BenQ TK800M Price In India

The BenQ TK800M price in India is Rs. 1,51,800 as of 2021. Moreover, the BenQ TK800M price in India is more affordable on Amazon than any other. 

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector


  • Brightness: 3000 Lumen
  • Item Weight: 9.2 Pounds
  • Display Type: DLP
  • Aspect Ratio‎: 16:9
  • Noise Level‎: 33 dB
09/23/2021 02:25 pm GMT

Last year BenQincorporated another piece of amazement onto their TK series. The addition is named The BenQ TK800M projector. It is an absolute piece to own if you are an entertainment-at-home kind of person.

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Image Credits: BenQ

It excels at turning an empty and uninteresting space into a captivating and eye-catching media room for binging web series and Bollywood numbers. Moreover, this projector aims at satisfying the cravings of all the sports lovers out there.

BenQ TK800M Price in India

Although the BenQ TK800M Projector retails originally for Rs. 1,85,000 in the Indian tech market, BenQ TK800M can be accessed at a much lower price than this on various online platforms like Amazon. 

Last updated on September 23, 2021 8:00 pm

The prices of the BenQTK800M over various lands are as follows –

  • Market Price – Rs. 1,85,000
  • Amazon Price – Rs. 1,51,800
  • Price On – Rs. 88,028.99
  • Price On – Rs 1,48,990
  • Price On AV Shack – Rs. 1,47,900

The digital world is filled with retailers and commercial websites that sell the exact electronic BenQ TK800M at a lower price than the original. It would help if you never missed checking them out before actually deciding to buy the BenQ TK800M from the offline market.


Building a cinema hall might sound super costly (like selling your asset), but the BenQ TK800M Projector being one of the best home theatre projectors, makes it easy to turn the whole table around. There are several features and specifications of this projector that makes the thing as mentioned earlier possible. Some of them are listed below –

  • The most irresistible feature of this BenQ TK800M is the 3000 lumens of brightness. This projector can function well, even in a brighter ambiance. It is widespread to have lights and a bright environment in your living room, which can mess with the brightness factor of other projectors. But this BenQTK800M deals with all such sorts of problems.
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Image Credits: BenQ
  • The BenQ TK800M is accessorized with remote control, making it super easy and comfy to control and operate. The remote control comes with a backlit property which makes it easily manageable even in dark rooms. The BenQ TK800M projector also has a few control buttons like the power button, menu button, an OK button, but it is handier to use remote control.
  • For the connectivity options concerned, the TK800M model consists of two HDMI ports. One of the two HDMI ports is HDCP 2.2 for playing media from 4K device sources via media player. The other one is for 1080p devices. Along with BenQ TK800M, the hardware interface contains a VGA port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a 1 DC 12 Volt trigger to make the projector’s power cycle sync with the screen ups and downs.
  • Let’s talk about the optics of the BenQ TK800M –first comes the throw and throw ratio. The BenQ TK800M model is a short-throw projector. The minimum throw distance is 30 inches and can extend up to a maximum distance of 300 inches. The BenQ TK800M comes with an okayish throw ratio of 1.5 – 1.65 (which concludes 100 inches coverage within 3.32 meters of throw distance)—and a pretty decent zoom ratio of 1.1 times. However, the key adjustment is versatile enough to allow a +/- 40 degrees vertical movement. The image size that it forms ranges from 30 inches to 300 inches.
  • The BenQ TK800M projector supports an actual 4K display with an ultra HD screen resolution of 8.3 million pixels. The color fidelity and picture quality it offers would make you fail to thank the company enough. Another part of appreciating this model is the ability to support High Dynamic Range which makes the content more true to life, optimal color balance, and more vivid.
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Image Credits: BenQ
  • There is a dedicated Cinema mode for having an ultimate, jaw-dropping experience of enjoying movies or series in a dark room. And as mentioned, HDR adds to the vividness and life of the content over the BenQ TK800M screen. Watching sports over a big screen is always a thrilling experience.
  • The speakers are small and not enough to provide that cinema experience. Instead, you would prefer to connect an external sound system as most of the projectors in the market are. Furthermore, there is no option for lens shift; instead, shift off has an extendable foot on the front side to adjust the height according to the very requirement.  

Pros And Cons Of The BenQ TK800M Projector


  • Excellent color display and Delivery
  • 3000 Lumens of brightness
  • High Dynamic Range supported.
  • Decent price range
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Image Credits: BenQ


  • It might cause budget issues to some of you
  • Blacks aren’t that perfect
  • Speakers could be louder
  • peak volume is underwhelming
  • No lens shift requires manual tilting of the BenQ TK800M.

Accessories With The BenQ Tk800m DLP Projector

Some standard accessories are required incorporated with the BenQ TK800M by the company, and these are

  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual Compact Drive
  • Quick Start Guide For Beginners
  • Warranty Card

There are numerous optional accessories that the company hands to you on your preference, along with the BenQ TK800M standard accessories. These are

  • Optional Carry Bag
  • Spare Lamp Kit
  • Universal Ceiling Mount
  • Optional 3D Glasses
  • QCast Mirror Dongle
  • Wireless FHD Kit
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Image Credits: BenQ

Final Verdict

Overall, the experience of the BenQ TK800M projector is a must-buy if you are an entertainment enthusiast. A fantastic gadget with power-saving abilities and lasts for a lamp life of 15000 hours. This 4.2-kilogram weighing projector consumes 330 watts of power and requires a power supply of 100 ~ 240 volts at 50- 60 Hz. 

The BenQ TK800M will never fail to provide near-to-life image quality and a mind-blowing experience for every Bollywood bug or sports fan out there. 

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