BenQ ScreenBar Price In India

The BenQ ScreenBar price in India starts from Rs. 9990 (with education pricing). However, depending upon its other features, the BenQ ScreenBar price in India can expand up to Rs.12990. 

BenQ Screenbar E-Reading LED Computer Monitor Light


  • Levels up gaming experience
  • Weighs 1.17 Pounds
  • Fits to any monitor
  • Touch-type switch
09/23/2021 02:28 pm GMT
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Have you ever come across a product and said, why didn’t you find it sooner? Well, one of the amazing products that many people have got to know about recently is BenQ’s ScreenBar which is more like a desk lamp but still more than that.

The BenQ screen bar has a lineup of LED lights, and all of them fit in an 18-inch wide tube made up of aluminum. The tube is placed on the top of your monitor so that you can have a proper light around your workspace. 

The BenQ ScreenBar comes with many features, such as rotating features that can shift the angle and get the light from wherever you want. You can conveniently place this ScreenBar on any monitor because it is designed in such a manner that it is highly accommodating. 

BenQ ScreenBar Price in India

As far as the price of BenQ ScreenBar is considered in India, you can get your hands on this life-changing product from Amazon, Flipkart, and various other technical websites at a very affordable price range from Rs. 9,990 to Rs. 12,990. 

The BenQ ScreenBar comes with a Desktop Dial which is not a mandatory device. So if you want to scrap it out, you can buy the BenQ ScreenBar at a lesser price. 

The price of the BenQ ScreenBar depends on the model and the version; however, at a very affordable price, you can get this magical device that can lighten up your workspace and offer you the best working experience. 

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Features of BenQ ScreenBar 

The primary motive of the BenQ ScreenBar is to increase the light in your work area, and the best feature of this device is that you can adjust the light and the positioning of the ScreenBar with the help of the Desktop Dial. 

Desktop Dial is a small Puck-shaped device that comes with the BenQ ScreenBar that you can use to adjust its settings without any hassle. With the help of this device, you can adjust the brightness and the temperature of the ScreenBar. 

You can even set the desktop dial to automatic mode. It has an ambient light sensor that allows it to adjust the light as per the room on its own. You can enable and disable this sensor anytime you want. 

The manufacturers of this BenQ device have claimed that you can adjust the light of the screen bar across 14 different levels of brightness. However, some people have argued that only a slight difference between the few levels can easily go unnoticed. 

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Image Credits: BenQ

Another outstanding feature of this BenQ device is the different color temperatures that you can choose from. The BenQ ScreenBar comes in eight different color temperatures ranging from Blue-white light to a warm yellow color. 

Is it Worth a Purchase? 

The BenQ ScreenBar might not be for everybody, and it might not attract everyone, but if you are somebody who loves to read at a desk and want to have proper lighting, then this device can be an extremely excellent figure. 

You can conveniently change the temperature of the light as per your mood or the situation, and the warmer light can be used if your eyesight is sensitive so that it does not put much strain on it. ScreenBar is also an excellent option for those who have a laptop or keyboard without a backlight. 

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Working on laptops that do not have a backlight can become extremely difficult during the nighttime when you can not switch on or do not want to switch on all the lights of the room or the office. In this scenario, you can adjust the light and the position of the ScreenBar to get a proper visual off your keyboard. 

Another advantage of the BenQ ScreenBar is the space. Having a lamp on a desk undoubtedly takes up the space, but with the ScreenBar, you don’t have to face that issue. Your desk area can remain empty while working, and you can make some space for keeping other stuff. 

The BenQ ScreenBar is an anti-glare device, so the light that comes out of it does not put a strain or harm your eyesight, which the standard lamps can conveniently do. 

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Final Say 

It is understandable that to BenQ, ScreenBar might not be a product for everybody, but if you think that it might be of use to you, you should go for it. 

The BenQ device comes with many advanced features at such an affordable price, such as adjustable brightness and color temperature, compact, space-savvy, and more. 

Spending 10k on a product like this might be expensive for some people, so ultimately, the choice is on the preference, but if you are a lover of comfort, convenience, and modernity, then you may want to look at this product.

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