10 Best Dog Food In India 2021

Dog food comes under different categories, tastes, and varieties. In that case, this article helps you to know the brief outline of the ten best dog food in India. Let us get started.

Best Dog Food In India 2021

1. Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

From my personal experience, I would recommend Pedigree as the overall best dog food in India.

Pedigree is to dogs like Amul is to humans. It is considered to be one of the best dog food producers. Adult dry food is one of the top-rated items among dog owners. It contains protein, fat, and fiber which are highly beneficial to any dog and its growth. This product is ideal for Pugs, Beagle, Labrador, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever. 

There are the following pros and cons to the product; 


  • The product helps in the growth of the dog rapidly.
  • One can easily give it to their pet in a bowl without any hassle.


  • After the product is opened, the food inside of it becomes moist and the crunchiness of the product is lost. 
  • The product is considered a bit heavy on the pocket due to which consumers are hesitant to buy the product. 

2. Meat Up Chicken Flavour Dog Food

The Meat Up Chicken Flavor Dog Food is the next best choice for dog food in India.

Meat Up Chicken is made from real chicken that will be highly beneficial to your pet. The texture of the product is crunchy, which will be loved by your pet. The primary source from the effect that your pet will get is Omega 3 and Fatty acids that help promote health.

It also has vitamins and minerals. This product is suitable for all dog breeds and comes in the form of biscuits. There are no added flavors or colors to the product. 


The effect is beneficial to small pets. 


  • More than pros, the product has cons. Many dogs have fallen sick after consuming this product. 
  • Many pet owners claim that the product is not made of real chicken and due to this reason, the food is not edible to every dog. 

3. Pedigree Puppy Dry Dog Food 

The next on the list of best dog food in India is also from Pedigree, Puppy Dry Dog Food.

This product will be helpful in the dog’s growth of strong muscles, teeth, and shinier coats. The product contains proteins, fats, and fibre that are very beneficial in any dog’s development. The Puppy Dry Food is specially made for pups that are in the process of growth. It is ideal for pugs, beagles, labradors, german shepherds, and golden retrievers. 

The pros and cons of the product are; 


  • The product is very helpful in the growth of the pup. It provides the right amount of nutrients that are required for a growing pup. 
  • The food can be combined in water or curd if the pup does not like chewing dry food. 


  • After the consumption of this product, some pup’s skin started smelling bad. 
  • If the packet is kept open, then the food can start getting contaminated which will be harmful to the pup’s health. 

4. Drools Chicken And Egg Adult Dry Dog Food 

Drools is another top brand that I would list when it comes to the dog food market. 

Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dry Food are made for adult dogs. It contains real chicken, which is tasty and healthy for your dog. The vitamins and minerals that are incorporated in the product while making. 

These nutrients will help your dog get a healthier and stronger bone system. It also helps in the digestive system of the dog. The Chicken and Egg Dry Food are beneficial to every dog breed as it is delicious and healthy. 

The pros and cons of the product are; 


  • The product is cheap and is affordable for owners who have many dogs at home. 


  • The product does not have many pros as compared to cons. 
  • Many owners claim that the product is very cheap in quality and does not suit many dogs. 
  • The product gets stale after a few days which leads to diarrhea and vomiting.

5. Drools Absolute Calcium Bone Jar Dog Food

The next best dog food from Drools that my pet loved the most is Absolute Calcium Bone Jar. As the name suggests, the product’s shape is made of bone so that the dogs enjoy their meals. The product has the correct amount of calcium and phosphorus ratio, which will help your dog grow into a healthy one.

It is easy to digest and can be consumed by any dog of different age groups. It also prevents any plague or tartar formation on the teeth of the dog. 

The pros and cons of the product are; 


The food is shaped in the form of bones that your pet will love to chew on. 

The product’s smell will attract the pets and will be highly beneficial to the dog’s health. 


After consuming the product, many dogs had digestive problems, which are quite the opposite of their claim. 

The product can be avoidable to small pups as it may lead to severe health problems. 

6. Pedigree Dentastix Medium Breed Dog Food

Pedigree Dentastix Medium Breed is my next try for my pet under the best dog food in India.

Pedigree has mastered the manufacture of dog products. Their products have the best quality in terms of nutrients and taste. Pedigree Dentastix Medium Breed is specifically made for the dental hygiene of the dog. 

The dental hygiene of any pet is most important as; if the dental health is not proper, then it affects the digestive system as well. The product is valuable for all small, medium, and large dog breeds. The unique X-shape of the product helps cleaning in between the teeth. 

The pros and cons of the product are; 


  • The product does exactly what it claims to do. The product acts as a treat as well as a cleaning tactic for the pet. 
  • It is considered to be one of the best products from Pedigree that is affordable and functional.
  • Along with being a health product, it is also a great cleaning device. 


  • Though the product acts as a cleaning device, it is limited to certain parts of the mouth. 

7. Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food 

Chappi is the next dog food on my list that most dogs love. The product is made for adult dogs specifically. Adult Dry Food provides an adequate amount of proteins that help in the growth of the pet. The fiber in the food offers a healthier digestive system. 

The natural defense of the pet is improved with the help of inculcated vitamins and minerals. The product is valuable to Pugs, Beagle, Labrador, Golden Retriever, and German Shepherd. 

The pros and cons of the product are; 


  • The food helps in improving the health of a dog with digestive and skin issues. 
  • The product acts as a complete meal for any dog. 
  • It does not have many fats which do not lead to unnecessary weight gain. 


  • The dampness of the product is quicker than other products.
  • For some dogs, the product might not be as beneficial as others.  

8. Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin, a popular dog food brand, joints the next brand in this list. 

The Maxi Adult has B1 and supports the joints of larger dogs. It also has Omega 3 and Fatty acids. The product satisfies the appetite of larger dogs like the German Shepherd and Labradors. The pros and cons of the product are; 


  • Royal Canin has a loyal consumer base in India where larger dogs are satisfied with the quality of the product. 
  • It helps in the growth of the dog. 


  • The products get imported from various countries, which may lead to damage of the product.

9. Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food 

Puppy Super Premium Dog Food is my next recommendation that is huge loved dog food, especially for puppies. 

It contains nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and Biotin, Zinc, and Vitamin E that guarantee a healthier body and a shinier coat. The grains such as rice and oats help in the better digestive system of the canine. The pros and cons of the product are; 


  • The product is free from corn and wheat, which makes the product more beneficial. 
  • It is also pretty affordable for every member of society. 


  • The size of the product is pretty small, which may lead to the swallowing of the food. 
  • The product has a powerful smell which may result in issues in some households. 

10. Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food

Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food is the next dog food brand for your puppies following the Puppy Super Dog Food.

It contains proteins, animal fats, and other essential ingredients that will improve your pet’s health. 

The product is specially produced for pups which will later be grown into adults. The pros and cons of the product are; 


  • The product is effective in the growth of many dogs from various breeds.
  • Affordable.  


  • Many pups may feel sick after its consumption. 
  • It can be avoided if the effect is negative. 


These were the best dog food options in India which can be highly beneficial to your pet no matter how old they are.

But with this, we would also like to recommend the Pedigree Denstastix, which acts like a teeth cleaner and a yummy treat for your dog. It can also be given to larger dogs. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pack and let your dog enjoy it! 

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