7 Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2023

The wireless earbuds are becoming more popular in the market, and, thankfully, it is available under every budget these days. As per my guess, if you are on the hunt for the best earbuds under 1500, then we have something for you. 

In this article, we are going to list the best earbuds under 1500, which we have personally bought and tested their various features. So have a look below without skipping any products. 

Best Earbuds Under 1500 In India 2023

1. boAt Airdopes 141

I really liked the minimalistic design of boAt Airdopes 141, and the case has a matte finish which helps me maintain the earbuds scratch free. There are four LED indicators on the front side that notifies me about the battery status of the charging case. I noticed a USB type C port, useful for charging at the base area. 

The angular-shaped earbuds have a stem design, and regarding comfort, the boat Airdopes 141 sits exactly into the ears proving me ultra comfortable. The stem encompasses the touch surface at the top, which I found to work well while playing or changing the music track in the playlist. 

The IPX4 water-resistant earbuds come with 8 mm drivers, and I think the bass is not so high compared to other boat models. Anyhow the bass is moderate, and the different tones (like trebles, mids, lows, and vocals) are perfect in this boat Airdopes 141. Even though the boat Airdopes 141 has ENx technology, I found the call quality is average for outdoors. The voice was crystal clear when there was no outside noise or disturbances, but you will not face a high quality when you are in traffic. 

One such good thing in boAt Airdopes 141 is the instant pairing technology which makes me connect to my devices right after when I open the charging case lid. Further, as there is Bluetooth 5.1 technology, I have no issues regarding connectivity and pairing. 

boAt Airdopes 141 comes with a low latency of about 80 ms, and when I played games on the Samsung tablet and heard songs, I did not have any issues. The significant advantage of boAt Airdopes 141 is its battery life. The 600 mAh battery in the case gets charged within 2 hours, and I got around 40 hours of playtime in regular use. Also, the 30 mAh battery in the earbuds gets charged within an hour, and the fast charging technology will provide you 75 minutes of battery time when you charge for 5 minutes.  

2. Noise Buds Vs104

Noise Buds Vs104 case is full of plastic and has a matte coating on the exterior. The charging case is tiny, so it fits into the pocket perfectly. I felt very comfortable wearing the earbuds as it provides a grip for fitting. Moreover, the stem design comprises a touch surface, which is very useful for controlling the earbuds while hearing songs. 

There are LED lights to indicate the charging status of the case. The design of the Noise Buds Vs104 is pretty good except for the hinges, which I felt to be low compared to others. 

Noise Buds Vs104 is built with 13 mm drivers, and there was a very high bass here. As a result, the extreme bass overtakes the vocals and trebles in the music. Otherwise, the sound quality and the effects are good. Therefore you can see the difference while watching videos in this Noise Buds Vs104. 

During my usage, I got around 5 hours of battery time with the earbuds when I used them with maximum volume. I found it helpful when the charging case took only 90 minutes for a complete charge; similarly, the earbuds took only 60 minutes. Also, the charging case is claimed to offer 24 hours of playtime. 

Similar to the previous earbuds, this Noise Buds Vs104 has insta charge technology; with 10 minutes of charging, you can enjoy 150 minutes of playtime. Although the earbuds did not come with noise cancellation or other features, the call quality is simply superb. The voice over the calls was clear enough to hear even in outside places. 

I could not notice any dedicated latency modes in Noise Buds Vs104. But the inbuilt Bluetooth 5.3 technology helps me pair with the devices and enjoy music with low latency. I observed 130 to 150 ms latency while playing games, but it did not bother me. Last but not least, the touch controls perform well and help access voice assistants, play, pause, change soundtracks, reject calls, and so on. 

3. boAt Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds come with an ergonomic design, and it is very small so they will be your perfect travel partner. It weighs only 38 grams and is one of the super lightweight earbuds in recent times. The charging case is made of plastic, but I felt the sturdiness. 

Opening the case, I could find a small digital display that helps me know the battery’s status anytime. The boAt Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds are made of silicone, and it has never disappointed me in terms of comfort. Three color options are available: black, steel blue, and pink. 

During my usage, the boat Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds gave me excellent audio quality as they contained 8 mm, audio drivers. Moreover, when I tested with the mono stereo mode, the earbuds performed well, and I could only say that this is one of the best features in this price segment. 

The brand promises that the earbuds will last for about 3.5 hours, and as per that, I got around 30 percent battery left even after I watched a series for about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Differently, the boat Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds have a micro USB port, whereas the recent earbuds come with a USB type C port. 

The boAt Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds case can charge the earbuds up to three times, and I found that the case took almost 3 hours for a single charge. The case will offer a battery time of about 11 hours. 

Built with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the boat Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds help me connect with my phones and tablets seamlessly. In contrast with other earbuds, I noticed buttons for controlling the earbud functions like accessing voice assistant, playing or pausing songs, attending or rejecting calls, and so on. 

There are dual microphones in the earbuds so I could enjoy incoming voice and video calls in the boat Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds. However, the call quality will be average if you are in heavy traffic with more horns and noises. 

4. boat Airdopes 121 PRO Earbuds

The boat Airdopes 121 PRO case has a simple design and average build quality. The earbuds use a stem design and what impressed me here is the perfect length of the stem, which did not disturb me while wearing continuously. But the magnetic grip is of delicate build, and the earbuds did not fall when I tested. 

The brand has provided an IPX4 resistant rating for the boat Airdopes 121 PRO Earbuds which helps me stay free without worrying about water splashes, dirt, and dust. I noted a digital display on the front side of the case to know the charging status. 

Likewise, at the bottom of the case is a USB type C charging port and a dedicated button for pairing with the devices. As expected, the brand boat again proves its signature sound in this boat Airdopes 121 PRO Earbuds with the help of 10 mm drivers. I had a great experience hearing songs in online apps, but the bass was decent. 

Boat Airdopes 121 PRO comes with Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which impressed me by connecting with my phone once I opened the case lid. There is a unique gaming mode that can be accessed using the touch controls of the earbuds. Also, the touch surface is very sensitive and perfect for regular usage. 

Regarding call quality, I was delighted with boat Airdopes 121 PRO Earbuds. With the help of microphones on the earbuds, there is enough loudness and high clarity in voice, even outdoors. Besides, the ENx and noise cancellation technology eliminate the outside noise and provide a transparent experience during calls. 

The boat Airdopes 121 PRO Earbuds come with ASAP charging technology; you can enjoy 60 minutes of playtime with 5 minutes of charging time. Furthermore, when I tested with the 40 mAh battery of earbuds, I got around 3 hours of playback time. And an impressive part here is the earbuds took only 30 minutes for a complete charge. With the help of the charging case, you can enjoy 40 hours of battery time in this Best Earbuds Under 2000. 

5. Boult Audio AirBass Z20 Earbuds

Boult Audio AirBass Z20 has a unique design which I found to be better than other boult models. The charging case comes with a matte finish and is compact; it is effortless to carry to all places. I could notice a USB type C port for charging and a LED light indicator. 

I am not satisfied with the build quality of the Boult Audio AirBass Z20. The case is not so solid, and the earbuds’ magnetic grips, too. So you have to be careful while handling the case. Twice during my use, one of the earbuds fell from the case when I shook. 

The stem design earbuds come with IPX5 water resistant feature so they can withstand water splashes or sweats during workouts. I experienced an impressive audio quality in Boult Audio AirBass Z20 earbuds. Even the vocals, trebles, mids, and lows are perfectly balanced. 

The Bluetooth 5.1 technology in the earbuds makes it connect with all sorts of devices (windows, iOS, and Android). Additionally, the call quality in Boult Audio AirBass Z20 was good when I stayed indoors, and it made me listen to the opponent’s voice clearly. This is mainly because of the earbuds’ special ENC and Zen+ modes. 

I found the single tap, double taps, and long press works accurately and correctly helped me use the earbuds. I found no unique modes in terms of latency, and when I played a game in the Boult Audio AirBass Z20, there were slight lags. So if you are a gamer, this may be an issue, and as I am not interested in gaming, this did not bother me. 

The Boult Audio AirBass Z20 offered a battery time of about 7 hours when I continuously listened to songs and podcasts. The case is expected to provide a battery life of about 40 hours, and it can charge the earbuds up to three times.  

6. Truke Buds S1

Speaking about Truke Buds S1, my favorite feature is its design; the brand had innovatively brought a sliding mechanism in the TWS. The sliding lid has a sturdy design and gives me a rich look when I hold it in my hand. The case has a glossy finish and a digital indicator once I open the case. It notifies about the battery of the case and earbuds. 

The earbuds are small and plastic, but they do not look cheap. The best thing is earbuds weigh only 4 grams, and I feel very comfortable to wear even for three to four hours. Also, the earbuds ensure safety even in rain, dust, and dirt as it has IPX4 water resistance. 

The Truke Buds S1 has 10 mm audio drivers and AAC codec support, so I have no issues regarding the sound quality. The bass, trebles, vocals, and other tones give me an excellent experience when I listen to songs on Jio music. Even the earbuds cancel all the outside noise and offer a clear audio experience. 

The 40 mAh battery in the Truke Buds S1 lasts for around 8 to 10 hours during my real-time usage, so I have no worries about battery life. Moreover, the 500 mAh battery case has a USB C port for charging. 

The Bluetooth 5.1 feature in the Truke Buds S1 helps me connect to the smartphones within seconds. Because of the auto paring feature, I have never waited to set up a connection. The brand claims the latency is very low, about 85 ms, and it helps me play light games and watch movies without lags. 

One such area where Truke Buds S1 excels is the call quality. With special microphones and ENx technology, the earbuds offer impressive call quality outdoors. The voice was crystal clear when I talked to my friend, and he never noticed that I was speaking over the TWS. 

7. Noise Buds VS201 V2

The Noise Buds VS201 V2 case comes with an attractive matte finish, and it is so powerful that I cannot open it with a single hand. The earbuds come in in-ear style, and the build quality is superb. I noticed a touch surface panel that helps access the earbud’s functions quickly. 

Noise Buds VS201 V2 comes with a dual equalizer for enhancing the audio experience. There are two modes, basic and enhanced, which work well and offer me a good time playing and watching movies. But if you are a person who loves to enjoy deep bass, it will not suit you. This is because both the modes have bass but are not so high. 

During my use, I felt that the Noise Buds VS201 V2 is average for voice and video calls. The earbuds are okay if you are not more into calls. This is because when I tried a video call, the voice was not audible when there was poor signal strength. Other than that, the earbuds let me speak over the incoming calls when there is a high signal. 

In terms of latencies, I did not experience so many while listening to songs, watching movies, and watching web series on online platforms. But there were few lags in games when I tested, but this is only for games. So latency is not a significant issue in Noise Buds VS201 V2. 

Similar to other earbuds in the range, the Noise Buds VS201 V2 has IPX5 water resistance, and I tested it during workouts; the earbuds are safe. I observed that the earbuds took 1.5 hours to get charged entirely and lasted for around 5 hours during my use. The Noise Buds VS201 V2 case gets charged fully within two hours and can charge the earbuds almost four times. 

Which Is The Best Earbuds Under 1500?

Still confused!? Right, here is my recommendation from the above list – the boat airdopes 141, which has excellent battery life, and sturdy design and comes with all the features essential for the premium earbuds at a budget price. Most importantly, I think the boat airdopes 141 is far better than others in the market under the range.

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