9 Best Desert Air Coolers In India 2021

If you are a person looking for a portable and best desert air cooler in India 2021, then you are at the right place. I have curated this list after long research from e-Commerce websites and reviews.

So, Let’s dive in!

Best Desert Air Cooler

1. Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler

Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler

Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler

  • Fills about 115 liters 
  • Consumes less power of about 185 watts
  • Multistage filtration 


An Indian product, Symphony Sumo 115 XL, is the best desert air cooler in India 2021. It consists of about 115 liters with easy fill, and it is well suitable for room sizes up to 40 square meters. 

In general, having a cooling device in your home or any place increases your power consumption, and many people avoid the cooler because of this feature!  But luckily, the Symphony Sumo 115 XL consumes less power of about 185 watts, and so you do not have to worry about the electricity bills. 

What impressed me is, it has a larger capacity and has a one-year manufacturer warranty. It comes with a simple dial knob control panel. Therefore you can switch between different modes quickly, and it does not require any special knowledge. 

Moreover, the desert air cooler contains many attractive features like allergy filters, bacteria filters, smell filters, PM 2.5 wash filters, and dust filters. Therefore you need not want to think about health as this multistage filtration protects your health from environmental hazards. 

I loved it the most because the Symphony Sumo 115 XL has honeycomb pads on three sides and a +Air fan, increasing the airflow. 

2. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler 

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler

  • Fills about 55 liters with the dimensions of 66 x 51 x 111.5 cm
  • Consumes less power of about 220 watts
  • Eliminates the manual refilling of water


Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler is the premium and best desert air cooler in India 2021. We all know that the famous brand Havels is well known for its manufacturing capability and quality appliances. 

The desert air cooler has 55 liters with the dimensions of 66 x 51 x 111.5 cm. It works with a power consumption of 220 volts, and it can operate up to 240 volts. You need not have to worry about the damages or repairs as the brand offers you a one-year warranty. 

Like other competitors, the Havells brand consists of collapsible louvers which prevent dust or any other small insects. 

The exciting feature is the autofill. It allows continuous water supply from the tap, which eliminates the manual refilling of water. 

Moreover, the three side honeycomb cooling pads have anti-erosion, anti-deformation, and hydrophilic properties. 

These pads are easy to maintain and deliver a long-lasting life by absorbing the dust particles around them. Thus you can enjoy your sleep time comfortably using Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler. 

3. Crompton Ozone 55 Litre Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler

  • Fills about 55 liters 
  • Consumes less power of about 190 watts
  • Provides one-year warranty for the product


Crompton Ozone Air Cooler is the best affordable desert air cooler in India 2021. It comes with a storage capacity of 55 liters and can deliver air up to 4200 CMH. 

You can use this cooler for rooms with sizes up to 490 square feet. Also, you can save more on your electricity bill as it has a low power consumption of about 190 W. You can observe an air throw up to 50 feet, and Crompton offers you a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

I liked the rust-free body because it is durable and does not involve any deposition of watermarks. Besides, it is easy to clean using cloth because the cooler has soft and smooth exterior construction. 

Further, it has an extraordinary inverter capability which provides unstoppable cooling on summer days even when there is no electricity, as it can connect to your home inverter quickly. 

4. Symphony Storm 70XL G Desert Cooler

Symphony STORM 70 XL Desert Tower Air Cooler 70-litres with Multistage Air Purification, Powerful Fan, 3-Side Honeycomb Pads, Automatic Swing (Grey)

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Symphony Storm is another trending and best desert air cooler in India 2021 from the brand Symphony. It is perfect for rooms with sizes up to 37 square meters. 

The new desert air cooler dominates the market as it comes with a 70-liter capacity providing uninterrupted cooling. It is a perfect mixture of convenience and comfort for you with a bundle of sleek, stylish, and elegant designs.  

What inspires me more is the water alarm, indicating you when there is a low water level in the tank. It is beneficial for me as I forget it most of the time. Similar to the competitors, the desert air cooler contains a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

The Symphony Storm desert cooler works on a dura pump technology that maintains the pump’s life, and the SMPS feature protects the device from voltage fluctuations. In contrast, what I felt to be improved in the model is the quality of the motor. I have read that many reviews state that the engine stops working after a few months of usage. 

5. Voltas Grand 72 Desert Cooler

Voltas Grand 72 Desert Cooler - 72L, Off-White

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Voltas Grand 72 is the recent and best desert air cooler in 2021 from one of the leading manufacturers globally, Voltas. It offers an air throw of up to 13.7 m so that you can enjoy the cool air even while sitting in any corner of the room. 

It is because of the three-speed fan that distributes the air uniformly throughout the room or place. With a tank capacity of 72 liters, it is well-suitable for large and medium-sized families. The desert cooler’s dimensions are 46 x 68.5 x 116.5 cm, weighing about 18 kgs. 

One of the drawbacks of the Voltas Grand 72 cooler is that the cooling stops after a certain period. That is, you will feel the cooling performance for a few hours once you switch on the desert cooler.  

This best desert air cooler also uses honeycomb cooling pads, which clean the air entirely by removing the dust particles and harmful chemicals inside the room. 

6. Usha Dynamo 50DD1 50 Litre Desert Cooler

USHA LX CD 508 Desert Cooler - 50L, White

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Usha Dynamo 50DD1 is the new desert air cooler from the traditional brand Usha, and it is the right choice in 2021 for people looking for small spaces. 

It comprises a 50-liter tank capacity and has a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. There is a particular five-blade fan that dynamically spread the air across the room. Low power consumption combining with the ability to work on an inverter helps you get cool air during power cuts.  

The Usha Dynamo 50DD1 is 20 kgs, and you can quickly move with the castor wheels at the bottom. Some of my friends reported that the water pump in the desert cooler starts leaking after a few months. Hence I felt this to be one of the disadvantages of this model. 

Moreover, with the Usha Dynamo 50DD1 desert cooler, you can experience airflow of up to 3600 cubic meters per hour. This powerful airflow increases the performance as well as enhances the cooling effects. 

7. Bajaj DC2016 67 liters Desert Air Cooler

Bajaj DC2016 67-litres Desert Air Cooler (White) - for Large Room

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Bajaj is always on the talk of the town because of its heavy and power pact performance.  Similarly, the Bajaj DC2016 is a recent addition from the brand. 

It comes with a capacity of 67 liters and is ideal for room sizes up to 750 square feet. You can feel the powerful air throw even in long distances, and it is also suitable for all climatic conditions. The dimensions are 64 x 55 x 111 cm.  

What I am not satisfied with is the sound level. It creates a lot of noise during operations, and I could not sleep peacefully at night. Even in mid-sleep, I am afraid of the noise and wake up to this. 

On the bright side, the Bajaj DC2016 consists of ice compartments for storing ice cubes, thus improving the cooling experience. Besides, the four-way air deflection ensures you the chilled air reaches every nook and corner of the room. 

8. Kenstar Cool Grande 60 LT + Powerful Desert Air Cooler

Kenstar Cool Grande 60 Litres Desert Air Cooler with remote (Inverter Compatible, KCLCGDGY060FRH-ETA, Grey)

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Kenstar Cool Grande desert cooler suits well when you are looking for room sizes of up to 45 square meters. It requires 200 watts of power to function and is equal to the operating cost of your home’s fan. 

One of the remarkable features is that it contains a handy remote. Hence it allows you to control or adjust the cooling modes from where you are in the room. Irrespective of the weight of 15500 grams, you can quickly transfer from one room to another using the castor wheels. 

In my opinion, the Kenstar Cool Grande could have come up with advanced filtration techniques and high-capacity tanks. It is my personal drawback about the model because few other top brands have brought this feature. 

Positively, you can see the honeycomb cooling pads on two sides of the Kenstar Cool Grande with high-speed air fans. These fans assure you of the superior cooling performance, which you were never dreamt of. 

9. Hindware Snowcrest 60-H/W Desert Cooler

Hindware Snowcrest Fascino 60L Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler (White)

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Hindware Snowcrest comes with a sleek and modern design containing a capacity of 60 liters. The maximum operating distance you can observe here is 3800 cubic meters per hour. 

With the presence of moving wheels, you can shift the desert cooler from office to home or somewhere according to your need. The dimensions are 63.7 x 45 x 110.2 cm. One of the important benefits is that you need not want to fill the water manually as you can connect the device to a tap for auto refilling. 

Further, there is a one-year warranty for the Hindware Snowcrest desert cooler. You can experience the chill air in every part of the room as there is a 13m air throw in the desert cooler. 

While referring to many reviews, I came across that the quality of the motor is not so good. Meanwhile, it consumes a lot of water and is enough for one day only. So it needs an improvement in this area. 

In contrast, the Hindware Snowcrest cooler connects easily to your home inverter like that of the competitors. So you can get cool air from the desert cooler even when there is no power. 

A number of leading companies are producing the best desert air cooler in India 2021. So, choosing one among them is not a cup of cake. Hence I recommend you the top three best desert air coolers in India in 2021 below, and you can select according to your need!

Which Desert Air Cooler In India 2021 Is Good For You?

Undoubtedly I suggest you the Symphony Sumo 115 XL desert air cooler as it has many outstanding features. It has a large capacity tank (115 liters), so it is ideal for small and large families. 

Luckily, this best desert air cooler in India 2021 operates significantly lower, and you need not worry about power consumption. Surprisingly, you can note that the operating cost is similar to that of your fan. Thus it is an energy-efficient desert air cooler in 2021.

Another interesting fact here is that you can use the Symphony Sumo 115 XL air cooler both indoors and outdoors, where you need to relax from the extreme heat.  

However, if you want a small capacity tank, you can go for Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler. It has a 55-liter storage capacity and comes with many innovative features. It has a specially designed fan that works at very low noise.  


On the other side, if you are looking for a budget-friendly model among the best air coolers in India, then you can go for Crompton Ozone Air Cooler. 

This best desert air cooler in India 2021 does not consume high power and delivers air upto 4250 cubic meters per hour. I mainly recommend this because it has a wood wool cooling pad that increases water retention and ensures a faster cooling performance.  

Best Desert Air Coolers In India with price (2021)

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