5 Best 0.8 Ton AC In India

Air conditioners are a crucial necessity in our homes and offices today. It is becoming increasingly common to find ACs in all our homes, especially considering how hot our summers can get. 

0.8-ton ACs are on the lower end of the tonnage scale and most suited for small spaces and rooms. 

Below is a list of the best 0.8 ton AC in India that have been put together after much research. Let us begin without further ado. 

Best 0.8 ton AC in India

1. Bluestar 0.8 ton Inverter Split AC

Blue Star 0.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC
  • Capacity: 0.8 Ton
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Annual Power Consumption: 521.6 Kilowatt Hours
  • Noise Level: 32.5 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year product + 10 years compressor
  • Low power consumption
  • Best in cooling the room
  • Extremely low noise
  • No issues till now
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Blue Star is well known for its line of air conditioners. They have a wide range of air conditioning systems in different budgets. The model we have here is the 0.8-ton Inverter split air conditioner. 

This is a 3-star model, which means it has an annual energy consumption of 521.6 units per the energy label. 5 star is the highest rating ACs can get, but 3-star ACs are still a great option to cut energy consumption. 

0.8-ton air conditioning systems are best suited for rooms or spaces between 70 to 100 square feet. The reason behind this being, ideally, the higher the AC tonnage, the more significant area where it must be installed. 

This best 0.8 ton AC in India is of the Inverter model that means it is equipped with a variable speed compressor that can adjust power based on the load. It also features Anti-corrosive gold fins that ensure that the AC does not form any water or dust deposits and delivers uninterrupted cooling performance and enhanced durability. 

2. Daikin 0.8 ton Split AC

Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star, Fixed Speed Split AC
15,95 €
  • Capacity: 0.8 Ton
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Annual Power Consumption: ‎548.84 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
  • Noise Level: 32 dB
  • Warranty: 1 Years on Product, 1 Years on Condenser, 5 Years on Compressor
  • Compact and simple design
  • The noise level is less
  • Energy efficiency is good
  • The indication unit is missing
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02/17/2024 08:55 pm GMT

The Daikin 0.8 ton Split AC is a 3-star air conditioner that has some awe-inspiring features to its name. It is also the best 0.8 ton AC in India and is best suited for smaller rooms or spaces.

It features Coanda Airflow, which has radiant cooling and also ensures an even distribution of the cool air throughout the room. All of this is possible with just one click on your remote. 

The power chill operation is in many ways like an instant cool technology of a refrigerator. With just one touch of the button on your remote, you can experience chill air at a robust level such that it cools the room immediately. This especially comes in handy when you need to cool the room on a hot day instantly. 

Another exciting feature is the elimination of the need for a stabilizer. It comes equipped with a Stabilizer-free technology that helps you cut down extra costs and makes it easy to maintain the air conditioner. 

Lastly, they are equipped with 100 percent copper coils that function as the backbone for a robust AC system.

3. Voltas 0.75 ton Split AC

Voltas 0.75 Ton 3 Star Split AC
  • Capacity: 0.75 Ton
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Annual Power Consumption: 583.68 Kilowatt Hours
  • Noise Level: 48 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year product + 5 years compressor

Voltas is no new name to the AC world. Known for premium quality and affordability, this brand has a wide range of ACs in all budgets and with different features.

It is a split type with a non-inverter compressor. It guarantees low noise and is preferred to inverter AC owing to its low cost than the former. 

It is of 0.75-ton capacity and is suitable for rooms and spaces that are 110 square feet or less. It is always essential to get the right AC according to your room’s space. Having a lower tonnage AC in a big room can take up too much time to cool while having a higher tonnage air conditioner in a smaller space is a mere waste of electricity.

It has a 3-star energy rating which means it has an annual energy consumption of 583.68 units as per the energy label. 3-star air conditioners are not as good as their five stars rated competitors but are still efficient and good at saving electricity all the same. 

4. Voltas 0.8 Ton Window AC

Voltas 0.8 Ton 3 Star Window AC
  • Capacity: 0.8 Ton
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Annual Power Consumption: 691.28 Kilowatt Hours
  • Noise Level: 48 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year product + 5 years compressor

One of the only Window air conditioners on this list, the Voltas 0.8 ton window type AC, has many merits to its name. Window ACs in general is slowly receding from the forefront but still preferred by many due to their low cost and convenience.

It has a 3-star energy rating, with the annual energy consumption claimed to be at 691.28 units as per the energy label. 

This Best Non Inverter AC In India 2023 also has a few unique features to its name. It has an active dehumidifier that can assess the humidity in a room and control it accordingly. It also has an ambient cooling element that can cool the room even at 50 deg celsius. 

Like many Split ACs, this best 0.8 ton AC in India has an Eco mode that optimizes power consumption and saves on your electricity bills. It also has a turbo mode which cools the room instantly.

It also has a Sleep mode that senses the room temperature and keeps it comfortable by cutting excessive cooling and maintain it at a cozy level so you can sleep all night peacefully. 

5. AmazonBasics 1 ton Split AC 

AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star Non-Inverter Split AC
  • Capacity: 1 Ton
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Annual Power Consumption: 701.61 Kilowatt Hours
  • Noise Level: 38 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year product + 5 years on Compressor

Though It is of one-ton capacity, it is much cheaper than many other ACs in this price range. It has a lot of unique features that make it an excellent choice for your home. 

It has a 3-star BEE rating with power-saving mode and an ISEER rating of 3.56 for higher energy savings. Though not as good as a 5-star machine, it is well worth the price and power consumption. 

It has a higher air flow volume than other air conditioners, which allows the cool air to be evenly distributed throughout the whole room and maintain a cool temperature equally around the room. 

The AC has a 100 percent copper coil that can withstand all weather conditions and stay efficient even under the worst temperatures. 

It has a four-stage filtration system with micro dust and antibacterial filters to keep out both visible and invisible dust and all pollutants, big and small, which ultimately makes the air easy to breathe.  

Final Takeaway

When all the list of the best 0.8 ton AC in India has been listed, it is time to make your purchase more valuable!! However, if you have a big room, 0.8-ton won’t be enough and you need a high capacity best 1 ton AC or 1.5 ton AC as it saves a lot of electricity by cooling the room faster.

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