3 Best 55 Inch QLED TV in India 2023

This article especially lightens the best 55 inches QLED TV in India. I have indulged in researching every brand personally. So, I hope the reviews on the 55 inches QLED TV help you the most. Let us get started. 

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Best 55 Inch QLED TV in India 2023

1. Samsung 55 Inch 4K QLED TV

From my personal experience, I would recommend Samsung as the best 55 inch QLED TV type in India. Samsung QLED TV is designed unconditionally beautifully with a serif look that can be placed anywhere within your living space to make it attractive. The “I” shaped design is for the slim frame accompanied by the detachable floor stand. The ambient mode feature in it helps transform your TV settings based on the range of your choices. Being the best of 4K Ultra HD, having a 3840 x 2160 comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz.

Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology feature helps to provide picture clarity 100% with its color texture. The HDR 10+ adjusts the video’s brightness of every moment and automatically gives a massive flow touch to the viewer specifically.

Multiple assistants through your voice make the consumer enjoy the next level to access and control the operations of the Smart QLED TV. The Bixby voice commands recognize the different languages, and the Alexa built within the QA55LS01TAKXXL QLED TV makes the user entertainment with many apps.

Take a look at your office documents with just a tap; thereby, you can have a mirror of your personal computer that makes it user-friendly. The content list shows based on the number of views that get easily tapped to the favorite one after opening the app. It gives exclusive patterns for the screen saver.

The Dolby Digital Plus option makes the user enjoy the massive effect of the sound, with the speaker producing a 40 watts output sound effect. Multi-tasking can be done through it by spitting the TV for multi-view purposes like viewing the news, and mirroring of your smartphone can be done simultaneously. The home cloud function helps to save documents and files automatically, which is essential.

The Samsung 55 inches QA55LS01TAKXXL QLED TV consists of 4 HDMI and 2USB ports for simultaneous performance. One year comprehensive and an additional one-year warranty on the panel by the Samsung brand come to the promise.

2. TCL 55 Inch 4K Google QLED TV

Secondly, I indulge in researching TCL, the most popular 55 inch 4K QLED TV in India. TCL 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV processor has an advanced resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and brings you the detailed part of the video on the screen without breaking the pixel of the content. The high color technique adjusts the color for richer value and realistic images in its texture.

TCL Android Smart QLED 55C815 TV has a built-in subwoofer which is the best feature for the consumer for their enjoyment to feel like a theatre effect. Being the first time, TCL gives this subwoofer feature to fulfill the user’s needs.

Multiple regional languages are built to view and select the affordable language and choose the language based on the user’s need to consider the programs. Dolby Atmos audio helps distinguish the sound videos’ clearness and threat to lose in its compelling sound.

When you listen to music, the built-in speaker helps to deliver the sound to all angles and distinguish the different beats. This way, the Dolby atmos Audio and DTS effect gives the mind-boggling output sound.

The IPQ Engine technology in the 55C815 TCL Android TV significantly controls its brightness, color, contrast, and clarity to present an immense high-end picture quality. C815 TCL TV series tempts the user to use its exclusive features. The Quantum Dot display brings the actual color to the collection and makes one feel colorful with red, green, and blue colors in the actual value.

TCL is designed with a slim and frameless screen, which is attractive in look and gives great color, contrast, and brightness with the help of dramatic Dolby vision. It has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for input purposes. The brand provides one year warranty from the date of purchase for this Best 55 Inch TV In India 2021.

3. iFFALCON 55 inch 4K Smart QLED TV

iFFALCON 4K Smart QLED TV is the clarity-rich 55 inch QLED TV to reproduce stunning details in all colors, light, or contrast, giving an immersive viewing experience. You can command over the QLED TV through your voice for quick and easy accessing of the needed one.

The metallic black ultra-slim design consists of 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for the input connection. The display of the 4K Ultra HD QLED TV shows the A+ effect of the LED panel gives entertainment to the most. The Quantum Dot feature, along with the display provided, helps to view the enhanced mode of the picture in high clarity. The usage is possible with the remote less operation just with the voice making powerful on the Android Smart TV control.

Dolby’s vision helps to give the extraordinary color, contrast, and brightness of the format. The stunning details of the pixel present help to have the best visual experience. The HDR 10+ in the 55H71 iFFALCON TV provides the exact value of the color with no limits, which checks the images frame by frame for their better quality. It also boosts the color limits and contrast level, and thus, one need not compromise for entertainment.

The latest Android version offers a new set of movies, videos, music, etc., from different apps. So you can have a party in your place and enjoy it. An algorithm running on the QLED TV corrects the picture’s color by itself caused of the minor performance differences in the content.

iFFALCON Android Smart QLED 55H71 TV runs with a user-friendly Android operating system with pre-installed apps for easy access. The TV accompanying the independent 30 w stereo box speaker produces amazing sound quality, 7.1 channel surround sound with the help of Dolby Audio feature.

Dolby Atmos Audio turns your place into a complete entertainment spot with a theatre-like vision with powerful cinematic sound. Warranty coverage is about 12 months comprehensive warranty provided by TCL from the date of purchase.

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From this extensive research, I hope you will land on the best 55 inch QLED TV per your requirements.

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