10 Best Food Processors India 2021

Are you searching for the best food processor? Well, here we have reviewed ten of the best food processors India below. So as this article covers the best food processors in India, by the end, you’ll be able to make the best choice for yourself. 

Best Food Processors In India 2021

1. Usha FP 3810 Food Processor

Usha FP 3810 Food Processor
  • Capacity : 2.4 Liters
  • Power : 1000 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

In my personal view, the Usha FP 3810 is the best Food Processor in India in 2021. It is the ideal kitchen companion for you. Name any task, and this machine will perform it for you. This food processor from Usha is a one-stop multipurpose machine designed to fulfill all your kitchen needs. 

Entirely coated by copper, its motor runs at 1000W, making it suitable to carry out up to 12 operations without getting overloaded. This processor includes components like three jars, one processing bowl, and 13 stainless steel accessories. Unlike other devices, the jar offers you a capacity of 3.5L, which is enough to serve a family of 5. 

The additional accessories include a dough kneader, citrus juicer, blender, mixer grinder, vegetable chopper, fine shredder, coarse shredder, fry grater, whisking machine, and so on. Entirely made up of stainless steel, all these parts are easy to fix, remove, and clean.

The processor works at a power supply of 230V, which speeds the process up and saves time and energy. The speed settings are user-friendly and can be manually controlled. Additionally, the processor offers a unique feature called the ‘boost button,’ specifically designed to grind tough and coarse grains. 

Usha food processor is specially designed with a compact tower design that makes it stand out beautifully in your kitchen. The black and grey color of the device makes it look sleek, stylish, impressive, and a perfect choice to enhance your cooking experience. The processor offers a warranty of 2 years. Hence, if it breaks down or runs into any problem, it can be easily replaced by the company. 

2. Inalsa Easy Prep-800W Food Processor

Inalsa Easy Prep-800W Food Processor
  • Capacity : 1.4 Liters
  • Power : 800 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Inalsa Easy Prep is a premium food processor you can get in India 2021. This food processor from Inalsa brings a whole new level of food preparation to your kitchen. It performs various functions like cutting, chopping, shredding, slicing, mashing, and so on, all in the same machine. This not only saves your effort but also gives you extra time, which you can use for self-care activities.

The device is entirely coated with food-grade plastic, making it robust, durable, and safe to use. Incorporated with a copper-based motor, the machine functions at 800W, speeding up your cooking process. It comes with a bowl capacity of 2L, making it spacious enough to feed a family of 4. 

Many people prefer this device due to its lower noise emittance. The lock and security features prevent the food from spilling out, ensuring a clean and hygienic preparation. The device is easy to maintain and clean due to its stainless steel parts. Just one swipe, and it’s clean! 

Components and the device include dough kneader, chopping blade, kneading blade, whisker, shredder, slicer, and French fries maker. All of these items are made up of stainless steel, which makes them rust and corrosion-free. These parts are easily detachable and replaceable, which makes your work even easier. The machine comes with a warranty of 2 years. Make sure to contact the customer care services in case the device breaks down. 

3. PHILIPS HL1661 700W Food Processor

Philips HL1661 Food Processor
  • Capacity : 2.1 Liters
  • Power : 700 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Philips HL is the budget-friendly food processor for everyone in India as of 2021. Become the master of your kitchen using the Philips food processor. This multipurpose device performs all functions ranging from cutting to slicing in a single machine. 

The main jar constitutes a capacity of 2L, which means you can grind multiple ingredients at the same time. The blending jar is leakproof and doesn’t let the mixture overflow during the grinding process. 

Entirely built with a plastic body, this device is durable, tough, and stands erect, holding all its parts intact. It operates on a fully copper motor of 700W, making it powerful enough to fulfill all your needs.  This processor has a rigid and sturdy base, which keeps the entire body stable even when high-duty grindings are performed. 

The device comes with a power chop technology, which offers a combination of blade shapes, cutting angles, and an inner bowl that provides a superior chopping result in both soft and hard ingredients. The whole setup weighs as little as 14 pounds which makes it very easy to handle and carry. The electric chord measures 1.2m, which makes it long enough to function well. 

Another notable feature of this device is that it is safe and easily cleaned in a dishwasher. Sleek and compact, the device occupies very little space in your kitchen, making the surroundings neat and tidy. Lastly, a warranty of 2 years is offered on this processor. In case of breakage, power failure, etc., this item can be replaced easily. 

4. Morphy Richards 1000W Food Processor

Morphy Richards 1000W Food Processor
  • Capacity : 3.2 Liters
  • Power : 1000 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Morphy Richards 1000W is the latest addition to our best food processor list. It is the best device especially curated for chefs and food lovers. The stainless steel blades in the device function swiftly, leading to a perfect and fine chopping of vegetables.

Powered by a 1000 motor, the machine runs at an even and steady pace throughout the process, designed for giving you superior quality results. The main jar is not only lightweight but also spacious, providing enough room for smooth working. Moreover, it is rust-resistant, allowing you to store the mixture for longer durations of time. A notable feature is the quadra flow technology, which acts as a flow breaker and ensures all ingredients are grounded or blended as perfectly as you’d like. 

The entire food processor is chrome, which maintains its durability and gives it the strength to handle heavy-duty grindings. The color is glazing copper, which gives you a royal look that every kitchen would aspire to have. 

Keeping your cleanliness and hygiene in mind, the product comes with a lock and batter cleaner. The lock secures the lid tightly and prevents any excess food from overflowing out. Additionally, this deal gives you four big jars for blending and 12 other stainless steel accessories for cutting and chopping purposes. This deal brings you a complimentary coconut scraper and dough kneader. This product offers a warranty of 2 years on all parts, excluding the switch. 

5. Wonderchef Nutri Blend Compact Food Processor

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Compact Food Processor
  • Capacity : 0.5 Liters
  • Power : 400 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Wonderchef Nutri Blend is a recent food processor which you can buy in India without any further discussions. One of India’s favorite processors, this company was founded by the well-renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The Wonderchef Nutri Blend Compact processor is designed with utmost perfection and comes loaded with extraordinary features. Only created using superior quality materials, the product offers you durability and long service life. 

It incorporates four unbreakable jars with a swift blending mechanism, giving you a fine and even paste. The sturdy ABS plastic coating on the device makes it shockproof and resistant to overheating. The stainless steel blades are easily detachable and removable. Using them, you can cut fruits, vegetables, and different types of nuts according to your desired shapes and preferences. 

The motor functions at a speed of 22,000 (rotations per minute), helping you get the mixture ready as quickly as 30 minutes. It weighs only 7kg, which means you can easily carry it to picnics and vacations. It comes in a shade of black, which adds elegance to your kitchen. 

The product offers a warranty of 2 years and comes with a vegetable chopper, blender, slicer, shredder, juicer, masher, kneader, etc. This device might produce a burning smell in the initial trials of being used; however, it fades away with time. 

6. Inalsa Inox 1000W Food Processor 

Inalsa Inox 1000W Food Processor
  • Capacity : 2 Liters
  • Power : 1000 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Inalsa Inox is a stylish food processor which attract everyone’s eyes undoubtedly in 2021. Become a professional chef at your house with the help of Inalsa Inox 1000W Food Processor. Super fast and innovative, the single machine takes care of all your food processing needs. 

This product is specially designed for carrying out your grinding jobs effortlessly, making it a truly versatile companion for you in the kitchen. It is incorporated with a heavy-duty copper motor of 1000W, which ensures the smart and speedy functioning of the device. 

The blades cover a larger contact area than usual, hence leaving no refined grains behind.

This device is known for its power indicator and overload switch features, which alert you as soon as the load increases beyond the machine’s capacity. The device comes with a plastic lid and interlocking mechanism that ensures the mixture doesn’t overflow while grinding. 

The attractive designer body of this device would add a neat and refined look to your kitchen: silver and black, the best colors for any kitchen appliance. The machine comes with a 2-year warranty and can be replaced if any part runs into a problem. This deal also offers you 12 extra accessories to make smoothies, dips, french fries, sauces, etc. 

7. Bajaj FX 1000 DLX 1000W Food Processor

Bajaj FX1000 Food Processor
  • Capacity : 3.2 Liters
  • Power : 1000 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

With the Bajaj FX 1000 food processor, you bring innovation and revolution to your kitchen. 

What sets it apart from other wet food processors are its blades. Unlike others, this device is incorporated with extra-wide blades, which consume less energy and complete the entire process in just 15-20 minutes. 

The product is ABS plastic-based, which ensures the perfect seating of all its parts. The jars are built with a heavy gauge food-grade material that makes them easy to handle and rust-resistant simultaneously. 

The product is affixed with a 1000W motor which speeds up the functioning. The entire body is coated with high-quality engineering plastic that provides stability and durability. 

Additional features include an anti-slip belt made up of polycarbonate, which helps you see through the drum and requires little or no maintenance at all. 

Additionally, you get accessories like dough kneader, citrus juicer, blender, mixer grinder, vegetable chopper, fine shredder, coarse shredder, fry grater, whisking machine, and so on. Entirely made up of stainless steel, all these parts are easy to fix, remove, simultaneously, and clean. This product offers a warranty of 2 years in cases of breakage, overloading, and overheating. 

8. Butterfly Cresta Food Processor

Butterfly Cresta Food Processor
  • Capacity : 1.5 Liters
  • Power : 750 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

This Butterfly Cresta product comes with a 2 Liter stainless jar, which provides ample space for grinding at least 500gms of grains. Attached with efficient and durable blades, the device offers a smooth and fluffy mixture. 

It offers a lid made up of polycarbonate, which covers the machine during blending and maintains hygiene throughout. The product is built with a high-performance induction motor which functions at a power of 1000W. Moreover, the device incorporates a motor overload mechanism that alerts you as soon as the weight increases beyond the machine’s toleration capacity. 

You get a spatula as an additional accessory which you can use to mix and check the status of the mixture whenever you wish to. Overall, the product looks elegant and comes with a super clean finish. The Butterfly product comes at a warranty of 1 year; however, you can extend the warranty duration by paying extra 100 rs. 

9. Signoraware Supreme Food Processor

Signoraware Supreme Maxie Plus Food Processor
  • Capacity : 1.5 Liters
  • Power : 700 Watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product & 5 Years on Motor

Signorware Supreme is the classic food processor you can found in India. One of the underrated and most reliable companies, this processor is a fantastic fit for your kitchen if your cooking needs can be met with a 2L machine. 

It comes with robust blades which rotate rapidly at 2500 RPM (revolutions per minute), preparing your food in as little as 20 minutes. The stainless steel blades are easily detachable, which helps you transfer them from one container to the other and makes them easy to maintain and clean.

The device is fitted with a high torque single phase motor of 1000W, which promises the perfect grinding for your needs. The anti-shock ABS body provides the device’s strength, durability, and longer service life. 

It is the best choice to meet the daily requirements of a medium-sized family. Additionally, you get a chopper, fryer, scarper, cutter, dough kneader, and so on, vast along with the product, which saves you a lot of time and effort. This appliance comes with a warranty of 2 years. However, it is advisable to stop and let it cool down in cases of overheating. 

10. Rico FF 400W Food Processor 

Rico FF 400W Food Processor
  • Capacity : 800 ml
  • Power : 400 Watts
  • Warranty : 1 Year on Product

The Rico FF food processor is a blend of design and one of the best features in the market. Powered by a 1000W, the motor is sturdy and comes with very high torque. The device has extremely modern blades attached to it, which ensure even and perfect grinding. The stainless steel jar has a capacity of 2L which provides it enough room for effective grinding. 

The entire product is made up of food-grade plastic, which makes it healthy and safe to use. The use of Ss202 stainless steel allows versatile operations in the kitchen and helps you use it for multiple purposes. 

One unique feature of this device is its LED indicator. The indicator glows up and informs you about the electricity supply just by one look. Bajaj provides a warranty of 5 years on this product. During this period, if the device breaks down, it can be easily replaced by reaching out to customer care services. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that the device might emit noise while grinding. Under normal circumstances, the noise fades away with time. However, if it doesn’t, the motor can be replaced by the company.  

Smoothies, juices, dips, fries, and cakes are something we all love. No celebration, party, or event was ever complete without food. If you’re a food lover, you would understand the joy of sharing bites with your loved ones. However, due to our ever increasingly busy lives, it gets almost impossible to spend too much preparing different dishes. 

However, with Rico food processors, you can perform various functions ranging from slicing, chopping, blending, mashing, and so on in a single machine. Now is the time to become the master of your kitchen and bring a smile to everyone’s faces with your brilliant cooking skills. 

How To Find The Best Food Processor In India 2021?

The Importance Of A Food Processor 

A food processor’s role is vital in any kitchen, whether a vast commercial one or a small home kitchen. A powerful food processor can significantly reduce the time of prepping and make everyday chores a breeze. Below are some reasons that highlight the importance of a food processor.

Cuts down on time – Food processors greatly cut down on time by giving the cooks the luxury of not vast and simultaneously that chop, dice and puree every vegetable manually. A good quality food processor is a must for commercial shops such as fast food outlets, where time is of such great essence and orders have to be delivered in minutes. Cutting and chopping frozen meats using a serrated knife by hand is a very arduous and impossible task, while the serrated blade of a food processor can do the same in mere seconds on the fly.

Durable and long-lasting investments – The material used to manufacture most food processors is of high quality, making it a very long-lasting product and a great investment whether at home or in a commercial space. Durability highlights the importance of a food processor as a handy and time-saving product and an investment that will serve you for years to come.

Versatility – Food Processors can do just about anything in the kitchen; they and necessary investments with many attachments transform them from a pureeing machine to slicing, grating, dicing, chopping, julienning, and any other machine types. They have a wide variety of features and do a myriad of kitchen processes on their own.

Cheap/Easily Affordable – As food processors are necessary for vast and that speed nearly every middle-class home, they are built to keep the consumer’s monetary budget in mind and cater to a wide audience with low prices. They are capable of many tasks and are very durable, now getting them at a low price may just be the icing on the cake. They will save you cash in the long run; there is no doubt about that at all.

Below are the important components of a food processor that must be studied carefully and specifications about the ideal type/size.


Motor– When it comes to food processors, higher power is essential for grinding tougher ingredients faster. High the power, tougher the grains you can grind. Appliances offering the power of 1000-2000 Watts would be ideal for a food processor. Anything less than 1000W has chances of leaving behind ungrounded residue in the form of uncut fruits or vegetables. Appliances above 2000W heat up very quickly and are not a good option for electricity and voltage. 

Material– Almost all food processors are built with an ABS plastic body, making them strong, tough, and durable. Better quality materials support the structure and keep all parts of the grinder intact. Coating with food-grade engineering plastic also makes the appliances shockproof and heat resistant. Always go for machines with an ABS plastic body because they provide a longer service life. 

Jars– While looking for jars, one needs to ensure that they are made up of stainless steel. This not only makes them corrosion-free but also easier to use and clean. Jars as light as 5kg do a perfect job because they are easy to handle. Always go for big and spacious jars because they give you enough space for all the blending you want. 

Blades– It is essential to look for blades made up of stainless steel because they make them corrosion-free. Another vital factor to be cautious about is the quality of blades. It is advisable to always do a test trial before buying an appliance. 

Types of Blades

Following are a few of the popular and widely used blades that you may find in food processors.

Smooth Blades 

These blades are primarily used for making clean cuts, chopping, grinding, and slicing raw meats and a wide variety of vegetables. They are also known as the S-Shaped blade and are the most common blades in a food processor.

Serrated Blades 

These are used for pureeing and chopping vegetables and can also be used for dicing frozen meat and other frozen products. They can also be used to mincemeat that they make. A serrated blade is built specifically for cutting into hard exteriors of frozen products and pureeing.

Perforated Blades 

Perforated blades have been made exclusively for liquifying vegetables and fruits by grinding them into their liquid form. So they are also used in mixing liquids and creating liquid-based dishes like sauces, chutneys, salsa, etc. They can also be used to obtain zest from citrus fruits.

Julienne Blades 

These blades have very small and extremely sharp edges that are built to make the julienne cut. Produce such as carrots, apples, beets, and roots can be cut to make sure that they cook or marinate evenly.


Speed in food processors is measured in RPM (rotations per minute/ revolutions per minute). It refers to the number of cycles the grinding stones can make in 60 seconds. Higher the RPM, the faster the device, which means less time to grind the batter. For Indian households, machines with 2000 RPM work well and produce the desired results in around half an hour. Most food processors also have an inbuilt mechanism that speeds help you wiggle between speeds and 2, depending upon your desired ingredients. 


It is always a better option to look for machines that are compact and sleek. The smaller the size, the less space they occupy. Bigger ones take up considerable space and pose a problem when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them.

Common Questions While Buying Food Processors 

Now, we will be looking at some common questions about food processors that consumers have and doing our best to answer them.

Q. What are the different things a food processor is capable of doing?

A. As we have discussed previously, a food processor is a highly versatile machine that is capable of handily dispatching a multitude of tasks. It can do everything from chopping a vegetable to liquifying fruit. These days food processors can do these tasks easily – Slicing Vegetables, Julienning Vegetables, Chopping Vegetables, Grinding seeds or meat, Liquefying and mixing sauces, kneading dough, shredding meat, etc.

Q. Is it normal for food processors to stop abruptly midway?

A. Food processors are run by powerful motors and the bigger ones with a power of above 2000 Volt have to be used very carefully. These processors come equipped with a safety fuse that helps to minimize the risk of motor overload. If the motor is being overworked, the processor may overheat and stop midway. If this happens, you should let your processor cool down then use it in short intervals.

In case, if you wish, you can also have a look at our posts containing other appliances like sandwich makers, juicers and best mixer grinder in India which not only makes your cooking so easy but also saves your time.

Which Is The Best Food Processor In India In 2021 For You? 

This guide covers almost all factors one must look at while buying a food processor. However, there are certain factors the consumers must look up on their own. Factors like the product’s warranty, durability, checking all parts, availability of additional accessories, and conducting a test trial should be done by the consumer. 

Also, to simplify your further confusion, here are our suggestions from the above list. Firstly, I recommend Usha 3810 food processor as it is very efficient and serves you the best in all factors. Then, Morphy Richards 1000W is well known for its baking appliances. Professionals highly prefer it and the steel blades last for a long time. 

Happy shopping!

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