BenQ W2700 CinePrime True 4K Projector with HDR-PRO Price In India

The BenQ W2700 price in India starts at Rs. 2,10,000. The BenQ W2700 price in India is of high worth and available on Amazon. 

BenQ W2700 DLP Projector


  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Wattage: 340 Watts
  • Item Weight: 4200 Grams
  • Noise Level‎: 30 dB
10/16/2021 02:28 pm GMT

BenQ added one more gem to its home entertainment series. This new addition is named the BenQ CinePrime W2700. The very launch of the company is their new DLP model.

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Image Credits: BenQ

This BenQ W2700 claims to be the world’s first home entertainment-centric DLP projector and offers super unique Cinematic color technology to make your eyes experience every color out there.

The dimensions of the BenQ W2700 home-theatre Projector are 380 * 127 * 263 mm, and it weighs 4.2 kilograms or 9.2 pounds, which is significant enough to make you think twice before moving it from one place to another. 

BenQ W2700 Price in India

The BenQ W2700 Price in India Price in India starts from ₹2,10,000. Compare and buy BenQ W2700 online at the lowest price in India.

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Image Credits: BenQ

Features Of BenQ W2700

The BenQ CinePrime w2700 DLP project is claimed to be the world’s first 4K HD display comforting Projector. This makes the consumers stick to their expectations for the Projector to stand out from the queue as its price does. Let’s have a look at what this new model by BenQ has in store for you. 

The first feature that takes this BenQ W2700 a level up from the rivals is its design. The BenQ CinePrime W2700 DLP projector is slightly textured on the top-layer white matte plastic sheet. The front and rear view of the BenQ W2700 is super catching to the eyes.

The front is decorated as the lens is partially covered by a plate brushed with metallic scales, making it look worth the sickin’ bugs it costs. The back is even more pretty and voguish considering the presence of those curvy and perforated speaker grills around the series of hardware inputs, that too in a queue. 

The BenQ Cineprime W2700 is an easy-to-use Projector. The BenQ W2700 is a tabletop mounting type of Projector, and though there are controls on the Projector itself, it can be easily operated with remote control. Another thing to appreciate is the backlight present on the remote to make you trace your activity even in the dark. 

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Image Credits: BenQ

The optical of this Projector is mind-blowing and something to justify the price of the Projector. The throw ratio is short of making a bigger screen covered with animation with the Projector kept at a shorter distance. The throw ratio is 1.13 – 1.47 (100-inch screen covered at a throw of 2.5 m) and a standard three times zoom ratio. 

You can literally shift the image vertically by 10% without causing a mess to the setup by moving or tilting the Projector and even then giving you perfect sync of images within the borders of the screen. Also, unlike any other projectors, this one doesn’t disturb the focus and imaging by accidentally touching the lenses; it barely gets disturbed. Hence, it is a child’s task to operate the focus on the screen with this BenQ W2700.

The connectivity features are pretty decent for this BenQ W2700; other projectors have better connectivity options, yet this one works fine.  There are two HDR-capable HDMI inputs to support 4k videos, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a pair of USB type-A ports. Out of the two USB connections, one works for media playback via the Media player of the BenQ W2700 and the other for streaming dongle by supplying power of 5V/2.5 A. 

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Image Credits: BenQ

Here comes the star feature of the BenQ W2700, its display. The Projector utilizes its Digital Light Processing to produce Ultra HD with a screen resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels and adjusts the resolution four times to improve image quality.

The BenQ projector displays are supported by 2000 Lumens of brightness, 30000:1 high contrast ratio, and 1.07 billion display colors to define every color of the image and add vividness to it. The BenQ W2700 operates at a light source wattage of 245 W and a lamp life of 15000 hours.

Pros And Cons Of BenQ W2700


  • It is a versatile piece to own 
  • Easy to operate with a remote control
  • Luxurious looks
  • Ultimate content-viewing experience
  • Not too sensitive 


  • It is not an affordable option
  • A few bugs
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Image Credits: BenQ

Conclusion For BenQ W2700 Price In India

Overall, the BenQ CinePrime W2700 is an excellent product for all the entertainment-at-home people. The dope features and unique design are insanely attractive. However, the market price of the product is a point to think twice but justifies all the goods it owns.

It excels in the quality of turning any empty space into a cozy cinema room. The picture quality and performance are supreme, which comforts you and adds to your experience of binge-watching any Hollywood Number and Netflix series.

Moreover, never forget to take a glance at Amazon and other websites for amazing discounts on such items. These websites come up with huge sales and bank offers to cut the prices of these electronics. 

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