10 Best Earbuds Under 4000 In India 2023

Are you searching for the best earbuds under 4000? 

This article covers some of the best earbuds under 4000 in India, and these models are curated after a lot of research. So let’s jump in! 

Best Earbuds Under 4000 In India 2023

1. Jabra Elite 65T Earbuds 

In my honest opinion, the Jabra Elite is the best earbuds available for under 4000 in India in 2023. 

Earbuds have become a necessity these days. Almost everyone has different earbuds that help them achieve their needs and wants. The Jabra Elite 65T is one such product that showcases the excellent quality and pretty budget-friendly features. The product offers brilliant sound quality with the claims of a long-lasting system. 

The earbuds can last for 5 hours on a single charge with an additional charge of 15 hours with the help of the charging case. With the help of the Jabra Elite, one can easily take calls from home. The product takes pride in its maximum productivity, where you can work all day long without worrying about draining the battery and having to charge again and again. 

Sometimes you wish to adjust the music preference according to your choice, but that is impossible due to certain limitations. But you can do that very quickly with the help of the Jabra Sound+ Equaliser, where you can control the music according to your taste. 

2. Cross Beats Evolve Earbuds 

Cross Beats Evolve is a premium earbud you can buy for under 4000 in India. Due to the pandemic, we cannot attend live concerts. A live concert is incomparable to any feeling in the world. But what if we said you could get the feeling of a live concert by just sitting in your home? That’s right! With the help of CrossBeats Evolve, you can get the feel of a concert by just plugging in your earbuds. 

You can guarantee to have the best listening experience. The design of the earbuds is India’s first-ever Secure Canal Fit. This means that the earbuds fit in your ear canal perfectly. The product offers boosted bass effects that elude the epitome of perfect sound quality. The product offers a playtime of 24 hours to use the buds all day long for various activities. 

The CrossBeats Evolve comes with IPX4, where you don’t have to worry about spilling water or coffee on your earbuds. The IPX4 technology protects your buds from any watery surface, ensuring that it has a long life with the best quality. 

3. Hammer Solo Pro Earbuds 

Hammer Solo Pro is the affordable earbuds one can look for under 4000 in the market. Another earbud that we think would be beneficial for you is that it will help you in every way possible. The earbuds are designed in the color black with 10mm drivers that provide a 360-degree experience when it comes to listening. Each bud comes with a powerful dual-mic that will help you take calls even during the busiest hour of the day. 

The connectivity of the earbuds is strong, with a 10m range. The advanced Bluetooth technology V5.0 ensures faster connectivity and lower power consumption. The battery offers 3-4 hours with each bud and an additional battery percentage of 15 hours with the help of the charging case. The charging case is dustproof and safe, so you can carry it everywhere. 

Other features included in the product are highly beneficial for every consumer. The earbuds are suitable for all Android and iOS devices. The product is water-resistant so that you can wear it to any workout and walk. The enhanced bass increases the listening experience whenever you want to. 

4. Mi True Wireless Earbuds 

Mi True wireless is an excellent earbud under 4000 from Mi in India. Mi is a brand that has been a maverick for many different phone models. But it has been showcasing some high-quality features in its earbuds. The Mi True Wireless offers high fidelity audio experience where you can plug in and feel real music that feels natural and restores its textures and details. The AAC audio codec technology ensures that the audio quality is not harmed. 

The noise cancellation imbibed in each bud helps achieve the perfect phone calls without any background noise that generally disturbs the phone call between two people. The product can go up to 5 hours on a single charge. But that’s not all! With the help of a charging case that is sleek and compact, you can get the music for up to 20 hours. The charging case makes the product easy to recharge. 

The product is considered to be lighter than an A4 size paper. This makes the product easy to carry. AI technologies like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri are highly compatible with earbuds. With just one simple touch, you can easily activate the above-mentioned AI facility.

5. Blaupunkt Germany’s BTW01 Earbuds  

Blaupunkt BTW01 is the latest earbuds under 4000 from Blaupunkt. Originating from Germany, Blaupunkt is an iconic brand that prides itself on top-notch manufacturing earbuds. The BTW01 offers the smallest earbud with the most compact case that helps charge the buds whenever the battery dies. The high stereo definition helps in providing perfect audio quality. The pleasant listening experience will surely be worth every penny of yours. 

The Best Earbuds under 5000 in India 2021 is designed in black color that looks chic and contemporary. The BTW01 is installed with silicon mic technology. With the help of this technology, you can have flawless conversations even if you are surrounded by heavy traffic.

The product comes with a charging pod of a 590mAh battery that will last throughout the day. This allows the earbuds to charge at least 3 times before charging themselves. 

Change the music or pick a call; all you have to do is gently tap on either of the buds. By tapping gently on the buds, one can get long-lasting life of the buds compared to hard taps. This feature also activates Google Assistant and Siri without opening your device. 

6. Boat Airdopes 701ANC Hybrid Earbuds 

Boat Airdopes 701 ANC Hybrid is the most popular earbuds from Boat under the 4000 price range. The boat has been in the market for quite a long time and has gained immense popularity due to its trustworthy and reliable products. The Airdopes Hybrid is one such product from the brand that will be worth it. The earbuds are specially designed for noise cancellation and guarantee that no noise will pass through them. 

Two features set this product apart: the Beast Mode and Crystal Mode. You can activate the Beast Mode when you want to play any game or experience a 360-degree gaming experience. If you wish to listen to ambient sound, you can plug in the Crystal Mode. These two modes offer different features that will be helpful to every person. 

The BoAt product offers 28 hours of total playback with the charging case and 5.5 hours solely on the earbuds. The fast charge system ensures that you get a proper performance with just 5 mins of charge. The IPX7 assures that your phone is protected from water and sweat. This enables you to use the product while working out without worrying about the consequences. 

7. Noise Buds Play V2 Earbuds 

Noise as a brand is quite popular in the earbuds market. Noise Buds Play V2 is the latest addition to our best earbuds under the 4000 list in India 2023. The products offered by this brand elude class and contemporariness. The Buds Play V2 comes in black color that looks very modern. The product provides a Quad mic. Each bud is supported with 2 mics that enhance your calling experience. It also has the feature of Environmental Noise Cancellation. 

The technology of Noise Cancellation ensures that no background noise passes through the earbuds. On a single charge, the earbuds offer a playback of 5 hours, and with the help of the charging case, it ensures 25 hours of playback. This way, you can carry the charging case as it is compact and allows you to use the buds all day long. 

Another feature that takes this product to the next level is the Smart in-ear detection system. This system detects the action and pauses or plays accordingly without having you do it manually. You can also pair the buds with Google-based Android via Google-fast pair. The listener can also reset the buds when needed within seconds. 

8. Lenovo HT10 Earbuds 

Lenovo HT10 is a newly launched earbud under the 4000 category in India 2023. Lenovo is a brand that we all associate with laptops and tablets. But it has manufactured earbuds that will provide amazing features within a budget. The product comes in the color black with a sleek charging case. The charging case displays the battery percentage on the outer side. The sound quality of the HT10 is immersive with extensive accuracy. 

The bass system of the product is something everyone should have. The product can be used brilliantly while walking, running, trekking, cycling, and many more outdoor activities. The product’s comfort ensures you can wear them at any point of the day for however long you wish to wear them. The Bluetooth 5.0 assures that there is a minimum audio lag while playing any music. 

The product offers auto-pairing and master-slave switching. The product range is up to 10m and 20m without any obstacles. The HD sound quality ensures that the bass produced by the music is of high quality. The HT10 can go for 8 hours after charging for just 2 hours. This product is compatible with any Android and iOS device.

9. Boompods Boombuds Earbuds 

BoomPods is the next brand we have added to our under 4000 lists. The product is pretty compact and can be easily fitted in any pocket and carried anywhere. This makes it very easy to use. The BoomBuds are designed in the color black with interchangeable ear tips. This makes the earbuds look new whenever you change the ear tip to a different color. 

The product is equipped with IPX4 technology. This technology makes sure that the earbuds are protected from sweat and water. So the next time you wish to use your BoomPods while working out, do it without any hesitation. The fit of the earbuds is of excellent quality. They are designed so that any person of any age can wear them without worrying about them falling off your ear. 

Whenever we purchase any electronic product, we see the battery life of the product. The longer the battery lasts, the higher the chances that the product will also last. In this case, on a single charge, you can get 5 hours of continuous play with an additional playback of 15 hours with the help of the charging case. 

10. Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Earbuds 

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is our last choice under 4000 in 2023. As we all know, Nokia is famous for its various models of phones that have been on the market for generations. But the brand did not stop at manufacturing just phones. They have started producing different earbuds that showcase outstanding battery life. Speaking of battery life, with the purchase of this product, you can get a battery life of up to 35 hours! 

That’s not it. With the help of IPX7, the product can remain under 1m of water for 30 minutes! That is more water-resistant than any other product on the list. You can connect the Power Earbuds Lite to any device with the inculcation of Bluetooth 5.0. This makes it easy to connect wherever you go without worrying about any particular device. 

Certain earbuds start itching in your ears after a specific amount of time. But that is not the case with these earbuds. The product is designed so that you won’t feel any pressure or pain even after using the earbuds for a long time. Another aspect of the design is that the colors are inspired by nature, making the product even more attractive. 

Image Credits: Mi

Which Are The Best Earbuds Under 4000 In India 2023? 

We included the ten best earbuds under 4000. But we think that it needs to be streamlined further. So here are our three most recommended products from the list itself: 

The CrossBeats Evolve will provide the feeling of being in the concert by just sitting at home. If you prefer contemporary style, then the Boat Airdopes 701ANC are just made for you. 

And last but not least, the Nokia Power Earbuds will be water-resistant like no other product on the list. Now, what are you waiting for? Purchase any one of these and enjoy non-stop music!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best earbuds to buy for under 4000?

The Jabra Elite 65T and Crossbeats evolve are the best earbuds you can own. The Jabra Elite 65T is equipped with brilliant sound quality; meanwhile, the Crossbeats Evolve earbuds are a premium pick product. 

Are Jabra Elite 65T earbuds any good?

The Jabra Elite 65T earbuds are the best earbuds that you can get in 2023. These budget-friendly futuristic earbuds can offer excellent sound quality and an extended battery backup in addition to the charging case.

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