10 Best 55 inch TV Under 50000 In India 2021

This article includes the list of best 55-inch TV under 50000 that is available in the market today. Picking up the best 55 Inch TV under the specified rate seems daunting. But, not now. Take a look at the 55 inch TV brands that elaborates your purchase idea.

Best 55 inch TV Under 50000 In India 2021

1. LG 55 inch 4K Smart LED TV

LG is one of the oldest and very popular 55 inch TV brands available under 50000 in India. Televisions are no exception. LG is a leading manufacturer of televisions for a long time now and has a range of models in different sizes. The budgets fit all categories. 

The LG 55UM7290PTD 4K UHD Smart TV is one of the stars of the wide range of smart TVs by the brand. This 55-inch TV has a 4K resolution which is an all-new standard for high definition resolution. It offers True Immersion even from wide viewing angles. This means that no matter where you are seated, and from what angle you view the TV, True Immersion provides an excellent viewing experience and spectacular realism, displaying almost 100 percent color accuracy, even from a 60-degree angle. This TV also offers True color accuracy and an active 4K high definition resolution at all times for an incredibly detailed view.  

One of the most impressive features of the LG 55UM7290PTD 4K LED Smart TV is the sound system. It is equipped with the DTS Virtual X sound system. Virtual X is one of the best sound systems available and proves to be a formidable competitor to the very well-known Dolby Atmos. 

Virtual X uses digital sound processing technology to create an immersive sound experience every time. Its processing technique works exceptionally well even in open room plans and high ceiling spaces. It uses spatial audio techniques to make it appear as if the sound is coming from everywhere around you while the actual dialogues always remain centered. 

This TV has a quad-core processor, which helps process images and videos much faster and at excellent quality. As such, the LG 4K television offers intelligent features such as the AI Thinq and a magic mobile connection. 

The AI Thinq needs a magic remote that has to be purchased separately. This feature allows you to entirely navigate and control the television via voice commands using the remote. On the other hand, the magic mobile connection lets you use your mobile to control the TV with ease.   

2. Samsung 55 inch Crystal 4k series Smart TV

Samsung, the next 55 inch TV under 50000, is known for its wide range of home appliances and entertainment devices in every budget that caters to different people’s needs. 

This UA55AUE60AKLXL 55-inch tv by Samsung comes from the Crystal 4K series and truly makes the entertainment factor excellent, as the name suggests. It has a 4K Ultra-high-definition with a 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The higher the refresh rate, the more times the screen is updated, and this also helps with a smoother motion on the net. 

The Samsung Ultra HD UA55AUE60AKLXL television has a highly desirable design. It boasts a three side bezel-less design and has High dynamic range video technology. HDR 10+ is a high dynamic range format created by Samsung. It has been designed to widen on the HDR 10 format and to be able to tweak the settings so that you, the user, are always seeing the best and the maximum picture quality available.

The TV also offers UHD dimming, which is a feature set to improve the quality of your videos to a great extent. This feature accurately scans many color zones across the entire image and adjusts the brightness to give you the best and most precise picture possible with accurate colors. 

The voice assistant feature on this smart TV is easily one of the best in the market. What’s more, it has three different voice assistants. It has a built-in Alexa, the Google Assistant, and Bixby, a designated voice control assistant designed for Samsung smart televisions. The Bixby is an accurate, quick, and responsive assistant that makes it indefinitely easier for users to control their TVs. 

As most intelligent TVs go, 4K Ultra HD television by Samsung lets you access content from all streaming platforms, voice assistants, and Mirroring. It enables you to mirror your mobile device onto the TV, screen sharing, Home Cloud, Personal Computer, Live cast allows you to cast your mobile device’s screen onto your television from anywhere.

3. Mi 4X 55 inch Android smart TV

One of the lesser-priced televisions in this range, the Mi 4X TV, do not have less of anything else. Offering the standard features, and even more, this TV is undoubtedly one of the best in the market for a reason. 

The 4X|L55M5-5XIN TV has a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. As we already established, the higher the refresh rate, the better the viewing experience. But it is also worth noting that too high a refresh rate in television with a lower resolution will be of no use and might even make the viewing experience less quality than usual. 

The Mi 4X|L55M5-5XIN TV, the best 55 inch smart TV, also sports a metal body and LED panel with some exciting features like the Vivid Picture Engine or VPE, 4K HDR 10, Patchwall service, and Android TV. The Vivid picture engine or VPE is an in-house technology that Mi developed. Xiaomi’s Vivid picture mode delivers exceptional colors, significant depth, and deeper contrasts on the screen. It allows for more realistic images and better viewing overall.

Mi sub-brand Redmi also launched a new smart TV under 50k with 55-inches in March 2021.

Redmi (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Android TV

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  • 4K Ultra HD display with 60 Hz Refresh Rate and 30 W speakers.
07/31/2021 02:24 pm GMT

The 4K HDR 10 is a technology in X55|L55M6-RA that lets you enjoy the videos on 4K resolution, and HDR 10 allows for brightness up to 1000 nits, whereas the HDR 10 plus allows for intelligence up to 4000 nits. The Patchwall service is an exciting feature with a single screen with full features and easy access to all trending content designed for easy viewing. 

There is also a massive content catalog that has up to 700,000 plus hours of content. It offers the best of originals, classic movies, music of different genres, and many all-time popular series, all at one destination.

The Smart X55|L55M6-RA TV also has standard features like in-built wifi connectivity, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, and more. It has Android TV 9.0 that lets you access the google play store and download games and apps. It also enables you to Chromecast directly from the phone for easy viewing.  

4. OnePlus U series 55 inch smart TV

OnePlus is one of the latest 55 inch TV brands to venture under 50000 in India. They released a line of a new list within the budget and became the talk of the town.

This 55UA0A01 TV in the OnePlus U series is an Ultra HD Smart Android TV and was released just last year, in 2020. It has a high definition resolution of 3840 x 2160p and a refresh rate of 60Hz. High refresh rates are factors of quick screen updates repeated at very frequent intervals. This guarantees that more information from the screen reaches your eyes simultaneously while the screen is smooth as ever to provide you with the best experience ever. 

This OnePlus 55UA0A01 LED TV has a LED display with a ton of impressive features embedded in it. First up is the MEMC, called the Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation. This feature is the latest kind of interpolation technology that can essentially add artificial frames between the original ones in the 24 or 30 frames per second range to match them to the 60 fps range. This allows for smooth transitions and an overall neat viewing. 

Additionally, this television has different display features like Noise reduction that helps to control the sound settings. Super Resolution is a factor that helps to fill in for missing pixels when you are playing a lesser resolution video on television capable of displaying higher resolution. 

Next up is the delicate design of this TV. Sporting a metal body and a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio, this screen is strikingly lifelike with a completely bezel-less design. The brand claims that the reduction of bezel gives more space and makes for a better view with added details and more realism to the experience. 

As if these weren’t good enough features, you also have an Easy connection. It helps you to navigate through the TV via your smartphone. It also enables you to choose the level and speed of data to use. You can also have Kids mode and Game mode, with the former having a specially formulated technology that protects the kids’ eyes from harm. 

5. Vu Cinema 55 Inch series 4K smart TV

The Vu TV in the Cinema TV Action series is a 55-inch tv with an Ultra HD 4k resolution and a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz.

This TV has much to offer in terms of display features. It has a pixel glass technology that provides a light reflection enhancement of 40 percent, thereby elaborating picture brightness and facilitating a wide viewing angle. Compared to most 4K UHD televisions, this one allows for an impressive 400 nits of brightness. 

The 55LX display in the Smart TV in India also has a 4K HDR 10 plus technology with Dolby Vision certification. The High Dynamic Range 10 plus technology is an improved and redesigned version of the HDR 10. This tech can help enhance the color and contrast of media on the TV and allow the tv to set up the color and brightness level frame-by-frame. This whole technique helps deliver the best picture quality to the viewer, with maximum quality. 

This 55LX TV also MEMC technology known as the Motion estimation, Motion Compensation. This technique analyzes the frames per second of the video. It compensates for missing frames by adding artificial ones wherever needed to make the transitions smoother between frames and make sure the video or image is smooth and precise. Additionally, this TV also offers other features like Gamma calibration, Enhanced Viewing Angle, and PC and Gaming mode. 

Vu’s connectivity on this smart TV is also equally good, with 3 HDMI ports to connect the set-top box, Blue-ray players, or gaming consoles, 2 USB ports to connect hard drives or pen drives, or other USB devices.

It has all the makings of a smart tv with a massive content catalog, access to all the streaming platforms available, and especially the Android Pie 9.0. This lets you access the Google play store and download games and applications that you can then use on the television. 

The brand also offers their latest ActiVoice remote that lets you conveniently switch between different streaming platforms, navigate through the multiple features on your smart tv, and allow for voice commands in two other languages, English and Hindi. 

6. Hisense 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

This Chinese multinational manufacturing giant produces white goods and electronics. They are well known for their wide range of smart televisions that provide unique features without ever crossing the budget. 

This 55A73F TV has a 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It has some great connectivity features with three HDMI ports to connect set-top boxes, gaming consoles, or Blue-ray players. It also has two USB ports that connect hard drives, pen drives, and other USB devices. 

It also has a Bluetooth capacity, which lets you connect all your Bluetooth devices like speakers, headphones, and soundbars, thereby eliminating the need for messy wires. Moreover, this TV offers 5G data connectivity which practically means access to much faster speeds. 

It also has a built-in Chromecast that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies, cast them from your other mobile devices onto the TV, and view them with an excellent 4K resolution. It also has a stylish voice remote that allows you to access different content streaming sites with a click of a button and use voice commands to navigate the innovative TV menu and controls.

The audio and video aspect of this 55A73F TV is truly above and beyond the usual TVs. It has a 102 watt sound clarity that takes your audio experience to an unchartered realm, as claimed by the brand. It also has JBL speakers offering vibrant, immersive symphony sound for a truly enriched audio experience with impeccable clarity. 

There are also excellent other intelligent TV features like the built-in assistant with 2 GB RAM and a 16 GB ROM. It is powered by a quad-core processor that lets you have a PC-like experience on your smart TV. It is also equipped with the official Android 9.0 pie that enables you to access the google play store and download games and applications that you can use on-screen.

7. TCL 55 inch 4K Smart LED TV

The TCL intelligent HD Ultra TV has some top-notch features to offers while being one of the lowest-priced televisions in this range. It has a 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160p and a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. 

It also has some great connectivity features like three HDMI ports to connect the set-top box, gaming consoles, or Blue Ray players. It has another USB port to connect a hard drive, pen drives, or such. But in comparison to most TVs that contain at least 2 USB ports, this is lesser and could have been more versatile.

55P615 has 4K upscaling technology that improves the clarity and color in more detail, which gives a whole new level of betterment in the viewing experience. It is also equipped with the Dynamic Color Enhancement technique to improve the display effect of the low color display to high color display while playing video content and Natural images. 

Micro dimming is yet another feature that is an impressive part of the TCL 55P615 smart TV. Micro dimming is developed to improve the aspect of LED performance by dimming the details activity of the screen. This enhances the black and white images for improved quality. 

In addition to these, there are some great features in this Smart TV like Hands-free voice control, 4K HDR 10, AI intelligence, T-Cast, Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, and Android P. The TV responds to just a simple voice command. You only need to voice out your command and the TV will immediately set out to complete that. 

The 4K High Dynamic Range 10 will help your LED TV set up the color and brightness of the videos and images alike, frame-by-frame. This HDR 10 plus technology is a higher, redesigned version of the HDR 10 and is even better in terms of quality.  

8. AmazonBasics 55 Inch Fire TV

The AmazonBasics smart TV is manufactured by the tech giant Amazon and has recently come up with some fine smart TVs. It comes in both 50 inches and 55 inches variants. The model we have here today, though, is the 55 inches one. 

With an Ultra HD 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160p, this smart TV by Amazon leaves no doubt about the quality of its display. The refresh rate is 60 Hz which is pretty much the standard refresh rate and works to enhance the picture quality and smoothness. 

There are also many connectivity options in this AB55U20PS TV. There are three HDMI 2.0 ports that you can use to connect a set-top box, a blue ray player, or a gaming console, etc. It also has one USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 port to connect hard drives, pen drives, and other USB devices. In addition to these, there is also an IR port to control connected devices like Soundbars, Receivers, and Setup boxes.

The sound system on the AmazonBasics AB55U20PS smart Tv is a 20-watt speaker that ensures powerful sound quality. It is also equipped with Dolby Atmos technology. The Dolby Atmos technology is an extremely powerful audio technology that facilitates for you to experience multi-dimensional audio with immersive sound quality. 

This Smart TV has a lot of the standard features. Since this is an Amazon product, it has the FireTV operating system to power it. It also has a built-in Alexa and Alexa voice recognition feature. The TV offers DTH set-top box integration to easily switch between the set-top box and the smart TV features. 

This TV is powered by a 1.95 GHz quad-core processor with 1.5 GB DDR RAM. Most of the smart TVs today come with 2 GB RAM at the minimum so it is surprising to see that shortage here. They also have access to all the content from various streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and such. In addition, there is also a firestick remote that lets you navigate through and control the TV via voice commands and easy button touches. 

9. Vu 55 inch 4K Smart LED TV

Vu 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

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  • 4K Ultra HD resolution with 60 Hz Refresh Rate and Bezel less display.
07/31/2021 02:03 pm GMT

With an Ultra HD 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160p, this smart TV by Vu leaves very little to be desired, especially in terms of the quality of its display. The refresh rate is 60 Hz which is the standard refresh rate and works to enhance the picture quality and smoothness. 

It also has some great connectivity features with three HDMI ports to connect set-top boxes, gaming consoles, or Blue ray players. It also has two USB ports that connect hard drives, pen drives, and other USB devices. 

The 4K display on this 55UT smart TV comes with the next generation, a high-performance special optical film that can essentially control the amount of light entered through the backlight LEDs. this increases the viewing angle owing to its wide reflection while also increasing the overall brightness to give you the best picture quality, even in the daylight.  

Vu 55UT has its own smart remote technology in the form of the ActiVoice remote. This remote has hotkeys and licensed versions of some popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hotstar so you can easily access a ton of content from the comfort of your home, all with the touch of a button. What’s more, the activity remote can also be used to easily control the smart devices around your home with a simple voice command. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this TV is its compellingly beautiful design. It has an Ultra-thin and Bezel-less design precisely achieved by a robotic machine with no plastic or metal border around the display. This bezel-less design dramatically enhances the viewing experience on this TV. The excellent design and production contribute to a superior viewing experience like never before. 

This TV is equipped with the latest Android Pie 9.0 that lets you access unlimited games and applications from the Google play store, google games, Google movies, and certified apps like Netflix, Voot, etc. 

10. Toshiba 55 Inch Vidaa OS series TV

This TV by Toshiba is the last of the series but not the least, in any sense. One of the lowest-priced TVs on this list, the Toshiba smart TV is undoubtedly one of the best markets. 

The 55U5050 TV has a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. As we already established, the higher the refresh rate, the better the viewing experience. But it is also worth noting that too high a refresh rate in television with a lower resolution will be of no use and might even make the viewing experience less quality than usual. 

This smart 55U5050 TV is powered by an Operating system explicitly designed for a fast TV that is easy and simple to use. Vidaa has a booting speed that is three times faster than the usual, a 20 percent quicker search channel, and single button access to all your favorite apps in a short touch. 

The Vidaa also offers a quick and easy interface with a banner-like design that lets you access the plethora of options available without having to get confused. Most importantly, Vidaa allows you to customize and change tiles or move them around freely to create your customized design. 

This smart TV has an intelligent remote based on Artificial intelligence that is also compatible with voice control. The TV comes with an inbuilt Alexa that can be used to fulfill any command regarding the TV control.

This TV also has multiple other features like Screen mirroring that lets you mirror the activity on your phone or laptop, or other mobile devices. It also has a solid Bluetooth connection that lets you connect soundbars, Bluetooth earphones, and other Bluetooth devices that eliminates the need for messy wires.  

Which 55 inch TV Under 50000 is Best For You?

Back when TVs were first introduced, there weren’t many options to go on with. But fast forward to today, there are a plethora of different TVs available in the market. They come in different sizes including the best 40 inch TV in India, the best 43 inch TV in India, and 32 inches LED TV, with extra functionalities, and with other features. 

As the market is scaling up, there is a constant increase in the number of TV models and the budget range. Gone are the days when you had to have a huge budget to get a suitable television set. There are a plethora of options for a good TV set in all budgets in today’s scenario. 

You can get decent television sets for as low as ten thousand rupees, but as you increase the price, the features on your television set increase accordingly. That is especially the case for smart TVs that are being manufactured with ever-increasing components. 

Televisions are now a basic part of our homes and it is becoming more and more impossible to see television-less homes. From black and white televisions to color televisions to smart TVs, there has been a long line of advancement in television technology. 

Talking about developments, the size of the TV is one of the majorly developed areas over the years. TVs have come a long way from being just little boxes to being flatscreens that are more than 110 inches big.

Though there are a wide variety of screen sizes available, some of the most common sizes are from 42-65 inches. This is owing to their compact yet immersive experience providing capability. Televisions in this range of sizes are most suited for slightly bigger rooms but not so big as to seem gigantic. 

Below are some of the factors you should look out for a while choosing a TV for your household. These factors can help you understand the things that can enhance your TV experience and select the best. 

Screen Size

The television screen size is one of the essential things that you as the viewer should consider when purchasing a tv. There are a variety of TV sizes from below 20 inches to an impressive 50 or above inches. 

The right screen size is essential for a good viewing experience. Depending on your room’s size, an optimal distance between your screen and seating arrangement is necessary to ensure you have a good view. 

Apart from your preference, your TV screen size can also make or break your viewing experience. You need to consider other factors, such as your room size, your viewing angle, the space between your tv and your sofa or chair, etc. 

A vast screen television may cause trouble if you are viewing it in a small room. You will need to strain your neck, and there are also possibilities of headaches and other medical conditions from watching the television too close. 

Likewise, watching a small-screen TV in a large room makes it difficult to see, and you may have to squint your eyes or settle for a compromised viewing experience. This is precisely why the screen size plays a massive role in your television purchase. 

TV sizes start from as small as below 20 inches and go up to more than 55 inches. It is entirely up to the viewer and their inclination to choose what will work best for them. 

If you want the TV for a bigger room with a reasonable space between your television and the sofa or chair, you will do well with larger screen sizes of 42 inches or more as they will make your viewing experience even better. 

Suppose you are looking for a television that fits smaller spaces in size and shorter distances between your seating arrangement and tv. In that case, you may need to consider televisions that are more than 28 inches but lesser than 42 inches in size. Such televisions are great for compact spaces and also ensure a good viewing experience that suits your surroundings.

Lastly, for medium-sized spaces, you can go for mediocre televisions that are not too big or too small and can settle in well with your rooms. These kinds of televisions are best for medium spaces and will keep your viewing experience great and comfortable. 

Display type

There are different types of displays in modern TVs. So are the options in resolutions. There are three types of shows, namely LED or LCD, OLED, and QLED. 

LED or Light-emitting diode displays are actually liquid crystal displays with LED backlighting. LEDs are the most common and most preferred type of display as well. This is due to the fact that this display fits most budgets, is highly efficient, and consumes at least less than half of the power than the standard LCD. 

The next display on the list is the OLED display. OLED screens are also called Organic Light Emitting Diode screens and they function by using millions of individually lit pixels to produce quality images. These displays present blacks as perfect black, and they do not appear as gray. Claimed to be one of the best display types, this display practically ensures a fine viewing experience, which is enhanced by the size and other features of the television. 

Lastly, we have the QLED display. They use quantum dots to display colors, and can produce red, green, and blue lights. This type of display can also display a wide range of colors and provide a better viewing experience.


Resolution of the TV can hugely influence the overall viewing experience and so it is important to choose the right resolution for your needs. 

You have so many options like the standard HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), 4K (2160p), and the enormous 8K (4320p). Back in the beginning, HD was a luxurious resolution to opt for and not everyone could afford it. But today, HD is the most common type of resolution and can be found on most TVs today. 

Full HD is an advanced version of the HD and provides clearer quality. The 4K is the new HD and is seen as the perfect balance between resolution and cost. 

Final Takeaway

Most smart TVs today are with 4K resolution and it makes for a fantastic display. Even better is the all-new 8K resolution that has quadrupled the effect of the 4K and gives an even better viewing experience and enhanced effect. To go for the next extent, you can also view the best 65 inch Smart TV under 1 lakh to make your decision perfect ever! Cheers!

Best 55 inch TV Under 50000 In India with price (2021)

Best 55 inch TV Under 50000 In India Official PriceAmazon Price
LG 55 inches 4K Smart LED TVRs. 83,990Check Amazon
Samsung 55 inch Wondertainment series Smart TVRs. 51,990Check Amazon
OnePlus U series 55 inches smart TVRs. 59,999Check Amazon
Mi 4X 55 inches Android smart TV Rs. 44,999Check Amazon
Vu Cinema TV Action series 4K smart TVRs. 85,000Check Amazon
Hisense 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart TVRs. 59,990Check Amazon
TCL 55 inches 4K Smart LED TVRs. 75,990Check Amazon
AmazonBasics Fire TV Edition smart TVRs. 66,000Check Amazon
Vu 55 inches 4K Smart LED TVRs. 56,000Check Amazon
Toshiba Vidaa OS series 4K smart TVRs. 54,990Check Amazon

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