6 Best Earbuds Under 2000 in India 2023

The TWS earbuds are no longer a new segment in the market as there are several earbuds in India! But how do you buy the best earbuds under 2000? 

So we are here to help you choose the best earbuds under 2000, even under the budget segment. In this article, we have personally bought and tested earbuds from brands like Oppo, Realme, Noise, Boult, etc., to find the best. Read on. 

Best Earbuds Under 2000 In India 2023

1. Realme Buds Q2s

Realme Buds Q2s design reminds me of the previously released Realme Buds Q, and what I liked the most about here is the compact size which sits in my pocket perfectly. The charging case is transparent, glossy, and gives a premium look. On the other hand, the bottom of the case has a metallic finish, and I always fear that it may get scratched easily when I accidentally put it down.  

Realme Buds Q2s come in three colors: paper green, night black, and paper white. And my favorite here is the paper white, so I have chosen that. There is a USB type C charging port at the back side of the case and a tiny LED indicator on the front side, which helps me know the charging status. 

Moving to the Realme Buds Q2s earpiece, they are lightweight, and I felt very comfortable even wearing them for two to four hours. Additionally, they sit perfectly in the ears, and I did not fear the earbuds falling. I could notice the touch surface area (which lets me play or pause, move to the next track and attend incoming calls) at the front side of the Realme Buds Q2s. 

Furthermore, the Realme Buds Q2s come with IPX4 water-resistant feature that makes me travel freely without any worries, even during rains and dusty areas. Mainly I could feel that the brand has tried its best to bring the best audio quality, and as a result, the sound quality of Realme Buds Q2s is much better than the previous versions. Added that, the Dolby atmos enhances the feel while I hear melodies during nighttime travel. 

Realme Buds Q2s is equipped with ENC technology, but I could say that the call quality is not the best. The voice over the calls was clear and loud when I was inside the office. But when I was traveling or in traffic, the opponent could not hear my voice clearly as it also gave him the surrounding noise. Anyhow, I felt that it is appreciable for its price range.  

I have no complaints about the battery life of Realme Buds Q2s. Yes, the earbuds with 10 minutes of fast charging offer me a playback time of about 90 minutes. And almost I observed that the brand proves what it promises. I got a battery time of around 24 to 26 hours on real-time usage. 

Lastly, the Realme Buds Q2s has Bluetooth 5.2 technology, supports SBC and AAC codecs, and I have not faced any latency issues. Thanks to the Realme Link App, it helps me quickly access the earbuds using my phone. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and the good thing is it is not junked with many features. 

2. OPPO Enco Buds

OPPO Enco Buds was launched after the brand received a lot of positive feedback for the previously released TWS. These OPPO Enco Buds have a simple, comfortable design but gave me a professional look. The brand has come up with two color options, blue and white, from which I bought white. 

The entire case and the earbuds have a glossy finish. The charging case weighs about 37 grams and is suitable for carrying in the shirt pocket. Similarly, the earbuds are compact and have less weight. And what I appreciate here is the earbuds did not fall when I shook my head while hearing the songs. In addition, the OPPO Enco Buds provide me ultra comfort even when I have them in my ears for long hours. 

I could not see any unique or dedicated buttons for pairing, but I was able to connect to the smartphones right after I took the earbuds out of the case. The OPPO Enco Buds have a unique touch surface that lets me access gaming mode, play a song, move to the previous music, etc. 

There is a microphone placement at the earbuds’ stem, and I liked the call quality through these. However, I noticed that these OPPO Enco Buds, similar to other earbuds in the range, offer a moderate call quality when I am outside. Otherwise, the voice quality in indoor calls was clear and refined. 

Coming to my favorite part of OPPO Enco Buds, the sound quality, I could confidently say that the sound quality is good and better than a few other local brands in the market. I could hear the lyrics clearly; even the treble was higher than I expected in these earbuds. 

The OPPO Enco Buds do not have extraordinary noise cancellation, but that was not an issue for me. I got an amazing sound quality when I kept the volume at the highest without enabling any bass modes. I had no problems with connectivity until now, as the earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.2 technology. 

With a low latency of about 80 ms, the OPPO Enco Buds also work well for gaming. Hey Melody is the compatible app, allowing me to modify the control settings of the earbuds. Besides, I did not see any sensor or auto-detection modes for pausing the music. 

Having a 400 mAh case battery in the OPPO Enco Buds, I felt more convenient for my daily use. The brand claims that the earbuds will give a life of about 6 hours, and the case can charge it three to four times. I am completely satisfied that I got around 5 hours when I hear songs with 70 percent volume in real-time.  

3. boAt Airdopes 181 Earbuds

The case of the boAt Airdopes 181 Earbuds is small and has a glossy finish. It is of plastic build, but it does not look cheap. I must share the fantastic color options in these earbuds – cool grey, carbon black, deep blue, and spirit white. 

I saw a LED indicator that makes me know the pairing status, a USB type C port that can be used for charging, and a unique reset button for resetting the earbuds. Most importantly, the boat Airdopes 181 Earbuds being a weight of about 2.9 grams, makes me confused about whether I am wearing it in my ears or not. So I thoroughly enjoyed using the earbuds during travel and workouts. 

Additionally, the boat Airdopes 181 Earbuds has an IPX4 resistant rating, making me travel freely without worrying about drizzles, pouring rain, or dust. I noticed the touch surface and microphone present at each earbud. Hence these microphones, together with the ENX technology, offer me a decent performance during calls. When I tested by attending an incoming call, the opponent could not even find that I was speaking with the help of the boat Airdopes 181 Earbuds. 

As we already tested a few boAt products, this boAt Airdopes 181 Earbuds never disappoints us regarding audio quality. The bass was superb, and it enhanced the music effect. I could note that the trebles, vocals, and songs were crystal clear and suited well for me. Finally, I could say that the sound quality of boAt Airdopes 181 Earbuds was my favorite feature, and I started taking it to my gym daily. 

Talking about the battery time, I observed that the boat Airdopes 181 Earbuds took only 1.5 hours for a single charge. One beneficial feature I found here is with 10 minutes of charging time, I can get 90 minutes of battery time. Also, when we tested with boAt Airdopes 181 Earbuds, we got 16 to 18 hours which is almost equal to the brand claimed time (20 hours). 

Regarding connectivity, the boat Airdopes 181 Earbuds shocked me as it connects instantly with my smartphone with the help of Bluetooth 5.2 technology. The 10 m range and the supportive SBC and AAC codecs offer a stable connection. 

There is a special beast mode where I enjoy playing games and watching movies, and I never faced any latency problems with a low latency of about 60 ms. This is appreciable about boAt Airdopes 181 Earbuds as most brands have never provided this low value. 

4. Boult Audio AirBass X1 Buds

The Boult Audio AirBass X1 Buds has a stylish design, giving me a rich look. The case is solid enough and suitable for rough handling. However, I found it easier to open the lid with a single hand. Also, I noted a USB type C port in the case, which is responsible for charging. 

Coming to the significant part, the earbuds are small, and the in-canal design perfectly sits inside my ears. I observed an LED indicator at the earbuds’ stem, which helped me know the connectivity status. Like other earbuds, these Boult Audio AirBass X1 EarBuds are compatible with iOS, windows, and android phones. 

The touch controls on the Boult Audio AirBass X1 EarBuds are sensitive and work well (for playing or pausing, changing the next track or previous track, accessing voice assistant or different modes) during my usage. Along the stem, I saw three microphones located, which helped me during phone calls. 

Thankfully the Boult Audio AirBass X1 Buds come with IPX5 water-resistant feature, so there is no need to worry about the earbuds getting damaged while you drench in the pouring rain or dust and dirt. I had a good experience with Boult Audio AirBass X1 Buds while listening to music and the unique ENC technology eliminates all the surrounding noise. As a result, you can hear songs or watch Netflix without any disturbances. 

Additionally, the Boult Audio AirBass X1 EarBuds is equipped with extra bass, which enhances the audio quality further. I found that the rebels, vocals, and loudness were very clear, and I did not have any complaints. It is said that the earbuds offer a battery time of about 6 hours, and the case can charge it up to four times. And so you will get a total of 24 hours! 

I am happy that the Boult Audio AirBass X1 Buds almost give me the exact time during my day-to-day use. Another beneficial feature I noted in the earbuds is a fast charging method where I got around 100 minutes of battery time when I charged the Boult Audio AirBass X1 EarBuds for 15 minutes. 

Let me say about the connectivity now; the Boult Audio AirBass X1 Buds has auto pairing technology that suddenly surprises me by connecting with my smartphone. On top of that, the earbuds have the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Finally, I think this Boult Audio AirBass X1 earbuds excel in the call quality under this range. This is because I got a clear experience outdoors during both the voice and video calls. And the same with my opponent without any signal and loudness issues.  

5. Noise Air Buds Plus

I think there is not much difference between the Noise Air Buds Plus and the previously released Noise Air Buds in terms of design. The charging case is sturdy, and it is compact enough to cover using your palms. The build quality is appreciable, and I get a clicky sound when I open the lid with a single hand. 

I could notice a charging port at the bottom part of the case and a reset button at the backside for factory resetting the earbuds. The remarkable thing I observed is it comes with less weight of about 35 grams, so the Noise Air Buds Plus became my travel partner. 

There is something special about the Noise Air Buds Plus: I noticed the stem is smaller when compared to the other earbuds, and I liked this design very much. Besides, the in-ear design makes me comfortable for fit, and it does not fall out easily. 

With the availability of 6 mm drivers in the Noise Air EarBuds Plus, I got a decent audio experience. At the top of the earbuds, I could see the placement of touch controls and LED indicators. During my testing, the touch controls are sensitive, and I can access the playlist and phone calls without needing my smartphone. 

Anyhow you cannot expect a high-quality experience with the bass effect, but I could say that this is neither the best nor the worst. I used this Noise Air EarBuds Plus for hearing songs during travel, gym, and watching web series. I got a good performance as I love to hear medium bass. In case you expect more, this is not for you. 

The Earbuds Under 3000 come with microphones at the base area, which helped me a lot during phone calls. The only thing I faced here was lags if I had network issues during imo calls. Besides that, everything was fine with the audio and video calls, indoor and outdoor. I found it simple to connect with my tablet as the Noise Air Buds Plus comes with Bluetooth 5.0. Over and above that, the earbuds support SBC and AAC codecs. In terms of latencies, I found none while streaming online movies and youtube. 

Moving to the battery life of Noise Air Buds Plus, let me say the unique benefit first. The Noise Air Buds Plus is designed with insta charge technology which makes me enjoy 80 mins of battery time with 8 minutes of charging. This helped me in many situations when I forgot to charge the earbuds the previous day. 

In a real-time scenario, I got around 18 hours of battery time with the Noise Air Buds Plus, and I heard songs, watched Netflix, and browsed youtube during use. Also, I found that the Noise Air EarBuds Plus took only 2 hours for a complete charge.  

6. Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds 

The case of Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds has a matte finish, and the build quality is robust. I felt the case is a little bigger than the others, but it is suitable for carrying for a journey. The earbuds, at first sight, look like a button model, but they completely use touch controls for operations. 

The brand has come up with a small innovation in ports; I can see USB type A and USB type C ports at the base, which helps charge the case. Also, the brand proves what it has said regarding the monopod sound quality. When I tested the monopod feature, it surprised me, and the rap beats sound better with the bass effects. 

I found the trebles, vocals are good, and the music sound is loud enough to enjoy the lyrics. Finally, I could say that the 6 mm drivers are at their best for the price range. My favorite part of the Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds is the call quality. It is extraordinary that the person sitting nearer to me could hear the voice in my call even when I kept it at medium volume. Also, the opponent in the call experiences better, and there are no noise issues. 

When it comes to latency, I have no problems, and I can play games as well as hear songs with a low latency mode. Furthermore, I have not faced any connectivity issues as the Bluetooth strongly and quickly pairs with the phone. The good part here is that it connects within seconds. 

Let us look at the battery life of Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds. It offers me 4.5 hours when I use the earbuds for hearing Spotify with 80 percent volume. Luckily I got around 100 minutes of playback time when I charged the earbuds for about 10 minutes. 

Another benefit you can get from Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds is that the charging case can charge the earbuds about three to four times. The brand Boult claims that the earbuds will offer 6 hours of battery time, and on the whole, you can enjoy 120 hours of playback time. 

Which Is Your Best Earbuds Under 2000?

Considering the features and quality of the earbuds, I think Realme Buds Q2s is worth considering in the list. I recommend this because the realme earbuds come with excellent battery life, good audio quality, perfect comfort, and even have more features than others in the list under this 2k range. 

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