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7 Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 In India 2022

There is increasing popularity for the best gaming monitor under 15000 in India. So, in this article, we will be talking about various brands and versions of the gaming monitor under 15000. We will be reviewing them and also tell you whether it is the best choice for you. 

Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 In India

1. Acer Nitro 23.8 Inch Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Special Feature:

Wall Mountable, Swivel Adjustment, Frameless, Tilt Adjustment, Thin Bezel, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Swivel Adjustment, Frameless, Tilt Adjustment, Thin Bezel, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers

05/23/2022 03:05 am GMT

In our personal opinion, the Acer Nitro is the best gaming monitor under 15000 in India 2022. Top-notch would be an understatement. It is simply the perfect gaming monitor within the considered price range. With a 23.8 inch full HD monitor, it offers an IPS display as well as 250 nits of brightness. Supported by HDR 10 and a refresh rate of 165 Hz, it totally wows the beginners, if not necessarily the professional gamers.

The response time of 0.5 milliseconds is the reason why it provides users with a smooth gaming experience. With such a high resolution of 1920 X 1080p and refresh rates, there is almost zero chance of the screen getting blurry. A gaming monitor without good ports is a waste of money. The Acer Nitro monitor offers two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort with inbox DP cable. Not to forget, it is supported by AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology like most gaming monitors out in the market.

The product offers in-built stereo speakers to enhance your gaming experience and, at the same time, take care of your eyes by providing a ComfyView display. The screen is flicker-less with low dimming options. It is wall mount-ready with a wide viewing angle. The tilt freedom ranges from -5° to 20°. Bezels are so thin that it almost feels like it is invisible from afar. The monitor is wired with the required cables inside the package.

2. LG Ultragear 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

LG Ultragear is the premium gaming monitor one can get under 15000 in 2022. It is time to take your love for gaming to a whole new level. This 24 inch LG Ultragear monitor tilts, is stand adjustable, and pivots too. You can adjust the monitor back and forth, up and down, and rotate it about the stand. This plays a huge role for all the gamers out there who spend hours in front of the screen. The monitor offers a TN display which is responsible for making this product a little costly.

 With 300 nits of brightness and full HD wide viewing angles, you will never want to leave the gaming world. The refresh rate is 144 Hz, whereas the response rate is one millisecond. It offers two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, and an audio jack. It has not lost its grounds by still providing the AMD Radeon FreeSync technology. 

Its special features include a black color stabilizer, dynamic action sync, crosshair technology, an on-screen control. Don’t freak out if you haven’t heard of these words before. We have provided a list of terminologies used in the gaming industry to help you get used to it. It claims to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering with a fast reaction to output devices. The high fps enables smooth gaming and no blurry images. For watching movies, it is recommended to use the vivi mode. 

Do opt for a DisplayPort connection over an HDMI one to experience faster gaming. It is a really fantastic machine for such a price range. It might not smartly support texting or coding but has an amazing color display.

3. BenQ EW2480 Gaming Monitor

The BenQ EW2480 is an economical gaming monitor available under the 15000 range. This model is not much different from a normal monitor. The numbers are not as good as a professional gamer would want them to be. It is mostly used by people who game for entertainment and to while away time. The 23.8 inch IPS full HD display offers a three-sided bezel-less frame. The monitor seems to have an ultraslim edge-to-edge panel.

As mentioned above, the stats are a bit disappointing, but not so if you are just starting your journey in gaming. The refresh rate is 75 Hz, and the response time is five milliseconds. The screen is supported with Brightness Intelligence Plus, which reads and adjusts the brightness according to the ambiance. 

It offers multiple connectivity options, such as three HDMI version 2 ports with a cable and a 3.5mm audio jack. In-built speakers with maximum power absorption of 2.5W. EyeCare technology enables controlled blue light emission, flicker-free with an e-paper mode.

Enjoy action movies and live music concerts with different stereo sound modes. This gaming monitor is not a game-changer in any way but can be used for office, school, and a little bit of gaming. You will definitely get irritated by its slow response time, and there are higher chances of the screen offering blurry and smudged images.

4. HP 24 Inch Ultra-Slim Gaming Monitor

HP 24 inch Ultra Slim is an excellent gaming monitor from HP under the 15k category. More of style and a little less of hardcore gaming, and this becomes the perfect model. HP never fails when it comes to modern designs and looks. It has more of an office vibe than a gaming vibe to it. The numbers, on the other hand, are not at all gaming-friendly.

The 23.5 inches full HD ultraslim display offers a viewing angle of 178° with an LED display. The refresh rate is as low as 75 Hz, and response time as irritating as it sounds, five milliseconds. Definitely, not a great option for a gaming monitor. 

It offers special features like an anti-glare screen, ultrathin bezel, and an edge-to-edge panel display. The screen filters out blue light and has a matte finish to it. It is flicker-free and made of lightweight metal. The tilt angle is the usual -5° to 25°, and it offers connecting ports like HDMI, VGA, and power connectors.

The AMD FreeSync technology helps it be compatible with gaming. If you are just starting in the world of gaming, this model might be a good place to start. You can use it for office or school work as well as improve your gaming skills.

5. Dell 24 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor 

Dell 24 inch is the latest addition to our best gaming monitor under the 15000 list in India. Let’s take a breather from the not-so-good gaming monitors to one of the coolest gaming monitors within this price range. The 24 inches full HD display offers TN paneling. The monitor can be swiveled, tilted and is height adjustable. The stats are pretty impressive, and so is the price tag!

Dell Gaming Monitor offers one HDMI cable, one USB version, three upstream ports, and 2 USB downstream ports along with DisplayPort. The packaging box does not contain the DisplayPort cable, so make sure to buy them from an external supplier. The refresh rate is 144Hz, and the response time of 1 millisecond. It still isn’t cut out for hardcore gamers, but at the same time, you won’t face a major breakdown of the hardware if used for extended periods.

AMD FreeSync supports the monitor. Many customers have complaints about the color depth of the screen. It does not entirely promise a 144 Hz refresh rate, but it is much lesser than that in reality. Pixels seem to change at a slower rate after a month of use. There is light bleeding and frizziness at the corners of the display.

Even if the response time and refresh rates are impressive, it is of no good if the color balance sucks. It is the same case with this gaming monitor. The contrast ratio and brightness detection are not worth talking about at all. 

6. AOC G2590VXQ LED Gaming Monitor

AOC 24.5 inches is the stylish gaming monitor you can buy under 15000 in India 2022. Here is another transition gaming monitor in the market. Why do we label it as transitional? It is neither a perfect gaming monitor nor a perfect office monitor. It lies right in the middle. The numbers are not all that impressive but sufficient for a smooth office user experience.

This 24.5 inches LCD-backed full HD screen has multiple connecting ports, including two HDMI version 1.4 ports, one VGA port, and a DisplayPort version 1.2. Like the usual monitors, the refresh rate is as low as 75 Hz and the response time is one millisecond.

The package contains the monitor, a VGA cable, an HDMI cable, a power cable, and a DisplayPort cable. The screen is height adjustable but does not tilt. It has no built-in speakers; hence, the user misses out on the feeling of intense gaming. As mentioned above about the response time, it is very slow for a monitor to be labeled a ‘gaming monitor.’

It is worth buying only if you need an average gaming monitor with a good choice of ports. Many reviews over this product complain about loose ports. Customers have experienced blurry images and flickering screens. The color distribution seems to be poorly designed and worsens with time. The design and look of the monitor are not something to be proud of either.

7. Acer ED270R 27 Inch FHD Gaming Monitor

This gaming laptop is curved! Yes, you heard it right. With a diagonal length of 27 inches, it offers an LED display type with LCD technology. It is supported by AMD FreeSync technology for a smoother gaming experience.

The refresh rate is 165 Hz, and such a high refresh rate at this price range is a steal, for sure. You will feel that you are the one playing in the game. The refresh rate of this model is really impressive and changes the entire way of gaming. It is provided with 250 nits of brightness and a viewing angle of 178°. The response time is a bit of a drawback. The response time is five milliseconds. We can feel the professional gamers cringe right now. 

A response time of 5 milliseconds does no good to games like CS: GO, Rocket League, or Valorant. You will find yourself reacting a little late to a gunshot which definitely is a gamer’s worst nightmare. The screen is supported by EyeCare technology which shields blue light. It claims to be freckle less and provides ComfyView features.

The gaming monitor is wall mount-ready and has a tilt angle of -5° to 20°. The connecting ports offered are two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort with inbox HDMI, and the package does include a DisplayPort cable. It also provides users with an audio jack of 3.5mm.

Customers have reported positive feedback on the color display of this product. It seems to get exceptionally bright, and the usually recommended brightness is 30 to 40%. Customers seem to enjoy good picture quality and are satisfied with the overall display. Sadly, there are no USB ports available on this device. All in all, it is an amazing product at an amazing price. It is a great way to explore more about the gaming universe.

How To Find The Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 In India? 

Gaming computers are not always expensive, and neither are their monitors. Gaming monitors enhance your gaming experience by providing you with a much larger screen and detailed color distribution. Although the best ones are highly expensive, we have found some affordable gaming monitors that get the job done.  

Stuck with all the abbreviations and tech-savvy words? Don’t worry! Here’s the list of most common terms used while describing the specifications of a gaming monitor. It is not mandatory to know them all, but it will definitely help you make better decisions while monitor shopping. So let’s get right into it.

  • Size and resolution: The usual monitors are sized around 21 inches, but t starts from about 27 inches with gaming monitors. The resolution is the number of horizontal pixels to that of the number of vertical pixels. The more the number of pixels, the better the resolution is, meaning sharper the display quality. Some monitors of different sizes offer the same resolution. Hence, the resolution on the larger monitor will appear a little softer and blurry than the small-sized monitor. So, chose a higher resolution.
  • The look: If it is a daily use monitor, nobody really cares how it looks. But a gaming monitor has to look cool. This look-cool feature is very rare in cheap gaming monitors. HP does a great job of enhancing its designs with each model. Costlier the product, the flashier your monitor. Some show off an edge-to-edge panel, while some prefer having thick bezels. Some can be pivoted, tilted, and swiveled. So, according to your needs, make the best choice.
  • G-Sync and FreeSync: Screen sync is not something to be messed with. Make sure your monitor has a wide range of screen sync or supports variable refresh rates. Screen tearing is a gamer’s worst nightmare. Screen tearing is nothing but when a part of the screen shows the same frames while the other parts have moved to the next. There are three main types of sync that are the G-Sync, FreeSync1, and FreeSync2. G-Sync is provided by Nvidia and can only be used with Nvidia’s graphic card, but the other two types can be used with any graphic card. FreeSync is cheap and works quite well.
  • Color Accuracy: Color calibration plays a very vital role in gaming monitors. It is the heart and soul of your gaming experience. Color accuracy can be measured by sRGB, AdobesRGB, and DCIP. In simple words, the closer the percentage of calibration to 100, the better accuracy.

In anyways, if you are moving for any other budget category, have a look at our trending posts,

If you are new to the gaming world, we totally understand this overwhelming situation. With so many brands and, within them, so many versions of gaming monitors, it is almost impossible not to regret your buy. We recommend you opt for mid-level gaming monitors and not directly jump to hardcore monitors just to feel more overwhelmed and regret buying them in the first place.

Which Is The Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 In India 2022 For You? 

First of all, we recommend Acer Nitro, which is the most selling in recent times and 23.8 inches in size. Then, if you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming monitor, you can choose LG Ultragear, and it delivers an excellent visual experience while gaming. Last but not least, in case if you wish to try any other brand, you can choose BenQ EW2480, which is well known for monitors! 

We hope you understand, The more the varieties of gaming monitors you can select from under ₹15,000. Make sure to expand your knowledge of gaming monitors to help you decide the best one in the market. Go through the reviews of the products and try to compare their features. Happy shopping!

List of Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 In India 2022

Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 In India Price
Acer Nitro 23.8 Inch Gaming Monitor₹ 14,995
LG Ultragear 24 Inch Gaming Monitor₹ 18,799
BenQ EW2480 Gaming Monitor₹ 13,990
HP 24 Inch Ultra-Slim Gaming MonitorPrice not available
Dell 24 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor₹ 18,619
AOC G2590VXQ LED Gaming Monitor₹ 14,500
Acer ED270R 27 Inch FHD Gaming Monitor‎₹ 17,399

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