7 Best Earphones Under 300 In India 2021

This post lists some of the best earphones under 300 in India. In case if you are on the way to purchasing the best earphones under 300, read this till the end! 

Best Earphones Under 300
Best earphones under 300

Best Earphones Under 300 In India 2021

1. Philips Audio SHE1505 Earphone

In my personal view, the Philips Audio SHE1505 is the best earphone under 300 in India 2021. Philips is a brand that we all are familiar with. It includes many electronic earphones like straighteners, irons, hairdryers, and many more. But it has also started the manufacture of earphones under a certain budget but does not compromise on characteristics of features. The 10mm drivers produce the perfect bass to every sound that is passed through the earphone. 

The earphone is designed in the color black that looks very chic. They can be used when you want to add that extra bass to your music and take it to a whole another level. It also has the characteristics of blocking all unwanted noise prevailing in your surroundings, thus giving you complete privacy even if you are walking through heavy traffic. 

The built-in controls allow the listeners to switch between music and call with just one tap. The depth of the earphone is also notable. The premium metallic finish of the earbuds looks very elegant and classy. The earphone comes with interchangeable earbuds according to different sizes of the consumers. 

2. Boult Audio BassBuds Earphone

The Boult Audio BassBuds is one of the premium earphones under 300 in India. The earphones have a very intriguing design that looks very stylish and contemporary. These are designed to deliver punchy bass as well as balanced sound. Along with the balanced sound, it also produces detailed sound. It means that the attention to detail by the earphone is superbly done. 

The design, along with being chic, is also compact which can be put in a pocket and carried anywhere. Not only the earphone looks stylish, but it is also made with a material that lasts longer and does not affect the internal parts of the earphone. The snug fit system of the earphone prevents it from falling off from the ear again and again. The material of the cable is also very strong and sturdy. 

The passive noise cancellation technology is also imbibed in the earphone that isolates you and gives you the benefit of having a noise-free conversation even during peak traffic hours. The in-line control system makes the functions very easy to control. With just one click, you can either reject or pick a call.

3. Ptron Pride Lite Earphone

Ptron Pride Lite is an affordable earphone you can buy for under 300 in the market. Ptron is an emerging brand in the market of earphones. Though it’s a beginner, it has many characteristics that will leave you in awe of the earphone. The earphone is designed in the color blue, which for starters looks very new and interesting. It also looks like a bold color at first, but then it may grow on you. The overall body of the earphone looks very metallic that gives the earphone a sturdiness. 

The stereo earphones provide the immersive sound quality that makes you feel like dancing wherever you are. The weight of the earphone is very light and can be carried everywhere with you. Once plugged in, you will not even feel if the earphones are really there are not. The neodymium magnets will keep the earbuds together without letting them go very far from each other. 

You can easily control calls, music playlists, and volume by tapping on the multi-functional button provided on the side of the earphone. This also enables you to talk hands-free. It means you can have a conversation while walking and doing any other preferred activity. 

4. WeCool W001 Snug Fit Earphone

WeCool W001 Snug Fit is the latest addition to our best earphones under the 300 list. WeCool, just like the name suggests, is a cool and stylish earphone that offers some of the most beneficial characteristics that help us in our everyday life. The earphone is designed in black, which can go with any outfit and looks very casual. The earphones are quite lightweight and do not feel any weight around your ear. The sound system is also very effective and immersive. 

You can easily prevent any kind of noise from entering the earphones. This is possible with the help of the noise isolation technique that the Best Earphones Under 500 offer. The earphone comes with a case in which you can keep the earphones out of any harm’s way. This earphone is compatible with any device as long as the device has a port in which the earphones can be inserted. It also offers IPX4, which is known for being water and sweat-resistant. 

5. Zebronics Zeb-Calyx Earphone

Zebronics Zeb calyx is another amazing earphone one can get for under 300 in India 2021. 

Zebronics is a relatively new brand that has been coming up with many earphones models that look very stylish and offer many utilitarian benefits. The earphone is designed in the color white that adorns a metallic body which prevents the earphones from getting damaged at any point in time. This earphone is available in two colors, black and white, that look very stylish. 

The cable of the earphone is quite strong and sturdy. It is also pretty long-lasting and ensures that the earphone will not break at any cost. The 10mm drivers produce a high bass that is much needed for any music track. The in-line controls help in talking hands-free without even taking the phone out of the bag. This multi-function button helps in changing track, playing and pausing the music, and even rejecting calls. 

6. Edict By Boat Strikers EEP01 Earphone 

The Edict EE01 is a very powerful earphone under 300 designed in the color blue that looks very chic and contemporary. The 10mm drivers ensure that you will get powerful bass in every sound that passes through the earphones. The lightweight characteristic of the earphone enables you to use them every day without feeling any pain in the ear or the ear canal. The jack is 3.5mm gold plated, which is very strong and sturdy. 

The microphone that is incorporated in the earphones enables you to make calls hands-free. The in-line functions that are instilled in the earphone make controlling all the functions very easy to use. You can easily activate the voice assistant by just pressing long on the multi-functional button. The length of the cable is perfect for you to stroll around without having the earphone taken out from the connected device. 

7. Miniso Pea Earphone 

Miniso Pea earphone is a recent launch from Miniso under 300 in 2021. Miniso is a brand that manufactures some very aesthetic items which are also very high on functional characteristics. This earphone has a very high comfort functionality. The earphone is designed in the light color blue, which is very high on aesthetic. The earbuds are made of silicone that gives additional comfort to the ear when inserted inside. The earphone can be connected to many devices. 

The HD microphone ensures that you get a crystal clear calling system without any disturbances. This Miniso earphone is also available in five colors which are unique and different. It can also be used while working out, and it will not affect the internal system even if it gets in contact with sweat. The multi-functional button enables you to take or reject calls, volume, and control the music playlist. 

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Which Is The Best Earphone Under 300 In India 2021? 

These were the best earphones under 300 that will provide you with many functional benefits useful in daily life. Owning a set of earphones has become a necessity these days as it provides privacy while traveling, eases the pain of keeping your phone to your ear while talking, and many more. We went ahead and suggested one of the earphones that we think you should consider buying. 

The Boult Audio BassBuds is one of the premium earphones among the other earphones. This one will be worth your money as it offers a wide range of connectivity options. So what are you waiting for? Grab them and start grooving now. 

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