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11 Amazing Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juice is a drink made from juicing fruits and vegetables. The fruit or vegetable pulp is kept with the juice, giving cold-pressed juice all of the fiber that you would find in an un-pressed form of the same food. This adds to the health benefits of cold pressed juice. The benefits can be seen in many different areas of the body.  

There is a range of benefits of cold pressed juice, from burning fat to hydrating your skin, and some of them are listed below.

Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice

1. Weight Loss: 

One major benefit of this juice is that people who drink 2 servings daily lose 20% more weight than regular juices or sodas that lack fiber and contain added sugars and artificial ingredients. Fibers found in the juice helps to keep you feeling fuller and satisfied while you are consuming less than other calorie-containing drinks.

2. More Absorbable Nutrients: 

Because cold-pressed juices retain all fiber, they help your body absorb more nutrients than it would if it was just eating the food itself. Your body can get every ounce of goodness out of those vegetables and fruits that you are putting into your body.

3. Easier Digestion: 

Since the juice retains the fiber, it makes for easier digestion than just eating the food itself. Your digestive system will thank you as it doesn’t have to work as hard to break down solid foods leaving more energy to use.

4. More Potassium:  

Potassium is crucial for your body, especially since you lose potassium levels through exercise. Cold-pressed juices allow you to take in more of this nutrient than you would be able to by just eating the food itself because of its high water content and fiber.

5. Reduces Cholesterol: 

Regular consumption of cold-pressed juice can help reduce cholesterol, particularly LDL or bad cholesterol. Fiber is also known to help with this.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure: 

A reduction in your LDL levels, as mentioned above, will lower your blood pressure because the weight of the bad cholesterol causes increased blood pressure. Because cold-pressed juice has high water content, it helps to keep the body hydrated, which also lowers blood pressure.

7. More Energizing: 

Because your cells are receiving more nutrients and being hydrated with this drink, you will have more energy throughout the day so that you can accomplish everything on your to-do list.

8. More Digestive Enzymes: 

When you consume more vegetables and fruits in general, your body can better produce its digestive enzymes, which help with the proper digestion of the food.

9. Detoxify Your Body:  

Incorporating more fibers into your diet will encourage a regular bowel movement if you don’t have one already. When you are regularly detoxifying your body, there is less room for harmful toxins to accumulate in your body. 

10. Anti-inflammatory Properties:   

The antioxidants present in cold pressed juices have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the amount of swelling around wounds or irritations. It can help to reduce inflammation in the body when consumed regularly.

11. Promotes Alkalinity: 

The ingredients that go into cold-pressed juices are alkaline-based, which helps the body to have an overall natural balance. This can keep your immune system running smoothly so that your body is prepared for whatever comes in its way.

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What Is A Cold Press Juicer?

Cold pressed juicers extract more nutrients, especially enzymes, from fruits and vegetables than other juicers. They work by pressing or squeezing the juice out of food at a lower temperature than other techniques. This method ensures that the juice’s flavor is not affected compared with other methods such as centrifugal squeezing.

This method also preserves the delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the juice. In a nutshell, Cold Pressed Juicer is just another name for Wheatgrass juicer, except that it is not limited to wheatgrass. In fact, you can use it to extract juice from any fruits and vegetables.

How To Use A Cold Press Juicer?

The process of extracting the juice goes something like this

1. You load up the fruit or vegetable into the jar

2. The blades turn and chop up the fruits or vegetables into small pieces

3. The fruit or vegetable juice is squeezed out of the pulp by a combination of centrifugal forces, speed, and pressure.

4. The liquid flows down to the bottom of the machine, where you have your juice collection cup ready to catch it.

5. Finally, you pour your yummy juice into a glass and drink it to quench your thirst or use it for cooking!

The best part is that the pulp (or fiber) is kept separate from the liquid. This makes wheatgrass juicer one of the most efficient methods in extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Some juicers don’t do this, in which case your juice ends up cloudy because the fiber tends to get into it!

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