10 Best All In One Printer In India 2021

Printers have become essential devices, and it is important to have the best all in one printer in India in 2021. So if you are on the way to purchase, here is our fine list of best all in one printer in India 2021. 

Best All In One Printer In India

1. Epson L3152 All In OnePrinter

Epson L3152 WiFi All in One Ink Tank Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page: 7 Paisa (Black) / 18 Paisa (Color)
  • Technology: Ink Tank
  • Print Speed: 33/15 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan

In our personal view, Epson L3152 is the best all in one printer in India 2021. The utmost expectation you would have from the printer would be to grasp benefits beyond printing.  Epson Printer is well-expanded with its features from printing to copying and scanning and likewise, providing the most exemplary print layout, great alignment,  proper spacing, and appropriately linked content.

This ink tank printer uses a single ink bottle at one go to print innumerable pages without any residual ink bottles adding to the wastage. Further, it uses Micro Piezo technology which is very beneficial in providing you quality prints, accurately shaped words, fine precision, and sophisticated images elucidating even the slightest expression in it. It also gives you 33ppm (pages per minute), indicating its speedy system and standardized internals. 

Its 5760 × 1440 print resolution gives you high notch print quality and paper caliber, convincing you to have one. In addition, this multi-function peripheral product is capable of yielding 33 pages/minute (provided the requirements stand for black & white pages) and 15 pages/minute (provided the requirements stand for colored pages), enabling extremely fast copying and printing, thus saving time, cost and effort all at once.

Your amazement would soar after knowing that Epson has exclusive provisions for WiFi connectivity and functionality without the need for wire, be it in the hour of a power cut, short circuit, or any other cases. Moreover, remote print driver and Email Print Driver furthermore enables file printing over the internet by computer usage. Thus, the brand offers valuable products, and owing to which its printer is enlisted in the best all in one printer!

2. HP Ink Tank Color Printer

HP Ink Tank 419 WiFi Colour Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page: 10 Paisa (Black) / 20 Paisa (Color)
  • Technology: Ink Tank
  • Print Speed: 8/5 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
12/02/2021 01:23 am GMT

HP Ink Tank is the premium all in one printer available in India 2021. In this prevalent and forthcoming period of gadgets and electronics, HP color printers have contributed massively to reliable technical connectivity and timeless output at a low cost. Commuting to the connectivity type, HP gives you all the viable, reliable, and feasible connectivity like WiFi, USB, and app type. 

Its dual-band WiFi endows you with alterable frequencies, wireless networking workability (with any network adapter), and customization ability. Another most important feature is its refillable ink tank printing technology. This cost-effective technology provides you with easy functionality and high-quality images, texts, designs, alignments, etc. In addition, this technology provides you with multiple times faster output and documentations.

You need not approach shops monthly to buy your printer ink cartridges because ink tanks in the printer have ample space to hold voluminous ink for an extended period. In quantum terms, this printer with ink tank technology has a tremendous ability to print 6-7 thousand pages via a single tank, precisely printing five colored pages and 19 black & white pages per minute. 

Its well-defined and accurately designed internals leave no place for chaos and result in a mess-free output. They do not take much time and effort in setup or installation, making it easier for them to start their day with ease and smoothness.

Another advanced technology with enhanced and improved results HP printer has adopted is self engagement and printing performance by Alexa. Your single command to Alexa for scanning, copying, and printing in the required number, format, and layout would yield you the result in a couple of minutes without your much indulgence and movement.

What a splendid time and technology driving self functionality over a voice!

Read the full review here: HP Ink Tank 419 Price in India.

3. Canon Pixma Colour Printer

Canon Pixma G2012 All In One Ink Tank Colour Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page: 9 Paisa (Black) / 32 Paisa (Color)
  • Technology: Ink Tank
  • Speed: 8/5 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan

The Canon Pixma is an affordable all in one printer in India 2021. It is very convenient to have your printer because everything cannot be digitally tracked and translated. With its mind-blowing features, Canon Pixma provides you with the highest-quality copies of your required documents. Starting from its Ink tank system, this system allows the cartridge’s ink to be directly poured into the printer through its integrated ink system without developing any need for external apparatus. 

This is, indeed, very pocket-friendly, giving you an advantage of effectiveness and quality output. Moreover, this does not require early replacements rather timely replenishment, which hardly takes a small part of your schedule. It gives you a resolution of 600×1200 dpi, which enables sharp and detailed images or precise and proper positioning of words in order, presenting before you content of words with accurate height, width, shape, distance, and clarity.

Another significant advantage offered by Canon printers is the option for quiet mode. You can refer to this mode when you have a quantum of work to perform and simultaneously require a sense of silence. Even in the quiet mode, you can get the same output, operational ability, and speed as you usually get. In addition, this mode reduces the system sound during scanning and printing.

With the ability to print five coloring pages and 9 (approximating 8.8) pages per minute, it is well known for its errorless and time-bound performance with ease and simplicity. Therefore, a must-buy product arriving with multitasking proficiency and back-to-back expediency instantly and repeatedly for flawless service.

4. Brother DCP Tank Refill System Printer

Brother DCP T420W All In One Ink Tank Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page:
  • Technology: Ink Tank
  • Print Speed: 28/11 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
12/02/2021 01:22 am GMT

Brother DCP is the latest all in one printer from Brother in 2021. It is equipped with a blend of wireless connectivity and the latest technological up-gradation providing you with the finest resultant in every need of the hour. Moreover, its ink tank printer advantage is conventionally the best technology prevailing in capturing the printers’ market. 

It provides you with high-notch quality printing, perfect image copying, and durability. It also gives your system a pleasing shape and texture and is an eco-friendly device significantly. You cannot doubt its operating system and performance because of the most refined output it serves, capturing each nuance and nooks.

It also has an inbuilt WiFi facility reducing any additional network adapter and connector requirements and side by side, alleviating the need for extra wires and cables, making it a mess-free and simple setup. 

You’d be surprised by the design of the ink-tank, which is wonderfully created to give easy access in terms of mainstream & transparent front edge to the users so that they can fasten up with the process of scanning and printing. Another connectivity provision it gives you is USB networking which takes nil power utility, no data breach, multiple device connections all at one time, improved speed and efficiency.

Of course, with such massive technical support and detailed delivery of services, it is sure to endow you with essentially high ppm (pages per minute). Indeed, it provides you with 28 color printed pages per minute and 11 printed pages per minute and greatly supports A4-sized paper printing with error-free,  precise and flawless results.

5. Epson L6170 Ink Tank Printer

Epson L6170 All In One Ink Tank Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page:
  • Technology: Ink Tank
  • Print Speed: 15/8 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan

Epson L6170 is our recent addition to the best all in one printer list in India. For owning an asset for the long run, you’d require that it should rise above grey tones and offer you something profound, desirable, and deal-worthy. Epson L6170 is one such printer providing the latest features with fantastic qualities and exceptional ratings. It has a compact design with high print speed and one year warranty or 50,000 pages printing.

It endows you with auto duplex printing, meaning you can get two sides, i.e., the back-front page gets printed at once. This not only saves system time but your cost and the length of assignments (which would have been double in volume in the absence of auto-duplex technology). 

Furthermore, it also provides you with an Auto Document feeder feature, such that a stack of pages can be scanned or copied at once without taking multiple leads for one after one insertion every time.

It enriches your connective interface by holding provisions for both WiFi and USB cables. WiFi allows your wireless connectivity, expandability, and easy deployment of different devices from one place. In contrast, USB, although wired, has many advantages of its own as it provides you with a faster port transfer rate, speedier productivity, and enhanced service performance.

Offering you the highest range resolution of 1200×2400 dpi, you get very refined word quality with precise spacing, readability, decipherability, and neatness. Moreover, auto power on command offers your printer the ability to track print command, operate, perform, and get back to energy-saving mode once there is idle need for the same.

6. HP Ink Tank 316 Colour Printer

HP Ink Tank 316 Colour Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page: 10 Paisa (Black) / 20 Paisa (Color)
  • Technology: InkjetPrint
  • Speed: 16 ppm
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
12/02/2021 02:19 am GMT

HP Ink Tank 316 is the economical all in one printer from the popular brand HP. HP printers provide customers with abundant new and classic features, positioning themselves in the list of best all-in-one printers.

Its inkjet type delivers a resolution of 1440 × 1440 dots per inch. It gives impressive image quality, beautiful shade & tone to images, low cost yet attractive value to customers in terms of quantum page deliverables per rupee, and speedy output enriching you with various and varied benefits overall.

What’s better than receiving ten black & white printed pages/ rupee and five color printed pages/ rupee! HP printer’s 2.0 USB connectivity enables a speedy compilation and data delivery from one device to another. 

Another calculative yet worthy feature of HP is it is capable of reproducing 19 black & white printed pages per minute and 16 colored printed pages per minute. It also endows you with the benefit of multiple-sized print pages, be it A4, B5, A6, or any other page you require for projects, assignments, etc.

7. Brother DCP T220 Printer

Brother DCP T220 All In One System Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page:
  • Technology: Ink Tank
  • Print Speed: 28/11 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan

Brother DCP T220 is the most popular all in one printer you can buy in India 2021. This all-in-one printer is one of the finest printers enabling expeditious workflow in no time. Its ink tank technology allows voluminous printing at economical rates. The quality of text, sequence, calibration, and color is highly appreciated. Its ink bottles are used for a specified period after being refilled, resold, or subjected to recycling. Thus, it causes no waste or harm to the environment. 

The replenishment of bottles, furthermore, reduces your working capital requirements and expenses. However, a newer bottle only seemingly adds to any cost. Moreover, this printer uses a USB hardware interface that is very easily installed and allows speedy linking with any device. It also ensures error-free communication and does not require external energy for its functioning. 

It is also very portable and compatible, enabling the proper functionality of printers. Its efficiency is 28 black & white printed pages per minute and 11 colored printed pages per minute, saving system energy and simultaneously providing you with prompt results.

8. Canon PIXMA Color Printer

Canon PIXMA E3370 All In One Color Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page:
  • Technology: Ink Jet
  • Print Speed: 7.7/4 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan

Canon PIXMA is a new all in one printer from Canon in India 2021 which serves all your needs. Owing to a high brand value and name in every Genre, Canon Printer is one of a kind acting in the Printer market for ages.  Its inkjet type has voluminous usage both for commercial and personal purposes. It is cost-effective and gives quality results in terms of linear tone scale, resolution, and permanence resulting in enhanced printing and copying.

Easy WiFi connectivity gives your printer wireless leverage, and USB connectivity gives the advantage of secure data storage and no power usage, allowing easy transferability of files, media, and information to the computer connected to the printer. This becomes one of the primary reasons for better page yield or pages per minute.

9. HP Deskjet Ink Printer

HP Deskjet Ink Efficient 2778 WiFi Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page: Rs 1.65 (Black) / Rs 5 (Color)
  • Technology: Deskjet
  • Speed: 5.5/5.5 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan

HP color printer is one of the most economical, efficient, and buy-worthy products for office work, assignment scanning, numerous notes, and content printing. Several other days today have similar demands. This inkjet type printer gives you an excellent quality output, subtly shaped words, clear pictures (be it colored/black-white), and speedier yield, and it also has a quick start mechanism saving time and energy.

It also used a dual-band WiFi system to copy, scan and print. This connectivity type is very effective since it has a high operational frequency and faster output tendency without any network disturbance. It also has a self-start mechanism giving you enough flexibility to work upon multiple heads.

One of the latest and greatest technologies in the modern electronics era is AI-based natural language processing (ALEXA). So, for example, you can set up a voice command and get your work printed just by giving an order to your Alexa about your requirements. This will furthermore fasten your system’s functional capacity and workability.

Read the full review here: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2778 Price in India.

10. Canon E560 Multifunction Wireless Printer

Canon E560 Multifunction Wireless Printer
  • Print Cost Per Page: 1 Rs (Black) / 3.5 Rs (Color)
  • Technology: Ink Tank
  • Speed: 10/6 ppm (Black/Color)
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy

You would be surprised to know about the quantum of technological features Canon is capable of offering via its Print output. First of all, its auto power-on mode, i.e., self-start system, voluntarily switches on and functions along with the smartphone. Moreover, when the device is not being utilized for any purpose, its auto mode switches to energy-saving mode. This feature, thus, gives you the freedom to function calmly without fearing energy drainage. 

Its both 4800×1200 dpi print resolution and 1200×2400 dpi scan resolution is accurate enough to provide a sizable, subtle and suitable view of the image or lines/paragraphs you’ve given for print. Always, better the resolution, smoother the printed configuration.

Another fantastic advantage Canon gives you is PIXMA printing app provision. You can download this app on your smartphone, scan the contents from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and get images printed with no effort and minimum time.

Buying Guide For Best All In One Printer In India 2021

Before walking the distance to a printer store or any online shopping platform for buying a printer, consider some essential features necessary to keep in mind and be informed so that the purchased product’s quality meets the desired attributes. Following is a list of some specifications (budget, type, print speed, DPI, connectivity, and color) guiding you while your purchase :

1. Budget

You get to buy a printer under a 4-5 digit range varying based on technology, type, resolution, and several other unique propositions different companies have to offer. If your budget corresponds with your quality-specific printer, you can go ahead with the decision as you can find the best printer under 10000 in India 2021. Therefore, budget is an extreme factor affecting your buying decision.

2. Type

 The type of printing technology you are going to own is a big decision to look after. An Inkjet type printer can print texts, images, crafts, and everything that you scan. This printing technology is exceptionally expeditious for black & white printing and is very cost-effective. Provision for borderless printing adds to its benefits and, thus, customers. 

Whereas Laser Printer is fantastic for black & white text copies. They own the most superior print speed, sharp print quality, and high pages per minute (ppm). They are also very durable and reliable, extending customers’ support for themselves. Also, in case, if you just need it for your home use, you can get the best printer for home use in India as they are easily found in market.

3. Print Speed

Suppose you are doing a desk job in a corporate sector and require regular physical inflow and outflow of data to be transferred to different places. In such a case, you would need a printer with an expeditious print speed capable of printing a high number of black & white or even colored pages per minute. 

Contrary to this, printing needs for monthly or quarterly assignments and billing or voucher copy requirements would not necessarily require a printer with a very high printing speed. Therefore, print speed should also be considered while buying the product.

4. DPI

DPI refers to a dot per inch. DPI printing technology indicates how sharp, crisp, and clear an image a printer can reproduce by its operation. Better the DPI, finer the content quality in shape, size, clarity, and resolution. 300 DPI (and more) is considered the standardized DPI that provides you with accurate data or content presentation.

5. Connectivity

Did you ever imagine that technology would gain such heights that printers would not require any computer(actually its supportive edge) for printing? Well, nowadays, this is a much-adopted adaptive strategy used by many people. But, till the time this technique is entirely into practice, printers provide you with WiFi and USB cable connectivity. 

If you cannot adjust work with cables and wires, WiFi networked Printer is a good option for you but if you are okay with wires and its benefits are both acceptable and required by you, choosing later becomes a better option. Finally, but most preferably, try going for the printer which provides you with both as you can switch to other in case of converse need.

6. Colour

If an organization is closely connected with graphics analysis, imagery visuals, and colored models of the documents with multiple highlights, having a color printer would be advantageous. It would be more attractive, helpful, and evaluative. However, if your needs restrict to school/college or shop’s task relative to content, a black & white printer would be an in-range and cost-effective one with all similar features and advantages as in the colored.

As the generation moves towards a digital economy and technological territory, the corresponding need for electronic appliances is escalating simultaneously. Printers are yet to become an indispensable part of youths and several sectors for increased efficiency, better productivity, and faster growth. In such a case, the presence of a conventionally high-yielding printer becomes essential. Thus, you can bring a halt to your research for the best printers in India after considering this article, culminating facts, and finally counting upon the buying decision.

Which Is The Best All In One Printer For You In India 2021?

Suppose you are looking for a printer with the latest technology to meet the ever-growing need in your sector (be it IT, electronics, or some other related). In that case, Epson L3152 is the best choice providing you with micro piezo technology, which has the brilliant capacity of producing high-quality output and images. It also offers you a great resolution of 5740×1440 dpi to intensify the impact of this technology. 

Suppose your conditions are more inclined towards easy connectivity. In that case, the HP 419 printer is a great option offering you dual-band WiFi connectivity, offering you a multitude of advantages right from wireless networking, changeable range frequency, and many more. Moreover, your printing work becomes easier with Alexa’s assistance! 

If you are equally conscious about range and quality, here you go for Canon Pixma Printer. It is well within the required range and confirms quality standards as well, be it in terms of output or software & technology. The quiet mode adaption is a relaxing advantage to users giving them enough liberty to work overnight under required peace and silence.

Best All In One Printer In India with price (2021)

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