a few extra bucks for that extra touch of elegance and class. This stove instantly brings more style to your kitchen. The auto-ignition burner is made entirely of brass and is highly efficient. Said, this stove is the perfect combination of elegance and durability.

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