7 Best Cryptocurrency App in India 2021

Best Cryptocurrency App in India

This article covers the best cryptocurrency app in India along with its features. By the end of it, you’ll be enlightened enough to make an informed decision about the Best Cryptocurrency app in India. 

With the digitalization of the economy, everything has started to take an innovative turn. Seeing electronic devices and gadgets, it is clear that technological advancements are slowly surrounding us. However, it is not possible to carry cash everywhere you go, and neither is the process of making global transactions a simple one. 

Cryptocurrency, a newly built platform, is slowly taking over the world of banking. It not only allows you to make fast and digital transactions but also keeps your data safe. There are several applications for cryptocurrency in the market. However, some of them are more favorable than others. 

Best Cryptocurrency App in India 2021

1. WazirX App

In my opinion, WazirX is the overall best cryptocurrency app in India as of 2021. WazirX has become a pioneer of the crypto space and soon attracted the attention of the leading crypto exchange company in the world, Binance. It is the most credible Indian cryptocurrency exchange by far, so it has a significant market share and number of users. 


One of the main reasons for its credibility is that WazirX was one of the primary reasons the Indian cryptocurrency market did not die out in 2018 when RBI banned cryptocurrency trade and termed it illegal in India. 

Another notable feature about Wazirx is its ease of usage. Any person who can use the basic functions and a browser can easily understand and make trades on the site, with minimal window for any kind of confusion or complication arising from bad UI. 

Opening an account is very simple and easy in WazirX.  There is no fee for making an account, and you just need to do basic things like give your email address for registration and set up your password. After that, you need to verify your email and set up your account security. The authenticator application is a good method to increase the safety of your account. 

Buying Cryptocurrencies is easy in WazirX as it has a ‘Quick Buy’ option present, enabling the user to purchase crypto in three steps. First, you can buy crypto from either a browser-based website or a mobile application.

On WazirX, the trading fee is just 0.2 percent of the trade. When using the token of WazirX called WRX, the trading fees get cut in half, bringing it down to a cheap 0.1 percent. A trading fee of just 0.1 percent of the trade contrasts with other exchanges, with at least 0.2 percent trading charges.

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2. Bitbns App

Bitbns is another best place to get a cryptocurrency app in India. In fact, more than Wazirx, we like Bitbns due to its user interface. Its demand is highly increasing due to the ever-brilliant features and tasks it allows you to perform. 


This platform is highly credible due to the safety features that it offers. It comes with the latest technology architecture that keeps your data and money safe and end-to-end encrypted. As a result, you can be assured that none of your details and funds will be exposed or released to unauthorized agencies. 

It is essential to keep in mind that this platform does not accept the use of Fiat money. However, you can add value to your wallet by selecting the added money from the credit card option. Interestingly this platform allows you to borrow three times more than the others, which means you can quickly increase your leverage by four times. 

The method of withdrawal is extremely easy as compared to other applications. The only thing you are required to do is open the wallet option and click on the withdrawal button. Then, after mentioning the desired amount of money, you can quickly go ahead with your transaction. 

As for the trading fees, both makers and 1000 must pay the same amount (0.25%). Only lenders must pay in the case of margin trading fees, and no charge is asked from the borrowers. As for depositing and withdrawal, there are again no extra charges. 

Moreover, there is no limit imposed on the amount of money that you can deposit or withdraw. Thus, consumers have the complete liberty to choose how much money they want to use for transactions. 

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3. Coin DCX App

The Coin DCX is the largest Cryptocurrency App in India. Based out of India, Coin DCX aims to provide authentic and reliable services in cryptocurrency. It offers one of the best features to pro investors.


Making an account on this platform is extremely easy because it asks only for the most basic demographic data. It is advisable to go through the terms and conditions off the platform and then complete the verification process via your email. 

This platform is completely transparent and neutral, which allows you to have all details about your transactions in a presented format. Furthermore, no external unit can manipulate or view your transactions because this app is cryptographically encrypted. 

The standard fee that this platform charge is 0.1 % from both takers and makers. Even though this application asks for a much lower withdrawal fee, it initially offered services like DCXmargin, DCXfutures, and DCXstake. 

The user interface of this application is fair and satisfying. However, it can be improved and made better. 

4. Coinswitch Kuber App

CoinSwitch Kuber is one of the latest cryptocurrency app in India. Again an India-based best cryptocurrency App in India, coin switch is designed to give you superior quality performance. As a result, it has got an extremely high rating and is loved by many traders. 

CoinSwitch Kuber

Making an account on this platform is an equally easy task. You are just required to open the website, sign up using your email and verify the link on your account. Once you begin, you will be stunned by its ease of use and interface. 

Coin switch does not charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing money. However, it has some hidden charges. This platform’s unusual practice is charging a different amount of money for various cryptocurrencies, which is usually not practiced in other platforms. 

Coins which is primarily known for its user interface. It provides a completely clean and easy-to-use system, which can be comprehended by even those who are not tech-savvy. This is what sets the platform apart from others. 

5. Unocoin App

Unocoin is an entirely easy-to-use cryptocurrency app in India. Unocoin is simple to understand, specially designed for beginners, even those who don’t know much about cryptocurrency. 

For those who still have a problem understanding the mechanism of the app, Unocoin provides free video tutorials to make comprehension easier. Security is at the top-most priority here because the proctors use 2-factor authentication, allowing only you and no one else to have access to your data. 

A notable feature of this Unocoin application is it’s between charges unique ability to make quick transactions. For example, you can now transfer money from your debit card, credit card, or other sources to your wallet. 

Another big bonus that this platform offers is the systematic investment plan. You can plan and set up your investment strategy using this feature and give the most out with drawings. 

However, this platform is highly costly to use because it charges 0.7% of the total transaction. In addition, there is a very high spread between the buying and selling price, which makes it a little unfavorable. 

6. Zebpay App

Zebpay is one of India’s most user-friendly cryptocurrency apps because it is highly suitable even for newcomers. 

Designing a process is extremely easy and quick korma just clicking on one link to verify your account. Even after multiple times of being used, this application does not lag. 

One can be assured about the safety mechanism because this app is designed with A-grade security features. Furthermore, it strictly prohibits unauthorized and external agencies from getting hold of your data, thus protecting your privacy. 

The trading fees with this account are close to nothing, and the amount of payments they charge for transactions is meager compared to Unocoin. 

Sometimes there can indeed be a wide difference between charge the buying and selling price.  Another con is that the desktop version of this application is not ready yet. 

7. Coinbase App

Coinbase is ranked as the finest cryptocurrency app in India. It allows room for smoothened and easy transactions, thus providing you with superior quality performance. 


One can be assured about the safety mechanism because this app is designed with A-grade security features. Furthermore, it strictly prohibits unauthorized and external agencies from getting hold of your data, thus protecting your privacy. Hence, using a coin base, there is no scope for invasion of your data. 

A notable feature about coin base is how it engages with the audience and makes them learn, discover and explore more about the platform. The starting process involves a user guide and a learning program, with the help of which users can also claim some cryptocurrencies of their own.  

The miner fees at Coinbase are slightly higher because of the demand and supply mechanism. In addition, the bitcoin block size is 1MB, which means that miners can only confirm 1MB worth of transactions for each block. 

Depositing and withdrawing money into this application is completely easy to comprehend. For both functions, you only need to click on the withdrawal public deposit window, type down the desired amount, and you are done. 

Which Crypto Currency App is Best in India?

In conclusion, WazirX and Bitbins are two platforms where most of the traders go. They are simplified, easy to comprehend, and can be used by anyone. Depositing and withdrawing processes are extremely simple, and trading fees add points on top of that. 

However, the app that would best suit people would depend upon their needs and what they’re looking for in an application. Some background research on the trader’s part is highly recommended. 

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