Battlegrounds Mobile Users In India

Are you an avid video game player? If yes, then the Battlegrounds Mobile game is not new to you. Being a south Korean video game, it has captured the hearts of millions of teenagers and the Z generation. 

Going into deep, let us discuss the current scenario and the stats of the Battlegrounds video game.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile Users In India

The game has recorded around 16 million active users daily in India, with 2.4 million concurrent users. Within a week of its release, the game has garnered around 34 million registration through Google Play Store alone.

The new battleground has become a boon to many. The battle royale game offers around AAA multiplayer gaming experience on your mobile. (official release

The game is similar to the PUBG mobile game with a few tweaks. It includes the cosmetic changes too. Added, it has a new Gameplay management system to remind players about their health and provide tips too. 

In India, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been ranking first on the Google Play Store under the Top Free Games category.

Is it available for iOS users?

Yes, its recent update helps iOS users to enjoy the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. With an aim to empower the growing gaming community in India, South Korean Video game developer has concentrated on developing the game for iOS users too. So, the Battlegrounds Mobile India game is now available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Are PUBG Players moving towards Battlegrounds Mobile?

Probably, it may happen! In its recent announcement, Krafton, the Battlegrounds Mobile India game developer, has insisted its users transfer their data from PUBG Mobile soon. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India will no longer help the players to transfer their PUBG data through their Facebook Account. Initially, Krafton allowed the players to transfer their gaming data from PUBG. Now, the team has upgraded its data transfer policy. It shows that the transfers using the Facebook account will remain shut after September 28, 2021. 

This seems to be a final nail as Krafton loves to unlink every connection with PUBG India. It also provides everlasting support to the Facebook login through the browser after October 5, 2021. In addition to curbing data transfers, it also limits Facebook Sign-in to Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

After October 5, the players are no longer allowed to embed login into the game. It would also insist the players have a Facebook app to ensure the login method. The update comes out as a result of Facebook’s SDK policy.

So, how would you transfer your data? The users can make use of Twitter to transfer their data. Transferring the data through a Google Play account has never been an option for the developers. As Battlegrounds Mobile India has been a newly released game this year, you cannot transfer data through the Google Play games. 

BattleGrounds Mobile India – Latest Update 

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been dominating the gaming world since its relaunch. After bringing several new updates, the players have engrossed in BGMI. Recently, they have also released a new set of BGMI redeem codes. It might seem hard to find them on the internet. Make sure you pick one and make your game more interesting. (source)

BGMI 1.6 Update

Battlegrounds Mobile India has become one of the most famous battle royale games. As it is available on Android and iOS, it has actively crossed 50 million downloads. The developer community has also been into improving the game by launching updates and keeping the game more enthusiastic than ever. 

The BGMI players have been waiting for the upcoming BGMI 1.6 Update. It is believed that it will introduce a lot of new features. Added, it is expected to have a new game model, weapons, and enemy tracking features.  A new game mode named Flora Menace mode will be introduced in BGMI 1.6 update. The mode will be available in Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik. It also offers features including Zillion Matrix, Dynahex Supply, and Life Barrier. 

The update will also let you get three more arena battle guns with one piston and two SMGs. You can also get an unlimited supply of ammo on training grounds. It also improves the durability of the SUV vehicle. 


Hopefully, the new update will leave the players in excitement and increased enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, the number of active gamers will get to the peak as expected by the developers’ team. 

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